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Exactly. This dudes doesn’t know shit

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Then correct him. Why say stuff like this without offering up what you believe is the correct information?

17 points · 1 hour ago

Commies generally don't

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The fact you just immediately default to calling them commies is disturbing.

Whenever posts pop up like this all I gather is reddit says don't do anything involving anyone else in your life for fear they may fuck you over.

11 points · 23 hours ago

The guy is Mitani Hisao and the tortoise is called Bon-chan - he‘s had him for more than 19 years and goes on a walk with him around Tokyo two to three times a week. You can read more about them here: (there are more cute pics as well)

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Well isn't that just lovely.

41 points · 2 days ago

Yeah. I've been spoiled by Splatoon so I can't stand stick aiming now

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Too bad gyro is borderline useless in splatoon the way I want to play, laying down in bed.

1 point · 1 day ago

That's less a shortcoming of gyro and more that no one plays shooters lying down

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No it's unquestionably a problem with the gyro. It's impossible to reset your aim low enough because the gyro is incapable of handling the switch being turned at a certain angle. You'd think it wouldn't matter the orientation of the switch, reseting you aim should let you play from any position. Nope youre stuck aiming at the sky unless you sit in an upright position.

Noone plays lying down? So there's nobody on earth whose laying on their bed while playing games?

Excuse me, but... I think that driving in GTA 5 sucks, at least compared to its predecessor, GTA IV, which I think has one of the best driving experiences with NFSU2.

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Eh GTA 4 tried way to hard to feel like simulation driving. If I'm playing GTA I don't want unnecessarily realistic driving physics. I personally despised gta4's driving compared to 5.

Has a team ever had a TO differential has high as the one you made for Clemson?

3 points · 2 days ago

I know Oregon was 20+ in 2012 and 2014. But 28 is awfully high.

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Nearly 2/game with 0 turnovers lost the entire season. Now that would be quite the accomplishment.

A safety who is most concerned about being developed for the pros and is leaning towards OU. Yeah that would be rather unproductive for him.

For PC, the only available titles are the Xbox Play Anywhere games. There are only 10 games in that category:

Right now is not much value. Maybe when new games get released it would be worth it.

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Oh wow gears 4 is on there? Really wanted to play and get caught up with the single player.

Yes. Have you?

Listen, I get it. You super duper love DS. It's a fine series. Its combat is just...clunky. Just because it's clunky doesn't mean it's a terrible game. Like whatever you want to like.

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What the fuck is smooth combat to you then? Because really you can't get much more fluid than what DS3 offers.

-1 points · 4 days ago

loved the first one

How is the difficulty compared to a soul game ? It always made me sad that they had no difficulty sliders for everyone to enjoy them.

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On pat with dark souls, though probably not quite as well balanced. Bosses tend to be more about unique mechanics than simply blocking/dodging attacks.

I don’t want to say it’s cultish. But seems a little culty.
Maybe I’ve been treated shitty for so long by other fast food places that I don’t know what customer service looks like anymore. Or it’s a cult.

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Yeah it's not a cult. Maybe a little overboard but that's unfair and insulting to call what this kid did as cult-like. Probably just someone who was raised well and takes pride in his work.

8 points · 4 days ago

It feels like a game made in the early 2000's, even on max graphics.

Yeah, that's Piranha Bytes whole schtick. You definitely have to find the RPG experience more important than the janky combat to really enjoy them.

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But the rpg aspect isn't particularly strong given your skills don't actually change how to character performs. Just act as gates to new weapons and abilities. Kind of dumb you do the same damage with a sword at 10 strength and 100 strength.

Do you even mobile?

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If on Android, it's called YouTube Vanced and it's a gift from god. Customized YouTube client with built in ad blocking. It's fucking amazing.

2.2k points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

I heard somewhere that if you get in a car accident with your feet on the dash like that there is a very real possibility that you will impale yourself on your own leg bones.

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My sister's fiance is a surgeon. She used to prop her feet on the dash while riding. I say use to because he had a patient whose knees were basically forced up into her chest cavity because of a wreck when she propped her feet up.

Original Poster8 points · 4 days ago

Not saying anything about later in the season, but I'm pretty confident we would beat Louisville by double digits with Hurts under center.

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In a way that sucks. Because it would be a useless presentation of his skill. Tearing up shitty teams is nothing new for him.

probably because Bama had a 21-6 lead (2 TDs of which due to fantastic field position after turnovers) before Ohio State drove the field 4 times with 4 straight touchdowns.

The game was close on paper, but from basically half time, it was pretty one sided, and that was with a 3rd string QB with essentially zero previous playing time.

Bama was good, but Ohio State was loaded. That's the same team that broke all the NFL draft records the following off season.

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OK buuuuut you don't typical say a team cruised if they fell into a massive hole and just managed to claw their way out before the end of the game.

Definitely gonna be controversial opinion time here, but I don't wholly disagree with Kiffin here. Alabama just replaced both their offensive and defensive coordinators and their main leader on defense to the draft. This may very well be the most turnover an Alabama staff has had in the Saban era and Oklahoma, by comparison, is returning both their OC and DC, a number of playmakers on Offense, and looks to be improving their D. I don't know that Alabama beats Oklahoma if the game is played today.

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You could melt through granite with that hot take.

3 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

My only problem is I play almost entirely in handheld. And it's damn near impossible for me to see people at range because of the small screen size.

9 points · 5 days ago

Playing is the tutorial. It will seem crazy at first but the more you play you'll get used to locations/weapons/controls and you'll start getting closer to that Victory Royale! If you're still unsure you can always YouTube some tutorial vids

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13 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Eh there really should be an open area to at least get a feel for the controls without pressure. The building mechanics are wonky as hell when you aren't use to it. Besides just playing doesn't necessarily mean you'll always have the opportunity to get better. Sometimes just just die without really doing anything.

No. The sherman act has been in place since 1890. This was an application of that, but an independent judiciary sometimes does things we may personally disagree with it because we cannot prove that all larger companies are bad.

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Be pretty fucking easy to prove what Comcast and TWATT are doing is just objectively terrible.

well the Department of Justice wasn't able to do it and the Judge ruled in favor of AT&T

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Well I'm sure ol att/tw made a generous donation to convince him there is no wrong doing.

You have to be naive as fuck to think all of this is legitimate and totally not just a continuation of the mass corruption in our government.

I played the first release and never experience any bugs. Only experienced one crash. Frame rate was fine.

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Doesn't appear to be many reports of major game breaking bugs such as ones that break quests. But there is a problem with brief stuttering every minute or so for a good number of folks.

Really odd how many perfect athletes all happen to be hanging out at the Tuscaloosa dmv.

The samurai is possibly after the gun guy. I've only played the first game last year and kept getting shot so never made it past that

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There are two final bosses depending o nwhich side you fight on. One side is a dude in heavy armor that can only be killed if you hit the unarmored spots. The other is a enemy that teleports every time you hit them. The teleports distance gets shorter with every strike if down in rapid succession until they don't teleports again and just die.

If only every person from that family involved could be locked away forever and every penny they made from the company taken from them and used to help fix the disaster they caused.

Heck yeah many times people go overboard, but unless you're managing to harm or threaten another groups well being I just shrug my shoulders and move on. Like christ why the fuck do people care so god damn much that you can play as a female in a fucking video game? People pulling the realism card are so incredibly full of shit. It's battlefield, hardly more realistic than kids running around with toy guns.

This is why DICE should admit it's not an authentic WW2 game and embrace a fun alt-history game instead

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Give us an atl-history WW2. I was thinking steam punk but that is always more associated with WW1,

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