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BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
BroghanTaylor 1 point

i wish i had 1000 dollars would make life so much easier right now honeslty i woudl love this

my cat has started tearing up the carpet bueace i cant afford to get him a new one until next week which ill be spending my birthday money on :/ this does keep him from ruining my things when its new but the one we have is so old!

but on a more positive note congrats for hitting 1000 post karma!!! and i hope you have a good day

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ESQRtv 1 point

One of two reasons, 1. Because you didn’t do it in solo. Squads and duos don’t work. 2. You backed out of the game before someone killed you. If you get the kill with the trap and just leave the game it doesn’t count. Both f these happened to me so I’m assuming that’s what the problem is.

BroghanTaylor 1 point

it does work in duos and squads because im done my battlepass and i ONLY play duos and squads unless i have a quest to do solos which i havent this week

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atypical_subluminous 1 point

I bought 2,500 V-bucks, so..... Now I have skins for life!

BroghanTaylor 1 point

did you get the st pattys day skin? i know i did :D

BroghanTaylor 1 point

i bought an HTC Vive... as long as i didnt have to pay for all 20k of them im set. i would sell them all for like half price and give all my friends some. I dont know what else i would do with that many vives XD

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BroghanTaylor 1 point

I would love to see all this info!! i love looking at info like this. Its one of things i enjoy about minecraft like it records everything you do :D its fun tolook back and be like wait i ate cake that much :D

honeslty tho i would love to see what guns i truly am the best at! i wonder if it falls in line with what i think my best guns are

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/secretsanta
BroghanTaylor 4 points

I want to see Boardgames come back (sicne i never got my gift from my 1st or regift santa) and league of legends because of simlar issues. both i was so excited to see and then they sorta got ruined for me. :(

disney harry potter and dr would be otherr one i would love!!! also bows i love bows

minerva092 2 points

A Disney/Fairytale one would be nice!

BroghanTaylor 1 point

yes please!!!

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BellyFullOfSwans -4 points

I didnt want to start a whole thread about this and I hope somebody sees this and can offer some advice.

My "Crossbow Eliminations" seems to be broke. I'm not great at the game, and not great with crossbows, but Ive killed people with crossbows. Sometimes maybe I killed them, but somebody else finished them off. Sometimes somebody else dropped them and I finished them off. This last time I made sure I only used the crossbow...only I even shot the guy...and I dropped and executed with the crossbow. STILL havent had a kill count for that challenge!

Is this a common/known issue for others? Any advice?

Xbox One...mostly 20s

BroghanTaylor 2 points

you can down them with what ever you want. I used shotgun then i took out my cross bow and then eliminated them with the crossbow. This doesnt work for solos because they intsa elimin but other games modes it does :D

Neon01 11 points

Didnt buy the skeleton skin because i thought i wouldnt keep playing. Man was i stupid back then.

BroghanTaylor 2 points

same honeslty. I played back then (started the day it opened to everyone) with a guy i liked and his friends. I didnt really like the game much because they made me "medic" aka i had one maybe two guns and i held all the healing for them. I realized what a douchnozzle he was. I stoppped playing then i had some friends back in jan that wanted to play i was like ummm sure and been in love with it ever since :D

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
L0wPressu7e 5 points

Mute, and leave him be if he keeps doing stupid things. If there’s a fed carry in your team - stick to him.

That is why I switched to support from adc initially - you can help your team if your adc is a dumb ass, but if your support is a dumbass you won’t win the lane and it’ll be hard to scale into late game.

A lot of adcs blame me for not helping when I clearly pinged them back saying the 4 man gank is incoming.

Or they are dying in 1v2 after I pinged them back while moving to help jungler/mid in river/jungle.

Fuck them. If they are blind and do not listen to pings - it’s their fault, not mine. I’ll help them only if they stop messing up. I.e. group in mid game for objectives.

