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BarneyBent 8 points

Is he a religion that requires DLC that you don’t have? Did he somehow become a Theocracy or inland republic?

BroghanTaylor 5 points

hes the pope now it says O.o but im pretty sure i have all dlc all the little bubbles up to jade dragon are there pretty sure only thing im missing are unit packs and such

MacDerfus 3 points

How the fuck did you become the pope?

BroghanTaylor 1 point

dont know how it happened it just did

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BroghanTaylor -5 points

Well my 1st name is Broghan and middle Taylor and i use this handle on almost everything including twitch (have around 3k follows) and istra (have around 5k on there) so im easy to find from my friends/family. i use throwaways well ults for more kinky subreddits and such i rather not let the whole world know what i like sexual i get enough sexual comments on twitch from horny teenage boys. also if i share anything uber personal that the world does not need to know. I change things like times names and such and i use the ult. I use this account for everything else tho. But pretty much if i dont want my family/friends/audience seeing it its on the ult.

sek510i 8 points

I'm taking the fact that you've written ''ult'' instead of ''alt'' to mean that you have achieved internet Nirvana and how have some kind of ultimate account.

BroghanTaylor 0 points

been spending to much time playing league of legends XD

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smellyofficeguy 1 point

Try to lick my own boobs

BroghanTaylor 1 point

its possible if big enough... i know i can but like its eh... turns guys on tho.. me not really

BroghanTaylor 1 point

jack off... then try to find someone to have sex with like i want to know whats its like from the other side.

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
BroghanTaylor 1 point

I use alot of <3 and :D and such so its not normally assumed im male. The only time i correct someone is if im responding anyway ill have my response and say btw not a guy or whatever. If i don't have to respond i don't say anything

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
BroghanTaylor 2 points

My driver forgot my stop once. 6th grade me was ok with this tho because i got to spend more time with my boyfriend on the bus. my aunt freaked out tho. Because the bus never stopped at my house. We got a new driver a week later

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BroghanTaylor 3 points

This was when the 1st camera phones came out it was nudes going around. which is more common place today, but back then it was this HUGE thing.

I went to a private school and they would take your phones away when caught using them and such. Like most schools this is common. The thing that was different about my school is and shocked they never got in trouble (that i know of for this) if you didnt take your battery out of your phone (locking wasn't really a thing back then) the school nun (the VP) went though your phone and if someone texted you while you were in school and they were in school they would get called to the office and got detention. Thats also how they caught the nudes, but as long as your face wasnt in them they didnt do anything as soon as your face was you were expelled. But honestly it became common to when giving your phone up to the teacher taking the battery out of it and keeping that until you got your phone back.

blairbitchproj 3 points

That's sick.

BroghanTaylor 4 points

yea well welcome to catholic school. It was also common for girls to lose there virginity in the chapel (that was always empty) in fount of the virgin mary statue

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BroghanTaylor 16 points

the only thing that really upsets me about those pics are the animal ones :( maybe im heartless towards people but like the animals ones breaks my heart. I havent seen that in years its grown quite a bit since then. like how Bush is still at the bottom tho. in fact i think last time i saw it bush was the POTUS

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BroghanTaylor 1 point

ive had friends who had cats that pooped in one litter box and peed in another would not cross them. Anther friend of mine cats like to stand in the little box but miss and everything is right next to the box (they put puppy pads down to help with easy clean up) i had this issue with my cat. Draco always used the litter unless uber dirty we moved he started going in this one room we could not stop him. Got new carpets back to using the little box again. Cats are strange creatures

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BroghanTaylor 1 point

My friend and i would just trade tests alot of the time. We never put our name on the test until the very end. She would put the ones she knew same with me and we would switch then switch back and the ones we both didnt know we would guess on. That way out tests never were 100% the same normally got Bs doing this.

we would do it when the teacher wasnt looking the back of the class just quickly switch them or do the it her test fell and i handed her my test.

also in classes i didnt have with her (i went to private school so uniforms) i put cheat sheets under my shirt hem because the teacher cant ask you to lift up your skirt

