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I have been having disconnect issues for the last twenty minutes or so. Once I got in and played for five minutes, but the DC rolled back any progress. They may be having trouble with their servers again. If anyone else is having the problem, I thought they might appreciate a link to the thread on the forum:

Update: Agentvapor says they are looking into it


Just curious if there is a new optimal place to open Odin boxes, since it was in superheroic story mode prior to the last patch?

It seems that a lot of people think that Lower Asgard is still the way to go, judging by its popularity at the moment, but I just did a casual experiment with a level 58 character, opening all level 32 boxes (farmed by another char) and seem to be getting the following results from most exp, to least:

Red Terminal>Green Terminal>Midtown> Story Chapter 1 or 9

Maybe one of you with more math proficiency can offer some hard data, or confirm?

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