BroghanTaylor 1 point

If i am in the position to ill give my life as a support for my adc to live.(like if we got ganked from behind from a zac or something and only one of us can make it out. but listen to pings my goodness i normally have pretty high vision scores for a reason. I like to ward... I dont like surprises i rather neither of us die. This is also the reason as of late ive been playing nami and soraka heal the idoits makes it alittle easier in lane to keep them alive when they are doing dumb as things. I had a jinx me as nami the other day who had 2 dorans blades vs a draven soraka the draven had a bf sword and the jinx insisted on trying to go on in and fight. i dont think i pinged so much in game the jinx told me to fuck off muted me then died 3 times to him and blamed me.... fucking people this is how i feel in about 85% of my games

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/secretsanta
BroghanTaylor 4 points

I was scared at 1st that i might end up doing this. I did the anime/manga and the Vinyl Toys exhanges and i got some vinyls that were anime related with no card!!! i didnt know who do thank at 1st! i had a mini panic attack for like 3 hours until i noticed that my anime/manga person had 3 gift shipments with tracking and the vinyl toys did not! maybe it was something like that? who knows but im glad the mod got it sorted for you :D

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BroghanTaylor 18 points

I might get the timeline alittle screwy buecase its been awhile. also like i say its mosty petty why she wanted revenge but yea just read.

When i was away at college my 2nd year i got placed with a roommate lets call her E. E i found out after everything was jealous of me for a few things so i guess this is more petty then anything. Things like my boyfriend(later found out she liked him) how i was well liked in my hall, and i was made social person or other (cant recall the "title" of it but i was involved with working with student activates and my hall to do events and you had to be picked) but what she did was pretty pro. so for revenge she wanted to ruin my life.

We were good friends the moment we met. She was from very very far away from the school and it was cheaper for her to just buy everything new then try to ship things. So when she told me she needed to go shopping i was like on it! got my friends to drive us into town and got her everything she needed. We were close and kept getting closer but i admit i was the one in the spot light. I had an amazing boyfriend. (who would do things like write chalk msgs from my dorm to the bus stop (around half a mile) to tell me how much he loved me so i would see it and smile on my way to class until the next rain) Lets call him C. C E and i would hang out a bunch we tried double dating with E but no one stuck really. After a month in my hall had a vote for the social person E a few others and I said we would be interested. I won by a landslide since i did it the year before (the year before was its 1st year so i helped shape the program and won by default since no one knew what it was that year) the tripping point was when C for open mic night wrote a song for me and preformed it and called me out how amazing i was and how much he loved me and how i inspired this song. I dont know why that triggered her so much i guess because she really liked him but this is when things started.

I was hanging out with E she told me she wanted pizza for dinner lets order in. She throws me her debt card and says shes paying but for me to order because she has to go shower. She goes to the shower and i dont think anything of it. I never knew things were going on in the background. Everything was find and dandy nothing changed between us. I was applying for internships at Disney world she was helping me prep from my interviews. Still doing the double dates. One day hanging out with C in the student center playing video games i get a random call from a number. I pick it up. It was the campus police asking if i could come in and talk to them about something. I said sure thinking nothing of it. I packed up my stuff with C and we walked over. They showed me pages and pages of credit card transactions that E said i did. A lot were from Facebook and pizza mostly. The campus police said they talked with the pizza places and they said the person who would come to get the pizza (they couldn't come into our hall we had to go downstairs) remembers a blonde hair girl (E had brown hair) this didn't make any sense other then the one time she gave me her card to order pizza i never used her card again. and i told him that. They said could they see my computer i told them sure i had nothing to hide. came back all the facebook charges were made from my computer on my facebook on a game i used to play alot (so i didnt notice all the in game cash i had since i didnt play it for awhile) I was in tears i didnt know any of this was happening. I cried and cried my college found me a new room to stay in for the rest of the investigation (met even better roommates and friends who i still talk today) but the last night in the room with her i was scared to death i kept my laptop (my old once since they had my mac) open and recording the whole night i was there that way if she siad anything i would have it recording. ended up being 10 hours of me snoring pretty much only thing she said to me (since she was on top bunk) was turn off the lights. i ignored her and she had to get down and do it herself.