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
BroghanTaylor 1 point

this one is more local so most people wont know it but Big Wally’s Furniture Store song will forever be with me

Big Wally’s Furniture Store Big big discounts, selection and more Save big money when you walk though the door at Big Wally’s Furniture Store

Big Wally’s Furniture Store Big big discounts, selection and more Carolina furniture direct to your door At Big Wally’s Furniture Store

missesmistyeyed 2 points

"Hello mother, hello father"

BroghanTaylor 2 points

Flea's, ticks, mosquitoes really bother

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/pics
BroghanTaylor 1 point

I used to take the train from lycnhburg VA to philly all the time coming to and from college for breaks (about 8 hours long) and now that i live in Florida i take the autotrain which is the same thing but they put your car on it as well! from fl to VA then drive the rest of the way to jersey to be with my family. i love it ill sit with my family and play cards or read and the food isnt half bad

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BroghanTaylor 1 point

i live in a corner house. so you can see all sides of our house from the road. They have a strict cant see your trashcan rule. We get letters every month or so saying they can see our trashcan behind/side of our house. landlords went to meetings they want us to keep it in the dining room (that trashcan smells horrible beuace past roommate would just dump cat litter in there no bag or anything just dump and she had 4 cats) they keep saying they are going to fine us but haven't yet BUT they are making everything else hell for us. Things like if you need to do any construction to the outside your house you have to get it approved 1st. Well after Irma came though a bunch of people had to get roofs fixed. they approved eveyone in the community within days ours took 6 weeks!! and they only approved it to get the ugly blue tarp off the roof. They also will tow our cars if we park on the side of our house but other people do all the time. but they hate us for some strange reason.

Barton_Foley 1 point

I have a sensory processing disorder, looking at how tight and confining that outfit is gives me the heebies. Not so much the jeebies. But def the heebies.

BroghanTaylor 1 point

it was really comfy! Tho i never liked the tights i preferred the "summer" uniform which is the same but instead of tights you could wear knee high socks

exkid 10 points

To be fair, it is pretty snazzy! I would’ve loved to have one of these classic style dress codes at my school back in the day, but all we got was white collared shirts and black or dark blue slacks or skirts with no patterns. It was super lame.

BroghanTaylor 3 points

yea i still think its cute. I kept the skirt for awhile after highschool as a back up costume if needed.

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/Degrassi
[deleted] 1 point


BroghanTaylor 1 point

just because hes a gamer and a youtuber/streamer or whatever does not mean he doesnt have horrible anxiety. I stream (just around 3k followers on twitch) and i put a front of there when i can that everything is fine but i have horrible anxiety and such

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jakdak 961 points

For that type of store I think a good human still outperforms the kiosk:

Competent Human >> Self Checkout >> Incompetent Human

At my local grocery I'm familiar enough with the checkout staff that I can make the decision to use the self-service isle or not. Much of this is that the regular counters are optimized for throughput where the self checkout ones seem to be optimized to avoid shoplifting.

BroghanTaylor 1 point

yet they arent that good at it. My old coworker would steal from walmart using he self check out line all the time and brag about it. She would buy things with a backpack then fill it up with things like school supplies for her son and only pay for the backpack (how she got away with it i have no idea)

i always felt bad for her son she really did try for him to give him the best life she could even if it meant stealing :( he is such a sweet boy to.

BroghanTaylor commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
whelpineedhelp 28 points

Mine is as long as I want but doesn't count toward the 8 hour work day.

BroghanTaylor 4 points

ive had this as well so normally i would just eat lunch at my desk while working and duck out an hour early for my "lunch" break so leaving at 4 instead of 5.

broeser99 36 points

One of the restaurants I used to work at had me pulling 12 hour shifts without breaks at all. Especially if you’re at an independently run place they often don’t abide by many labour laws in my experience.

BroghanTaylor 5 points

ive had that when i was a hostess. when i needed a break i would be like im going to go check the bathroom (one of my jobs was cleaning the bathroom) and come back 20ish min later and say something like "wow the bathroom was really gross" and i would just sit in the handicap stall.

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