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Missed opportunity to have a watermark on this meme.

Your hair is still on fire from the last time and you want incinerated again?

Good thinking wearing red, that way they might not notice when you start your period.

Christ, when i opened this you almost stabbed and crushed me with that nose.

You've got the body of a holocaust survivor. But at least they got good tattoos.

6 flags? all i see is 1 fag.

You look like you have AIDS. There now you have something that's positive in your life.

That's very environmentally sound of him to re purpose his "need money" sign.

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Do you still keep in touch with Paulina and Rin?

-love from Scotland

Original Poster87 points · 1 month ago

not recently

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I don’t know how you left things with them off screen. But you should stay friends with them they are two of the very few people that you truly act yourself around and you shouldn’t let that kind of relationship die.

Just cause you were born in a test tube dosent make you a scientist.

"The 80s called, they want their hair back"

I feel like ive just lost my virginity through the rape that is that sitting position mixed with that camera angle.

I sincerely hope your dentist dosen't charge you by quantity.

I'm surprised that YOU'RE the person who lives in the basement...

Such an organised calendar, yet you fail to keep your appointment with your barber.

Somehow your nostrils are narrower than your eyes.

You say boys and girls but you just know that no girl will look at this picture long enough to think of a roast before they turn their computer off out of disgust.

The only good thing that ever happened on that boat was the emergency c-section performed on your sister to give you your first child.

"6/28" is that the age range you go for? Or is it the range of the 13 year old in bed with you?

Your eyes are as shallow your mums thoughts on aborting you at 16.

The flick on that 'a' is almost as long as that nose of yours.

Thinking by being in a bra it would distract us from the black eyes your uncle gave you.

Regular show taught me about him and hopefully instilled a sense of repercussion to cheating into the youth.


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