Working with the campus police to try to prove i was innocent. They said at this point they had enough evidence to get the real police involved in good faith told me to me back at the campus station at 9am tomorrow. I was in my living area skyping C all night freaking out i was going to get arrested go to jail. I was sacred to call my family and tell them what was going on. I never did any of those things. C was looking over things that he noted (he was also questioned) and he saw something that was a little fishy. 1 of the orders was made the week i was in the hospital. I didnt have my laptop at that time. i guess we never saw that since tehre were liek 100s of things bought. i texted my RA from my old hall ( my school had roomchecks 3 days a week) and asked her if she recalled my computer being on my bed that week (since i couldn't clean it since you know hospital) she said she remembered it being in the middle of my bed and she moved it to my desk (so if i got home late at night i wouldn't just lay on it and break it as i did to 3 lightblubs that semester its a habit look before i lay i know) I asked her to met me at the campus police stations at 8am (when they open) she said sure. (she forgot she had a class at that time tho so never showed) I get there they they said i was early i had another hour but they would call the police now to come get me. I told them because ask E about this one purchase and my old RA is coming to tell you something. They said take it up with the police they were done deal with this. I begged jsut talk to E about this pls they said fine they called her she was there within the hour with a smug look. They asked her about this one thing since i couldnt have made it. asked if maybe this one purchase she did and she broke down and started crying and admitting everything! She was jealous of me and wanted C and she wanted to ruin my life. She knew my computer password so whenever i was not around or in the shower she would long on and do some purchases. She admitted ot having a blonde wig she would wear so the pizza people recalled a blonde hair girl.

I could have gotten her in a lot of trouble but i decided to move on i got the internship at Disney world moved to Florida. I know she got in trouble with the school but i didnt want to have to deal with cops to get her in trouble with the law i was ready to move on. She got fined a bunch of money and had to do community service but didn't do it so she wasnt welcome back to school.

you asked What did you do to deserve it? I honestly done know like i said it was pretty crap but what she did was impressive so i think sharing it here is worth it Do you feel they were at least somewhat justified in their retaliation? not in the least bit. I showed her what its like to be a bigger person. It makes so much sense now why someone that bitter and cold wasnt as well liked. Im not saying im prefect in this. Maybe waking her up with me to run up and read all the chalk words at 7am and being so happy made it worse. I thought she was happy for me but i guess it was salt in the wound... but yea thats my story

Tl;Dr College roommate got jealous of me and plated enough evidence to get me arrested

RayofLightening 9 points

You should've let her get into trouble with the cops. She was more than willing to let you get fried by them, all because she was a spoilt little bitch who wanted what she couldn't have. What she did was unforgivable and plain evil.

BroghanTaylor 1 point

it was but in turn i would have to given up my dream internship and i wasnt about to let her take one more thing from me

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
Crypt0B4gg3l 14 points

Right now we have "Voice activated" and "push-to-talk".

We need a "click-to-talk", thats its "push-to-talk" but the key toggle between open-close mic.

Having a key to "push-to-talk" is uncomfortable, thats why people use "voice activated"

BroghanTaylor 1 point

i use push to talk in game (voice activation on discord with my friends) i use mouse button 4 so for push to talk so its easy and simple i jsut click my thumb

EagleKL44 8 points

Haha no lie I was playing this past weekend and loaded up a squads match with 2 tweeners who must have known each other. The one was asking the other how his McDonald's was with his mom and asked if he stuck his dick in a warm apple pie.

The 4th dude on our team, jumps on the mic and asks the Where We Going question.

The same tweener then proceeds to repeat "Hey guess what.. hey guess what.. I fucked your Mom hahahahahahahahaa" about 20x before I muted him.

The 2nd tween I didn't mute kept freaking out they he was surrounded by enemies, and bitched that me and the 4th dude were stupid for dropping on Greasy while he was getting killed in shifty shafts. Called us idiots for not coming to save him and revive him. He left by calling us "N*gga lovers" and that we are "fucking noobs"..

Oh man fun times.

