What is your specialty's equivalent to fibromyalgia? by seawolfie in medicine

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Yes, you get more radiation from Brazil nuts or soil or a flight for an hour or bananas... You get the drift. You had much ado about nothing.

Surgical sponges left inside woman for 6 years by aktivate74 in WTF

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We only x-ray if the count is wrong multiple times. No need for unnecessary radiation.

14-year-old Indonesian boy claims to have laid 20 eggs since 2015, hospital suspects eggs were deliberately inserted by elitealpha in WTF

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Hijacking top comment here- look at the x-ray! He's dislocated his hip and seems to have some form of dysplasia!

Radiographer/technologist by Ahmad-Sensie in Radiology

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Correct, UK Radiographers can be trained in reporting MSK, chest, abdo plain films or CT heads or MRI extremities/spines and so forth.

What stereotypes about your specialty are true? Which ones irritate you? by I_SHOCK_ASYSTOLE in medicine

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Is that allowed in other countries? UK law is very specific on who can and can't.

The "suggested tip" my IHOP waitress gave is 25% of the bill by PotatoPotahto in mildlyinfuriating

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Does anything cost what it's advertised there? First you don't have your tax on it, then it's not free delivery, then you have to tip someone who goes from a to b carrying something...