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Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

There are only 2 good ones :) mine and baron!

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one of the admins on my server likes discrank i hate that thing hes the only one that users it... i want to remove it but the dudes been my irl friend for over 6 years and he refuses to use baron not sure why tho

Original Poster3 points · 1 day ago

yeah thats a shame, i pretty much used to use baron, however it had some missing stuff that i wanted. Me and the barons author speak between eachother and have shared ideas. He's a good guy!

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yea thats what my other friend said hes working with him for something i forget what. that hes a really good guy

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Oh,Im sorry I asumed you were a men, Honestly I think that there are not many female streamers that are good at the game, I think you can find a lot of followers in that sense, its very attractive.

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i dont want to be another cam whore you know... i love this game and i put alot of hours into it since i started playing (per- season 5 between reksai and bard coming out) i admit im a support main (i know i know girl being a support main blah blah blah) but its how i climbed because i was a mid/adc main i never got higher then g5 i learned its because i suck at farming its simple as that but im a kick ass support :D i have a following of around 3kish people on twitch already but ill have to see how they take to league!

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

What games are you streaming or streamed?

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ive done alittle league not much same with fortnite but i do alot of community games like jackbox games and quiz games i like things that get my chat involved. i mainly grew back when minecraft was so BIG i was a minecraft/sims streamer for awhile.

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I worked at the bibbidi bobbidi boutique years ago. Where character for us was a Fairy god mother in training. We all had little storys how the fairy god mother invited us to live and learn at the castle on how to make girls princesses. So i wasnt just your have a magical day kind of character i had a part i had to play.

Nothing to crazy but i did get puked on a few times and had to act like it as ok and not puke myself until i got backstaged and bagged my costume in biohazard bags. The most common thing that just amazed me as the mothers. this happened maybe once a week to me.... Some of our hairstyles had fake hair that goes in and we had to ask the mom before the princess if they want the color to match the girls hair or can they pick any color they want. If the mom said match we had to match it and not show the little girl the pinks and other fun colors. Well if the princess had dirty blonde hair i would pick a light brown to match. The mom would say no my daughter is blonde i would then explain that as soon as we add the gel her hair will be light brown not blonde (our blonde was platinum blonde) the mom insisted her daughter was blonde so i would use the blonde.. i would be done and the mom would then YELL at me and demand the manager because i told her it would match her hair and her daughter is blonde why doesnt it match her hair. the manager would end up comping the package for them... i hate moms....

my maid of honor at my wedding (im now divorced) she was my best friend. She made a toast about how much my husband meant to her not anything about me. She slept with the best man (2 days before the wedding) who had a girl friend at the wedding. she caught the flowers and made it so uber sexual when getting hte garder put on her leg to the point alot of people were conformable. she left half way though the reception to god knows where. The best man was dancing and kissing his gf all night and the upset her so much that she "hurt" her knee in frout of him so he had to help her. then we had to bus everyone over to epcot for fireworks and desserts and beucase she hurt herself he was pushing her in a wheelchair. which fucked up alot of stuff and timing. after the wedding she walked fine up to my room to get her stuff out of it >.>

had sex with my boyfriend in his bedroom surrounded by action figues and completed lego sets... we were both in highschool at the time and his parents werent home. i was staying for dinner that night.. the dog bought our used condom to the dinner table from the trash can...

I was working as a camp counselor for the summer (early/mid 2000s). The only "break" we got was during swim time because the lifeguards took over watching the kids, but it was so hot half the time we all went swimming with the kids anyway. One little girl didnt pass her swim test she cried and cried and cried she wanted to swim in the deep end with her friends. She was so upset that we had to call her mom to come get her. The mom fault with the lifeguards and the counselors before getting the camp directors involved. She said that we were trying to bully her daughter and that her daughter had a right to swim where she wanted to and we couldnt stop her from swimming in the deep end if she wanted to. We told her that its a safety thing. the next day she was failing at simming in the deep end we kicked her back to the shallow end. The girl said "my mom said i dont have to listen to you i can swim with my friends anywhere they are" she then went into the deep end again. They kicked her out again. put her in "timeout" from the pool she somehow got back in. then the lifeguards having so many kids to watch as is said fine if your not going to listen no one can swim until you listen. Made all the kids get out of the pool. and sit on the edge. the kids were pissed (to be far i would be to if i was a child) the little girl was cried again because now"we made everyone at camp hate her" Her mom came back again the next day so angry telling us we cant tell her daughter what to do her daughter can swim anywhere blah blah. over the next few days the little girl continued to sneak into the deep end. i think the lifeguards got lazy at this point. well long story short she almost downed ended up at the hospital and the mom threaten to sue the camp for not keeping her daughter safe. and changed her whole story about how she would never let her daughter do something so unsafe as swim in the deepend. i just know i never saw the little girl again after she was taken away by EMTS

a family member of mine taught 5th grade. Another teacher came to her door and needed her for a second she stepped outside her classroom just outside the door she closed it but she could still hear if they were acting up she came back in to a kid a 5th grader writing his name on the whiteboard in his own shit.... she contacted the mother the mother said that she was lying her son would never do that and that she was just trying to get her son in trouble for nothing blah blah blah. Kid didnt get in trouble for that but he got in trouble a few months later for selling bootlegged DVDs of twilight before the move was released on DVD. To which the mom said again my family member was lying her boy could do no wrong. She tried to sue the school or something but it failed i dont know the details honeslty

351 points · 4 days ago

My mom shaved my head when I was like 5 and there was a lice epidemic in kindergarten; they just kept coming back. I'm a woman. As an adult, I understand why my mom did it, but for a 5yo girl it was pretty traumatizing...

