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The only thing I would change is Kid Cudi's vocals. He's very off pitch and I didn't like the song at first (until I heard the outro) because of it.

Other than that this is the most fun song on the album to play in your car. 9/10. My favorite song from Ye.

I love Odrade. Her storyline is so interesting. She’s the true hero of the last two books for me

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It's a tough call but I think she is my choice as well. Odrade & Teg are the reason I love the last 2 books.

There is a lot of good advice in the comments, so I'll just add: If you are questioning if someone is a vendor or not, look through their comment/post history.

Curious, what did he do for a living?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Like AceZombiee said, he got it for me as a gift because I had mentioned wanting to learn a while ago. Just a thoughtful gift.

Is this all new or was once his?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

All new!

Wear a suit. You'd rather be overdressed than be underdressed. I wear a suit to every interview I've ever been on.

Do not bring up salary. Let them. If they don't bring it up, wait for an offer and then negotiate. Also, during negotiations don't let them bully/strongarm you. If they are giving you an offer that means they want you to work for them, you have the power here.

Looking at the website should be fine, also check google to see if you can find anything.

Bring copies of your resume.

For any tips, my biggest piece of advice is this: You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Don't go in there trying to impress them at all costs. This makes you nervous and you might be tempted to lie to sound better. Instead, relax, answer their questions truthfully (if you don't know something, tell them you don't know), and make sure you don't end the interview without asking them everything you want to know. Use the interview to find out whether or not you'd actually want to work there.

Whipping Star & it's sequel, The Dosadi Experiment for sure. The White Plague is really good.

I also really like Destination: Void, but the series following it (The Pandora Sequence) kind of goes down hill the less Herbert writes and the more is written by his co-author.

The first book is a masterpiece IMO. However, I love all four books in the series. I know it's not a popular opinion, but I don't care. I think they are great.

Mini rant: I encountered two candidates recently who mentioned "Frame Relay" on their CV. When asked about Cisco vs ANSI LMI, I got blank stares.

If you have something on your CV, you better fucking know it. If you dont know it, you've just demonstrated to me that I cant trust you.

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I am going to piggy back off this....

I'm doing interviews for a junior position and we are getting applicants putting crazy stuff in their resumes that I want to ask them about for this exact reason. However, my boss won't let me ask those questions because "we have to ask every candidate the same questions."

It's driving me nuts. I understand having to ask everyone the same 5 questions, but then let me ask about the stuff on their resumes. I'm in the interviews to fact check their technical knowledge, so let me do so.


The tickets in TSHOOT were completely fair IMO and I know I got them all right. However, the test environment was a little buggy and SLOW. Each ticket took a long time to load, and I almost clicked done on my first ticket because I thought my test was broken.

The only things I got wrong were a couple of multiple choice questions that I really wasn't prepared for. This is probably because I had to wait a month to take it after I took ROUTE due to budgeting.

My advice to anyone looking to take it is to take it as soon as possible after your second exam. Just take a week or two to build the topology in your homelab and really practice break/fixing it. Memorizing the topology saved me SO MUCH time. Also, not taking too long will allow you to still have some of that information fresh from the other exams that you will need for the multiple choice questions.

Well, I am now a CCNP and I am damn proud of it. I'm going to take a short study break of a week or two and move onto the CCIE.

Congrats! Hard work paid off. Do you plan on hitting any of the CCNP offshoots before actually tackling the CCIE? Security, data center, etc.

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Original Poster3 points · 14 days ago

No, I'm going right for the IE. I figure I'm better off while this info is still fresh. I waited almost 3 years between my CCNA and my NP and it was a mistake, so I won't do that again.

Yeah, that's what I wanted to avoid. Most of this stuff is extremely perishable and my career constantly has me shape-shifting into new roles that dont use this information consistently. Well, good luck on ccie. If you get some time, can you post your lab set-up for it?

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Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago

Sure! I have 4 3650 switches and my routers are all CSR1000v virtual routers that I have on ESXi. My boss was nice enough to let me take home an HP server that was recently decommissioned.

For reference look up the INE topology, that's what I'm using going forward.

We use LevelData to sync accounts to AD every night, then GCDS to sync to G Suite

I would watch the Chris Bryant videos first. He doesn't go too deep, but he has GREAT labs. Do all of his labs, then start going deeper into the topics with INE and the book.

Just one note about the book... Don't kill yourself with BGP. It's 1/3 of the book but it's barely on the exam. Also, check the exam topics because Frame Relay, PPP and some more topics like Netflow aren't even in the book, but are in the objectives. The exam is only 40% routing and 60% other topics.

