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Very nice! I bet you stand out in crowds with that color :P

You don't have to be able to do those loops to play the characters well. You can do more basic stuff or add in assists to get nearly as much damage and way, way more consistently. Especially if you plan to play online.

As for landing kaioken make sure you're doing the jH trick on your way down. If you press jH before hitting the ground and then buffer then 236 motion you'll get the super on the first landing frame.

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Don't add "anti-war advocates" to the headline. That phrase does not appear, and from this article alone we have no proof that their banishment has anything to do with the political leanings at all. Adding words to a headline like that reeks of propaganda to me.

The only reference to cause for a ban is one poster calling another a "little bitch" which is a stupid, non-dialogue thing to say, and probably does violate the Twitter TOS. I tried to dig around but there isn't much. You'd need to provide better sources to make the claim that this was political silencing.

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It was a descriptive usage. I didn’t intend to suggest that the suspension was directly related to their anti war advocacy, but instead tried to show the differences in standards when applied to people with unpopular/unprofitable views, as compared with popular/profitable views, and how the profitable are allowed far greater leniency in their violation of rules.

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Ah, I see. Yes, that seems true.

Sorry for any misplaced hostility.

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Just give everyone a low light lmao

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That would be a poor balance decision and would further the already over-present similarity between the cast. You don't want everybody to be the same.

Ideally characters like Goku black are balanced around the idea that they have strong neutral tools and a strong assist but lack a close up mix-up game. Prior to this patch, and maybe even after it, this is problematic not because Goku black lacks a low 2L but because Cell and K.Buu both have exceptional neutral, crazy damage, good assists, and good mixup potential. They were too strong. If everyone had a 2L you would still have picked them.

There are plenty of characters in anime games who use their strong neutral to bully and zone their way to victory as you see Goku black anchors sometimes doing. It's hard in this game because of superdash but not impossible and people are getting better at it. Characters should have some strengths and some weaknesses, ideally. This is the first game in the series and right now rush-down and mix-up characters are a bit too strong. Characters with different archtypes (beerus, frieza) are struggling, but it would not be good to just make those characters rush-down. Strengthen their strengths, don't even out their weaknesses.

How do people find out frame data for character moves? Do they use some sort of special program to slow the game down several times or something?

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They usually test it against other moves which they know the framedata of. Some people can read the matrix code and just tell us.

For testing it on your own the easiest way is to have the dummy in training do the move and then jump. You also jump on block. Whoever jumps first has advantage.

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How did he define "teach"?

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To teach something you have to know something. Socrates said he knew nothing.

Nice work! I asked this on youtube as well but is it understood why Narwhals stick to the Atlantic side of the arctic?

Is civ 6 good? I bought civ v because reviews for 6 weren't good. Did I make a mistake?

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Civ V is a great game, especially because it has many many years of modding community support (which is still being updated). For that reason you can add a lot of content to create replay-ability.

Civ VI is a better game at launch than Civ V was at launch but has some design elements which are a bit tedious (looking at you Civ VI religion...) and some quality of life and balance issues. It also does not have all the years of support.

I own both and I have a more fulfilling time playing Civ V still, but I use the vox populi mod (Called the Community Balance Patch).

Shelter From the Storm is good too. You could use the Live version from Hard Rain to differentiate it from The Tangled Up in Blue Blood on The Tracks.

Any idea where this is?

What’s this about?

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Iirc the Ted Cruz office accidentally shared some incest porn on social media.

People who say that don't play Street fighter. You need an arcade stick to play it correctly. A dpad will always be trash.

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Many modern street fighter champions use dpads, including sometimes for super turbo.

They would be openly calling for his assassination.

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They did that anyway. Reasons beyond his being black not required.

Maybe I’m wrong but akuma doesn’t feel top tier at all. Both playing him as a main and playing against him.

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Akuma is definitely top tier, but he's not super easy to play and mistakes cost you big. That may be why he doesn't feel as strong.

These look really good, nice work. I especially like Mega Alakazam.

Ever since I was a teenager (I'm 30 now) I've bought and worn knock-off versions of these shades to purposely emulate Dylan. I've never owned any actual Ray Ban models. They look cool af. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a real pair.

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My friend, eBay is the place to go. Be wary of fakes and check UPC numbers if you can, but you can get at least half price even if they’re lightly used.

