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Gotta get rid of those extra body thetans.

I was up all last night. Do you know what I was doing? I was creating realistic-looking explosions of Star Wars model ships. And do you know how it works? Do you know WHAT makes it work?? The thing I thought of at 4 this morning when I was waiting for my wife to be released from intensive care?? ... COTTON BALLS!

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PM for codes. 3 left.

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You should read Dune.

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Any particular reason you say this? I was gonna say the same thing.

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Mostly because OP seems to enjoy long well written sci fi/fantasy series, of which Dune is one of my favorites. Even though it was never finished....fuck Brian Herbert.

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Yeah, I only needed to see The Dark Tower, LOTR and Asimov to make the connection.

How is this any different from what the guys over at MTGA Tracker are doing?

It doesn't look promising that the game's not even in open beta and already people can't group together to make one thing.

And yet Canada is a threat to American national security, despite the fact we were there before the US entered the war and we helped create NATO after the war ended.

Oh, and let's not forget the fucking Cold War.

But sure, Russia isn't an adversary.

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I doubt Trump felt the Cold War much. He was living in a bubble, the mid-80s to early 90s being when he was at the height of his businessman career ("Art of the Deal" came out in 87).

It's fascinating really. I've been through some similar situations where (looking back) the opposite was clearly into me and I still acted like an idiot. It's simple. Neither of you has to be into the other. If you go out with a guy, it's a date - unless it's very specifically not one.

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The best addition in a while is the new matchmaking for free play. Most of the times, I face opponents whose decks are on the same level of competitiveness.

Playing some meme jank throws me against equally experimental decks. Straight up netdecking a top8 list, will match me against another hyperrefined T1 deck.

I still dislike free play affecting rank, as a ranked matchmaking should only account for MMR. But I am sure that they'll fix it until release, and separate ranked and unranked queues.

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the new matchmaking for free play

The game mode itself was there before; all they did was put emphasis on the "free".

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" President Donald Trump says he meant the opposite when he said in Helsinki that he doesn’t see why Russia would have interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections.

Back at the White House on Tuesday, the president told reporters that he said he meant he doesn’t see why Russia “wouldn’t” be responsible."

This is quite literally something a cartoon character would say for a cheap laugh, and it's actually something a sitting President said. I'm seriously starting to think I died like a year ago and this is all the last gasps of my brain as it starves for oxygen. Reality should not be this stupid.

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Maybe it's Trump that died like a year ago.

I have one simple question: what the heck is the guy's plan?

Probably to use every minute he has as president weakening our country and destroying ties with our closest allies?

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If intentionally... why?

I went with Idris because he kinda looks the most composed. Gideon made me come off like a sore loser after a few games.

I see London, I see France.

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I see trees of green.

Stuff like this is why MtG will never be as clean and succinct as Hearthstone or Artifact. The game was never intended to be digital, and they still design cards that are super clunky.

Infinite combos are cool and all, but no one likes playing against it. Decks like these remind me of that kid in high school that had a thalid deck. He used his graphing calculator to help him keep track of tokens and counters...nobody liked Kevin because of that

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Whether the game is clean and succinct isn't the software's issue. If you decide to play the game like this it's only natural you end up with situations like these.

Was that entirely necessary? If I'd been on the receiving end, I'd have opted out of that game several turns ago.

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Here is the episode in 10 min a 10 minute segment of the show.

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How fucking long is that first guy's tie?

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All the playable commons/uncommons, yeah.

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What's "playable"? Do you got 4 of every card? If not, craft those. There's something to do with your wildcards. It's what they're for.

and then after he's done with that, what do you suggest he does?

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Well, there's really nothing to do there. I mean what would you want the game to do for the (undoubtedly relatively limited) number of people that have got a full set and really need nothing more?

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These "Ticketmaster sucks" threads are becoming so regular I'm almost suspecting it to come from employees of whatever competition there is.

Without a doubt the best thing Disney has ever done. Makes me cry every time. And the performance is flawless.

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That's a bold statement, but it sure is great. The whole movie is wonderful.

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It's possible - in theory. The biggest problem is going to be finding an opponent that's willing enough to sit through that. A game should be enjoyable to both parties. I guess this is where a friending system would come in handy.

This is happening to everybody, regardless of graphics card. I doubt it has to do with the animation per se. It doesn't happen with the others. I'm thinking there's just some lag with the game registering a win/loss.

Not really, if you ask me. The one from Alchemy doesn't even have sax. Adds a whole 'nother layer.


I was just in a game that I was able to turn around due to some lucky draws. In what looked like it was gonna be his last turn before being defeated, my opponent declared his attackers, and that's when the game stopped - before me being able to select who to block with. His timer ran out, then nothing for minutes. I exited the program, tried to start again, but no luck. As of now, I can't even start a new game, since I'm put back in the queue on every restart. I'm assuming it'll solve itself after an hour.

If this was in the middle of a game I wouldn't think anything of it, but I would very likely have won the next turn, so it's somewhat suspicious. Is there any chance my opponent did this on purpose? Is that even possible?


If it was paper, I'd be telling the guy to stop ducking around and play the game. Probably why having a chat function would be a bad idea. ;)


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