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Yep, don't underestimate the knack for Texas Tech teams to completely lie down when seeing the burnt orange in any sport.

Passed ICND1 today by CaiusBard in ccna

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No, the only question I saw on my exam that I hadn't seen in his book was one about 6to4 tunneling. Other than that, everything was covered. That might have been a beta question anyway.

On my CompTIA exams, there were like five questions per test that seemed to come out of left field while the CCENT was more straightforward

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lol Kevin Pittsnogle was such an interesting player. A tatted up 6, 11" white guy who was a 3 pt ace but couldn't dunk

[Post Game Thread] #6 Texas Tech defeats #2 West Virginia, 72-71 by boregon in CollegeBasketball

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Texas Tech really showed me a lot today. I'll be the first to admit that we got a lot of calls and probably should not have won, but how they played late in the second half was huge. I've always said that they've been missing an elite scorer, and they were ice cold for awhile, but they just couldn't miss the last 9 minutes or so. Keenan Evans looked like Kobe Bryant down the stretch.

That's what I wanted to see, the ability to score against an elite defense when you need it the most in crunch time. I know they'll handle their business the first 36 minutes, but can they step up and score points when the game is on the line. Today they showed they could, and that's what they'll need in the Big Dance

[Game Thread] #2 West Virginia @ #6 Texas Tech (2:00 PM ET) by cbbBot in CollegeBasketball

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Great to see TTU basketball this competitive. TTU fans are some of the best in the country but haven't had much to cheer for in the recent years.

The USA can really be an electric atmosphere when they're good.

[Game Thread] #2 West Virginia @ #6 Texas Tech (2:00 PM ET) by cbbBot in CollegeBasketball

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He is solid, but he's not a takeover type player that really scares you. I'm a Tech fan, and I hope I'm wrong, but that just seems to be what they're missing. 10 quality, solid players but no guy who's really going to go off and get you that bucket when you need it

[Game Thread] #2 West Virginia @ #6 Texas Tech (2:00 PM ET) by cbbBot in CollegeBasketball

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This is going to be Tech's downfall in the tourney. Being 10 deep is nice, but you have to have THAT guy at times like this. WVU has Carter and Esa

Passed ICND1 today by CaiusBard in ccna

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Thanks, I figured I would wait a bit before CCNP, as I've heard others say that as well.

Not sure what to do after CCNA. Was thinking Security or maybe a Juniper cert

Passed ICND1 on my first try (968/832) by polakovoador in ccna

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And this is not counting the 18-byte Ethernet header/trailer (6 byte Source Addr., 6 byte Destination Add., 2 byte Type Field, and 4 byte FCS)

What should I be pursuing after my CCENT? by PM_ME_UR_FOX_COMBOS in ccna

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I would say just go for the ICND2 before anything else. For one, I believe it overlaps the ICND1 and most employees see a CCENT and probably think "ok, this guy is on his way to getting a CCNA". I don't think the CCENT holds much value alone, but I could be wrong.

Next time TTU ranks in anything, I will not whore karma on this site. by eyob83 in TexasTech

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And in all honesty, this is a classic Sweet 16 basketball team, but no further (unless you get a really easy tournament path).

Well coached, hard nosed, few turnovers, but every National Title contending team needs atleast one guy who is guaranteed to be a lottery pick after the season. We clearly don't have anybody like that this year.

I'm not sure if a team has ever won a title that wasn't constructed like that. I certainly can't think of one. Point is, we're having one of our best seasons ever, but it's mainly due to Beard maximizing every player we have. Don't get your hopes up too high though. History shows that teams like this are ultimately limited.

Next time TTU ranks in anything, I will not whore karma on this site. by eyob83 in TexasTech

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lol this isn't college football though. Even the best teams in the country will lose atleast 4 games (P5 teams, that is). Losing on the road to a top 10 opponent is almost a guarantee.

As long as you hold home court and beat everybody else, you're golden. We had a loss like this coming.

Who are your top 5 most exciting players that you’ve ever watched? by 76ersDynasty in CollegeBasketball

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Kevin Durant

Blake Griffin

Steph Curry

Anthony Davis

Trae Young

All five of these guys you just knew were constantly in the other team's head and they had to know where they were on the court at all times.

Four of the five (Durant, Griffin, Curry, and Young) it was just fascinating to watch the other team basically throw junk defenses at them yet they'd still drop 30 a game. It was special to watch, and they were all unreal talents in their own right.

Anthony Davis was fun to watch because the other team's entire offense became noticeably more tentative any time they got anywhere near the paint.

I hope I don't jinx this: TTU ranked 8th in Basketball. by eyob83 in TexasTech

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Tomorrow will be another dogfight. I see this as a loss honestly.

It took WVU playing thugball to slow down Trae Young, which we won't resort to because

a) we're on the road b) Our coach isn't Bob Thuggins

Thuggins' basketball teams are an awful product. Just cheap pulling, pushing, cheap shots after the whistle, etc and their hillbilly fans will intimidate the officials into swallowing the whistle. That OU/WVU game was a disgrace to the game of basketball.

I know many people dislike Joey Crawford, and he makes terrible calls sometimes, but he always had control of the game. In fact, he'd even smirk when the home team fans would boo him. I think he got a sense of satisfaction from it.

Personally, I would rather fans be completely barred from attending games as opposed to unfairly swaying the outcome of one.

Cut down on the drinking. Find clarity. by notadaddy in TheRedPill

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I'm not a heavy drinker but a few times a month, I'll have three or four glasses of wine in a night. I hydrate well, and it's not enough to get me a hangover, but I still feel slow w/ additional brain fog the next morning.

After a few days of no alcohol at all, I feel more masculine. So I pretty much just stick to special occasions with family and friends. If you are doing it as a stress reliever, something in your life is out of balance. Maybe you are afraid of failure.

