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HMF an episode of the UK TV game show, Tipping Point. The original air date was March 17th, 2016.

A colleague of mine was on the show and has never seen it. We are hoping to surprise him with a showing in work! Any help would be much appreciated.

The contestant name is Rory.


Imagine on July 12th, they lit a bonfire and at the end of it, laying unscathed in the ashes was a Tricolour. There would be bedlam!

Nobody lights a bonfire on the 12th.

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Nobody lights a bonfire on the 12th.

They start to light them at midnight on the 11th, so technically they light them on the 12th.


Given the recent stories regarding bonfires, how would you feel if they were banned?


Banning things isn't usually the best way of getting rid of things.

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Original Poster2 points · 3 days ago

How would you tackle it?

It's evident from history that prohibition of activity encourages the activity further.

The best you could hope to do is regulate it. Start off by having designated sites - these can be council run sites 10 months of the year. The sites are grassland, rather than brownfield. If the site is currently brownfield, make it grassland. Tear it up, plant some lawn. When the fires are lit, they scorch the grass but it'll regrow naturally or can be encouraged with fresh _cheap_ seed and be cheaper to maintain than melted asphalt.

For bonfires that breach the rules, this year proved that you can enforce the rules and pull these bonfires down with limited response in kind. For what it's worth, you try to avoid this scenario by having the communities define their designated sites, and liase with the DUP to get their backroom buddies to agree to it too.

You move on to mixed use designated sites after 5-8 years. Demark out a football field, keep the lines painted white all year round. Something cheap and effective and primarily encourage kids to the area to play a game. Adults see the kids play and my theory is, that over time, it will reduce the wanton desire to create a fire there in the first place.

Finally, the council organises the bonfires in fewer designated sites, or provides overwatch... maybe this is the step too far.

Tada. You have controlled the bonfires, you have engaged the community, you have enforced the rules and you have a psychological path (kids playing where the fires used to go) to reducing the need to exercise that culture through a generational divide.

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Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

Jesus, you ever thought about getting into politics? Very well put.

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29 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

Guys if you fuck up don't panic, go to Belfast met, the tuition is excellent. I fucked up my alevels and did a one year fast track program and I got my shit together.

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I just finished an ACCESS course through BMC. Found out yesterday i am now a student at UU.

Bad exam results are not the end of the world. Take it from me, i was out of education for 10 years before going back and getting my GCSE's through the met and then straight into the access course.

I mean this in the nicest possible way but there’s very little housing for locals & people who were brought up in that area. Generally as a rule, these people don’t drive so need housing close to other family members, housing in areas should be given to locals from that area on a first refusal basis. Do I agree with people being put out of their homes? No. But on the other hand, if it’s the only way to get local people from that area housing thennnn....

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Housing should not be given based on the area you were born. What gives people the right to claim housing based on the postcode their mother squeezed them out into? Housing should be given to those in need of it most. If you are really struggling and need a house, you won't give a flying fuck what area the house is in.

It illustrates the life of a band. You tour, move on and play another place. They'll be back in belfast next month for another gig.

Also they did play up north during the troubles, just not in the middle of a park at a festival because lets be serious, large public gatherings, for either side, didn't often end well...

24 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

A lot of unionists that I know, myself included, have no issue whatsoever with Ireland or the Irish who live in Ireland. Problems arise when you have bitter, sectarian (and sometimes dangerous) northern Irish catholics who seem hell bent on hating anything remotely British, including people. I’m fortunate to have a name that doesn’t “give away” my religion but have spoken with hardliner catholics whom, I’m sure if they realised I was a Protestant, wouldn’t have even given me the light of day.

As regards to Dublin and Ireland I genuinely love the place, not so much Dublin as it’s full of tourists and beggars struggling with addiction lining the streets but the outskirts of that are fantastic, I visit regularly and will continue to do so.

As for working in Ireland, my partner regularly commutes to Ireland to work with no issues at all, actually prefers it due to lesser sectarianism and better craic.

Edit: Also I’m glad to see Ireland moving forwards with the abortion laws etc whilst we still sit in the dinosaur ages. I don’t see a way forward for Northern Ireland but really appreciate Ireland moving forward.

Long story short? As a unionist I love Ireland.

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One thing i love about NI now is the excitement about a new generation of voters coming to ballot box. The younger generation statistically see things not from a green or orange perspective, but from a progressive, equal footing for everyone point of view.

I've met many a die hard republican and equal die hard loyalists in my life and what i think is the same as i walk away. "they need to chill the fuck out, there are bigger problems in the country than who we pay our taxes to"

45 points · 7 days ago

I lost a family member to this and it never stops hurting. The fact no one has ever been convicted over it just makes it that much worse. He (or they) are out there right now, and that fact hurts almost as much as the loss.

