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I'd say orthopaedic not plastics in this case.

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Nurse here. I took care of a lady with 8 personalities for many years. She'd get dehydrated and come in for IV fluids. Her veins were shit. But, Michael, one of her personalities could make the veins pop right up. She and I got to know each other well enough where she'd let me summon Michael so I could start the IV. It was freaky, but after a while, it became standard practice between she and I.

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her and me

Not an onion, they have tubular leaves. Garlic will have a young bulb and leek will have no bulb, but maybe a wider stalk base. Smell the plant to make sure! Leeks will also have rings like an onion at the base, if you cut through. Garlic will have a stem and sections.

Based on the width of the stem, I think leek. Based on the bulb like thing at the bottom covered in soil, I think garlic. Need a better picture with no soil.

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Garlic! Not fully ripe or differentiated, but still garlic.

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Can I pop off the small bits and replant them?

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X-ray tech here. That is a greenstick fracture of the middle radius and ulna. Classic mechanism of injury is FOOSH (fall on out stretched hands). Not as bad as it looks. Just needs setting in place and a cast for 6-8 weeks.

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It is most certainly not greenstick. You can be sure the fracture is throughout the cortex in both bones. I believe you mean midshaft instead of middle.

Man, Jupiter better have something up its sleeve besides “most moons. “ This is a big blow to its reputation if true.

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Jupiter red spot not stable for our Eyes! Sad!

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"God damn technophilliac pigheaded pink-skinned bastards the whole lot of them". I thought as I was informed that once again some of the Human crew decided some component of the ship that existed outside of their department required a major overhaul.

"How long have they been at it, ensign?" "Several hours, Sir."
"Why was I only informed now?" "They promised the chief engineer they'd get the food replicator to make various recreational substances." Figures as much.

I couldn’t help, but think of the paperwork I'd have to get through to resolve this incident. I pushed the 4-eyed ensign away with perhaps more force that would be appropriate when interacting with someone from a low-gravity planet, but there was no point in stopping. The lights where flickering, long-range coms where down, and the Ship AI had begun screaming in my ear. Apparently, it too had been duped. I walked down a corridor to find an elevator only to see it lockeddown followed by a bright flash of light. I was now standing in a large storage room surrounded by cheering Humans, various consoles, plus what looked to be the dismantled remains or various replicators and an FTL drive. I think I understand now why human litters are atypically small. I stared confused as to how I came to be here.

"I demand an explanation!" The room became quite, followed by some giggling. A human said "We, thought the elevators where broken" "AND!" I asked loudly "Well, we fixed them, sortof" "It wasn't hard, the Emullians recently made their own at a research outpost. They shared the schematics and research."

As he rambled on I was both amazed and dumbfounded at the realization. These deficient backwater meatbags just jury-rigged a teleporter out of an ftl drive and some food replicators.

"How are you powering all this?" I asked wearily. A smaller human raised their slightly shaking hand as their face beamed with a prideful smile "That was my idea! We created a singularity"

Several of the humans must have realized something was wrong as their expressions changed. My skin flushed a subtle hue of blue and without realizing it I had expanded slightly.

Her voice wavered as she said. "It's contained inside that box over there."

I stood there aghast Dear vok'a I'm standing just a few meters away from a singularity. Even the ship Ai grew silent now.

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Only one thing I'll say because I'm tired: it's 'ensign'.

Im sure you're facility would love to know you're just blasting radiation all willy nilly

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He either has permission or he is the one who gives permission.

I recently told my dentist that I don‘t want to get oral xrays done anymore every three years or so.

Looking it up, it‘s apparently only 0.005mSv... did I make a fuss about nothing?

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Yes, you get more radiation from Brazil nuts or soil or a flight for an hour or bananas... You get the drift. You had much ado about nothing.

I've never found them to be half as condescending or rude

The only time I've ever had to go to A&E for an emergency (touch wood) the receptionist decided to argue with me over my doctor's orders.

"Oh no, it's just a sprained calf, take some ibuprofen and you'll be fine".

Uhh, no bitch, it isn't.

Finally got into the queue, had to wait 2 hours before I got seen, and the crypt keeper herself was the one to do the blood tests for me. The fucking look on her face when she had to tell me I had a blood clot was priceless.

I don't think Ibuprofen is going to deal with a DVT, love.

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Clerical staff don't do blood tests unless they had a nurse station the desk which is highly unlikely.

"How's the family, Morbo?"

Morbo: "Belligerent and numerous."

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Yep just got home from my shift. Now I fucking study a shit ton for my exam. Which, as all of you know, fucking blows because the last thing anyone wants to do after a 6 hour serving shift is fucking study for an organic chemistry midterm.

I have had 4 midterms this week. 4. All I needed was one day off. Fuck these fake ass, free loading people I work with.

I don't want to quit because the restaurant I work at is quite the source of money (usually make around 200 a night), but I've lost respect for almost everyone I work with.

It is going to he sooooo fucking awesome when I get the inevitable stream of texts Friday and Saturday (ESPECIALLY BECAUSE SATURDAY IS ST PATRICKS DAY 😈😈😈) asking for me to cover a shift and then I'll just he like "sorry. You couldn't help me when I had an exam. Looks like you'll just have to work instead of getting fucked up tonight. Sucks for you."

I almost want to Snapchat myself having fun on st Patrick's day and send it to all my coworkers who ghosted me that have to work saturday

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Update later!

4x4 is good in weather like today's (Snow) Tyres have much more profound effect on grip and traction. 4x4 with summer tyres not as good as a 2x4 with Winters on.

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A 4×2 you mean... Four wheels with two driven.

All these years......"windscreen" I just figured out why it's called a window

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What. It's a screen to protect you from the wind...

All sponges or cloth used in Canada (at least in my province) have a radiopaque strip sewn in to them. If an “emergent” surgery is performed, like a C section, they will X-ray after to make sure all tools and cloth have been removed.

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We only x-ray if the count is wrong multiple times. No need for unnecessary radiation.

“He never swallowed eggs whole, why would he do that?” Rusli said.

“I am an imam (cleric) in my village, so there’s no voodoo. I only believe in the Lord.”

Your son likes to shove eggs up his ass for attention and sexual gratification.

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Hijacking top comment here- look at the x-ray! He's dislocated his hip and seems to have some form of dysplasia!

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question for your country. The scope of practice varies from country to country. In the United Kingdom I believe radiographers read at least some films but in the United States radiographers do not ever read films.

Would you mind sharing where you live. That might help find someone who knows the scope of practice in your country.

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Correct, UK Radiographers can be trained in reporting MSK, chest, abdo plain films or CT heads or MRI extremities/spines and so forth.

As a rad tech many people have asked me if they can push the button. The pure joy on thier face after irradiating someone is simply hilarious

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Is that allowed in other countries? UK law is very specific on who can and can't.

I've been working in the NHS for over 20 years and everything you have said is accurate to my experiences too. Also the amount of non compliance with basic hygiene precautions e.g. handwashing, is poor. Seems ridiculous to give us mega uniforms when we can't even get the basics right.

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Except we have bare below the elbows in the NHS. No ties, lanyards are permitted in a lot of hospitals and we're getting stricter on scrubs outside theatres.

It’s not that hard, trust me. Dairy and eggs also result in suffering and death. I thought I couldn’t live without cheese, but I don’t miss it, and I just made an awesome vegan queso. Annie’s new vegan Mac and cheese is also fire. It’s also a cholesterol free diet!!

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Would you eat eggs if from your own chickens?

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