Putin warns NATO against closer ties with Ukraine and Georgia by Parkchester57 in worldnews

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They're slowly changing the Republican government officials and their supporters to be pro-Russian, anti-FBI, anti-CIA, and pro-Trump. The mentality change in just 6 months is stunning, and in 6 more months they'll be even more pro-Russian. I'd be stunned if most of Trump's base even knew what NATO was, what countries compose it, or its geopolitical importance.

Think of the trade tariffs that have been implemented. What should have come off as bizarre and made Trump lose support did nothing for his popularity.

Putin warns NATO against closer ties with Ukraine and Georgia by Parkchester57 in worldnews

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He already completely confirmed that Trump was colluding with Russia.

Are cyber attacks on a nations infrastructure considered an armed attacked under NATOs Article 5? by Knightmare25 in PoliticalDiscussion

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It would be difficult to against intent to harm, considering such an attack will guarantee innocent deaths and would clearly be ordered, organized, and carried out with hostile intent.

US official: Russia using social media to divide Americans by recipriversexcluson in news

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People have been bubbled off, and now the objective is to keep pumping outrage and pressure into both bubbles until one or both pop.

Is the Russian threat to NATO overblown? by Ghaleon1 in geopolitics

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The focus is on Russia because Russia is the only country in the European region that has annexed land or attempted to annex land in a war of aggression in recent years. On top of shooting down passenger jet MH17, they regularly send jet fighters near NATO airspace. PRC is currently inward-focused, though that will likely change. There aren't any NATO countries anywhere near PRC, and unless PRC begins acting aggressively, there won't be any.

Iceland replaces US at UN Human Rights Council by ilikecakenow in worldnews

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SA is slowly improving its human rights record. I expect the current crown prince will help move along its liberalization.

Thoughts on splitting up Afghanistan among Ethnic lines? by zz2113 in geopolitics

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multi-ethnic countries: China, Russia

Wouldn't you say the EU/Canada are better examples?

Chinese companies are rushing to North Korea to explore opportunities for economic cooperation and investment by MrSerious1 in NorthKoreaNews

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This might be China's bid at convincing other countries that being under China's economic influence may not be as bad at it seems.

An ape that is new to science has been discovered buried in an ancient tomb in China. by wrdb2007 in worldnews

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It's possible. There are historians who believe that the Romans/Greeks might have made other humanoids go extinct in their conquests against the 'barbarians' at their borders.

China: 'The US has launched a trade war' by Johnny_W94 in worldnews

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You know why? Because Mueller has some democrats working under him. According to Trump supporters, nothing short of a 100% Republican team (AKA Trump loyalists) can investigate him with any credibility. He's done the same thing with news media. Any news outlets that don't support the president lose the president's support, and the support of the president's followers. Fox News is the most watched news show in America. They will never abandon the Pro-Trump position at any point, because if they do, Trump goes on twitter and bashes Fox News and their viewership dies down, their ad revenue goes to trash, and their news employees will be undesirable because they were working for Fox News.

Even today he admitted his story about a significant event, dictated to his son, was false, but defended himself by saying they were justified in lying because the New York Times doesn't write credible stories:

“It’s irrelevant! It’s a statement to The New York Times — the phony, failing New York Times,” he said. “That’s not a statement to a high tribunal of judges. That’s a statement to the phony New York Times. In fact, frankly, he shouldn’t even speak to The New York Times because they only write phony stories anyway!”

Donald Trump has finally made us mad. Really mad by DirectingWar in politics

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Blame it on the enemy in the West, not the friend to the South.

Don’t put US bases in Poland by DetlefKroeze in geopolitics

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Acknowledging they shot it down would be a good start.

Putin says he and Trump speak 'regularly' by viccar0 in politics

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If the deep state is democratic, or at least anti-trump, it would have to be banking on the unpopularity of Trump to force many undecided voters to vote anti-Trump politicians in 2018 and 2020. Giving in now to reap more long-term rewards.

Fallout 76 Discussion and Information Thread by VaultOfDaedalus in Fallout

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76 is supposed to be a control vault, so big twist in the game is going to be the vault turning out to be not a control vault. Vault-Tec has fooled us again.

America Declares War on Its Friends by corginamedzelda in politics

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Russia's economy is military. Like I said they won't directly conquer Europe, but they will try to tighten influence in the region.

America Declares War on Its Friends by corginamedzelda in politics

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I don't mean life comfort. The EU rely heavily on the US's protection; It is a modern day luxury that so many nations can live easily in peace for as long as the EU has. Russia won't directly conquer Europe, but its influence would be strong enough that the EU would have a hard time refusing demands.

America Declares War on Its Friends by corginamedzelda in politics

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EU countries would have to significantly increase military budgets to keep the same level of comfort they have currently.

America Declares War on Its Friends by corginamedzelda in politics

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If US falls, Europe might as well be known Western Russia.

When you meet your alter ego but you're too busy to notice it. by yudoit in pics

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Cameras take pictures by taking in light in a snapshot, and further away objects in pictures do not have as much detail as objects that are closer. A reflection means there is twice the distance the light has to travel to be captured in the camera.

Russian journalist and Kremlin critic Arkady Babchenko killed in Kiev by RussiaExpert in europe

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The US Witness Protection Program has a high success rate. Grigory Rodchenkov, the scientist from the Russian doping program, is currently in witness protection.

When you meet your alter ego but you're too busy to notice it. by yudoit in pics

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The bags look the same. Look at where her arm and bag intersect. The angles are off, but it's a mirror.