Blockchain.info now fully support Bitcoin Cash! by kostialevin in btc

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I've only just moved my BCH out into my computer! Now I'll have to move them back but I've lost all that BCH in fees :(

Bitcoin Price Mega Thread (December 7, 2017) by BitcoinXio in btc

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I think this is probably the line in the sand that draws me to BCH. I'm not a young chicken, I have no room for bubbles anymore. Now I need to find a good site to transfer my meager BTC to.

UK water firms admit using divining rods to find leaks and pipes by [deleted] in unitedkingdom

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Edit: I know what it means, but there is no difference with the original.

Running CT scanners on electricity generators by hepatologue in medicine

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There are mobile MR vans too. They just plug in usually.

In the UK, the sky is orange / red due to Hurricane Ophelia lifting sand from the Sahara into the sky by chudthirtyseven in worldnews

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That's a gorgeous photo. Well done.

Edit: seems sarcastic but it's not. Seriously. Nice photo. How do I stop sounding sarcastic when I'm sincere??