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After the a-day game when jalen torched him people were saying he sucks

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I mean at the time he wasn't particularly good. But ol Eddie Jackson wasn't exactly the hot stuff when he first started. And we all know how he turned on.

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We knew what we were getting into...

Tell that to everyone here that was talking like OU had no chance in that game.

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Nobody thought that. Every auburn coworker I know fully expected to get ass blasted that game. No reason to peddle fake underdog stuff.

Now that we have who is considered to be the best ST coach in the country I think painting this year as a continuation of the trend is dumb. The board should be wiped clean given the dramatic change in circumstances.

The stadium could use some touching up and modernization, specifically along the sides and inside the gates so I'm on board with that.

However.. that jumbotron is just a monstrosity and they seem to want to make it more of an NFL-type of atmosphere. I hope they don't do that because it would ruin the gameday vibe if its just a corporate NFL setting.

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How does jumbo tron = NFL?

Yeah, it felt fun to map out the game with a paper and pencil, but the map added some mainstream appeal and hopefully more sales for styg to keep developing awesome rpgs.

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Yeah, it felt fun to map out the game with a paper and pencil

That sounds like God awful tedium.

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I know, I’m just smartassing about it. Shitting on Jalen will never get old, regardless of your intentions of posting this vid

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Shitting on a college kid will never get old? Man that sounds a tad asshole-ish, don't you think?

but there are folks out there that seriously think Hurts is still a good QB

And I'm still one of them. He's a fine college quarterback.

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He's a solid QB that is being severely hampered by mental obstacles. A shame too because he is a phenomenal athlete. That's why I would do some real bad things to see him play for GA Tech.

So will we finally be able to pay less than $700 for a high end GPU again?

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You can pick up 1080tis under 700 for a little while now.

Had a ps4 before my desktop. I considered selling it.

Then God of War released.

Bunny yawns are absolutely terrifying.

And how Justin Fields at UGA is going to push Fromme for the starting spot, and might be better...

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Every major new QB are all once in a generation talent. Like how do we have multiple once in a generation talent?

Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't the majority of the reason these kinds of rinses exist is so you don't have to boil the water before you use a netipot or something like that?

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This isn't a rinse. You're thinking of netipots. This is just a saline spray/mildly medicated spray that dries up the mucus in the sinus to relieve pressure during allergies and infections.

Only 1 5* so far as well

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This is nice and all but gimme dem 5*!

I just wish I could figure out how to make demon souls run properly. I figure with an 8700k and 980ti I should be good to go. I'm guessing Im doing things wrong but I know there was random stuttering problems regardless of setup.

20 points · 8 days ago

It's pretty simple. Use PPU LLVM, and SPU LLVM (experimental) use 2-4 spu threads (check each setting to find what's best for you but probably 3 or 4). Use Vulkan, and use Write color buffers on GPU tab. To increase visuals use 300% scaling (or higher) and 16x anisotropic filtering. You should be at a locked 30fps with that CPU.

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I think which build I'm suppose to use is my problem. See so much conflicting info on that.

if you live in the US prices are suppose to go up by 25% thanks to an orange idiot.

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If the card is manufactured in the US the price will increase everywhere if tariffs effect the process.

Comment deleted8 days ago

Are we sure they fall under the proposed tariffs?

and when the people that actually knew what the hell is going on we're saying that this game is actually going to be at crap Port we all got ripped the s***

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Who are these people that knew what was going on?

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It's a near certainty that Bama committed a recruiting violation to make this happen. There's no conceivable way Kaho would request his release from Washington without first knowing where he was going to land - and he'd have to know if Bama had room for him.

Once an NLI is signed, any contact between a recruit or his family and other schools is a recruiting violation.

Cease communication: Once a prospective student-athlete signs an NLI, all NLI member institutions and conferences must cease contact with the NLI signee and his or her family members. Any contact more than an exchange of a greeting would result in an NLI Recruiting Ban Violation regardless of the conversation. The conversation does not have to result in a recruiting discussion for a violation to occur. It is understandable that a coach from another institution, due to the relationship established during the recruiting process, may want to call or send a note to congratulate the prospective student-athlete for signing his or her NLI. This exchange is permissible but must be timely following the date of signing and must not be more than the congratulatory dialogue.

The kid badly wanted to play for UW. His family is forcing him to Bama, so he can be closer to home in Reno. His recruiter at Bama has never been accused of paying for recruits, so lord knows why his parents are so insistent.

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Then provide proof and submit it to the NCAA.

I don't care who is playing -- if there's one position unit at Bama that will absolutely have its shit together is DBs. I'll believe them having a weak secondary when I see it.

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I mean 2014 secondary 110% didn't have their shit together.

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Our pass rush isn't going to be a strength this season either.

