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Well to be fair the comment regarding early shut off that everyone reported only came from one single former employee it never was officially announced. So I personally took it with a grain of salt. There was never confirmation it was all just one single message from one person which was never validated by anyone with anyone at the company. So honestly I think it’s still end of December and people just jumping the gun based on the lay offs so assumptions were made. Could be wrong but it’s the most logical thing

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They did up the G drop to 25, 000 yesterday. I'd call that a mixed message if it is staying up til 12/31.

This isn't over.


There is already a similar thread at forums: I came to see if anyone already posted it here and saw this, thought it was the same but I see is a different one.

We should stick with just one tittle.

Plus I had more than $60 on unused Gs... All I did this year and part of the other was buy the few heroes they released and some giveaways, I had all heroes and not all costumes but I had a the ones I really wanted, so nothing interesting to spend those Gs. Though I wasn't the only one in that ship.

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I was hoping for something more eloquent, but if that's the original, I'll go with it too.

I created a "Most Epic Fail" award. Many of us lost a whole lot more than $60, so I was going for something a little more universal.

I do agree, but after trying on all the costumes I never bought, some of them are rather nifty. For me the irony is seeing the best dressed/most diverse Marvel community at the end of the game.

Update: Just got my third 50% in less than 10 days.

I got two 50% in the last week.

No idea. You just made me realize I played the game with music off.

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Wait, the game has music?

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Their marketing team is a hot mess. I mean, how confusing is this? Marvel Heroes Omega...minus any Omega content. They should have waited till the Omega gear and Omega difficulty were being rolled out to rename it Marvel Heroes Omega. Now, they're going to get game reviewers reviewing it when it's not even complete. And they're going to have old players coming back expecting to see Omega items, but there aren't any yet. And that's on top of your point that the console and PC games are so different that naming them the same just doesn't make sense yet.

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2 points · 1 year ago

Omega=Fantastic Four O-mitted

3 points · 1 year ago

so....I got the blank achievement as well, I have no idea what it is about

And Storm--she makes a little updraft to toss cars

3 points · 1 year ago

Thanks--I was getting so tired punching all those cars and newspaper machines

I've been sorting my inventory for two days.....but I did try Loki for a bit, nice.

9 points · 1 year ago

Ug--cat beast. What a way to force an immediate costume purchase if it's the default.

I know I'll miss my super tiny wolvie

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Yea, love riding tiny wolvie around on his tiny bike

5 points · 1 year ago

Iron Man, to finish achievements I missed over summer

Yeah, I'm still mad about the amount of time I put into the tiered story mode, too...

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heh, I forgot I did them 150 times. It became like second nature.

4 points · 1 year ago

Punisher and Doctor Strange Defenders costume. Both dupes- thems the breaks.


Error Saving Character/Disconnected and Rolled Back

I have been having disconnect issues for the last twenty minutes or so. Once I got in and played for five minutes, but the DC rolled back any progress. They may be having trouble with their servers again. If anyone else is having the problem, I thought they might appreciate a link to the thread on the forum:

Update: Agentvapor says they are looking into it

Yes, there's a group talking about it on the forums:

@AgentVapor said: Thanks for the reports and information provided, we're currently looking into the cause of this.

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Stack them until one of the last days and top the leaderboard in one of the last "seasons" of the tournament.

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Yeah, I thought about this too. If all you pro-regs save them and pop them at the same time, you might actually win a round. I'm rooting for you!.

Yes, I have the extended run animation all on characters when using custom max camera distance, or any distance past a middle zoom. I was personally calling it the "Geisha shuffle."

YES! Steam and standalone client both crash in MM. Actually got a bluescreen last time, hadn't seen one in ages

Im crashing within a a few seconds of loading into Cosmic Midtown.

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Yeah me exactly

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