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Gromps 2 points

I had one of those! It will bloom the prettiest pink flowers!

BleachBlondeBabyy 2 points

Omg yes im so pumped

iamahotblondeama 3 points

Oh no. Something about it creeps me out. It is pretty though. I guess it just looks like it’s made out of a bunch of spiders. Or face grabbers

BleachBlondeBabyy 2 points

Not gonna lie, you're not wrong.

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_Shoulderleen 1 point

Lotta sugar on there don’t you think

BleachBlondeBabyy 2 points

Never enough

pfankuch 6 points

That sounds really good, thanks for answering!

BleachBlondeBabyy 6 points

Theyre very good and also really simple to make at home!

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nnjb52 2 points

Your fever just made you a warm spot to lay on.

BleachBlondeBabyy 2 points

Youre not wrong lol

Puckeypup 2 points

That's too sweet.

BleachBlondeBabyy 2 points

Shes a sweet cat :) always seems to know when I'm not feeling well

BleachBlondeBabyy commented on a post in r/AskReddit
BookerDeWittsCarbine 1,718 points

I had a bad sinus infection one year and I ran out of tissues in the car driving home from work. I was desperate so I grabbed a receipt from the cup holder to wipe my dripping nose. Somehow I gave myself a paper cut INSIDE my nostril. Holy shit, it hurt so badly. I don't know how I didn't pull over with blood and snot pouring down my dumb, stupid face.

BleachBlondeBabyy 480 points

Glad to know I'm not the only one who has had to resort to using receipts as tissues in the car. Desperate times.

Jimmare 3 points

Tfw the link you posted has a worse picture than yours,because yours look 10 times better.

But holy damn, these look amazing. Have you tried making simillar to cinamon rolls or even maple pecan rolls like the site which got the recipe suggests?

BleachBlondeBabyy 2 points

Thank you haha! And i havent but those do sound good

snarkazim 9 points

They're beautiful! I love the flower formation -- they're a perfect, golden, buttery dough-blossom. I can imagine how good they must smell!!

BleachBlondeBabyy 6 points

Thank you! And yes they are absolutely delicious. Try them out for yourself, i found the recipe here: Not too difficult to make either imo :)

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