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-13 points · 8 hours ago

When Obama did it and endorsed it, everyone turned the other cheek.

This is an utter and total fantasy. Obama faced criticism for his immigration policies. Trump will face criticism for his.

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Lol, Obama never faced criticism for anything. If Trump pulled even 1/100th of the sketchy crap Obama did he would be impeached.

The big problem of crypto, you cannot go to court :)

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I would say that's the big plus of crypto. Keep courts out of it. If you lose your money, it's on you. Get it off exchanges as soon as you buy it.

The Internet is likewise a network of transaction value. Did the cost of accessing the Internet increased or decreased as adoption ramped up?

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That's not an accurate comparison. To me, 'cost of accessing the internet' is analogous to the cost processing a Bitcoin transaction, instead of the price of Bitcoin. Tx costs are going down, but the value of the network as a whole, or a single Bitcoin, will go up as a result of more users.

Wait! I haven't gotten permission from CNN yet.

No, the old GOP and most of the 'new' GOP is still a uni-party. Look at the rhinos and how the bushes are buddy-buddy with the Obamas and the Clinton s. They were all apart of the swamp until Trump came in with his fuck you money and has been slowly draining it.

Liberals: WTF I like private companies now that can discriminate.

Oi! Careful. That comment gave me too much to think. You got a license for that logic?

Kek. I don't watch the news, but was Trudeau blasted for this? He should have been, it is that privilege only reserved for those on the 'wrong' side of the narrative?

What retard wrote that? And got 3,000 people to like it? Our soldiers are truly unsung heroes. Everyday should be veterans day so they can get the appreciation they deserve.

Side thought: shouldn't leftists love Trump if they don't like war? Who demolished ISIS and kept us out of syria via strategic strikes?

It was the swamp that went to war for their own personal gain. Who told us there WMDs in Iraq? Who gave guns to Mexican drug lords? Who gave billions to Iran? Who funded ISIS? Fuck the CIA/FBI and our globalist swamp politicians. Go Trump.

How did the swamp trick these sheeple retards into thinking the left was against war?

God I hate McCain. And we still be allies with these nations. It's just time we stop letting them take advantage of us.

Notice how these pedes don't have to hide their face. Because they are there standing up for what's right. They aren't paid thugs. THIS is what grassroots actually looks like.

Fuck Soros.

It should be pointed out that wasting police time is a criminal offense over there though for anyone in a position to get in trouble.

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If you're a Brit pede, I would argue that voicing your concern over an injustice is not wasting police time. I think it's an emergency.

209 points · 28 days ago · edited 28 days ago

I told a family member that had one of these that it's probably not a good idea with the hackers and govt spying on you and the response I got was that I need to relax and nothing like that will ever happen.

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Nothing like that could ever happen, lol... I vaguely remember this thing called the Holocaust which was a wee bit worse. Libtards seem to forget the crazy shit in history super quickly.

The FBI and CIA realized they could weaponize hippies and other jobless people with a lot of time on their hands for the government.

It was easy. They just had to virtue signal; say one thing and do another through a proxy. It also helped they gained control of the media to lie to the sheep.

Comey is dumber than a kid who just graduated high school. How was he allowed to run the FBI?

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Don't underate Kyle just because he is young and happens to be graduating from high school at this time. Kid's smart.

What's amazing is they also state Wikileaks are hackers associated with Russia. Thank god Venezuela is sane enough atlas to let that poor Assange stay in their embassy.

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*Ecuador embassy I thought

If a big cat has you cornered and is about to eat you and you have a cooler full of yummy steaks, you toss out steaks in a manner calculated to distract him from the big prize, which is you.

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Thank for that simple keknical analysis.

I'm scared...hold me.

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*hodl me

He tweeted this great info. He was top graduate in his class!!!Got some good news! Ranked #1 in my class of 856 students. #WINNING

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Meanwhile David Hogg just keeps getting rejected from colleges. Sad :( But don't fret, David's Daddy in the FBI will pull some strings to get him in somewhere.

The dumbest still goes to Bernie: "Nowadays, (said in 2011) the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places like Venezuela or Colombia."

We need to wall off California while we wall off Mexico

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