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Started an internship in September. Got hired full time in December. My job is on the infrastructure side of things. I don't really muck around with application deployment and CI pipelines. So,

0) Don't work more than 40 hours a week. If you literally know nothing then it is more productive for you to go home and study. I made the mistake of trying to be a super hero working 60 hours a week. Don't be like me. 1) Linux Academy: Bash Essentials/Scripting essentials course. Whatever it's called. 2) Linux Academy: Introduction to Linux. Then LPIC 101.1 3) Spend some time learning the syntax of whatever language your team scripts in. Probably python. 4) Learn how your configuration management tool works. 5) Learn what a VPC is. 6) Learn CloudFormation.

From there I branched off into studying further LPIC courses, learning the fundamentals of operating systems. And teaching myself to program in golang since a lot of software these days from a devops perspective is being written in golang.

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I can’t seem to find the bash/scripting essentials on LinuxAcademy. Can you provide the correct name or link?

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I have lost 39 lbs since Nov 2016, however been struggling to lose remainder abdominal fat since. It seems like I have reached a plateau, any pointers?

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What’s your workout routine and diet plan?


Claimed the wrong allowance on W4 form.

I was filling out my w4 form today and I claimed the wrong allowance, I put 1 besides head of household instead of single with one job. I would've had 2 total allowances anyways because I claimed myself.

  1. Are there more withholdings for head of household compared to single with 1 job?

  2. Will I get into any legal trouble or owe any money because of this?


You can just change the W4 form. Head of Household has different brackets than an individual payer. Same marginal rate but bigger brackets. Head of household also has a much larger standard deduction. These combined factors could indeed mean you could owe money at the end of the year.

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do you know where I can change the w4 form?

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  1. Head of household has less withholding, because it has higher standard deduction

  2. No legal trouble. If you haven't been paid under the wrong W-4, you can fix it and not be affected at all.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

The other people in this thread said that that portion of the form was just a worksheet to help figure out how many allowances to claim and it only matters what the number I put on line 5. Is that right?

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I hope they’re fixing the iMessage bug where a new message comes in but the bubble appears above an older message. It’s annoying!

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Damn I thought that only happened to me lol

Either it’s not common or people just don’t notice/care.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s either.. they’ll tell us just to reset our iPhone and it’ll be back to normal. I’m on T-Mobile so maybe it’s only a T-mobile problem??

2 Hot n Spicy, small fry, and medium coke.

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I thought they got rid of the hot and spicys. They don’t have them anywhere near me.


Am I going in the right direction?

I'll be done with school in May and have gotten an offer for a role with the IT Cloud and Automation Team. I will be working with AWS and will get some hands on scripting experience. They will offer me a full time position depending on how well I do during the internship.

I was wondering if this would be a better move career wise compared to a help desk internship? I love AWS and have recently started to learn powershell and python.


This is a bit unrelated but were you asked specific questions about AWS before they offered you the internship? I have an interview soon and the company mentioned that "familiarity with AWS computing platform administration" is a nice-to-have for the position, so I'm trying to gauge what topics within AWS I should brush up on.

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Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

I was not asked any specific questions about AWS before they offered me the internship. I did a course on Udemy a few weeks before the interview so I could talk about it though.

How long did you study for? Did you have past experience?

Ultimate Test Drive, back in Nov/Dec 2015. I participated in that, got a Note 5 for 30 days for $1. Ended up returning it but I had a few conversations with Samsung personnel about my experience and gave them some good feedback. Enjoyed using the Note 5 but the camera was slower than my iPhone, and that was when my kid was about 6 months old: able to sit up, crawl around, and generally be cute but unable to sit still. The iPhone camera and Burst Mode was able to get unblurry photos, but the Note 5 photos were blurry and the camera was slow. For stills, it was excellent, better than the iPhone.

A few years later I got invited to join their Device Insights Program, which is what this new Experience Program sounds kinda like. I've been in the Device Insights Program since August, using a S8+ provided by Samsung for free as my daily driver. The camera experience is much improved, and my kid actually can stay still long enough to take a good, non blurry picture.

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How do you get into the device insights program? I’d love to try a new galaxy.

Uncharted collection is currently $8.

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Where is it $8?

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I'm almost 100% the new girl (n) is going to murder pregnant coworker (s) and cut the baby out of her. This new girl is 19-20 and a vapid bitch, but N will do insanely creepy things when it comes to kids, if someone brings their child in guess who is going to try and pick that kid up, or chase that kid, or hug that kid? You guessed it N. If your talking to S, then N will physically place herself between you and She and rub her stomach non stop, which usually ends with me saying something along the lines of "N, go find some work to do, me and S have things we need to do."

She is so like the roommate from that horror movie where she starts dressing like/dying her hair/acting like the other girl. N has waste length brown hair, S has mid back blond curly hair...N for the first time in her life wants to dye her hair blond and cut it suddenly. N wants to be S, if S's husband comes in while S is out sick N will hit on him hard core! She will always say things like "she has everything I want!" Or "S I want your life!" Or "S we are best friends now! And you don't get a choice."

Tldr: new girl wants to murder and become other coworker.

EDIT: My most up voted thing about my insane co-worker.

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What’s the movies name? Lol

You're going to need skills and some experience as others have said. I have no degree but I make around 70k a year working in IT. Nobody gives a shit that I don't have a degree.

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Yeah what do you do?

Which shoes are these?

They're making me download the game over again. Giving me a 45.85 gb update.. I'm on Xbox one.

I'd like to know as well.

Is that a Indian and gamecock flag I see! Nice to see another brown Carolina student here!

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