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Blockofett commented on a post in r/food
bipass 1,180 points

What exactly is monkey bread? It looks like a loot of cinnamon bites stacked together.

Blockofett 32 points

That's exactly what it is, and it's called that because you're just supposed to grab at it and rip off pieces with your hands (like a monkey would do.)

Of course I've always used a fork, because why would you want to be covered in cinnamon sugar sauce.

sjs 5 points

I don’t particularly want to be covered in sauce but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m not gonna eat wings with a damn fork, for example.

Blockofett 2 points

I'm not sure that there is a way to eat wings with a fork that doesn't make you look like a jackass.

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Blockofett commented on a post in r/todayilearned
JoeBroski09 6,934 points

This is actually very likely. In CS Lewis's biography written by his nephew, Tolkien had to come to terms with Narnia's success as a children's fantasy series. Apparently, he initially did not approve of the series, and thought it not as well written as his own, but apparently later said it was good for a children's series.

Edit: a lot of you guys are saying Tolkien sounds pretty mean because of this comment. Keep in mind, Lewis and Tolkien LOVED arguing and disagreeing with each other. They would take long walks and just argue constantly. Tolkien not liking Narnia isn't surprising considering their relationship, in my opinion.

And if you're wondering which biography I'm referencing, it's Jack's Life by Douglas H Gresham.

Edit2: More comments saying he's a cunt lol. Consider this: according to the biography, Lewis's and Tolkien's relationship was not abnormal. It was very normal for people to have opposing opinions and be blunt about it. Today, yeah, his words would cause the receivers to be offended, but back then it started friendships.

Blockofett 1 point

Didn't Lewis put that streetlamp in Narnia just to get on Tolkien's nerves?

Blockofett commented on a post in r/rule34
KrimxonRath 4 points

Can confirm. This is definitely Dabble.

Blockofett 3 points

It even has the name up in the corner for super confirmation.

Wait was that the joke?

KrimxonRath 4 points

Oh shit I didn’t even see that because it was white on a bright yellow omg lol.

I just know his style. This piece seems a bit older though? Before our chats at least.

Blockofett 6 points

Woah thats seriously cool that you can kind of date his drawings like that. It's like when historians are like, "Ah yes Van Gogh painted this when he was 24, he had a cat at the time and, and his favorite color was brown, which later changed to blue."

Idk that's kind of interesting to me.

Blockofett commented on a post in r/RedvsBlue
MotorDrone 2 points

She would've fucking killed Texas if Texas wasn't a robot. An axe slammed into your back and another into your chest don't exactly have high chances of getting through alive.

Blockofett 3 points

Oh yeah I was saying this the other day you can hear the metallic clang instead of a bloody thump when the axes go in her. Texas would have died right there.

MotorDrone 2 points

In my own personal headcanon, once C.T. figured out that the Director was using the freelancers for experimentation, she intentionally tried to place herself lower on the leaderboard in order to not attract attention while she goes about her business of exposing him for his crimes.

In reality, if she really worked her hardest, she would have been unbeatable by the other freelancers, not even Texas would be able to threaten her power.

Blockofett 3 points

I agree with this whole heartedly. Also I have a headcanon that Tex's badass fighting skill is made up from data from all the other Freelancer fighting styles, which could also help to explain why she would want to be lower on the leaderboard, and why she is super effective versus Tex.

Blockofett commented on a post in r/gamegrumps
PapaOogie 52 points

Jesus, everyone looks so young here, Arin isn't arin here, but he is egoraptor. And barry looks like he is fresh out of high-school. Jon looks the same as always though

Blockofett 30 points

I think even Arin said something like that. Like he doesn't feel like he's Internet Sensation Egoraptor anymore, but simply Arin Hanson.

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