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see my mom instead of shaving my head wouldnt let me wash my hair for about 3 weeks i had hair down to my butt! it was also up everyday in a ponytail. She knew lice dont like dirty hair as much as clean hair since its harder for them to feed! my hair got so gross and had a MASSIVE rats nest at the end of the 3 weeks i had to get about a foot cut off to even get the knot out!

That sounds absolutely awful. Also, I did not know this about lice! I had a friend with dreadlocks who took very special care of their dreads to keep them clean and spray all sorts of natural bug repellents so that none make a home on their heads. Just assumed lice were into the dirty, messy hair.

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lice do not really care either way but it is alot harder for them to feed on dirty hair. Its alot easier for them to move around on clean hair

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I built my first/current computer in 2014 and insisted on a DVD drive, confident I'd somehow use for something for some reason. I should have put an EZ Bake oven in that slot, instead.

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i did the same in 2013 i did use it for zoo tycoon but had to redo my computer and i lost the install disk and now since 2013 the play disk and been sitting in there unplayable.

i did this with the harry potter books so after reading it though once i always reread it to make sure i got every single detail!!

I misclicked in MCCC last night and sent my baby to social services. I’m still so mad at myself. I lost like 2 hours of gameplay because I don’t save very often and I didn’t want the baby to be gone forever.

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i have settings that if a kid gets taken away it doesnt go to social services someoene in town adopts them (then you can get your babby back) last time i had twins the girl got taken away and i didnt want the boy so i umm switched them lol

Are those settings in MCCC or another mod? Cuz I totally would've stolen my baby back if it were still in the world. I assumed it wasn't because she wasn't on my Sim's contact list anymore.

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pretty sure its in mccc there are so many settling in the mod tho i always forget where things are lol and yea the poof without that setting ill see if i can find it

That head scarf (is that the proper term?) is EVERYWHERE in my game! The Landgraabs are all wearing it. It throws me off everytime I see it

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SO many people are wearing it its driving me nuts

24 points · 22 days ago

There's no mod that I know of to remove those calls in particular, but you can always use UI Exentions (found on ModTheSims) to just click the debuff off. That's what I do now. Having my really personable, friendly Sims constantly depressed when their Elder friends die is in a pain.

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this is what i do as well my grandparent of my current sim was one of over 30 she doesnt even know half of them >.> its annoying

Original Poster4 points · 22 days ago

I wont forget u now that in famous

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in famous? how are you in famous... wait do you mean in the tv show staring bella thorne Famous in Love? maybe :p

jUsT gOt cAnCeLeD

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havent seen 2nd season yet but i enjoyed the 1st one lol but eh

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190 points · 23 days ago

I never realized so many people made themselves! I've never done that in any of the Sims games...

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I used to always make myself with my crushes or besties(sims 1-2 and alittle 3). Now that im older i normally make random sims i like to do a long legacy. When i make my boyfriend play so i can watch he always makes us and has us have kids and such.

Yup. People like to complain that Teemo is an easymode champ but I welcome those people to actually try to climb with him. He has so many hard counters and jungler love to camp him because he has no hard CD and no dash. You also need great macro sense to play him effectively and great sense of positioning to use him effectively in team fights.

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the junglers love to camp him thing my roommate calls that teemos global taunt.

I feel like there's less dodges too as people aren't confined to one choice. I recall having to go through 4-5 lobbies at a time before I got into a game because of people dodging but this time round it feels far more infrequent.

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im still going though a bunch of lobbys... i hate it i get a champ i want i wont trade they leave....

I liked how TS3 handled it, you could disable different occult states in the options. Then again, that wouldn‘t make much sense for TS4, where an entire pack was dedicated to vampires.

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see i would like that i LOVE forgotten hallow but i had vlad and the other blood suckers

I think there’s an option in MCCC to turn them off or at least regulate them (make sure no new ones are born, confine them to Forgotten Hollow and stop them from visiting you at night).

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they dont bug me when im in other towns just in forgotten hallow

Comment deleted25 days ago

i had over 3k hours in sims 3 and getting close to 2k in sims 4 :) i see your hours and i feel like i have a problem

Comment deleted25 days ago

i love civ i have like liek 300 hours into Civ V only 34 into 6 tho >.> also another i think 300 into ck2 thats a fun one! i dont want to talk about how many league hours i have tho >.> alot more then any of those... also minecraft would most likey break all of those records but you cant find those times out :/

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It all goes back to this trailer (I linked to the relevant part) that briefly shows Eliza seeming to yell at her husband Bob while he just looks like he's fed up with everything. Fans latched on to that, so EA ran with it too. They later made this trailer about Bob, which prominently features Eliza as being a very unpleasant person.

I imagine a lot of folks who dislike her haven't actually seen those trailers, but it's a classic case of the early fandom setting the tone for years to come.

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also in the idle stream for the sims 4 (when its up) everyone hates her there is a discord and they named a channel ewwliza lol the chat talks about how much they want her to die >.>

EDIT shes dead in the stream

yea my teens almost die everytime they come home from school :/

just a heads up chance the mods will break with the upcoming patch with seasons coming out.

No cheats? I’m working on my family tree now and with no cheats and it’s HELL.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

i use mccc

Holy shit! This is awesome! How long have you been playing that family? :D

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

im playing 5th gen but babys are already born for 7th gen since i dont start new gen until they are young adults and 7th gen was a teen pregnancy so few more days until gen 6 :D

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