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not a fight but i actually caught an old dude who had lost his footing and was running out of control down a long steep concrete path, where his brother (an old guy as well) had just fallen over doing the exact same thing. The guy on the ground was KO and not well, so I was helping give first aid. I caught the running dude with double unders and head to his shoulder in a clinch, and managed to keep him up on his feet. No video, but does that count?

Have you ever rolled with Marcelo?

Bought it a few days ago. Not a physio and am in moderate neck pain at the moment, so won't say anything about the actual exercises themselves.

It's neatly filmed & audio is really clear. Main content with the exercises is about 30m long, and there's a short intro and some extra tips.

What might make it a bit more intuitive to use and maybe rewatch would be if there were some overlaid titles accompanying the exercises and a recap/accompanying pdf or something. But that's not really a big gripe, you'll just need to take notes while you watch it.

Some of the exercises I already knew, but I'll take away at least a couple of new exercises and ideas from it, which is cheaper than a visit to a physio so I'm pretty happy.

tldr: about 30m long, exercises are probably good, you'll need to take notes, £20 feels more or less right for it

v nice! bookmarked the page now. hope you get enough continuing interest to keep it going!

big fan of - mostly free & mix of styles. the fiji mcalpine (good name eh) 14 day challenge series is particularly good.

I'd pay $5 to watch this on youtube. There's bound to be 50-100,000 other people who would too. They could both do well out of it.

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i first read that as somewhere between 50 people and 100,000 people! Seemed like a nice wide ballpark :D

here's a great article on the topic:

note the author isn't a leftist, or a liberal, or even interested in social justice.

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Thanks! That was a genuinely interesting read. A few questions come to my mind from reading it, with only n3 being Bjj related: 1. How does this definition of black identity gel with, say, a Nigerian who knows his ancestry very definitely etc.? Is he outside the definition of “black” in this sense of it being a slavery construct? 2. In a day and age of easy, cheap genetic tracing (23amdme etc) surely anyone can trace their ancestry as far back as they like if not knowing it bothers them, and reclaim their original ethnicity/s? 3. Do white supremacist bjj’ers (there must be a few, right) take exception at black being the highest rank to aspire to? Hmmmm...

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1) There is a broad, common set of lived experiences for all folks with "black" skin living in America. A first generation nigerian immigrant will be subject to those. Racial profiling, lowered expectations, discrimination.

There's another set of experiences common only to those descended from slaves, people who grew up in America. That's what's talked about more often - that's typically the source of black culture. A first-generation Nigerian immigrant to America may find themselves distanced from that. You can find some commentary on this from comedian Odinaka Ezeokoli. He grew up both in Nigeria and the US and had trouble fitting in both places. I think he's got some sets on youtube that get into this. He's also in an episode of the Netflix show Easy - I'm not sure if they show his standup, though.

2) Ethnicity is more than genetics. Yes, it's more possible now for a person to trace where there ancestors are from. Alex Haley spent years doing that manually, through records and libraries to produce Roots (and Queen), and now people can find some similar information for $100 or whatever. But compare a 23andme report to Roots. One is dry data, the other is a rich story about individuals and their lives.

Most slaves brought to the US were from the same areas. It's almost all West Africa. I don't know how fine-grained 23andMe is for West Africa. It also couldn't tell someone why or when European heritage entered their family. A sizable portion of black Americans have somewhere in their family tree a rapist and a rape survivor. 23AndMe doesn't contextualize that.

Ethnicity is about culture, too. Slaves were forcibly divorced from their stories, their languages, and their food. A black culture rose up in that absence. Here's a great podcast chronicling fried chicken. That's a case study into the forces at play.

That didn't happen for white americans. German-Americans, Italian-Americans, Polish-Americans, etc. kept their traditions, their languages, their foods, their stories, their clothing, their culture when they came to the US. I'm going to a Greek fest tonight, I'll go to an Oktoberfest next month.