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I'll check it out

Probably construction of some kind

Here's the thing I've learned about addiction, maybe it'll help. Addiction is not a sort of better-and-better progression where things get easier. It all depends on other factors, and will have ups and downs likely forever. If you've had a hard day, you are more likely to backslide on addictive patterns. The trick is to realize that you are tired, acknowledge that the desire to feed the addiction stems from the tiredness and then forgive yourself for being tired but do not look at porn.

Yes- while all of that may be true- if we go back to the original quote- aren’t you limiting your kids to your own learning? I went to public school and I don’t believe I was “taught to the test.” I received a broad education from a variety of people who were specialized and extremely knowledgeable in their fields. You may be knowledgeable in a couple subjects- but we all have weak areas in our learning- and I would propose that you may be passing those weak areas on to your kids/students.

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I was also homeschooled for a while in a vein similar to what that poster is describing. My mom took me to university lectures, we read books together, and other families who were homeschooling would give lessons on other subjects. I feel I got a very diverse education, including in the arts (which normal school skimps on in favor of that specialized expertise you're talking about).

I’m glad you got that sort of diverse education from a home school environment. It’s actually a good example to illustrate the point of the quote—- your mom found ways that you could go to places that had an education beyond what she could offer. I also don’t believe your experience is indicative of the standard home school situation. And for what it’s worth- I managed to become a professional artist making a decent living with an art education that began in public school and went on to a state university. I fully agree the arts are underfunded and too often neglected in public schools- but if given the choice- I would have taken only art classes- and I would have absolutely avoided things like history, math, English, typing, health, communication, civics, and a number of other subjects- and these are all subjects that, as an adult, I am tremendously grateful to have been compelled to learn as a student of a well-thought out curriculum that encouraged a rounded education.

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I hear you totally. I don't know what the standard home school situation is, I can only report my own experience which was a good one. And I knew other home schooled children (those other families I mentioned) who were also diversely educated, but I'm sure there are many who are not. I only post because there is a stigma associated with home schooling which is not universal.

Also called Serpienski’s (?) triangle. A triangle made of triangles made of triangles...

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Huh. Mildly interesting.

I think Matt likes to refine the content that ends up on YouTube, I don't foresee him dropping all his VODs there.

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Sometimes people will have a second youtube channel for unedited vods, but yeah it's up to Matt.

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I agree; Chomsky is without a doubt the thinker who's been most foundational to my development and world-view and I would absolutely give 15 years of my life to prolong his for 15, but he is genuinely small-minded when it comes to spirituality/the many manifestations of divinity.

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I wouldn't say small-minded. He doesn't pay much attention to it, but for that reason I rarely hear him comment on religion unprovoked. In this case someone asked what he thinks and he said what he believes. Compare him to someone like Hitchens or Harris who think all the problems of the world stem from silly ol' religion, and I think Chomsky is an improvment. I think Chomsky has some respect for religion, but doesn't partake. That's my read anyway.

Idk, the 2g1c concept is cool but the run itself was kind of a trainwreck. Lots of resetting and the runner seemed to get a lot of help from the couch.

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Pokemon glitchless runs are always a trainwreck though. That's part of the joy of watching them. Some of my favorite OG runs were mercy killed Werster runs back in the day (when he had to put over $100 in the swear jar for cursing at the game).

I think a lot of people are lower on Vegito than they should be. He certainly isn’t top tier but he is still a good character. He is similar to Goku Black in that he needs assists to bring out his full potential and is much better on point than anywhere else. I think he has one of if not the best neutral games on the roster. He can get you into the corner from anywhere on the stage with one bar. Great damage. Really easy hit confirms on the ground. Long block strings due to his mini reverse beat. His 2L beats low attacks really well. Has air supers. Vegito has two major flaws though. He lacks a meter less hard knockdown and doesn’t have a quick low hitting attack. Both of those really hurt his mix up game but that’s not his style of play. He does have a solid left/right mix up game do to his air throw and jS though. Vegito is more about getting your opponent to press buttons when they aren’t supposed to and punishing the hell out of them.

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Be careful with the reverse beat as it can be reflected pretty easily. There is no way to go into his 2L from any other normal without leaving a gap iirc.

First, I don't encourage you to pick up a fightstick for this game.

However, if you do want to try out a fightstick I want to discourage you from using cheap ones. Any fightstick under $150 before being on sale is not going to last and not going to be an authentic experience.

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