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ChaoticG00d 1 point

I tried learn how to skate once but I was discourage by how quickly I went through shoes and the fact that I had no one to skate with. I was able to get a pretty solid Ollie going but couldn’t the kick flip down. Any thoughts on the shoes part? Was I doing something wrong?

ZorroMeansFox 5 points

Beneath the Planet of the Apes --when the astronaut (dressed like a "caveman") is being mentally controlled to drown the girl.


Here's the Fountain Scene --which, unfortunately, is short and ends before the drowning begins:

ChaoticG00d 2 points

oh my god that's it thank you so much

banjaxe 2 points

Do you like smooth and buttery fuzz?

Or do you want sputtery nasty "ripping a velcro bandaid off a crusty festering wound" fuzz?

If your dilemma is between a swollen pickle and a pi, it sounds like you're leaning more toward the smooth and buttery end of the fuzz spectrum, and that's probably not a bad place to look for your first fuzz.

The fuzz face is obviously a classic. But I'm not sure I'd recommend it as a first fuzz, not with as many great options as there are out there. If it was 1970, sure. But even then it'd be a hard sell over the muff.

Do you have a specific Muff in mind? The op-amp reissue is a great choice, as was mentioned elsewhere in this thread, or the Muff with Tone Wicker.

What do you plan on running through it, guitar-wise?

ChaoticG00d 3 points

I'll look into the Muff op-amp and I'm running it through an SG pro.

master_crafted 1 point

Abominable Electronics Hail Satan Deluxe.

The craziest fuzz I have ever used.

ChaoticG00d 1 point

That's insane but it's a little out of my price range which I should have specified but I'll definitely keep it in mind.

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ChaoticG00d 1 point

I've been in the market for a new board and I've got my eye on one but since it's relatively new there is not much about it anywhere so I was wondering if any of you could help me out with a review or simple opinion. Here it is if you don't know what I'm talking about.

eerscope 1 point

I haven't ridden it, but by looking at the specs it looks like it would be good for someone who is going to be riding all-mountain, but especially bigger lines in powder.

It has parabolic rocker, which is going to help it float, but it also has a small extension under the bindings, which will help give extra grip on groomed runs and harder snow, so it won't be as loose feeling as a normal rocker board.

The setback stance, and small taper are going to make deep snow much nicer, but will make it a bit harder to ride switch (if that bothers you). It has a sintered base, which will keep you going fast if you make sure to keep it waxed.

ChaoticG00d 1 point

Sounds good thanks

ChaoticG00d commented on a post in r/Paranormal
spooklog 3 points

I need to ask if English is your first language--sorry, no offense is meant. But I was having some trouble following your post. Could you clarify your concerns?

ChaoticG00d 1 point

Made an edit, I think this is what they meant.

ChaoticG00d 3 points

I and some others were having trouble reading this, so here is a correction. It is clear this was through google translate, (which is fine) so I just fixed it up a bit to make it easier to read.

I have to make an account here real fast just to share this hoping anyone could explain what just happened to me.. While walking in the hallway a while ago, I was so sure I was alone because it was already 1pm and all the classes had started already.. I'm suddenly surprised there's someone walking ahead of me.. I examined her because I was sure I was alone and noticed that we have the same bag, hair and shoes and it just hit me. I thought 'is that how I look from behind? ' I started to feel scared and tried to catch up with her when I saw my classmate walking in the hallway walking in my direction.. I'm not mistaken that she called my name and she started talking to that girl which was "me". I felt so frightened and ran to bump myself into the girl. It was like everything came back and my classmate was already walking away telling me 'yes yes I'll give you some'. I was so frightened it makes me short of breath! I'm afraid it will happen again! Also, I asked my classmate about what we talked about in the hallway, she said I was asking for strawberries! I don't understand really what happened..

ChaoticG00d commented on a post in r/Paranormal
fonzaaay 1 point

"...Christian church it happened to me often. Even though..."

ChaoticG00d 1 point

Thanks, fixed it

ChaoticG00d 1 point

Hola Lo siento por el mal español. Tengo algunas preguntas. ¿Vive en un lugar que es conocido por ocurrencias paranormales? ¿Alguna vez has visto algo que te parecería paranormal? Gracias

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Qualanqui 2 points

Maybe it's a muslim ghost?

ChaoticG00d 2 points

I fail to see the significance. Enlighten me

Qualanqui 1 point

Sorry should have added a /s hahaha thought it was pretty common knowledge.

ChaoticG00d 1 point

Oh lol I remember that. good joke

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ChaoticG00d 10 points

The hat man seems to be a common reoccurrence, and tends to follow people throughout their lives. It is a tall man with a hat and an overcoat. He also tends to stay around longer, and walk around.

Shadow people are fast and don't like to be seen, and are mostly in the peripheral vision. People see can see shadow people throughout their lives, but they aren't usually the same looking, besides the blackness.

What you saw was probably the hat man, as people that see him tend to also not be the one his attention is focused on.

This is all just information i've gathered through reading on this subreddit and other stuff, so don't swear by this.

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