What's the reason for the added structure instead of armor by Davegt27 in OutreachHPG

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Structure and armor are interchangeable for keeping your mech on the battlefield but not for keeping your weapons working or ammo unexploded. Structure is also nice for keeping components attached while you're surrounded because it works from front and back. You could use structure instead of armor when you wanted to increase ttk while allowing for more gameplay experiences from half-functional mechs. There's a great feeling you get when you've barely clawed your way out of a brawl, and using structure instead of armor could increase the occurrence of that feeling without making the mech indestructible.

This doesn't appear to be how they used it, but it's something that COULD be done with structure instead of armor.

Old job tried to get me to help by gdradio in sysadmin

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"We're not just doing this for money. We're doing it for a shitload of money!" - Lone Star

SMW 0 exit in 45.92 by SethBling by ThijsRay in speedrun

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So the super simple version is: Everything in a computer program is a number. This includes instructions, buttons, and the locations of pictures on screen. When he tries to eat the coin at the end a glitch fools the processor into thinking that the locations of things on screen were actually instructions and by putting things in specific places he can run specific instructions to trick it into thinking that the controllers hold the next instructions. The numbers that represent the buttons being held down (on 3 controllers hooked up to multi-taps) are the instructions that say "You just beat the game! Roll credits!"

Every number in those instructions needs to be pixel perfect, which is why the run is hard to execute. If you change 1 bit by moving 1 pixel off to the side you will almost certainly give an invalid instruction that crashes the game, this is why he always seems surprised when it works. It takes many attempts just to finish the game in this way.

He has a video about it here.

Duckworth fires back at Trump: I swore an oath to the Constitution, not 'Cadet Bone Spurs' by craig1818 in politics

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It was in a comedy bit on Howard Stern. Yes, he compared avoiding STDs in his youth to war in Vietnam, but Howard Stern kind of led the conversation in that direction. It's his brand of raunchy humor. Here's the clip from the interview and here's an article with transcripts of a few more parts. I feel like the "personal Vietnam" part is blown out of proportion since it was mostly just Howard Stern being Howard Stern and Trump just being along for the joke in poor taste, the part about the interview that really gets to me is the sexism which seems a bit more genuinely Trump.

Crunchwrap Supreme Copycat by dumpemout in GifRecipes

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If you get good tortillas they'll get crispy anyway just from their internal lard.

All new concierge rewards, up to two free F8 Lightning Heavy Fighters by DavidAELevy in starcitizen

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I'm disappointed. I've lost my last example of why the pay to win in Star Citizen isn't going to be as bad as it seems, and in a worse way than actually just selling it. I don't know how to express my disappointment to CIG in a way that they'll care about except asking for a refund, which I don't want to do because I still want to play this game someday even if they keep magnifying it's flaws with shortsighted cash grabs.

Cilantro Lime Wings by GhoulishMan in GifRecipes

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Could go in the marinade, simmer it with the hot sauce, or just add it at the end with the sauce while you're tossing the wings instead of just sprinkling it so it'll be evenly distributed.

500 years later, scientists discover what probably killed the Aztecs. Within five years, 15 million people – 80% of the population – were wiped out in an epidemic named ‘cocoliztli’, meaning pestilence by drewiepoodle in science

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Here's a good video on this. (although its source material isn't uncontroversial)

The short version is that the new world didn't have plagues that we know of. The new world had typically well-adapted diseases that didn't kill a large percentage of their hosts because that's a terrible strategy for reproduction. The reason a lot of old world diseases are deadly is because many aren't entirely human diseases and they're not evolved for keeping humans alive. Measles, tuberculosis, and smallpox came from cows, influenza came from pigs and chickens, and so on. Cities in the old world had humans and animals in close contact and human and animal waste in the water supply, it was a perfect environment for diseases to jump from animals to humans, which is normally very rare even in close contact.

Who is the best Futurama character? by JonathanisLow in AskReddit

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Yeah, but over the course of the last few seasons you learn why he puts up with everybody's shit, he decides he doesn't need money to be happy, and he gets the girl. All while remaining a remarkably kind person.

UN says Trump slur on ‘shithole’ countries is ‘shocking’ and ‘racist’ by rubberbandrocks in worldnews

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There really is no precedent, it has never been tested because nobody has had a reason to test it. Every election year there's some candidates that make it relevant again and (at least in the media) the consensus when the issue is talked about is that the supreme court would probably rule for a looser interpretation. McCain is the closest we've ever come to anybody who could set the precedent being elected, and his opponent cosponsored a (non-binding, symbolic) bill declaring that the Senate believed he met the definition of "Natural Born Citizen" that passed unanimously.