Almost 30: Being a man in your prime. by starcraft-marine in TheRedPill

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It's weird. I am 28 and a half, and I feel much better than when I was 21. I've not shown any signs of slowing down athletically. The key is just taking care of yourself. I've been exercising regularly pretty much my entire life and have been eating healthy for the past 5 to 6 years. I believe that things will really slow down at our age if you sit on your ass and eat like shit the entire time.

A scary truth I am learning about success in both life and with women. by trappedindapeach in TheRedPill

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Thank you for the genuine response. I have read Meditations but it has been a few years. Will definitely dust if off, and go through it again.

To your last paragraph, when you said "don't be fraught by any instance of a daily failure"... I've been struggling mightily with that for a few years. I take things personal if I'm wronged for a day, when in reality, I've been making progress and have failed to see the forest from the trees.

I got hit with a terrible stroke of bad luck, career-wise, a few years ago but have been steadily improving since. I've been working like mad to get back on track, but this has made it easy to lose track of the contemplative life I once had when things were easy.

Thanks again for the advice

A scary truth I am learning about success in both life and with women. by trappedindapeach in TheRedPill

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Well taken at face value, that didn't help much. I apologize. If I had a nickel for every time somebody has said 'just find a girl with morals' I'd have retired by now. ALL (not most, all) those guys are still single with zero prospects for serious dating potential. That's why I lashed out when I shouldn't have.

You definitely know what you're talking about, and I'm sorry for coming across as arrogant. I would love to move to the mountains especially. My problem is that I'm early on in my career, so I have to suck it up in a big city less I want to throw it all away and take a huge risk with no planning.

I'd be curious what your experience is. I'm not a big city person, but I really don't know how I can move to a rural area now this early on in my career. Maybe in a few years ?

A scary truth I am learning about success in both life and with women. by trappedindapeach in TheRedPill

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Oh so the wife must have a low partner count and have morals? That's very original. Thank you for your input, I have finally seen the light.

Let me know when you decide to step back into reality and have come to the realization that those women are one in a million.

A scary truth I am learning about success in both life and with women. by trappedindapeach in TheRedPill

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You're citing the top .00000001%.

Nobody on this sub is going to be Bill Gates or Michael Jordan. The only way for pretty much all of us to leave any kind of 'legacy' is to have kids.

However, I'd also go on to say that even with kids, so what? Not like you can take them with you once you're gone. When you're gone, you're gone. Philosophically, what is the point of a 'legacy' anyway?

A scary truth I am learning about success in both life and with women. by trappedindapeach in TheRedPill

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Great post, just a few things to add.

PLEASE, if you're reading, do NOT try to overcompensate and take a Machievellian "everything must be done/calculated to serve my best interests" attitude. It's very fake, it won't be natural, and it will just make you miserable. You need to try and genuinely enjoy collaborating and being in the presence of others. Sometimes that might mean being generous and unselfish with your time in order to listen to their stories that may not do you any good at the time, but will build a potentially useful friendship down the road.

Few of us here are true sociopaths/psychopaths. Those guys don't post here. We all likely got here because we were screwed over or hurt by somebody and we're trying the best we can to uncover the truths of life and apply those habits as best we can.

Also, please stick with the true friends (if you have any) that were there during your lowest points. I remember I was lucky that there were a few close friends that stuck by my side when I hit rock bottom financially, and I'll always be there for them. Don't think you can just go through life screwing everybody and dropping those close to you whenever it's convenient. It always backfires. Everybody else? I wouldn't piss on their mother if she was on fire unless I got something in return for it.

Also, I'd like to add that it's not necessarily the 'successful' people that will encourage you, but the secure. If they're not secure, they'll want to see you fail...rich or poor. I have a friend of mine who doesn't make much money at all, but he's always the first one to genuinely congratulate me on a new job, promotion, going on a date with a hot girl, etc. There have been plenty of others who are a lot further in life, who were the ones to say "She's too good for you", "I wouldn't take that higher paying job if I were you", etc. That's because they are insecure that I might surpass them where as my other friend has been deeply religious his whole life, and he's secure in himself knowing that he's found what he's looking for. I'm not a threat to him.

Brutal TRP wisdom from Arthur Schopenhauer by [deleted] in TheRedPill

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This is really the final red pill of feminity. It's never positive or sunshines and rainbows. It takes a real depressed fuck to call it like it is. Schopenhauer was so miserable to be around I believe his mother kicked him out of the house lol

Just had an argument with a girl over if buying drinks is an IOI. by [deleted] in TheRedPill

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Nope, I think you're wrong. Why should she have to say she has a boyfriend? It's all a game, there's no "morals" in pickup. We sit here and talk about how to game and give off an appearance that will make women attracted to us by (sometimes) dishonest means. So why should women not be able to game back?

That's on the poor simp if he buys drinks thinking it will lead to anything. Be an interesting, high value guy that keeps her attention and you won't need to be buying $100 worth of drinks in order to bed her.

Remind yourself during the date you have nothing to lose. Try, try, try and see what happens. by bobbobbitybob in TheRedPill

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Nothing special, just like you'd talk to any stranger. Small talk to start off with and then just build from there. Don't try to follow some script, I'm just talking the mentality you should have and when to escalate, how to look for cues, etc.

She's already on a date with you, so she has some interest. Just be yourself and talk about something. The most important part is to keep the conversation going. If she has the personality of a dead fish, doesn't contribute anything to the convo, and makes things awkward, then you can just cut ties. Don't be afraid to be the one who's "not feeling the chemistry". That's where the blue pillers go wrong, they'll try to fuck anything that moves. If you're nervous, just take the mentality of "Ugh, why is this cunt interrupting my schedule? I'll let her humor me, but if she's boring...pass!"