BroghanTaylor 1 point

Because im a girl the moment i talk with some of these little kids they tell me to suck their dick or i dont get guns and just throw bandages at me "your healing us bitch" "girls cant shoot" blah blah blah ive even had people go into explicit detail how they would rape me...

one game i was playing my friend was gone it was me and these 2 kids who just kept building walls in frount of me everytime i stopped for one sec i would have a whole house around me. i would be building up to go up a hill instant wall in my face. We get to a supply drop they are like omg i hope there is a scar well it was i grabbed it i never heard such FOUL language before in my life (and i swear like a sailor) one dropped med kids by mistake picking up something else i picked them up to then i just ran into the storm so they couldnt get them.

i used to love squad fills but to many trolly little kids now so i do duos or wait until i have 4 friends on XD although i have won 3 man no fills before

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ImprovisedJew 3 points

Never give personal information out to random people you meet on the internet. Even if you think they are being genuinely nice it's not a good idea. The only time I would say you could do it is if you have known the person for a long time and actually talked to them. Just ask yourself if you would give your address to some random guy you sat next to on a 5 hour flight. Not told them just what state you live in, but your physical address.

BroghanTaylor 2 points

yea my best friend of 8 years i met online. we met up in person at a convention 2 years after meeting online and then this year when i had to evac for hurricane irma he gave me address to come stay with him (he lived around 10 hours away) and i stayed with him a week. Would i do this with anyone else no but we have met before and its been 8 years lol but yea i agree dont do it to someone you just met

exeuntial 22 points

i mean if you think giving away your exact location to someone random on the internet is a good idea then go ahead but it’s stupid. what if they decide to swat you? order a fuck ton of pizzas to your house without paying? send something illegal in the mail? obviously it’s unlikely but when they could literally just paypal them or any other money transfer why take the risk? and obviously a random address on the street is less of a target than someone they’ve interacted with.

BroghanTaylor 4 points

people do do this... I used to live stream alot (only alittle now) and they knew my name and in the state of florida if your registered to vote where i live if you know someones name there address is public info you cant get it taken down without reasons like being a cop. everytime i streamed i would get pizzas and Chinese food to my house. (thankfully the trolls didnt know it was happening since cant hear the doorbell from the room i streamed in) but i always felt bad. even when i wasnt streaming i would end up with jehovah witness saying i asked for them to come and such... I have since moved and i havent updated my voter stuff yet for this reason my good for nothing ex still lives at the house so i dont feel bad if people start up again when i do stream.

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
RamzesBDO 0 points

Community volunteers huh? So you basically sit in front of your monitor for half a day and clean Epics subredit for them and don't get paid for that? Great. I love me some volunteers work.

BroghanTaylor 3 points

as someone who cant work due to health issues i love this kind of volunteer work. It makes me feel like i have purpose. I used to run League of Legends tournaments for fun with a community which would take up from around 4pm untli 2am sometimes(if they were unstaffed) back when riot still did prizing i loved all the paper work the helping out. It made me feel needed and helped keep my depression in check. because even tho sitting at home playing video games all day sounds cool its gets old after a year or two.

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
Danyn 11 points

Your expectations are way too high mate. A lot of parents are still technologically challenged. And I'm pretty sure all parents would 'decide' to teach their kids to identify scams. It's just not as simple as that.

BroghanTaylor 3 points

yea my mom still uses Aol for the internet...she things its the only way to connect to the internet... Ive showed her firefox/google chrome icons before and she will still connect via aol minimize it then click on chrome/firefox >.> Shes sharp with phones but computers nope

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
ProtectorMKII 55 points

The most ridiculous thing is the circle rarely lands west. Its almost always a huge risk to go to snobby as you have to run forever for multiple circles to get into a safe zone. This nerf is entirely stupid..

Edit: The nerf is a terrible idea especially when you take into account that jump pads basically never EVER spawn there. 8/10 times i make it out of there alive in duos and squads having FULLY looted it and there just arent any jump pads. THEN ON TOP OF THAT you have to ru n through TILTED..

BroghanTaylor 1 point

running simulator 2018

xCosmit 8 points

If anything nerf Tilted Towers more lol. Game can be dead mid game cus everyone goes there.

BroghanTaylor -1 points

its not as busy anyway becuace of the new battle pass quests pushing people elsewhere

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