Those cultures have melded to a large degree, producing another culture. But it's not "white", it doesn't exist in Europe, or Canada mostly. Hot dogs and hamburgers and football and baseball etc. No one would look askance at someone claiming they're Proud to be an American.

  1. Do white supremacist bjj’ers (there must be a few, right) take exception at black being the highest rank to aspire to?

hah, I've never heard that, but probably not. Nazis love black clothing, at least.

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thanks for the well considered reply - lots to think about!

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The traditional form in yoga is called Kapalabhati, Rickson does a very advanced version of this with an added technique called "stomach churning".

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Kapalabhati is forceful exhales to a fast tempo, not what she is doing

I just signed up for a month to watch jones v Palhares. My only beef with flo is that I couldn’t get to the replays (watching the morning after as time differences etc) without seemingly having to go past spoilers for the main events. Not going to renew the monthly, but that was mainly as the matches yesterday weren’t enjoyable enough on the whole to make me feel like paying to watch another tournament online. Going to watch some of the tutorials before I go though, they seem pretty decent, and video feed quality was really excellent while watching the first few matches.

I just signed up for a month to watch jones v Palhares. My only beef with flo was that I couldn’t get to the replays (morning after as time differences etc) without seemingly having to go past spoilers for the main events. Not going to renew the monthly, but that was mainly as the matches weren’t enjoyable enough on the whole. Going to watch some of the tutorials before I go though, and video feed quality was excellent watching the first few matches

well the dude with the sword has just rammed it through his own head. Hell of a way to go.

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Notable BJJ black belt Roy Dean also rolled with grapplers under roids just like sooooo many other grapplers. I would roll with anybody, and yes I did rolled with juiced up grapplers and managed to even sub some of them with no problems.

Nothing will replace skills, abilities and rolling mat time experience. It practically beats anything let alone a juicer. And unless he tells he's on, I wouldnt ask him. In the past 12 years, it's a grappling experience that brought me to pro grapplers who told me flat out they were on HGH, and even invited me to get on HGH cycles and break a leg. I didnt make a big deal about it even if they were well known pro grapplers.

Some guys would kill to get on this sh*&%t, so I'd advise you to erre on the side on wisdom if you want to adress this issue with rolling partners.

Last but not least: Strong is not equal to roids. Roids is not necessarly related to brut/power/raw strength. Look at Royce Gracie in the first UFC (s). He had Kimo, Hackney and Severn who were beating him brut/power/raw strength wise, but they had no idea what he was doing. And even if Royce (maybe) juiced back then, he was still grinding/struggling to push back those beasts.

I was also accused of juicing (years ago). But all I was doing was training/rolling 6 days a week, keeping my nutrition in check and lifting big weights in beast mode topped by 8 hour sleep/night. My body was chiseled, rip, cut, six pack muscle bound. I could worked for Playboy or Muscle & Fitness. I did tried PEDS but since they brought heart issues, I had to stop and go back to natural training.

That's it.

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damn, at first glance i read "But all I was doing was trampolining 6 days a week..."! lol.

i used to rock climb , with that and gi with BJJ you gotta be real careful your hands don't get stronger than the tendons, there are some good grip protocols for climbers that try to avoid this.

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Hope not to nitpick here, but generally it's your finger joints and pulleys that will go earlier. Snapping a tendon is v rare & hard to do. Tendon injuries are more from cuts and the like.

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Thanks I don't dive alone I go drive with a scuba diver but I am the only guy who free dive thank you for the response

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Not to be harsh, but if you are freediving with a scuba buddy, you might as well be diving alone - they will not be able or in the right place to rescue you.

Blackouts will typically happen at or near the surface, which is where a scuba diver won’t see you, or may not be able to safely ascend to if they do happen to spot an incident happening.

Go on deeperblue search for freedive buddies, take a course if you can afford, and dive safe!

Mabrouk! Hopefully will get to drop by this winter 🤙

Community officers I hope, not actual police?

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Actual police. Community officers don’t have batons. At least not where I live.

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You’re right. Wow.

