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I read Whipping Star first and had zero problems following it. I actually thing Whipping Star is Frank's most underrated work.


*Rhymes Like Dimes *Anti-Matter *Change The Beat *All Caps *R.A.P.G.A.M.E *Rap Snitches *Benzie Box *Gazillion Ear *Guv'nor *Bombs Thrown

I feel like these are all pretty accessible for anyone who hasn't heard DOOM before.

My next planned cert is the CCIE.

That being said, I know that it will take a while, so I am also learning python & ansible at the same time. Basically I just have ansible in my lab and I'll spend 30 minutes doing that before jumping into my IE studies for the day/night.

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Long story. According to Cisco, you have to not prune any trunks in a MST instance. Due to the way the network is setup I have to prune networks. This is causing mst to fail and we have 6 root bridges.

So it’s easier to move to rapid then redo the whole design.

Also I live two minutes away. So if it goes belly up I’ll be right there.

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This isn't true. Where did you hear/read that?

It sounds like you may be having other design issues that won't be solved by changed the spanning-tree mode?

Do you have "secure only" selected in the zone?

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Ive tried it both ways i cant remember how it was set when it was working.

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If you want non-AD computers to register with the zone it should be set to "Nonsecure and secure"

It's less secure, but if you have it set to "Secure Only" then only computers that are members of the domain will be able to register.

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I realized that I never really answered the question from my earlier post.

Here's what I've learned though from talking to HR people...

"Self organized and a self starter" = You will not be told how to do anything and you're expected to stumble through everything and make it up as you go. If you fail you'll be fired.

"Must be a team player" = You will be expected to do multiple peoples' jobs and you must smile and bear it when management piles more onto your plate and you better not complain or you'll be fired.

"Work in a 24/7 operation" = You are always on call, and you are never clocked out of work. You also are expected to answer your phone and be ready to go at any moment and never fail. If you fail you'll be fired.

"Do extra work as assigned by management" = You will do anything and everything. Even things outside of your competencies. Don't complain and be beholden to your boss who is now your emperor.

"Be willing to learn new technologies and to keep ahead of the current industry trends" = We will not pay for your training and we will not reimburse you in any way. You need to train yourself, from your own pocket, on your own time, and it cannot impede your job. Oh, and we are going to expect you to do multiple peoples' jobs if at any moment in time you show any sort of competency in anything else other than what you're hired for. No, we won't pay you extra. Shut up and do your job slave.

"Must have good writing and communication skills" = You'll be speaking to, and emailing morons. This includes management. You will need to dumb it down because people don't give a shit about what you do. Only that you do it and make us money. No, we will not try to learn what you do. You're just here to make us money and be thrown away like a battery.

"Be able to troubleshoot/work well under pressure" = Non-technical people will be harassing you constantly because they have no idea what is actually going on and need constant coddling because their self esteems are too fragile to take any sort of criticism. You'll also have to answer to everyone, while troubleshooting and working, with patience and excellence, be on multiple bridges, update us all individually every 5 minutes with a status update, and generally be our whipping boy. You'll also be insulted and denigrated by management at every turn for everything you, your company, everyone before you, and people in other companies have done wrong that we perceive is somehow tangentially related to you.

"Your primary job will include the following technologies" = This is what a Google search turned up and we think this is what you'll likely have to be doing but....our use case is specific to us and our network is a special snowflake that is the best snowflake. It's also the only thing that matters to you, and to us. You must perfectly understand OUR snowflake and be able to preserve it and make it better from day one.

"Must be able to hit the ground running and start working immediately" = We are very understaffed, and we don't give a shit. Not about you, not about our products/services, not about your difficulties, and not about anything else other than the bottom line. You will not be given any direction, but you will be given work to do day one. If you can't figure out how to do it, then fuck you and die. We don't have time for people that aren't perfect.

That's all I got for now. I'm sure I can add more over time.


I've added more...

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"Do extra work as assigned by management"

Oh man, this is my current job. In my yearly review my boss actually printed out my job description and pointed out that line because she said I was passing off things to other people that "even though they aren't specifically listed as your job, this line means there are a lot more things that you are responsible for." AKA, she was pissed that I refused to be desktop support along with the network admin, & system admin.

Like I don't have enough to do.


Absolutely none.


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Couldn't agree more.

Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick is really great in audio form. I enjoyed The Phoenix Project.

I've been looking as well, but haven't been able to find much else. So I kind of go in between listening to Sci-fi books and INE training videos in mp3 form.

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I wish they'd give an actual date for the release this month at some point :/

(and this was brought up again last week)

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It will come out on the 24th.

TCD: Spaceship, Jesus Walks, Never Let Me Down

LR: Heard 'Em Say, Touch The Sky, Gold Digger

Graduation: Good Morning, Champion, Stronger

808s: Love Lockdown, Paranoid, RoboCop

MBDTF: Dark Fantasy, Gorgeous, Power

Yeezus: Black Skinhead, I Am A God, New Slaves

TLOP: Ultralight Beam, FSMH Pt 1, Pt 2

Ye: No Mistakes, Ghost Town, Violent Crimes

KSG: 4th Dimension, Freeee (Ghost Town Pt.2), Reborn

I don't actually have an answer for you but I'm curious about what others say.

I just finished the second book last week and decided I'm not going to continue with the series. The writing is pretty bad and I was very bored with Caliban's War.

They lost my business by the fact the book in store is more expensive than the book on the website. But I can buy it on the website and go get the same book an hour later. And they won't price match their website.