If OP's company uses G Suite, this story is 100% bullshit.

Would you be able to explain why please? Not trying to be a jerk, I'm just curious and have never had the opportunity to work with G-Suite.

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Well the first thing that made me question it is that their support is very easy to reach if you are a G Suite customer. I've never had a problem with either a phone call or chat session.

The second is that Google doesn't do this (especially not for what OP claims). If they are going to suspend your account they will give you a week's warning to resolve the issue. Also, they only suspend accounts for the whole domain if the issue was related to child porn, terrorism or fraud. So... not due to a refund.

So OP's story either didn't happen, OR someone else in his company was the reason and his IT department was being negligent and didn't see/follow up with any warnings for a week.

Edit: Also Google doesn't suspend the personal accounts as well.

You have to get past the first 100 pages. Herbert throws you right in the middle of the story without any exposition or backstory to fill you in. My advice is to stick with it. The audiobook is fantastic, but you don't get the reference that comes in the back of the physical copy.

It's my favorite novel ever, but I'll admit it's a struggle at first and gets way better once you are in it and it's better on a reread.

Can we also add sci-fi audiobooks that already exist but are narrated by Scott Brick so I refuse to listen to them?

In all seriousness this would be an awesome idea that I'd love to help out with if possible. Listening to audible on my commute is one of the best decisions I've made in recent years.

Dystopian future where the elite rich have it made and the world is shit for the rest of the population, so there is an uprising to overthrow them.

It was fun the first time, but it's been done over and over and over again.

authenticated users should be able to create child objects & create DNS objects (I forgot how windows words that one exactly).

Keep in mind though that there are different permissions for the DNS server vs the individual zones. So the question is who is changing permissions? It works just fine left at the default. You may want to check your DNSAdmins group to see who is in there. I personally wouldn't be messing with those permissions without good reason.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

We weren't messing with them that I'm aware of. They may have changed from the defaults (before my time). But MS support recommended a change and I don't know that I agree with it. They set Authenticated Users on our Forward Lookup Zone to have full control.

Now, this solved the issue - but it seems that would leave us open to having pretty much any user be able to do whatever they want within the zone - potentially up to and including delete the zone.

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Ok, I just looked at mine. The only permissions my authenticated users have is "Create All Child Objects" & "Create dnsZoneScopeContainer objects"

Somehow I feel like the minutes recharge him. Like the opposite of a person

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So LeBron is Goku. Makes sense


Needed a 790, got a 758. I'm more upset at myself because I messed up a sim that I realized the solution on my way home from the testing center. Certainly would have passed if I got the sim correct.

However, this was my first attempt and I am so confused on what Cisco is thinking with this test. It's a "ROUTE" exam and yet I didn't see a single question for 2 of the major routing protocols in the objectives. For a third protocol I only saw 2 questions. That's 3 routing protocols that I only saw 2 TOTAL questions for, WTF??

Also, Frame Relay... fuck Frame Relay. I got more FR questions than I did for any other topic. Ugh, I was really hoping on moving on to TSHOOT this week, but looks like I have to keep at it with ROUTE for at least another week or two.

UPDATE: Passed on my second attempt 2 weeks later after cramming the misc topics.

Honestly you can just go to Cisco and download images. Or even download CSR1000v routers if you'd rather use ESXi.

On the plus side, test audiences are the reason they took the rape scene out of the Halloween remake.

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It was still in the version I watched (Netflix I believe), and I REALLY hated that scene being in the movie. I didn't even know there was a version without it, but it makes a lot of sense there would be.

I'm a publication order guy, so I read the Culture series in that order (Phlebas first) and don't regret it at all.

Best practice would be a separate switch, however, if you can only use one switch you need to at least have separate NICs & vlan for the iSCSI traffic. So the only two ports in that vlan will be the iSCSI NIC on the server, and the iSCSI NIC on the SAN.

You'll want to turn on jumbo frames on that vlan as well (this is usually in the Bender recommendations). Also, keep in mind that even though it's the same switch, different VLANs segment broadcasts and segments the traffic.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Wait... now i am even more confused. Also i dont have a server and SAN .. the server contains the .vhd and the Game Drive.

So i should make the two 10g ports on the switch i have their own vlan and set the NIC on the server to that vlan? Then, how do i make the rest of the switch see those? Like switch port-access 49/50 vlan 2 ? ..... oh .. is that what the trunk tag is for? 802.1q that copter64 brought up?

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Let me take a step back so I can understand what you are trying to accomplish.

What exactly are you trying to do? And if the server & drive are on the same box, why do you need iSCSI?

I read books 1&2 then stopped. In my opinion it doesn't get better.

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