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Is the Skip Barber car available in any other simulators besides iRacing? If so, which ones? Does it have a different name? Thank you.


I think the only shifter that will be compatible in your Xbox One situation is Logitech's shifter. On PC, you have all options available to you.

Thanks for the info. Any estimates on when the USA auctions will begin?

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So build this little project tonight. It 'dims' a single fan and works pretty good. Not sure about how to make it 2 fans tho.

Right now im just using speed and sending that to the dimmer. Im not sure if I should use 'localvelocityX' to somehow change the two fans to do different things in turns. Anybody have any knowledge of this kind of thing?

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SRS Power Wind does this effect if you have two fans set up. They call it wind curving and it’s an option you can turn off.

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Right. Thats the effect im trying to emulate, but im not sure how to accomplish this idea on my own.

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If you can get the wheel turn amount (in degrees) from game telemetry, you can use that to assign a separate multiplier to the left and right fans. Use a lower multiplier for the fan in the direction you are turning. For example, if the driver is turning 20 degrees to the right, you could use 100% for the left fan and 90% for the right fan. If they're turning 40 degrees to the right, you could use 100% for the left fan and 80% for the right fan. Something like that.

Yes. It will work in my opinion. SRS works and that’s a tiny fraction of all Assetto Corsa players. The player base for AC:C will be higher than SRS.

My power wind fan is above my monitor centered. Keeps me less clammy in VR. It’s definitely a luxury, but a nice addition. A clip on fan at constant speed would do the trick just as well.

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Omega GT art

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Yes. Probably the best at its price point. Might be able to do a home built simple 80/20 rig which would be better, but take more time.

Great rig and design decisions!

I've never heard of a sim racing wheel name brand knock-off. These aren't Beats headphones or Gucci purses. I guess anything could happen.

Nice work. I’d like to see these F1 form factor rigs with the driver seated in it.

Steam summer sale happened in June/July. They do a sale for Halloween, but those are mostly scary/horror themed titles. Guaranteed sale in December, but I bet it will go on sale before then. Maybe even twice.

Unique rig. Unlike anything I've seen. Great job!

Actually, I read that more race cars have floorboard mounted pedals than inverted pedals (like our road cars). So if you’re striving for race car realism, non-inverted makes more sense.

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Have you taken a look at Sim Racing System? I realize it's not a League, but if you're just looking for clean online racing...

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Agreed. In races with many registrants, you'd be put in a lower server against other rookies.

Beautiful rig. Sorry about your problems.

What is the diameter of your wheel rim? Looks huge like a bus steering wheel!

Assetto Corsa and race on

AC has given me more enjoyment and hours of play than any other sim. Its mod support is better than the competition. I also think its onboard apps are awesome and useful.

Why do you think AC has given you more enjoyment? What about it makes it so much more enjoyable?

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Amount of content. Ease of getting into races. Best UI with Content Manager. Helpful on board apps. Very good VR.

I wear fingerless leather gloves. They’re probably made for biking or motorcycles, but work great with my Fanatec alcantara rims.

Wow! If you don’t have a VR headset there’s no excuse now. Great deal.

This is the first mod I have seen that seems really useful to me. I cannot believe how expensive it is, makes me think it must be really nice.

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This one is made from natural sheepskin. Perhaps there are seat covers from artificial materials that would be cheaper. I assume the trade-off would be that the artificial ones don't breathe as well and would leave you feeling clammy.

I haven't seen other sim rig photos with seat covers. Probably because they're not likely to be found in "real" race cars either.

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$75 on Amazon

It's been keeping me cool in my summer races and should keep me warm in the cold winters. It's so plush I could fall asleep in this seat if I wanted to!

CSL Elite LC for $200 is the best bang-for-buck. I know that's a little beyond your budget, but it's worth saving up for another month or so if need be to purchase them.

I don't know about AC, but this is one of the most realistic porches I have ever seen:

Realistic Porch:max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/451041033-porch-56a75daf3df78cf77295169a.jpg)

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The ForceFeel product (linked below) seems like a much better deal than the SimRacingStudio product. I was an early pre-order for $165 or so. Price is now up to $189. Supposed to ship this month.

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