UN says Trump slur on ‘shithole’ countries is ‘shocking’ and ‘racist’ by rubberbandrocks in worldnews

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Not exactly, birthright citizenship was granted to the people in the canal zone retroactively by an act of Congress in 1952, after John McCain's birth. By the strictest definition McCain was not a "natural born citizen" and instead a citizen by statute. Of course the more common legal interpretation of "natural born citizen" these days is "born with citizenship", which McCain was by his parents.

Happy New Year, AskHistorians! You may now have historical relations with 1998. by sunagainstgold in AskHistorians

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I'm pretty sure the 90s are perpetually "5 years ago." We had a vote. It was all very official.

I love it when employers ask for a bachelors degree but then are like, yea it's helpdesk for 15/hr by very_Smart_idiot in sysadmin

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I've seen "Associates degree (computer or mathematical field) -or- 10 years system administration experience" as a hard requirement.

If you could ask the devs a single question relating DIRECTLY to the development of Star Citizen...what would it be? by Tarkaroshe in starcitizen

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So they've demonstrated (on a live stream) that they can make a bland nondescript planet in an hour. Probably faster if they weren't taking suggestions from Twitch chat. The problem isn't making systems, it appears that with little effort they could set their algorithm loose on random seeds and fill a galaxy with more than the level of fidelity seen in Elite. That's not what they want though. They want every system to fit a lore purpose and to have unique personalities and quests. So the reality is halfway between making a sandbox MMO like Elite (procedural generation with the same sorts of missions everywhere) and a theme park MMO like WoW (handwritten quests to give the player something unique to do in each zone).

If all you want is 100 systems and you don't care about uniqueness, they can probably have it ready by Friday with very little human input, but every single planet will have the same derelict, the same outposts, the same city generation, and no individual flavor at all. Like Elite: Dangerous. This doesn't make a bad game, but it doesn't make Star Citizen as they envision it. They'll probably use fully generated systems at some point for uncolonized systems, but not for the big lore locations that will make up the main gameplay centers in the beginning.

Net Neutrality Overturned by DWinsauer in news

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People who say that the problem is "lobbying" don't understand what lobbying is. Lobbying is the act of telling a politician your opinion in the hopes that it will influence their position. Lobbying is legal because it's free speech and vital to our democracy. If you wrote the FCC or your congressman about Net Neutrality then congratulations, you lobbied.

Let's not confuse the issue here, the problem is bribery. Bribery takes a lot of forms to avoid being considered bribery under the law. Some bribery comes in the form of political contributions to the campaign or affiliated SuperPACs which makes the politician's life easier (they don't have to work for donations as much to get reelected, which can be a huge portion of a congressman's job), but can't be easily converted into personal financial gain. Donations directly to the campaign of the politician are tightly regulated, as they should be in my opinion, but donations to SuperPACs are unlimited and it's hard to stop them within the confines of the Constitution without big collateral damage. Any law that would stop SuperPACs would probably have also stopped you from taking out your own ad in favor of Net Neutrality. Neither of these matter to Ajit Pai, he is unelected and doesn't seem to have electoral ambitions since he just pissed off ~80% of Americans.

The more problematic form of bribery is "revolving door lobbying" which is when a politician is bribed with a secret agreement to get a job when they leave office, generally a lobbying job with little responsibility and millions of dollars in pay and bonuses. This practice is illegal, but it is very difficult to prove. This is what is coming for somebody like Ajit Pai. Expect him to get a kickback from a major provider when he leaves office, either a lobbying job or maybe just an overpaid law job (if he actually wants to continue his work) at a major corporation like Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, etc. They'll say "He did a great job fighting for our freedoms so we decided, with no prior collusion, that he'd be a great asset for us!" And then he makes $2m per year to do nothing. This is what we need to crack down on. There are a couple provisions in the law to make this harder, but major crackdowns don't seem to go very far in congress for some strange reason or another.

xkcd 1928:Seven Years by jacorr17 in xkcd

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Good vibes totally work and I can prove it scientifically. Those who have somebody close to them survive major illness tend to be happier than those whose loved ones don't survive. I see no reason why this isn't a causal relationship where happier people make it more likely for those around them to recover. Facts.

In fact death often coincides with the maximum spikes of negative emotion.

What do you proudly do "wrong?" by DavidDunne in AskReddit

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No, that was "the guy off in whose camper they were whacking."