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A clinic called Harvest Medicine compares pricing for the oils across all of the LPs.

Price isn't everything but still a good resource.

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Are there resources online like companies or people that review stuff?

see more has reviews. I found the price list via Twitter.

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Hey Carl,

Will Aphria be hiring in Europe any time soon?

Where do you get your socks?

Are their any Asian countries on the radar aside from Israel?

The transition from “funded capacity” to actual capacity and the corresponding production volume is a big one for me. Especially in relation to the promised date.

Commitment to innovation. Flower is the easy stuff, and also the first to drop off in more mature markets in the US. LPs promise to be on the forefront of innovation. I want to see the ones I’ve invested being ready to release products that grow with the regulations and the market.

Cost per gram is of course important. Is there a floor for it? I’m not sure yet. Everyone is using the excuse of high expenditure to gear up for legalization. Yes, there will be more growth internationally, but cost per gram needs to start to steady and then decline.

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Text from article:

The Ontario government is set to announce on Monday afternoon that it will open up the sale of recreational cannabis to private retailers, sources say, ushering in a dramatic policy shift that could see legal marijuana stores open next spring at the earliest.

Multiple sources in the cannabis and retail industries expect the new Ford administration to reveal that it will allow private companies to operate brick-and-mortar marijuana stores, leaving the provincial government to manage product distribution and online sales.

Ontario is targeting a launch date of April, 2019, for in-store sales, according to the sources, who all spoke on the condition of anonymity. One of these sources said Ontario is looking to award up to 500 licences for private retailing by next spring.

These changes come nearly two months before the federal government is set to legalize recreational marijuana on Oct. 17. Last month, The Globe and Mail first reported that Ontario is planning to scrap the existing retail model adopted by the Liberals that would have seen the government control all recreational cannabis sales through an arm of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

It is believed that Ontario municipalities will have a say over whether they want recreational pot shops in their communities and if so, where they can be located through their zoning bylaws. The major policy switch at Queen’s Park will come at a precarious time for Ontario municipalities, which are all months away from holding elections. This will strain the timeline even further as city councils are in flux.

The sources said that Ford government will also announce on Monday the start of a consultation process with industry stakeholders.

This is how Aphria's Solei should have looked. A lesson in branding and packaging for them and pretty much every other LP.

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Barely anything that Canndescent does in terms of packaging and branding will be allowed in Canada.

I think Solei executed pretty well given the restrictions.

True, but they have to compete on the US market as well, as Solei will be sold through LHS. Choosing differentiated packaging for the 2 countries would require more work and money, but would probably generate more sales, while also being a great way to try out more unique and original branding solutions, which could then later (hopefully) be implemented in Canada as well down the line if/when regulations are eased.

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Of course they will be using different packaging in each market. There’s no reason to let a restrictive Canadian market dictate what you do elsewhere.

curing is not sterialization. curing allows for the wonderful chemicals to form for us to enjoy.

sterilizing something means to remove or deactivate/kill spores and bacteria.

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I agree.

Just trying to rationalize their connection between mold and aeration.

Curing isn’t sterilization, but proper curing can help to mitigate the need for sterilization.

Curing doesn't sterilize, period.

You either modify your grow techniques, or hard sterilize post-harvest. sterilization "deactivates" the bad things, so they are "dead" or dormant and cannot reproduce or harm you.

Drying "helps" to reduce conditions favourable for say mould growth, but if you got bacteria and crap on your bud, putting it in a jar will do nothing but put your nugs in a jar with germs.

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I didn’t say curing sterilized, just that it can help reduce the need.

LPs aren’t required to sterilize their crop, only to ensure the final product meets a microbial spec.

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No LPs currently make them, dispensaries do at up to 200mg/unit
Deepak Aanand also sees a market in Europe due to the general acceptance of suppositories there.
It's a blanket on all discrete units of oil based products, not just suppositories.


Monbijou Park

It’s by the water, has shade but a lot of open space. A cool view of the museum, a bar and chairs near the water as well as events and a dance floor some nights. Also there’s a basketball court and an outdoor gym.

Ahhh I’ve taken so many naps on that grass.

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This isn’t new technology. Companies in California already have this available.

The Hexo "decarb" product is just finely ground dried cannabis.

Not water soluble and i doubt it tastes good either.

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I should have been more specific. It's not water soluble but it clearly says it can be put into drinks. So with potentially minimal alteration it can be manufactured into beverages. Again I'm just spit balling but could be a fantastic angle for an already solid company.

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Have you tried it?

Anything can be "added to water", doesn't make it a good drink.

I agree that they are a good takeover/partnership target, I just don't think this product has any bearing on that.

Any product that is an oil (including theirs) would arguably be closer than ground dried bud.

Interesting presentation. The whole skewer through the head of what your eating is different.

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That was a big surprise when it showed up at the table!

What were the two kinds? Chili Lime and Lemon Tyme? Cause that would rhyme.

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I can’t remember exactly but it was something close to this!

Damn would love to go to this but I’m entertaining guests for the night. Enjoy!!

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Flower and oil that is liquid at room temp and equal to or less than 30mg of THC/mL

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It’s too weak to smoke, as a typical vape pen will be 60%+ and the limit is set at 3%.

Congrats on the EP release bro. Love the new songs.

Any idea when you’ll back in Toronto?

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Glad you like it!

I'll be back on August 15th supporting NeedtoBreathe at Echo Beach.

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Sounds good. I'll be there.

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There is no such thing as a "legit medical shop". Cannabis in Canada can only be purchased through the ACMPR program (LPs) which only permits online sales.

All the places saying they are in the "grey market" are illegal, and the goverment is planning to shut them all down.

We'll see if that actually happens, but that's the stated plan from the government.

Is this strictly American, or open to Canadians as well?

I need one of these for when I throw the ball and my dog won’t go get it.

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