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So.. you took this post, inverted it then put a filter on it.. and now you're claiming it's your grandfather?

That looks like shit, OP.

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Nice! How did you cook It? I've been struggling with a chicken teriyaki recipe and haven't been able to figure out what I'm missing. I either destroy the sauce and the chicken isn't done, or the chicken doesn't taste right, but the sauce is great.

Edit: wow, thanks for all the responses!

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I seasoned and oiled the chicken breast with a little five spice, onion powder, salt and pepper. Then seared it on medium heat, popped it in the oven when I flipped it for about 8-10 minutes. Took it out, added a little of the sauce and let it glaze the chicken. Took it out then heated up the rest of my sauce while it was resting before cutting!

And how did you make the sauce?

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1/2 cup of soy, sugar and water, 2 tbsp mirin, some fresh gingers, garlic then brought to boil added 2 tsp corn starch cooked for about 5 minutes before adding a tbsp of honey!

Didn't break to downtrend with that run. Probably another dumping 2.0 before another run.

18th of June 2018 5pm GMT

I'm sure I am the minority and I know it isn't proper but I prefer a nicely browned top on my cheesecake.

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I'd kinda agree. I think it gives a nice chewy almost meringue like feel to the top, and let's you keep middle more creamer than you would normally get away with. Plus aesthetically I think it looks better, but I guess it's personal preference!

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Should be fixed now! Reposted it

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ETH calling out BTC like Jon Jones calling out Brock Lesnar.

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Jon would kill Brock.. Hopefully the same applies here

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Maybe I'm missing something... but why is looking at the price interesting?

I could create an in-game currency that sells 1-1 with USD, but that's irrelevant if only a few people buy it...

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Blizzard don't set the in-game price of the tokens. Supply and demand does. So I guess it can be considered comparable.

Volume is shit. Probably won't go anywhere, but hope I'm wrong!

Genuinely feel terrible for people who have over-invested and are freaking out..

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“Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful” — Vitalik Buterin

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I.....don't think that's his quote.

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No. It is.


Sent GNT to coinbase wallet

I probably know the answer to this but I take it that I won't be able to recover it?

Hi! Jesse from Coinbase here. I'm on the engineering side of the house, so can't help with specific customer support issues, but wanted to chime in here.

Unfortunately, as we say here, any unsupported tokens sent to Coinbase will be lost. I'm sorry!

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Damn.. Stupid me.. This sucks :(

Thanks anyway

I'm sorry - if you post your address, I'll send you a few GNT to help ease the pain :P

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Haha thanks :) (Doubled checked it wasn't my coinbase address!) 0xC7aD602eA62d45Ca32f1a70c14F79cEa9EcF538F


Are ICOs under any obligation?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm curious if ICOs are under any sort of legal obligation to develop their project.

For example, if after the golem ICO their team just produced nothing and cashed in their eth, would they be breaking any sort of law?

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Green starting to poke through.. hopefully the volume picks up and could be all systems go!

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The tension around 300. Just waiting for the fireworks to start!

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0.148 was the best i saw

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Pretty sure it went to 1.7? Might be wrong

When the flipping was about 86%

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GDAX stop playing hard to get, we know you want it

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Take it like a big girl.

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A higher high would be nice to match the lower low today!

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Buying bot back on gdax?

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This eu morning dump is getting very boring..

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BTC doesn't seem to be recovering very well compared to ETH. Hopefully this trend continues. Flippening is now 6 bn away..

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Everyone needs to relax. It was always going to be a bumpy ride.

Less than a week ago we were sitting around $230.

Most of the top 20 have taken a pounding today. Our ETH/BTC is still holding pretty nicely.

Relax, hodl and believe in the metropolis.

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