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BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/WTF
kmrst 25 points

It's been on here before and was shown to be not working. It doesn't have an engine or a drivetrain.

BigGucciFlocka -21 points

White boys hating on Reddit don’t let it get ya down this just a donked ass whip

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/assholedesign
BuffaloVampireSlayer 3,488 points

Looking for:


Casual Encounters

Someone to Marry

✓ Someone to Pee on you

BigGucciFlocka 16 points

Bet they don’t got a check box for black neither

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/VaporwaveAesthetics
gbss12369 16 points


BreakTheGqqks -109 points

Sorry, he assumed you were going to talk about the Trump tower, Us boys from T_D normally expect the top comment to be bashing trump. My apologies. Edit: not sure why I have more downvotes than the guy who’s just typing: fuck drumpf, in all caps. You people make no sense.

Dawnqwerty -31 points

I really don’t understand why you’re being downvoted

BigGucciFlocka 1 point

White folks racist is why

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BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/Cumtown
bigicecream 7 points

Looking through your comment history you might fit in here better you'd think. You have a knack for finding obscure subs I'll give you that much

BigGucciFlocka 6 points

I just wanna sub where niggas talk about button on bitches

BigGucciFlocka 6 points


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BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/Badfaketexts
elundgren 509 points

Lol yeah let’s just make a guy think you’re actually interested in him and waste his hard earned money on you then just ignore him lol thanks mom 😂😂👌🏻

BigGucciFlocka 2 points

Let’s make a slaves thing we’re actually going to emancipate them and waste hard earned workers then just make them slates thanks amerikkka

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/evilbuildings
ok_to_sink -5 points

I do.

BigGucciFlocka 1 point

Every time you see a young nigga dab you getting made to look like a damn fool white bky

CaptnCarl85 27 points

Sweden is over represented with Evil churches.

BigGucciFlocka -14 points

And y’all say blacks got no culture

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/ArtPorn
jushidobrown 46 points

For those interested, there’s a database online called ArtSTOR. It has 2.5+ million high-resolution images of paintings, pictures, exhibits, etc. from museums and collections around the world. I have access through my university, but I’m certain there is a way anyone can get access.

Sometimes I just browse it for fun, but I have used it numerous times for presentations and projects.

BigGucciFlocka 1 point

Kinda looks like Drumpf

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/evilbuildings
ScionoicS 2 points

You're memeing so hard bruh.

BigGucciFlocka 0 points

Watch me whip watch me naynay watch white boys kill them self’s online

ScionoicS 1 point

Dude call a hotline. You don't need to be thinking of suicide all the time. Joking about it is how you deal with these thoughts. I get it.

BigGucciFlocka 1 point

White rapper aka bitch nigga I see where ya head is at

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BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/UrbanHell
notacrackheadofficer 46 points

You missed the ''not'' part of the name, like many others. Get ucked with by cops for no reason, and pick a user name. That's how it happened. The NYC music and art scene in 1984 was literal Heaven. Rent was cheap. There were no downsides.

BigGucciFlocka -9 points

Yup just the life of a black man in America

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/reactiongifs
catsandnarwahls 31 points

Conceited bodybagged that chump. Jesse james never had a decent battle. Poor boy just got ate up by lil man here. And even worse when illmat, that he keeps referencing, bodied him.

BigGucciFlocka 2 points

Young men was dabbin when they heard this freal

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/Advice
BigGucciFlocka 2 points

You got what me and my niggas call an atitude problem. You gonna have to fix that shit son. Think about all the nice shit in the world that you don’t have. But you just gotta be happy it’s there bcuz you probbably got some nice shit to you just don’t realize it. Just be more positive is what I’m saying.

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/DarkFuturology
_NerdKelly_ 9 points

With this tech going mainstream... How long until we see Donnie fucking his daughter (like he's always wanted to) on the front page of reddit?

Actually, BRB. I'm about to reap that sweet, sweet karma.

BigGucciFlocka -7 points

Wrong comment I upvoted you fuck Drumpf

BigGucciFlocka -9 points

Nice Fucking tweet faggot

BigGucciFlocka commented on a post in r/CityPorn
duaneap 3 points

Wait, seriously? How the fuck would they not have gotten shot down? By the Western Allies or the Soviets? The planes retreating from Stalingrad got blasted out of the sky.

BigGucciFlocka -15 points

American’s we’re supporting the Nazi’s they were helping with oppression of blacks in USA their are some good YouTube videos to watch about this just search African uhruhu

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