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BioSamPijanac commented on a post in r/conspiracy
androidbitcoin 9 points

There is nothing wrong with information flowing back-and-forth

BioSamPijanac 4 points

Is there a way to check if a website is banned in a certain country? Would be pretty useful.

jaysprout 3 points

down there

Maybe I'm reading into that but ... what country or region are you in? "Down there" makes me think you're north? Or, again, am I reading into it? I'm probably just overthinking it semantically, but, living in the US, I would think "over there" because Iran is like next door ... down the street. Really far down the street, across an ocean, and far down another street but ... still, you know, over there down the street.

BioSamPijanac 2 points

Nice catch. You’re right, I’m not American (but I guess people can tell by my English lol).

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BioSamPijanac 1 point

No, it was not altered. Terrible bot.

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