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gtrbotchov 270 points

So i get a check in the mail?

Blazanar 11 points

I haven't watched any of Sascha Baron Cohens work and I rarely watch YouTube links while on my lunch break because I don't know how people will react.

I took a risk. Thank you. This is my favourite thing now.

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The95Chaps 0 points

Theyre allowed to say that they are lgbtq, but if they do the dumb shit then no

Google “drag demon reading childrens book”

Blazanar 1 point

So because a drag queen dressed up for children, you're upset?

The95Chaps 0 points

Yes they are spreading their disgusting propaganda to our children, more pften in sweden and the uk, but slowly creeping its vile gender-neutral claws over here

Blazanar 1 point

I may not fully understand the struggles someone from the LGBTQ+ community goes through, seeing as I'm as straight as they come, but if they're not directly affecting you or your child, who cares?

They're not hiking taxes and taking away medicine. They're not bankrupting companies. They're living their lives.

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Blazanar 1 point

It's usually a case of editing. You can film the worlds most perfect movie but if you have to cut random bits and pieces due to wanting to keep it within a certain timeframe, it could turn out terribly

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Blazanar 5 points

My former manager was on vacation and emailed us a picture of a trout he caught. He was quite well known for embellishing stories, so I told a colleague of mine that I was going to Google search it and try to find the picture.

Lo and behold, on page 3 of Google images. The picture. We must've spent 20 minutes analyzing the one he sent to us and the one of my phone screen. We were 100% positive they were one and the same. We even got a separate manager to verify our claims.

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Blazanar 1 point

Some would argue that being super rich is a super power in its own right, barring that; I'd choose Superman's flight. I've chosen this because I've always wanted to travel but I don't have the money to do so, this would fix that.

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