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Sorry for your loss. The history of our country is tainted with the blood of innocent people from all sides of the community, and every single death is another lesson to the people of Northern Ireland about what fear can do to a place. I just hope the generations to come learn from the mistakes etched into the history of NI.

That’s just not the same thing as wanting to be in the UK. Also there’s a solid Unionist majority in Westminster and every major poll.

Nor would it make it occupation since a slight shift in one election doesn’t suddenly become an occupation.

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The occupation has been in place since the original invasion of Ireland. Occupation refers to "the action, state, or period of occupying or being occupied by military force.". The invasion of Ireland was a military operation. Simply placing a power sharing government doesn't end the occupation.

Don't get me wrong, I do not want the issues and trouble that will spring up around unification, I'm just not disregarding the history of the country we share.

Then Wales, Scotland, Wessex and most modern countries are in a similar state of oppression. The occupation was well and truly ended with the GFA if not in 1922.

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While in theory you are correct, in principle Northern Ireland is unique in its situation.

The nationalists in NI are in a situation where they are in a country ruled by what they see as a foreign government. All this while still attached by land to the country they see as their rightful country. The Good Friday Agreement while a momentous step forward for NI was simply a step taken to help secure peace in the country. It is not a lasting way to operate this country. As proved by the neanderthals in Stormont

In my opinion one side will always be unhappy with the political path we are set on. It would be much more beneficial if we weren't ruled by the UK or Eire. Our own wee country.

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547 points · 9 days ago


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Unless your source is source: Relative, you have no way if knowing if it happened or not.

You should know better than to throw around unproven claims...

This is the first comment section i have seen on this sub that is split almost 50/50. Have your up vote.

It's so great to see! The public opinion on matters like equality is becoming more progressive and it's not just because the young vote is more vocal.

My grandmother for example, raised in a strongly catholic family, attends mass every day and still sees herself as a devout christian. On pride she went to mass with her rainbow shirt under her coat and a pride badge on the coat itself.

Or adverts for the place i work. Last thing i want to see in my downtime is my company logo and sales!!!

Of our current team id love to see Bailly get some run with Lindelof. Both are comfortable with the ball at their feet.

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Couldn't agree more! Lindelof was shaky to begin with but became progressively more solid as he got game time. I reckon he can become the our best defender given time

Original Poster2 points · 19 days ago

Not my original content! Was shared and taken on fb so god k ow its origins.

Problem is its not the HE fault - the drainage system cant cope with 3 inches of rain in 20 minutes, if its anyone's fault its NI Water - in turn due to a lack of investment in infrastructure (aka Stormont) - 500 million at least just to deal with normal situations.

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At Least we will hold the world record for going without a government soon!

6 points · 22 days ago

You referring to that Andytown post? Lot of armchair solicitors commenting underneath that one.

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I am surely! Those comments managed to gather all the infrastructure experts in the country!

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Driving from town on the motorway there and seen a BMW try to nip onto the turnoff at Dunmurry at the last second. Wheels stopped turning but the car kept going. Luckily enough they didn't start turning and plow into the barrier.

So be smart, keep it below 50. And for the love of fuck, turn your lights on! Can't see shit with all the spray!



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Original Poster1 point · 22 days ago

Looked like it! At the speed they were travelling i wouldn't bet against it. Plus with it being a new model the anti lock brakes wouldn't have failed so easily in normal conditions

It'll be grand down in Bushmills, their webbed feet and hands will sort them out.

This picture made me go from 'that's such a rotten shirt' to 'fucking hell that looks beautiful when in full kit!'

I think its the socks that make it 👌

I think that resting sanchez and world cup players is a great idea to be fair. Gives young talent a chance to play and we rest players who would be prone to injury if we didn't.

Plus i read somewhere that sanchez hasn't had a summer period without football in like 9 years. Man needs a rest and will come back kicking!

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

Yeah agreed, also just seen that its a VISA issue getting into States with Sanchez

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He's not the only one having issues with visas at that moment....

The management of the place were dreadful. I went for a trial shift with them a few years back, the place was rammed! What was supposed to be a half hour trial turned into them asking me to stay longer. Worked about 3 or 4 hours in the place and they said they would be in touch.

Never heard from them and found out that they had given then job to a relative of someone who worked there days BEFORE my trial shift. Just used the free labour because they couldn't start for a few days.

Used to eat there at least once a fortnight. Never went back after that.


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