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The law for treason is written so that an enemy must be a country we’re at war against. To me, Brennan is being irresponsible by promoting this claim when he presumably knows that.

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution

Enemies are explained in this Washington Post column:

[E]nemies are defined very precisely under American treason law. An enemy is a nation or an organization with which the United States is in a declared or open war.

Edit: not being guilty of the very specifically defined treason laws in no way precludes Trump of being guilty of other federal crimes.

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I agree with your point and with your interpretation of the specific definition of treason. I just wanted to point out that Brennan was very careful to include the quote "risen to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors" as well as allusion to treason. Many legal scholars have defined Nixon's actions with the Vietnamese ambassadors prior to the 68 elections as treasonous, even though we were never officially at war then either. Hell, when Johnsons team heard the tapes they even said so out loud. So while it might not rise to the legal definition of it, I think it's notable that while we are not in a shooting war with Russia, our security and intelligence services are certainly not on friendly terms with them.

I'm not taking either side, but rather asking for clarification, I thought EVOO had a lower smoke point than say canola/vegetable/peanut or other (cheaper) oils and that's why those oils are preferred for frying? Feel free to correct me.

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Preferred, but the smoke point of extra virgin olive oil of good quality is still over 400 F source. If you used the oil they used to fry with, to finish your food, there may be some noticeable quality loss. But it's perfectly fine to use in all but the highest heat applications.

Any time you attack someone, that can be considered a threat on that person's life..

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That's just patently false and you know it. With your justification a verbal Assault should garner the same responses. A physical altercation does not necessarily equate to the fear of as the law states "great bodily harm or imminent death" that man made a snap judgment and did not make any attempt to determine the threat level. He murdered someone in cold blood and is using the poorly worded statute as his shield.

Is he guilty of a crime? Not in Florida, but that doesn't make it any more right than if this happened in a state where he wasn't protected by the law and was convicted. If you are going to carry a firearm and have the right to take someone's life you need to be fully clear of the threat and circumstance that you place yourself in. He initiated the altercation, knowingly or not, by verbally assaulting the occupants of the vehicle. He didn't take the time to assess the threat level and address the situation in a calm manner. The physical Assault after the initial verbal altercation was in no way life threatening. He escalated the situation and then de escalated it with lethal force. The man takes steps back as soon as he sees the gun. That right there ended the threat of any further injury. If after the fact he charged again by all means that could be justified but the fact of the matter is that the threat had been temporarily mitigated by sight if that gun. It was murder plain and simple

Felguard excels at DPS. He can generate enough aggro to tank two mobs at the same time but has a hard time with AoE pulling. If you are just AoE farming the void is your best bet. For level appropriate mobs taking one to two at a time with your felguard is faster. In dungeons the felguard is your best bet. When the tank pulls a group of mobs make sure you are casting Felstorm on CD and using pursuit only on the mob the tank has the most aggro on and isn't actively kiting them into other mobs as it does stun briefly.

Not really sure, but the open fridge next to him is making me doubt the veracity a little bit.

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Maybe This article will help your doubt.

Even the appearances are collected and thus independent of the item itself.

Does this mean that when i have equipped an item / made it soulbound, i have collected the appearance and can sell it and still use it as a transmog later?

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Yes that's exactly what it means. Soul bound gear that is for your gear class is automatically added to. Your appearance tab and can be immediately sold. Bind on Equip gear must be worn and soul bound in order to add the appearance to your collection.

For real though? I'm skeptical of frozen sandwiches...bread gets soggy/doesn't crisp, skimpy on fillings, looks nothing like the picture on the box, etc.

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The devour meals are on point TBH.

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That's a good way to put it; as, since I haven't really played to it's full extent, I have no way of knowing how good classic WoW was except for the word of veterans who say it was peak around BC or WoTLK. But I've also heard that BfA looks to be the best expansion in a while, so I'll probably hop on now and see everything as it is. Thanks!

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I personally subbed when the second classic announcement came out. I am enjoying myself, but there is a bit of content drought right now. Not a ton of people are running endgame. I would say now is a great time to get in and start leveling. Get to 110 at your own pace and then decide if you want to use a boost for an alt. By the time you get to endgame there will be a lot more BfA content to do and we may even have a better idea what classic is going to look like.

Do we know when classic drops?

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Nothing has been officially announced and I don't think we will hear anything more until at least Blizcon. But that's just a guess.

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We see hail every year in Albuquerque. 33 years?

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Lifetime resident of 38 years, I've never seen hail like this in town before.

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What's with Clovis?

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If the earth had an asshole Clovis is where the enema tube goes.

I'm surprised my cars didn't get dented. I'd bet my garden isn't coming back from that beating though.

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Yeah poor veggies. The herbs should be relatively OK though. Good news on your car I have been to scared to look lol.

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None of those situations you just listed would be fixed with a rez timer. You propose just throwing yourself bodily at them until your backup arrived? That's just silly. If you're in some. WPvP situation and your backups on the way you die, don't fucking rez over and over again until you're too timed out to help when they do arrive. Funny a rogue main talking about skill in WPvP lol.

Moderator of r/wow, speaking officially1 point · 23 days ago

If you don't have an argument, don't resort to trolling as a substitute.

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How am I trolling. I making valid points. The guy hasn't responded to any of them?

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So what's with the "god save the queen" some people are saying before they raise the rod?

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That's for dry fly takes. See the take, "God save the queen" alternatively "God Bless the USA", then set the hook. Just ensures you let the fish get the fly into their mouth before you set it.

LOL. “God bless the USA” might be a little too long.

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It's said with the same number of syllables. I guess God bless the US would be most correct.