I feel like it's such a stupid concept Why would you combine a clothes store next to a jiu jitsu gym

I buy all my rash guards online. This feels like a big sellout to make money off clothes

It's cool and unique. But distasteful

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Distasteful. Pfff.


Rolling with a newish blue belt today and the dude proceeded to repeatedly try and choke me with his belt from mount and side. I decided not to let him get a tap like this and just went into survival mode, but it left me wondering if belt chokes are generally considered ok or not outside of competition?

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You must train with Dan

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Ha! Uncanny. How did you know?

As long as the belt is still tied around your waist you can use the trailing ends as grips in chokes, for example if you are in side control and pass the end of the belt over your opponents neck and grab it with your hand under their head, then use it to complete the choke, that's legal.

Untying your belt and wrapping it around someones neck, aka The Hitman Choke, is not legal.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

It was def more of a hitman move by the end of the roll.

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He tried it once without doing any striking training or any MMA training with gloves. He wasn't used to trying to finish chokes with gloves. He had something like seven fights in the USA accepted and canceled, and couldn't get anyone else to fight him. This was all during a bad time in his life when he essentially got kicked out of NYC. When he was able to come back, he opened a school and stopped trying to do MMA as he didn't enjoy it.

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he essentially got kicked out of NYC? Woah. Hard to imagine that kind of scenario happening to someone like him.


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From Danaher's IG:

"Friends and Acquaintances: Socialization is typically a quest for FRIENDSHIP. However, many times we must first see socialization as a quest to be FRIENDLY, reserving friendship for those we consider FRIENDS. The better you are able to control your rudeness, the better you will be able to implement friendliness. As you develop these skills, you will find that OTHER PEOPLE will begin to think of you as friendly, which will cause the other person to act friendly to you. Whatever your own interests, hobbies, biases, there is always some common ground you can find with that other person, and it is this common ground that allows two people to perform the sophisticated ritual of friendship. Here, Mansher Khera, former student of the great Marcelo Garcia, and I demonstrate how the principle of self-referential humor can be used to create friendship through shared experiences."

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Implement friendliness lol

What a wonderful perspective. Thank you for sharing it!

Imanari Roll Mahogoff has a nice ring to it.

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Shrimp Mahogoff. Sounds tasty actually.


Hey, been bouldering 15+ years, but recently (since 3 yrs ago) my lower back locks up whenever I lift a foot much higher than my knee.

I can hang out in a lizard type yoga pose quite comfortably, but there’s something specific about climbing movement/tension that really messes with my lower back.

My core is fine - I can hold a plank quite happily if it wasn’t so boring, and can even do a decent front lever sometimes when the planets and stars align.

I tried doing weighted squats to strengthen the lower back but my lower back/SI just locks up as I start to lower into the squat (a few inches down) once I get to any decent weight on (60kg or so)

It’s really getting me down, as it’s limiting the movements I can do and the type of problems I want to try. Anything with a high foot is a no go now.

Has anyone had anything like this? Any suggestions?

EDIT: Thanks so much for all the replies, this sub-reddit is great! I looked into each suggestion & so far the psoas suggestions seem to be most likely - doing soft tissue work on them feels super tender. I'll keep going for a month or so & report back with any progress/lack of. Thanks again - was really cool to get so many helpful and well thought out suggestions.


I agree with this, I popped a disc a few years ago and keeping hamstrings loose really helps. I would add that be careful when the back is already aggregated as many hamstring stretches also stretch the lower back and if it's all inflamed and sore you make it worse stretching it.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion, definitely a good one but not sure if this is where problem is for me in this instance. Hamstrings are reasonably loose - i can reach the floor in a forward bend when my back isn't locked up, but then again when my back goes, i can barely reach my knees.

Can you touch your toes? Sounds like you have some serious problems that aren't climbing specific.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

when back isn't seized/locked up, i can get my palms flat to the floor with feet hip width apart. When my back locks up, then i can barely reach my knees! I agree 100% with you that something a bit serious is going on, as it is affecting me outside of climbing too.

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