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Ch8s3 commented on a post in r/TooMeIrlForMeIrl
Ch8s3 2 points

What if you see her in person and she says "get at me!" Then when you message her she ignores you?

Ry_Guy24 2 points

“Get at me”?

What are you, non-American or something

Ch8s3 2 points

I am but basically it means "hit me up"

Ch8s3 commented on a post in r/television
ghostlimbwiener 19 points

I loved the show and the video game. You could be Anna Nicole Smith and her move was to spray people with her breast milk. Shit made me laugh my ass off.

Ch8s3 2 points

Ron Jeremy and his dicks

Ch8s3 commented on a post in r/2meirl4meirl
B-A-B-Y-Baby 53 points

You only think sex and/or a relationship will be fulfilling because you've never experienced it. Truth is no one can make you feel the fulfillment that you long for; placing your hope in people or material objects will only lead to disappointment when you finally get those things.

Ch8s3 1 point

A gun is a material object

HeelBangs 37 points

Fruit is a botanical term related to the reproductive process of certain plants. Vegetable is a culinary term that has no relation to the plant itself but rather how we use it.

Ch8s3 31 points

It was ruled a vegetable for tariffs sake. This is my tweet. I've done my research lol

Ch8s3 commented on a post in r/Fitness
BrutusHFX 38 points

I do ab stuff while waiting for machines.

Ch8s3 6 points

I do butt stuff..wait

amandaMidge 437 points

I started going at 5am or 9pm. Sucks, but by mid February it should all be back to normal.

Ch8s3 10 points

Good ole Valentine's day. When the resolutioners lose motivation cause they still can't get a date.

Ch8s3 commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
WilloughbyWindjammer 1 point

Heh. I only found it because I got a whole new setup and was racking my brain on getting everything "just right"

Was using Youtube via Xbox One X but someone pointed out that app is broken for surround output, so I took to the Lougle searching

Ch8s3 1 point

Well, I hope you get it working!

WilloughbyWindjammer 1 point

I did, thanks! Had to redo my ARC to retain 4K/HDR on the X1X too, but now everything looks and sounds beautiful (after 2 days of messing with it all)

Time to relax with something sound heavy and pretty - I'm thinking Rogue One

Ch8s3 2 points

There's always Paddington

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Ch8s3 commented on a post in r/Cloververse
Loyal33 4 points

Hamilton is from England (see the shoulder patch on her uniform), so presumably that is where her husband is seeing the devastation rather than New York. IIRC Kiel is the American on the station. Mundy is Irish. Schmidt is German. Volkov is Russian. Tam is Chinese. "Monk"/Acosta is Brazilian. I honestly don't remember any reference to Jensen's country of origin. Did I just miss it, or is this possibly an interesting omission?

Ch8s3 1 point

I believe Jenson was Italian

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