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I feel your pain... I lost my case as well smh. Waste of time, and effort and just sad. I called almost every day, to get stuff recorded. Even got reference numbers etc. Yet, on the final day. Was given either "Accept the return" and appeal for a shipping credit, or wait for it to end and get "No shipping credit". Basically, a bullet or poison smh.


As the headline read. Received a return request, from a "Reseller" almost 20 days after delivery. Claiming the train was "damaged". Now mind you, I don't mind returns at all. But this has illegitimate all over it, and by God. "How do you break Lego"??? Please see images for the story. An the obvious, break the bottom off and take a few pics. Like the sellers an idiot lol. You can't make this **** up lol. "Broken lego" while a pristine box, is in the back ground. Already, called Ebay and both support agents were in disbelief. Hopefully, by Thursday this is closed. I don't care about $100, but the principle and irony.

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Welp, of course after multiple calls and different reps. Ebay decided to favor the buyer... smh.

I'll await the return, that I'm going to pay for. An reattach the track, that was "broken". Smh I don't care about the money, but damn I wish. Ebay, was an actual seller of goods, like Amazon.

Oh, if any LEGO resellers or any rare toy sellers. Want his ID, for their blocklist. Please message me, thanks

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Is everything okay on your end man? Take a breather, go to the gym, take a walk. It’ll get better, whatever you’re going through

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You must be new here... If this is “bitching” then you’re extremely soft my man.

Am I the only one, who doesn’t mind the app? It does have hiccups, and I do wish there was a multi edit option for store owners. But out in the field, it’s not too shabby. I give it a 7.5/10 on iOS. When I had droid, it would maybe be a straight 7

My cat from the wood line, eats other cats :(

Fn bobcats... but then again we built homes on their spot and they’re only following nature

There is no such thing as no returns on eBay anymore. Listing as "for parts not working" is you only protection and even that since the new "we're going to be just like Amazon" policy that eBay CEO Devin Wenig put into effect in May offers limited protection for honest sellers. Hopefully this guy trips up and says something in eBay messages that proves he is being dishonest and trying to rip you off, which sounds like he might.

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Actually “For parts or not working” isn’t protection anymore. If they use the “Ebay guaranteed method”. I’ve had two returns in parted and repair electronics. Everything was noted by the book, Condition was FPNW, description detailing in legible writing about it being surplus and needing to be repaired. After about two weeks, Ebay declared in the buyers favor. When I spoke to 6 different reps, all stated it’s their new policy.

how you can't give buyers negative feedback anymore

absolute bullshit right there. this needs to be brought up on ebay's forums and everywhere until we get our right to neg customers back.

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I could care less. It’s been so long, that the ability was removed. It’s just easier to report and block. The thousands of items, I sold so far this year. I’d rate maybe less than 2% either being issues and less than 1% being scammed or a dumb buyer (buying a “for parts item, and claiming it didn’t work and forcing the return).

The illusion that their entitlement, would apply to a faceless interface. They would easily, be denied or laughed at in a B&M or for many, lack the “balls” to ask. The type to not negotiate on a car, but cry about its ownership of how the dealer “scammed” them.

When I was growing up in the area there was Thrift Town on Abrams but in a recent visit to Arlington it had closed. Does anyone know if it had relocated or did it simply go out of business?

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Thrift town period is gone from DFW. Dallas may still have one, but I’m sure it closed as well.


Hello, I just picked up a new GS position. An will be near, the UTA area. Any suggestions?


Well. Id have to equate this to digging through a trash bin, but id say stick to north greenoaks near river legacy. Seems like a less garbage area. Whats your price range for rent?

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I appreciate the suggestions. I may, just look for a one bed with a study. Someone suggested the “Fransciscan”? Those google reviews though... hmm maybe, I’ll check Hurst or close to Fort Worth. Thanks for the replies, though guys.

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I apologize lol. I’m looking, for around 1-1.2k. It’s just me and needing an extra room for an office.

The people whom post this. Must be those weird folks, whom like watching "Mom bangs son, on trip or some shit" on Youporn and other sites.

I would usually just toss something that small. Sounds, a true dick of the blue whom wasted time and most importantly. Threw a non-violent citizen in jail

These tariffs are for the best. They'll most certainly bring "American" jobs back from overseas... with high pay, commitment and "welfare with dignity".

She doesn't need to be a nurse. She need's to be a Cosmetologist for like 2 straight years, and save up the amount needed to become an RN, then jump and work in the field. Gain experience then jump to a BSN. Where she can pay cash for the program.