We had a mass exodus of our pass rush talent after the 2016 season. Last year, with how little depth at linebacker we had, the only way we could consistently get pressure was sticking Minkah Fitzpatrick in the nickel. It really can't be overstated how much value Minkah provided to our defense last season, it's pretty absurd. If he was out for a series, it was astounding how noticeable it was against good competition. Him getting banged up in the LSU game, in addition to all the linebacker injuries we'd sustained, was a huge part of why we struggled so much defensively as the season closed out.

Minkah's gone this year, we don't have a proven generational talent like him to really take control of the defense. Are we still going to be a good team? Well, yeah, it's a Saban-coached Alabama team. That much isn't in question. But all you need to do to see what a depleted secondary can do for even a Saban Bama team's championship hopes is go watch our 2014 game against Ohio State. Everyone wants to talk about how Zeke gashed us, but they never consider why it happened. It happened because our secondary that season was our worst since Saban's first season with us in 2007, and Cardale kept dropping bombs on third down and converting in long yardage situations with absurd ease, which opened up the run game for them massively.

It's possible some of the young guys we have filling in could just wind up being amazing out of the gate, but that's really, really rare, especially at DB. Corner and safety are extremely technical positions and it's going to take those guys some time to settle into their roles in our scheme. The likely reality is we're going to get torched through the air this season.

Offensively, this may be the most talented squad we've ever had, but with a new OC that has something of a tainted record as a playcaller and an ongoing quarterback controversy, it's far from a foregone conclusion that the offense will play to its potential.

We'll be good, obviously, but there's a lot of compelling arguments to be made why we aren't going to be a championship team this year.

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I won't be event slightly surprised if the Dline performs like 2015, where we have a Tim Williams breakout player who lives in the opposing backfield.

Literally too useful. I'm becoming a worse driver. I "drove" 200 miles barely touching anything.

Once someone took a late left turn almost causing me to hit them, but the car stopped itself almost immediately.

Sometimes it brakes a little when it doesn't need to, but it also potentially saved my life. Fair trade.

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Its a good thing as you become a worse driver the car will likely become a better driver than any human could ever hope to achieve.

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It looks like less than 50 people in a city of 2 million and a fan base larger than that. This is the fringe of the fan base, less than 1%.

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All Alabama fans are back country, tree killing, useless rednecks because of one fan.

-2 points · 11 days ago

You also wear the most crimson shaded glasses of anyone on the face of the planet.

People are acting like he's a better QB than Tom Brady. It's insane.

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Well being a better college QB than Tom Brady isn't exactly difficult. Im pretty sure AJ had similar if not better stats.

Potential hot take: Clemson’s DLine is incredibly overrated. Clelin Ferrell six spots above Raekwon Davis? That has to be a joke. Hopefully we run into them again so Damien can rip them apart.

Tua is too high and Mack is too low. Mack is easily a top 25 player and a guaranteed first rounder...

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Incredibly? Ok that's silly. They have mountains of experience across every position and fantastic play at every position. It's 110% reasonable expectation of them.

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This may not count exactly, but MyBoy! is an excellent Gameboy Advance emulator. One of the few apps I actually spend the $5 or whatever it was for the premium version.

Edit: I came back to an inbox overflowing with responses, so I'll just tackle a couple repeat responses here.

I paid for the premium version years ago. I don't know exactly how old MyBoy! is, but at the time I bought it, it was by far the most recommended GBA emulator on the App store. Since then I'm sure other, maybe even better, options have surfaced, but it's the one I've got so it's the one I suggest.

Also... I was not aware MyBoy! was Android only. So apologies to anyone who got something... Unexpectedly different. I'm laughing, but I apologize.

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And if you fancy GBA Pokémon games, search for Pokémon rom hacks. There are 2-3 finished games there are completely new and generally very high quality.

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That makes me miss Pokémon Uranium. Such a great game, too bad Nintendo shut it down nearly immedeately because it became like the nr 1 fanmade pokémon game within a week :(

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I recommend looking into Pokémon glazed and flora sky. The dialogue is a bit dumb at times, such as totally pointless cursing. But there are only a few instances and both games otherwise official quality Pokémon games.

11 points · 11 days ago

Wait for a 75% discount and buy them all?

or trading for plat and bit by bit buy them all (or the most necessary).

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Original Poster3 points · 11 days ago

Never played warframe during any major holiday. Do they have theme sales for things like Christmas or Halloween?

28 points · 11 days ago

pretending that ur a girl and getting others to buy it for you

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Original Poster6 points · 11 days ago

Oh God.

Idk but that wouldn't speak well of the recruit if he is worried how the coaches may handle him losing his spot to a younger player, before even joining the team.

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I respect the hell outta Jalen and always will. He is too good of an athlete and a leader for Bama to not try to utilize him at another position if Tua becomes QB1.

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Doesn't matter what Bama wants if Hurts wants to remain QB. Besides there really isn't any position group he could join and not still be buried by people with far more experience playing that position.

Tosh Lupoi just had the greatest opening statement of all time

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"I'm Tosh and I'm here to fuck shit up."

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