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QuantumPsk 2 points

But of course, it's not really for sale, lol.

CameForTheFreeCookie 1 point

That's a future heirloom for sure!

SoyBoy_in_a_skirt 2 points

When I turned in my animation, on the way to uni I got a coffee after being in front of a light box for a couple weeks. When I had that coffee I was so happy to enjoy it and not feel rushed or panicked.

CameForTheFreeCookie 2 points

I'm in the middle of exams now so I cannot wait for that feeling. I'll have to get a coffee and think of this comment.

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CameForTheFreeCookie 1 point

Visit events and gatherings around your interests. First you need to become comfortable with a group of people. You might find one person in that group who you like, they might know some things about you from the group interactions which will take some pressure off.

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CameForTheFreeCookie 20 points

When shes sleeping and i move or shift in the bed she always wakes slightly and says 'I love you'. Every single time without fail. She hasn't a clue that she does it, sometimes if i can't sleep i move on purpose just to hear it.

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FrozenKinbaku 3 points

At a bonfire of a mutual friend. We were both at a point in our lives where the opposite sex was strictly for sex, had sworn off relationships and were successfully practicing that lifestyle.

We both had kids and exes, our kids and ourselves were our life, and that was that.

Well, we met at the bonfire. Hit it off like crazy with our smartass personalities. She went out of her way to come out to the bonfire to say goodbye, which was such a shock to her friends that the bonfire got silent.

We then spent 2 weeks pestering the shit out of our mutual friend for one another’s number, but she wouldn’t cough it up to either of us. Then said friend caved, and asked if she could give my number to her friend, I, of course, said yes. Got a text, we started chatting.

A week later she called me and asked me to pick her up from a wine bistro where she and her girlfriends were celebrating her birthday, and take her drunk ass home. She wanted some booty, and I wanted her booty. And we both got what we wanted.

What we DIDN’T want, but it just played out, was that she didn’t boot me out after a lot of delicious sex. And I didn’t get up and leave before she woke. Then we showered together the next morning. I shit in her bathroom. And we never stopped loving each other ever after.

She’s the most amazing partner I’ve ever known, and 6 years later, every day is still a honeymoon.

CameForTheFreeCookie 1 point

You did the phantom shit without leaving??? bold move.

CameForTheFreeCookie 1 point

She fell downstairs and landed on top of me in front of the then girlfriend at a house party. We became best friends and got together years later.

She literally fell for me.

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CameForTheFreeCookie 3 points

Not yet married but engaged to be so.

If she is starting work while I get to lay on in bed she will come in and wake me with a gentle peck on the lips. Even in my half asleep state it gives me butterflies and I eventually get up in an amazing mood. I haven't set an alarm in months just so I can get a wake up kiss.

Any day that starts with a kiss is a good day.

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CameForTheFreeCookie 2 points

Any advice for Installing Rome:TW disc version on Windows 10? It just doest seem to work!

OrkfaellerX 3 points

You tried registering the CD key on steam? It works for Medieval II I know.

CameForTheFreeCookie 1 point

You my friend are a wonderful human. Tried it and it worked!

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Swede_Sprout 2 points

Cynical people will keep being lazy and bitter over everything that they don't think works the way they want it to.

CameForTheFreeCookie 0 points

There's no such thing as a lazy political view where i come from. Tribal politics does that to a small country.

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