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Blue_Three 1 point

I once bought/rented Ben-Hur off some streaming service (don't remember which. Maybe YT or Google) to show it to my wife. The bluray I own doesn't have Japanese subs or audio, which she needs. Anyways, five minutes into the movie I shut it off and told her I'd find a better option. The thing was in fucking fullscreen. I pity those who actually saw the movie that way.

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Blue_Three 4 points

Heh, I made the latter post. Didn't expect it to get that much attention. I really just saw Tony Ortega mentioning on his blog that it's been ten years, so I thought that's reason enough to post the video. Also, yes, as people have pointed out "disaster" might be pushing it a little, but that's how Ortega put it.

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I_Steal_Compliments 250 points

Careers would be made and medals handed out for proof of extra-terrestrial life. It would be the greatest discovery since fire. There is no way is would be kept "under wraps".

Blue_Three 70 points

I feel that would very much depend on the lifeform. "We found some bacteria and other random stuff not visible to the human eye" and "There's actual grey men" are two different things. The greatest discovery since fire wouldn't be just life, but life that we can communicate with.

Valway 7 points

The greatest discovery since fire wouldn't be just life, but life that we can communicate with.

You are really underestimating the importance finding even the smallest organisms would be. That would be the first evidence of life outside of our planet.

Blue_Three -1 points

True, but what do you do with that?

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Blue_Three commented on a post in r/movies
MattAShap 10 points

I love how he bastardized the expression "pat myself on the back " by saying "I can tap my self on the shoulder - good job".

Blue_Three 1 point

I suppose that's a European thing. I'm from Germany and we too pat ourselves on the shoulder, not back. It's a perfectly natural expression, but maybe Tommy isn't aware it's somewhat different in the US.

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jreevsie 960 points

What really bothers me, even as a woman, is that now accusations are seen as truth. They are accusations. I’m not saying these women are lying. But before we grab the pitch forks and ruin someone’s life and career, we need to take a second to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Blue_Three 54 points

People are forgetting (what I would say is) the number one reason why these things go down like they do. Sure, the fact that we dealt with the stories on Weinstein, Spacey and then some just recently makes some more liable to simply eat this one up as "just another case". But that's not all. Our society loves to hate. Being reasonable is boring. It's so much more fun to go into one extreme, to grab a pitchfork, be polemic. It makes you feel like you're supporting a certain cause or that you're part of some "camp", so when an actor like Spacey goes down it makes you feel like you "won".

Just yesterday I asked in another thread whatever happened to "case-by-case" (in regards to these accusations thrown at all kinds of people) and got downvoted. That's just not something that's prevalent in our culture anymore. Nobody's got the time to consider pros and cons, hear people out, use some common sense even, God forbid. You need an opinion immediately, an emotional response. If you're not outraged either way, you don't fit in. I mean, how can a story like this leave you cold? Are you saying you're condoning what Franco did? Getting upset and loud about it is a reflex; a safety mechanism to signal to others that No, you're one of the good guys. You're not a deviant.

Sarcasm aside, I feel like this whole witchhunt is just another convenient byproduct of the PC narrative. In some cases, like the above mentioned, it was something that had to see the light of day, but treating accusations as fact is not the way to do it. That is nothing more than plain gossip.

jpicazo 3,402 points

And she did it twice. I don't know, if you didn't feel comfortable the first time, returning to do a nude scene for another film is weird, though she says she didn't feel like she could say no.

Blue_Three 311 points

Welcome to the next level. "No means No" even if I didn't say it because I felt like I couldn't

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Blue_Three 5 points

You'll never see someone that "obvious" get casted; especially if it's practically the same role genre-wise. Emilia Clarke isn't gonna be in it either, no matter how fitting she may look in the things fans photoshop her into. Not everything's an extension of GoT.

BananaFeels94 2 points

He’s listed as Geralt for the show on IMDB

Blue_Three 1 point

Is he? Where?

Blue_Three commented on a post in r/gifs
Gloom_Lurker 60 points

My friends did this to my car one night. I went outside for work in the morning to find my entire car covered in sticky notes. To make it worse, a school bus of kids went by as I was looking at my car in bewilderment. They all laughed at me.

Blue_Three 2 points

Hahaha. What a story, Mark.

Blue_Three commented on a post in r/movies
Blue_Three 14 points

Ben-Hur has been a (if not the) favorite of mine ever since I was a kid. I'm only in my early thirties, but watching it even on a small TV for the first time about twenty years ago, I knew it was something special. And that's underselling it. I love just about everything about this movie. There's really nothing that isn't epic about it. Heck, they even got MGM's Leo to shut up going into the overture. He just sits there without roaring, in awe of how fucking epic the movie is.

Yes, the chariot race is a highlight, but just a small part of this masterpiece. It's not even so much about it looking modern or filmed like it was yesterday (which it doesn't necessarily; it is simply one example of an older movie that has been kept in absolute pristine, reference condition thanks to restoration). It's more "How the heck did they film this shot; that angle? Wait, they built that whole fricking stadium just for that? The stunts look pretty real" and else.

Blue_Three commented on a post in r/funny
evilpenguin9000 1,371 points

Grocery store aisle... Grrrr.

Blue_Three 0 points

Grandmas are the worst. They're used to/expecting everyone else to move out, so they'll run right into you if you don't make way, no matter if they've seen you coming towards them from like a mile away.

Blue_Three commented on a post in r/movies
LordBillCipher696 20 points

I did not like how it dropped the plotlines from force awakens. As meh to okayish as force awakens was, there was a lot of potential.

Actually felt lazy

Who is snoke-nah lets kill him

Fix phasma?-nah kill her off

Reys parents- no idea (although i liked this one)

Blue_Three 0 points

It didn't drop any plotline. What it dropped was fans' expectations resulting from that plotline.

buzz3light 27 points

"They tracked us through hyperspace." "...but that's impossible." "Yes, it is. And they did it."

This shit makes me so angry. They never explain how the FO gained that technological advancement and it drives the entire fucking story. That is some of the laziest crap I have seen develop on screen. The writing is childish

Blue_Three 3 points

Is it lazy? As far as she/the Republic knows it's impossible, yet the Empire/New Order did it. What's she supposed to answer? "Yes, it's impossible. And they did it" is just about the perfect answer.

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