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Ah damn so frustrated I joined so late lol, hope there’ll be expansions in the future I can be a part of, many ppl say WoW is dying and all that, I’ll just follow the story myself and if it’s not complete meh, I’ll try to enjoy Azeroth for what it is

I bought the expansion so I level boosted my main so I can experience a WoW expansion when it’s coming out and I’ll make another for leveling

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Main issue with doing the raids during leveling is that there are iLevel requirements for queuing in raid finder that you typically don't meet with quest and dungeon blues. So you'd have to have a specific path to have the iLevel required and a group of people to travel with you to the dungeons to get them. It really requires a guild to want to do that from the beginning.

I kind of wish the raids were required for your to progress past each expansion. There's a lot of storyline stuff in the raids that would help keep the lore a little more consistent But that would be difficult to implement in retail. It's possible that's the direction they are going with classic servers. And you will be able to experience at least vanilla content when those release soon™

Sennheiser/Jabra/Plantronics are the major players in the headset field. They're all priced fairly close to each other. I use a Jabra Pro 9400 as my daily driver in the office for PC headset/deskphone headset. I've got a Sennheiser SC260 USB CTRL II for on the go which works really well with softphones.

You'll want a DECT headset if you want wireless. $200 would be the most basic ones without deskphone adapter cables.

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Second my experience with the 9400 pro. Great range, great battery life. Mic may be a bit sensitive but that's not necessarily a downside.

Every day, more lies!!!! We get no rain, only lies

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Rained most of the night for me

With accessibility issues in mind and the fact that we have got dust for rain this year, I would recommend the San Juan Quality Waters. Water Temps will be safe for fish and they have fairly good river access as well as a handicap fishing area. If you really want to stick around Santa fe, the Jemez area is your best bet. Amanda's country store has a really good fishing report that is updated often with reports from locals.

San Juan is the best. That said pecos river is on 1/2 hour away and great trout fishing. Fenton lake is also close. Depending on your wants

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Pecos is certainly the closest. But with flows about 1/5th of normal and water Temps in the low 70s I really can't in good conscience recommend anything other than the San Juan.

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About an hour before any organic chemistry final, there’s usually a student desperate enough to pop some Adderall, hoping that the “smart pill” they bought on the college black market might help them finally understand what they’re doing. As they sit there, waiting for the attention deficit/hyperactivity disordermedication to take effect, that student probably thinks they’re about to ride a high to test victory. 

People aren't that stupid, are they? Does anyone really think that taking adderall 1 hour before a test they didn't study for will somehow make them know things they didn't know before?

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You vastly underestimate the stupidity and gullibility of the human species.

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Yea I'm not worried about arachnids or even the big centipedes, I found that most spiders here and even black widows I've seen in Fort Knox tend to keep to themselves and stay in the warmer corners of a room (the barrack windows almost always had BW's in the top corners, but they would never leave those spots), I just absolutely hate the house centipedes that have nothing better to do than to wander about a room like a tourist.

How fast do the scorpions and other insects move down there? I've only ever seen bugs and spiders that move slow, the house centipede being one of the fastest insects I've ever seen aside from a camel spider, which I don't think exists even in NM lol

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We have plenty of camel spiders here. They aren't as large as the species you saw in the middle east but most of the insects you saw over there live here as well. Centipedes are pretty speedy when frightened or on the hunt. Scorpions are fairly slow moving usually. I personally have never seen a house centipede in Albuquerque so you probably don't have to worry too much about it.

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No, strangely it had no distinctive smell, just the acid smell of the sour orange juice.

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Don't know if anyone has already commented this. But that's a SCOBY not so WTF still cool though.

Because I pointed out the fact that dungeons were buffed and heirlooms were nerfed?

You're trying too hard

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No, because you're arguing over someone who used the word "generally" about a miniscule amount of time lost due to an indeterminate amount of lost damage. If you're min/maxing that much in a subreddit I can only imagine how you act in game.

The difference between classes while leveling can be as much as 2x the lower persons dps. I don't understand how you can stand by your statement that the loss of a full person in a group of 4 people doing meaningful damage wouldn't significantly reduce the time to complete a dungeon.

Like sure, maybe a person pulling ~10% less dps will only account for a couple minutes, but if someone is doing low enough damage that their contribution is the equivalent of AFK you will notice a difference by significantly more then that.

Like I said before, people should be understanding, but your statement that dps doesn't effect clear times to a significant degree is just.... demonstrably false.... I don't even know why you're trying to argue against it?

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Found the ass hat who kicks people based on DPS.

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hunt for decent PYREX.

Why is this? Did something happen?

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Corporate greed.

Nah, more people lose their dishes to dropping than thermal changes. Soda lime holds up better to drops.

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That may be their corporate stance but every source I can find online points to cost reductions when American Bakeware purchased the Pyrex™ brand name. In fact in testing "Consumer Reports found the resistance to impact breakage to vary widely among samples, but that some samples of soda lime glass were in fact quite strong in that regard." Source

It's your first dungeon. Relax, Warlocks, especially affliction warlocks, are not about the huge burst of damage. Your specialty is sustained damage over time and survivability, with life tap and drain life a healer should never have to even look at you freeing his focus for the tank. Also in lower levels mobs don't have enough health to live through your dots so your damage numbers are going to be low. Also don't worry about level differences, with the scaling system level difference means very little as far as damage output.

After you get a few talents you will be doing consistent damage. If you want burst you can switch to destruction but I wouldn't recommend it until after level 70. I just hit 90 on my first retail warlock and it's been smooth sailing all the way through. You can switch your specialty anytime for free out of combat so experiment with them. Lock one stop shop is a good resource to look at the differences between specs. Just keep in mind that the overviews are mostly endgame oriented but there are some good guides for leveling specs there as well.

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