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Vicki G...crap, I really tried, you guys...mission fail...

can someone tell me why it's Wednesday and not friday? it's rude.

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My district schools are closed today, so I get to hear nothing but whining and fighting all day...

I truly believe she has come a long long way . I am also referring to how she treated people . She was pretty unstable emotionally. I just really hate her personal style . But I like her personality now

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A lot of mental illnesses manifest at the exact age she started filming the show...I know you probably already know this...I am just restating it here, in case it helps someone...

Such a good point tbh

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Thank you. 💜

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I agree. Whitney was unbearable on camera, until this year, and that does deserve recognition! I loved especially how he encouraged his mom to give Kathryn another chance. 😍

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Automod, not that I'm trying to tell you how to do your job , but it would be more southern and more charming to edit darling to darlin'...😘

Be careful, Craig!!! You are precious cargo to sew many! 👼

Do you mean Steve Chavez Lodge??? The famous city council candidate??? 🙄

Of course they did... they used their backup generator to play video games haha. I’m guessing it was run with gasoline?

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Really? Are a lot of them run on gasoline? I know that my parents had a terrible time getting propane to refill theirs after Irma.

All the ones I've ever known ran on gas, had no idea about propane

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Ahh. Maybe only the permanently installed whole house models use propane. All I know is that it was a huge problem and I learned to never get the propane kind!

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Omg I had a very similar experience with the same boss. Some people have better time management than others. Some people are cool with staying late, I’m not too keen on it. I think it’s healthy to know when to pack up and go home.

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What if you had a kid, and you had to go pick up the kid by a certain time or something? Labor laws are for real for a reason!

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AJ's line is a swing with leather padding and chains to attach to ceiling above the bed. It also comes with a compartment for whips and video camera. Obviously not a children's line.

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You hit the nail on the head, but you forgot something, the plastic insects.

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Original Poster9 points · 1 day ago

Omg. Yes. The Accessories pack also includes fake poop and a whoopie cushion from Five Below.

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She said in the comments on her IG post that it was going to live with her husband (ex?) during the week & come to live with her on the weekends since he comes to see the kids.

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That's good, I guess. I hope he has a huge yard and will be hiring a dog walker, though...

German Shepherds are known as dogs for the experienced dog owner. They require a lot of work and discipline, which many first time dog owners or busy people can find challenging. I’ve often seen people get a GS and then quietly rehome them because they didn’t do their research, and couldn’t handle it :(

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My sister and her BF are living this mistake. They love that dog, but they had no clue what they were in for. Gina's husband is a total ass for doing this. Would have been better off w a golden retriever.

I just like how this quote is juxtaposed with materialistic branding and selling items to anonymous non-friends

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I will ask this...why does Landon talk the way she talks? Like the cadence and the speed...I don't get it.

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Landon produces herself alot... She has been in or adjacent to reality TV since her first appearance on The Hills...what was that, 15 years ago?

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Nah. It isn’t an either/or situation. No marriage with small children hardly ever is. You don’t have to break up now while friendly or break up later while hating one another. There’s so, so much that can be done to save a marriage, to live together peacefully and lovingly.

If it was just Gina and her husband, I wouldn’t care at all what they do. Stay together, split up, fight, what have you. But when you have three small kids who not only desperately want their mommy and daddy together, but will benefit immensely from them being together in a kind and loving manner, well, then, I absolutely get the hesitation of all the other women who hope she doesn’t just throw in the towel.

But as we all know, they have. So I guess it’s moot. I feel bad for her kids.

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I agree. And since the tabloids have been saying for months that Gina's husband was caught cheating with a coworker, I feel like Gina is being extraordinarily kind and mature and diplomatic to be characterizing their split as mutual and amicable.

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Especially considering she said she still finds him to be really attractive. That has to kill her inside. I feel awful for her kids and for Gina.

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I feel awful for Gina and the kids, too. I'm really glad that Gina's mom seems to be very supportive, and that Gina now has the RHOC to support her. Nothing sucks worse than having small kids and finding out that your husband is cheating with someone from work. Nothing short of sudden death, maybe...But I feel like with cancer or sudden death, you get more sympathy and support, but when you have young kids and your husband cheats on you, people start thinking, "Well, you must have done something wrong as a wife for this situation to happen. Like you should have moved with him when he got the different job." Etc etc. I am really surprised but really glad to see how Gina is handling this on the show so far.

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It's complicated. They own the land under the eruption. I suspect they get something in recompense. One man I spoke with was given a job with the park service. He was sort of a guard.

Until a couple years ago, you could not get insurance in certain lava zones. Then it changed. You could get insurance. But expensive.

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The choice to live in one of those eruption zones is so hard core...Thanks for explaining.

It is exactly like saying kindness is free.

I understand Shep likes snark. But people don't strike for sh*ts and grins. They deserve compassion, even if we don't agree.

As for hazards, Hawaii just had a hurricane/tropical storm. They also have normal bad weather. Some places are very wet, some are too dry.

Like any remote area, Hawaii's island chain is susceptible to being cut off from the world. What I was trying to say is that Shep left SC and completely was away from the weather. On any island, even if you are not affected, you know people who are. You cannot get completely away. And it would be very wrong to try. Hawaii is all about family. You don't leave them.

