TOP CUCK by ChrisTheCoolBean in The_Donald

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Nowadays, the American dream is more apt to be realized in Venezuela.

What a bastard.

Nobody cares about your feelings. by BakedBlunts in The_Donald

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I don't get why anybody would hop off the Trump train. He is 1000x better than if the side of beef / deep state had won... He also hasn't led us astray. This precision strike reminds me of the airfield strike. It's a way to humour the deep state without causing damage that would actually start a real conflict in Syria. I'm sure there's a lot going on that we don't know about. In Trump I trust.

Bull market here come!! by Rosrit in Bitcoin

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Wouldn't you own the same amount of Bitcoin - it's just worth more? Or did you buy in more?

8 Reddit Bitcoin Posts from 5-7 Years Ago ! by Coingurrruu in Bitcoin

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Those crazy Google stocks never came back around. Just look at them now. /s

8 Reddit Bitcoin Posts from 5-7 Years Ago ! by Coingurrruu in Bitcoin

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No, John McAffee made a bet on Twitter that Bitcoin would be worth a certain value sometime in the future (I forget exactly how much and when). But if it doesn't come true he said he'd eat his own dick.

Offseason Shitpost #43353 by VonsFavoriteChicken in DenverBroncos

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To be fair, it'll be hard for any quarterback to preform well when our O-line gives up the goods faster than the town whore

“They’re not coming for your guns, you stupid hicks.” Meanwhile in New York... by Knollsit in The_Donald

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I wonder how long it will take before somebody sees a gun they sold here in an ISIS video...

My Post-Patch Experience in a Nutshell by OblivionIsAtHand123 in PUBGXboxOne

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I thought my hit detection had been messed up, but that is insane.

The USA is Running an $800 Billion Trade Deficit with CHINA -- There Has Been a Trade War for Over 20 Years and We are LOSING -- TRUMP is Gloves OFF!! by bilbobaggens in The_Donald

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If we can secure our IP then China is boned. All they do is steal our inventions and make cheap knockoffs. They should have a $800 billion trade deficit with us just for that... We shouldn't have one with them.

Good Night Pedes by joshhawley2018 in The_Donald

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I can't tell - is that graph the number of the Donald subscribers or the stock market since Trump was elected?

My most Michael Bay experience yet by KyleOrtonAllDay in PUBGXboxOne

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Why do people look down at the ground when they run??

Based Ahmish 😏 by TrumpOrTreason in The_Donald

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Are we sure that's not Larry David in costume?

Dot line on mini map doesn’t show shortest way to circle any more. by twirebox in PUBGXboxOne

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I feel like it might be the shortest route to the rim of the subsequent circle

Kyle Kashuv - The Based Patriot Survivor Of The Parkland Shooting: “Why Has Everyone Eased Up On Sheriff Israel?” by ALegendInMySpareTime in The_Donald

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Just like cuck John Oliver's stupid show. I get angry watching it because the points he makes aren't valid but he just keeps going to the best topic without any rebuttal or thought.

The sun is behind me, i am indoors, I am ADS shadowing the scope from the sun with my head, my back is shadowing the rifle as a whole from the sun, or am I a ghost? Anybody else infuriated by this? by stewy92 in PUBGXboxOne

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There's OP, then there's the right sight for the distance.... I'd rather have a red dot any day inside a house or apartment. The four times just naturally has a good range of effectiveness. It in no way needs to be nerfed. This is an unnecessary feature blue hope should not have even touched until the core fundamentals of the game are worked out.

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood begins campaigning for Trump's 2020 reelection under budget and way ahead of schedule by iltdiTX in The_Donald

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This is a woman. Some people may try to tell you that this person is a man, but it is not. They may say man, man, man, over and over again. But it's a woman. They may type MAN in all caps, but it's not. It's a woman. Facts first. Fuck CNN.

Guess who I just ran into at the airport by Stateofawe in The_Donald

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Should've given the white supremacists ok sign instead of a thumbs up.

Guess which country's about to have a food shortage white foreigners are going to be paying for... by parsonsxe in The_Donald

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I'm willing to bet their country goes into the shitter... The question now is: how can I pull a Soros to take advantage of this in the financial market?