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celtic16 6 points

Do you think we'll be jobless within our lifetimes?

BioSamPijanac 32 points

Presidential candidate cca 2040

“They’re taking our jobs, bringing in drugs, they’re rapists and some of them, I assume, are good bots.”

“We will build a firewall and make them pay for it!”

crowd gows wild

webauteur 15 points

I'm a mad computer scientist working on Evil AI to further my ambitions for world conquest. Microsoft will rue the day they did not hire me! Muhahah!

BioSamPijanac 34 points

Calm down, Zuckeberg.

sewer56lol 2 points

OnePlus being found out for that goes even earlier beyond that too, someone threw is a thread on Reddit at some point in 2016 regarding this after noticing them do so by snooping inward and outward traffic from the mobile device.

I myself noticed it in 2015 too, though didn't think much of it:

My views since then have changed a lot though... I wouldn't call this acceptable.

As for how long they've been doing it... I've noticed it initially on OxygenOS 2.0.2 if I recall, so probably from when before the OnePlus 2 even released.

BioSamPijanac 1 point

Something’s off about them. Definitely a shady company.

BioSamPijanac commented on a post in r/shitpost
Tier161 34 points

4th or 5th time he hits the frontpage this year. This year is only 13 days old.

BioSamPijanac 5 points

At this point, pretty sure this is just Keanu’s PR team shilling for him. Or at the very least they started and the circle jerk did the rest.

BioSamPijanac 1 point

Submission Statement

A great article, in my opinion. Funny how they always agree when they really need to. Like recently with mass surveillance - dems could have swung it, but chose not to. At the same time, they're insisting on the "Russia installed Trump" narrative, which is ridiculous, because aren't they then basically allowing Kremling to spy on American Citizens without a warrant? lol

There is much more bipartisanship in Washington than the media narrative typically suggests - and we'd be much better off if there were less

Pimozv 4 points

I would argue that focusing on positive use is much more of a restriction than financial return.

Especially if you intend to make your results publicly available : for everything you publish, you need to make sure there is no nefarious use case.

BioSamPijanac 1 point

Hmm, never thought of it that way. Fair point.

BioSamPijanac commented on a post in r/conspiracy
ChefShishKabob 129 points

These are basic things that any developer would have access to at the right level.

edit: the password thing is a little concerning tho

BioSamPijanac 10 points

edit: the password thing is a little concerning tho

Very concerning I'd say. An admin should have access to a hashed password, right? But not the actual password and this guy is saying: "I can tell you who exactly logged in from where, what username and password."

ChefShishKabob 14 points

Yeah password hash should be available but that's hard to crack. Usual login systems takes the password provided, generates the hash and then compares the generated hash to whatever is in the database.

If twitter isn't doing that, for such a big company, thats scary

BioSamPijanac 7 points

If twitter isn't doing that, for such a big company, thats scary

Would not surprise me at all.

jcd1972 -27 points

Hope he does shut it down. Society is getting dumb enough without a huge influx of new stoners!

BioSamPijanac 1 point

Just watch Rick and Morty to improve your IQ.

BioSamPijanac 11 points

Submission Statement

If this is not a conspiracy, I don't know what is. So much for draining the swamp lol. Sessions will kill an industry that had a job growth of 20% in 2017. The legal cannabis market was predicted to triple in size by 2021 and then outperform America’s most profitable sports organization, the NFL, which aims to reach 25 billion dollars by 2027. Fuck this shit.

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