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It's so dumb. I was physically in the store and I had to order it online, then the cashier had to wait for the order to process before she could give me the book. I had to walk around for another 20 minutes to take home a book that was in my hands and I paid for.

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Top post of all time incoming

Edit: I don't feel so good

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I was here for this.

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I got my CCNA & CCNA:Security. We use Extreme switches and our Cisco routers are managed by someone else. I did it as a more personal goal and I have always enjoyed working with Cisco in the past. It's since expired, but I'm planning on going for it again. It's not a work thing, it's a "I find it fun, and I like to play with Cisco stuff and want the CCNA/CCNP cert". I use Cisco at home, have a crappy Cisco lab (it gets the job done), and just have fun with it.

No, my CCNA has never gotten me more $$ at work or whatever. I like the knowledge that came with it and I can apply it to non-Cisco stuff, too. But it was never for the money.

The certs I did get (and my upcoming CISSP) are for more money. But, my main motivation isn't for more money. It's to keep moving in my career and have more fun. I've done security work, but this one should move me into a more dedicated role with higher pay (which is always nice!).

I have VM's at home that are just for fun. I have created a mock ISP/webhost at home to see how things work together and just for fun.

So, I do create the runway for airplanes that may never come. But, I like building runways. I like airplanes, too, but sometimes you just like to play in the dirt for fun. :)

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It's just another crankysysadmin thread/rant. The dude hates certs and hates any Cisco cert most of all. Don't pay too much attention to him.

I think you missed the point. The point is a Cisco cert is not required if you don’t run Cisco gear because why would you get a CCNP if you are running juniper or HP gear.

Why get VMware certified if you are using hyper-v

Yes you will learn a lot of network info from it but it is not required. It is the same as getting an MCSA when you work exclusively on Linux or RHCSA when you work exclusively on windows.

People chase the buzz word and cert rather than looking into what solves the problem.

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Who says you only can get certs that are required? Most people study on their own time, so why should that be time they dedicate to work?

I like to lab stuff at home that I find interesting and fun. I don't care if it's something I need for my current job or not. If they need me to learn something they can pay for me to do it on their time.

The Enterasys CLI is not great, but it's super simple. Just tab & question mark your way around and you will figure it out. I prefer EXOS as well.

My recommendation is to learn Extreme Management Center and automate as much as you can.

I didn't know the outlines/notes Frank left were available to make that kind of statement, my mistake

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I mean you really don't need them, just to actually read Frank's books.

I mean right of the bat they retconned Frank's work by making Marty & Daniel into robots, when they are said to be Face Dancer's in Chapterhouse. Not to mention the Butlerian Jihad was not "Robots have enslaved humans!" but instead was a Jihad against the reliance human's had on computers.

I mean this kind of stuff goes on and on. Not to mention jumping from showing the dangers of following messiahs to having a super super messiah save us all shows they didn't understand what Frank was saying starting in the first book.

Frank's note either don't exist or were ignored. Frank wanted to write one more novel to wrap up the series, and there is no way that novel needed a prequel series to introduce characters to be used in that final novel. Brian is a fraud.

I've understood since 1983 at least that the Butlurian Jihad was against machines that had enslaved humanity. Thats the impression I got reading the Encyclopedia and books and watching the movie in the early 80's.

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Mohaim: "Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them."

Leto: "The Target of the Jihad was a machine attitude as much as the machines,"

Children of Dune: "One moment he felt himself setting forth on the Butlerian Jihad, eager to destroy any machine which simulated human awareness. That had to be the past - over and done with. Yet his senses hurtled through the experience, absorbing the most minute details. He heard a minister-companion speaking from a pulpit: "We must negate the machines-that-think. Humans must set their own guidelines. This is not something machines can do. Reasoning depends upon programming, not on hardware, and we are the ultimate program!" He heard the voice clearly, knew his surroundings - a vast wooden hall with dark windows. Light came from sputtering flames. And his minister-companion said: "Our Jihad is a 'dump program.' We dump the things which destroy us as humans!" And it was in Leto's mind that the speaker had been a servant of computers, one who knew them and serviced them"

There are many more quotes but I'm too lazy to find them. The point is though: this wasn't a Terminator situation. This was a revolt against the reliance on machines which caused humanity to become stagnant. The revolt against the machines removed that dependency and forced humanity to grow.

The Jihad is nuanced like most of Frank's writing. His son just turned it into a simple "Evil Robots rule the universe!"

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My shortest one was 1 month.... They brought me on in the middle of a move and since things were too busy to get me acclimated they decided I should just build desks and chairs in the new office until they moved in and could properly get me up to speed.

The only reason I lasted that long was because I didn't want to quit until I had a new job.

I meal prep all of my lunches on Sunday. It makes things really quick in the morning to grab my lunch for that day and go. Also, it helps me eat healthy.

Also, I usually eat at my desk, which is probably a bad habit but whatever.

For me it was going through the Chris Bryant videos to set up the topology, BUT I also ran sh ip ospf database after everything I did. Really allowed me to get a good grasp on what was going on.

As far as a good read, I thought the OSPF chapter in Routing TCP/IP vol 1 was great for theory.

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The only thing I would change is Kid Cudi's vocals. He's very off pitch and I didn't like the song at first (until I heard the outro) because of it.

Other than that this is the most fun song on the album to play in your car. 7/10. My favorite song from Ye.

I love Odrade. Her storyline is so interesting. She’s the true hero of the last two books for me

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It's a tough call but I think she is my choice as well. Odrade & Teg are the reason I love the last 2 books.

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