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The market is completely dead. No interest in crypto whatsoever. The remainig people are eating eachothers money. They trhow millions in a coin, only to see it decline again. It's over. Take your money out and come back in 5-10 years

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'Come back in 5-10 years'. Ah, yes, a true bitcoiner. Selling low and buying high. I like his style.

No no no no, that is for the law, we have a law in this country, it’s not always right and it’s not always wrong, but it’s the law.

Thugs like this don’t change the world, they just tar everyone with the same brush, they’re false idols that fools promote as being saviours.

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"Thugs" like him got sick of your cuckland in 1776 and started the greatest country in the world.

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well, when BTC goes up, you don't spend as much. @ $19,999 price for BTC you would spend .0002 BTC = $3.99

If BTC = $25,000 then .00012=$3.99

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Or you just spend and replace after you buy something the same day... it's manual for more but imagine somebody more talented than myself could develop a software wallet that could link up with an exchange and as long as long have enough fiat on the exchange it would place limit buy orders for the amount of btc you spent that day.

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"Trump’s pressure has sharply slowed the growth of the business-backed 'Optional Practical Training' program which allows foreign graduates to get work permits for up to four years in the United States — and it even exempts employers from some taxes."


So Ms. Pelosi and the liberals want to take back our tax cuts -- but hey, let's cut taxes for the global multi-nationals and let them give jobs to non-Americans.

What a plan!

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And then the companies give the politicians kickbacks. Usually by paying the politician to give an hour long speeh, or by donating to their campaign if the politician hasn't retired yet.

"TA crypto experts"

Ha ha, you got it. Well, except that there's no such thing as a "TA crypto expert"... well... unless you believe in reading tea leaves and asking your cat where the best pizza shop is. :)

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TA crypto experts are useless. There are billionaires that have enough power to impact the market and f over shorts. And they don't share what their moves are... The only way for a pleb like me to make money is to buy and replace immediately / hodl. The whales can't take my money if I never sell, and I stick to a monthly deposit schedule and won't buy a penny more - no FOMO.

I can confirm she is an idiot. Fact check this.

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Snopes rates this claim as misleading: while her IQ is within the range of legal retardation, she identifies as being intelligent and is therefore not an idiot.

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Or wherever she gets her clothes lmao

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Hey don't diss Costco like that. They have good clothes.

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8 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago's paid for and funded by taxes. What else is it then? Please tell me that's not real socialism.

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wouldn't call a jihadi attack an incident

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You're right, it's merely a part and parcel

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Maybe, but I'd say it should be an elective surgery that has to be personally financed. Insurance shouldn't pay for it like it does now...

What’s the best way to buy bitcoin anonymously? No local bitcoin please.

What’s the best way to cash in bitcoins anonymously?

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A bitcoin atm, but the fees are high... think of it as paying a 10-20% tax now that doesn't go to incompetent government politicians

A bitcoin atm charges 20%!!!!!!!

No way.

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That was a bit high. Looks like the average is 8%

"The city has its ups and downs... you clean the street, and then come back a few hours later and it looks like it hasn't been cleaned"

Ups and downs? Sounds like straight up shithole to me. Glad I escaped that cesspool (my car likes not getting broken into every 3rd month too)

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He was about to say 'I disagree' to San Francisco having a problem lol.

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The Cruz bit worked in 2016. However now, Cruz's place should be beside Trump as they marched to javelin fuck Soros's face.

I've never went from hating someone so much, to loving them, as quick as I did with Cruz. I did a joyful 180.

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Yup, should change it to songbird McCain

Is it actually a secret? I think reddits code is open source. Like you could download it and make a clone of Reddit on your own PC.

If it's not like that now it use to be that way.

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They changed it at least a year ago

lol, yea some people have a hard time understanding different views. Although you haven't even heard them.

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We've read history books. And go live in Venezuela if you still believe in that shit.

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In all honesty, the real story here is that twitter is still allowing isis recruiters to operate on its platform in such large numbers. Meanwhile there are right wing commentators who get banned for much much less.

Nah. This could be a good thing if they cooperate with authorities to catch some of the ringleaders when they try to do terrorist things.

Edit: Considering the sub we are in, I am surprised I got downvoted...

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That's some big brother doublethink logic right there...

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

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The US already does things like this with drug dealers. I'm just pointing out one of the possibilities.

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I don't support our government doing this with drug dealers either... I don't trust the deals because usually there is personal gain involved for the government. There is way too much corruption and it usually just screws over the little guys on the outside. Rules should apply to everybody and we should not be making deals that enable criminals and get the government tangled up in the mess.

This is glorious, what a timeline! Shitposter in chief. Libcucks are whining about the language in the video even though it's a liberal swearing. I can't stop laughing.

Bitcoin ATM

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ATM fees are generally way too high...

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Bitfinex got hacked and Tether was born. Without Tether, BTC's price would have crashed.

So ...... hacking is good for BTC.

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