The latest eruption was heartbreaking. Heck, every eruption is heartbreaking. Again, where do you go? And after, your land is under molten rock that belongs to the state.

I think Shep is cavalier.

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He's definitely always been cavalier, and this post of his was gross!

I did not realize that private real property covered by eruptions became property of the state. Wow. It's starting to make sense to me now, why I heard that many people who lost their homes in the eruption zones, did not have homeowners' insurance...

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I don't see why they'd give barbituates for surgery.. opioids, maybe some benzodiazepine, but barbituates seems extreme for surgeries

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I meant as part of the anaesthesia, not the post-op pain?

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This. Every word.

Barbiturates are not commonly prescribed any more. More common for docs to prescribe benzos. Which is its own class and if she takes Xanax or Valium, it would have popped up on the test. Depakote and other psych meds are NOT barbiturates.

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Is it possible that this drug class could be in Farrah's system if she has had recent surgery? Her face looks very different, and I know some people get hooked on surgeries this way?

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my apologies. I have amended my post. I get very pissed off and mouth off without thinking. I still hate both those miserable bitches!

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No worries!

She's a short term, on again off again girlfriend, not a parent to the children, not even a step-parent. What you're describing would be asking to restrict visitation with a much more stable, long term true family relation. Tons of people have restrictions on who their kids can be around in an Ashley type situation, contingent upon marriage or a change in circumstance.

I thought as of the last Mediation/Court Ashley wasn't allowed around the kids?? I wonder what changed that, if anything?

Source: I worked in family law for over 10 years between the private and public sector. IANAL.

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I read that Kathryn has not signed any new medication agreements yet, because she wants to wait for the outcome of the pending criminal investigations...

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Women are able to breastfeed when caring for a child even if they didn't have the child.

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This is technically correct, but it is by no means as simple nor automatic as portrayed by Vera... Most women cannot and do not just spontaneously start lactating when they care for infants. Can you imagine how problematic that could be for female childcare providers? Like Bess said, it just does not work that way. If a woman who did not carry and birth an infant wants to breastfeed, she does not have the influx of postpartum hormones to stimulate lactation, and therefore, almost always, the woman must artificially stimulate milk production via pumping her breasts for a period of time. I would guess that she would need to do this aggressively for several days to a week at minimum, in addition to consuming various herbs like fenugreek, in order to have sufficient milk supply to nurse a baby...I feel that the commenter above made a great catch here, and that it is possible if not likely that Vera did some kind of herb voodoo to interfere with Marin's milk supply, and disrupt her bond with Julian...

"Need to do it aggressively for days or weeks"... do you know how many times a baby "nurses" a day? She even said she started doing it as a pacifier not as a way of feeding him (initially) and we dont know Vera's back story maybe she just herself had an abortion or miscarriage? Had hormones in her body? When Bess said "it doesnt work that way" she was responding to Vera's response of "It just started happening", then Bess made the comment and she elaborated further that she was using her breast to soothe him and then as feeding. We dont know how old the infant is at this time it could have been weeks at that point.

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I have nursed 2 babies, so yes, I am painfully familiar with how many times a baby nurses each day. For Vera to be letting the baby use her breasts as a pacifier, long enough for that to result in lactation, there is no way she could have kept that a secret from Bess nor Marin. But I am definitely not interested in "debating" this, so let's just say that "you win"

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If Jeff said he picked her Godfather based on who's the richest guy he knows, he was obviously joking. That's his humor!

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? I know that was Jeff's humor...I was a fan of Jeff and his humor for a long time...Jeff saying Chaz is the richest person he knows was also a reference to Chaz's level of success and/or celebrity...🌞🌈

Edited to add the word "also"

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Does this sub not do episode discussions for Flipping Out?

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I haven't been on reddit long enough to know the answer to that?

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Where is the Q&A his friend did? Can someone provide the link?

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I would love this link, too, please? The real one, not the troll bot one?

I posted some ss in response to the comment above yours. I’m going to look for more.

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Thank you!

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She wants her daughter to be jealous of her. She craves it. Yet she is the one jealous of her daughters youth, probably her husband as well. I’m curious as to why D’andra never had children? Maybe to avoid having another thing mommy dearest could use agains her? This is all extreme speculation of course-

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Makes a lot of sense, actually. More sense than the "timing" she claims...

5 points · 4 days ago

Oh yes I remember her saying that and thinking dam this lady is a bit full of herself!

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And maybe a bit delusional!?

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Last name Johnson!

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Johnson with a "sexy J". Like Sonja Morgan. I bet Sonja would have liked to make a snack of you!

Was his brother cute too? I don’t really remember.

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Lol You REALLY don't remember!!! There was a very long, mullet style ponytail, as I recall...I believe also a vest? The episode when Gretchen proposes to Slade....

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Me frequent this sub??? Never!!! You just have to rub the lamp and I will appear. I haven’t watched so I can’t say XD. Hannah is not on my awesome people list tho. So most likely she is in the wrong. I’ve never quite seen a brown noser like her before with producers.

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🤣 Come on, tell us how you really feel.

Even her uterus tried to reject her

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OMG. Nice catch. I had forgotten how much her uterus tortured her!

Is that a corn dog in your pocket, or, erm?

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