WTF? was she thinking wasting her aid at cosmetology school? lol. This is like folks whom, go to AI or ITT

Current disabled veteran, but still serving here. That dude was probably a blue falcon POS, while in. An probably, never deployed anywhere. Or served during the peacetime era, or the "Gulf War" which was over after a Seinfeld episode. Tell him to use his Post 911 GI Bill at a community college, and get you your asking price. Oh, and then tell him TYFYS smh...

Are you allergic to latex?

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Setting up a butt raping.

Edit: it is, don't know why downvote. I mean if OP said "yes" the odds of being served a Sauteed Chicken w/ carmelized Flunitrazepam, and waking up sore is a very possible outcome.

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This had me cracking up, here on duty. TU for you

Just tell him to bring a monitor, and meet you at the public library. Usual computer deals, I just meet there and have a few outlets away from folks, and in some common areas. Where tests can be done.

I'd go back to my favorite one. I've made too much good money, to possibly burn a bridge if they ever wanted an audit done. An saw, that I only brought one in and such. The money just isn't worth the ban

First off... Florida lol not surprised. #Floridamaniscoming

Second, I remember in high school. Working at a Texas fast food staple, and some older middle aged disgruntled white guy. Decided to mess with two officers food. I must say, he didn't put "dirt" nor seasoning in their food. I just remember shaking my head, and wondering why they didn't just go through the drive thru. I would've less of a chance, of some disgruntled individual to fawk up your food. Or better yet, I just made my own food at home. An ate out, maybe somewhere that was "pro" whatever. This was back in 2008, before Fox news declared this "War on Cops" smh.


Good evening. I’ve been selling on EBay for about 12 years, and had a return in which seems like a “no-brainer” denial from the return case side of EBay. I sold an older film camera and lens, that I had no means of testing for $40 or so shipped. I noted the condition as “For Parts, or not working” for every camera I receive, most of the time. My policy is always “No returns accepted” in return policy section. Folks are happy, and say they work fine but I protect myself obviously.

Well, I get multiple messages from the buyer (whom is a huge camera reseller) that the item wasn’t functioning and “can’t be repaired ”. I sold about a dozen cameras, and went to my listing and saw I put the title reflective as Condition, and the Condition box “for parts or not working”. I just spent 35 mins on the phone with EBay, and they kept saying you’ll have to accept return, no matter the reason. Even if Correctly noted and documented. Even if buyers remorse was in play. They stated, I could call them on delivery of the item and they would escalate.

I sell a lot of for parts items, and so on. I don’t really have returns in the hundreds of sales a week, but is this a new policy? Seriously? I have no issue, accepting returns but this one? Is obviously a reseller, whom used a bot or something and thought they’d get a $200 tested camera with lens for 40 dollars shipped.


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Update Checked my messages and saw 2 new in regards to my case. Only thing is, it states “You opened a claim” against myself? With the camera pictured. Second message, states Ebays closed in favor to the buyer. I immediately call, and am put on hold multiple times and different reps. Whom, have never seen this before. They keep asking “Did you escalate this case?” I respond with “No. Why? Would I escalate in less than 24 hours? What sense does that make? I ask if their system, closed it out without authorization?” They put me on hold for another 8 mins, come back and say “Our system doesn’t do that, we believe you didn’t authorize blah, blah. But we can’t reverse the escalation. You’ll have to accept the return and pay for return shipping”.

Which I get pissed and say “So, y’all f’d up correct? So I get hit with refunding the buyer, for a for parts noted everywhere per EBay guideline listing. That they obviously had “buyers remorse”. To now paying to get my shit sent back?”

She stutters and says “Hold on...”

10 mins go by

She returns and gives the “slow doctor about to give you a cancer announcement”

She says “It’s too late for us to give a refund on our side, for the $40 (I don’t care it’s 40, it’s the principle) but we can give you a refund on the return shipping”

All I could say was WOW... I’ve sold tens of thousands of items, on EBay. Since I was a teen to now my mid 20s. It’s always the littlest transactions that are bullshit. An their new policies are just opening, floodgates from scammers on hacking forums. If any reseller wants this buyer (resellers) ID, whom I had the pleasure of dealing with. Please PM me, so you can add that guy to your blocked list.

You said that you noted the condition as for parts, but did you sell it in the category of for parts/not working?

If you sold it in the used category, then yes you’re eating the return. If you sold it under the right category, then I would contact eBay for business.

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I did, and also my listings are "No returns".

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Damn... I wonder what happens to the folks whom retired from there. Or we’re about to and shit?

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