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PewDiePie Legend of the Brofist. 346!

738, Smash Ultimate!

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Hopefully soon! Working on the technical side now, arts pretty much done.

Right now a lot of the courses only work in Bedrock since you can't boat up waterfalls or water flowing downwards in Java 1.12.2 :( I haven't tested that in 1.13 though, so maybe it works!

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If you need a tester, I could help and provide feedback.

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Great I'll send you a message when it's ready for testing! Maybe the end of next week

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Sounds good!

This literally happened to me the other day after getting Alien Engine, Mutation, Wingman, AND Bionic Leg

Tomodachi Life was so underrated. One of my favorite twitch streamers / youtubers did a whole playthrough of it a while back and it's crazy how much enjoyment and content you can get out of such a "simple" game.

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This is the perfect opportunity for a sequel!

Nerdcubed Recommends: Enter the Gungeon

He already covered it in a livestream which makes it a good canidate for the Recommends Series. It is a top-down rouge-like twin-stick shooter with many references to other games. It can be delved in-depth especially with the latest update adding synergies making the game more fun and a little easier.

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ahhhhh thats nice to see and then compare it against the progress so far :')

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I'm guessing you'll continue to track them with each new episode?

How (and where) will we know when you've made an update?

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Olberic, a warrior to recruit allies by his side to avenge all the have brought trouble to them.

With your hands and chopsticks. You can pull the meat out easily.

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You have a clue, this was in Guangzhou, China. Very nice, but expensive.

Dream Car,? A Tesla Model X. The future is now with Tesla!

Greased Lightning!

Pit People

A turn-based strategy game made by the same people who made Castle Crashers, meaning that it will be an exiting and hilarious adventure!

I make sure I have water. I choose base on my tastes, how affordable it could be / price, and/or after seeing say Jesse Cox or Nerdcubed play it. My goal is to continue climbing the PvP ranks, from D1 to D2.

658, Destiny 2 please.

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