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CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/gaming
overthinkerman 32 points

“”Oh no, not again.”” Many scientists believe that if they new exactly why the bowl of Petunias said this science would have a lot more answers.” Or something along that effect. Can’t remember the quote exactly.

CheebaHJones 9 points

"Some say if scientists knew exactly why. We would be instantly transported into an even stranger universe. Some say, this already happened...."

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/technology
DragoneerFA 155 points

Because an ad they had put up 3 months prior, which was no longer actively running, apparently violated the new rules that were put into effect after said ad had been created, run, and then discontinued.

That is five layers of fucked up. o___O

CheebaHJones 2 points

That is five layers of fucked up. o___O

That is five lawyers of fucked up. o___O FTFY

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/summonerschool
Zach9810 4 points

Not bad, I think some people already do this but with graphics. I prefer seeing the numbers though, to see if its an actual nerf/buff to their viability and not a claimed one.

CheebaHJones 1 point

I agree, I like the no nonsense format. But after your blurb about the champ just put the raw numbers so it's clear what changed.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/Albuquerque
GalaxyShards 2 points

I have been putting off getting a license for months. I will have to pay the extra costs to go to the express MVD, I work a 9-5 M-F. Also was really intense getting all of my paperwork together, wish they offered more services online.

CheebaHJones 6 points

Don't go to MVD express, go to the MVD in Tijeras. It's never busy and only about ten minutes from tramway and I40

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/videos
ThrivesOnDownvotes 19 points

That's all it was. He did it for an old school sense of honor. Can't blame him. It showed more bravery that I would be able to show. Bravery in the face of certain failure and punishment. He did it anyway, like a last stand on a battlefield against impossible odds. The cops understood it. Any man who is not a coward understands it, even if they would have chosen not to do it. It was a gesture to his daughters. I'm proud of him.

CheebaHJones 9 points

I am conflicted. I agree with your statements but your username suggests I should down vote you.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/AskScienceFiction
BearCubDan 35 points

If you notice, Counselor Troi is never alone with Wesley. She didn't want to risk his abhorrent, pervy emotions ending up in her head. As a mandatory reporter per the Federation's Amber Protocols she would be required to inform the captain of all the sick shit Wesley gets off on.

CheebaHJones 31 points

I really never though about Counselor Troi being on the same ship as multiple hormonal teenagers. That must've been exhausting

WTXRed 29 points

I think they can filter brains. It's a mental illness if you can't. And then you get your own sentient ship to blow up romulans with

CheebaHJones 9 points

Ah right forgot about that episode.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/summonerschool
WonderfullyImperfect 1 point

Here's my I'm not entirely sure how to link replays though. I always make sure I place good wards when I have them and I try to build sightstone early in the game. There are times where I see that I'm needed somewhere else on the map but I overthink and worry that my ADC will get caught out and that I'll get reported for being bad. Getting reported for being bad is something I often worry about.

Edit: More information

CheebaHJones 2 points

Never worry about getting reported if you are just playing the game and not flaming or feeding. /mute all at the beginning of every game. Only type in chat to communicate what you are going to do and use pings aggressively.

In every game I looked at you bought 0 control wards and your warding rate is really low. Your number one job as a support is vision CONTROL. You take away all their vision and give vision in relevant spots. To protect your team and your ADC. Standing next to your ADC while they perma shove is not playing support. You need to be out warding the enemies jungle. Make sure objectives are always warded and drop control wards any time you move in to take dragon or baron. Sweep commonly warded spots on cool down and always have at least two control wards on you. You seem to be good about not dying too much but based on the low assist count in a lot of your games you aren't creating plays either. Braum is a decent all around support and can engage or disengage equally well so I think your champ is fine TL;DR Ward more, sweep more, and most likely roam more.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/todayilearned
xfactoraeg 3 points

Missed opportunity to make cars sound like the Jetsons.

CheebaHJones 3 points

I was a Toyota salesman when they first added the feature. They brought out one of the prius design team responsible for it to talk about it. Most of the next hour was the sales people trying to figure if it would be possible to replace that sound with the Jetsons noise. So you weren't alone there lol

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/Albuquerque
CheebaHJones 7 points

Closest to Albuquerque would either be Trinidad or Antonito. Trinidad is a straight shot up I25 and a pretty bland drive once you get to Las Vegas NM. Antonito has a few more twists and turns but the scenery really makes up for it. I drove both fairly regularly for work and for recreation.

Antonito only had two shops last time I was there. The Flower selections were fairly limited but the quality was really good and the reps knew their shit. The big shop in town had an attached dab lounge and a pretty good selection of concentrates from wax to live resins. Prices are comparable but Trinidad has more shops and bigger selection.

Antonito is a more restrictive drive and is two lane most of the way so I guess as far as transport safety I25 is a bit less suspicious but I rarely encounter law enforcement on either route.

All routes are about three hours one way so prepare for a full day's journey.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/WaxPens
CheebaHJones 1 point

My coworkers reaction is that differs depending on the product used. None of them smoke but all know what it smells like. Sometimes that will say it doesn't smell like anything, or an herbally scent that's not immediately identified as marijuana. Others they will say smell straight up like pot.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/pics
Xendarq 8,142 points

For those of us who, thanks to vaccines, aren't even sure what diphtheria is:

Symptoms often come on fairly gradually, beginning with a sore throat and fever. In severe cases, a grey or white patch develops in the throat. This can block the airway and create a barking cough as in croup. The neck may swell in part due to enlarged lymph nodes.

CheebaHJones 2 points

An interesting note about Diphtheria is that the most famous running of the Iditarod was a relay run to Nome, Alaska due to a Diphtheria outbreak in 1925.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/starcitizen
libbaz 2 points

325a owner. I have to be extremely careful transitioning from space back into the ship while holding cargo. Most of the time I'm pushed back to float a meter out of the ship without the game giving me eva controls again. Stuck floating in the void unless I can reach an animation trigger.

CheebaHJones 1 point

315 owner. I usually clip partially into the door edge and rip off my arm. Fun times bleeding out in deep space.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/AskCulinary
mmarin5193 4 points

small batches with your wet and dry separate until you need it.

What you are looking for doesn't exist, not even in a industrial setting.

CheebaHJones 2 points

Have to agree. The starches are going to absorb that liquid and expand, changing the texture of the final product. The liquid absorption will also force you to add more liquid, which will force you to mix more, which builds more gluten which makes it tougher. As you can see time is your enemy with batters

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/Cooking
SkyPork 19 points

Apple pie? No, not needed. Something like a cream pie or lemon meringue needs to have a pre-baked pie crust.

CheebaHJones 3 points

I agree with you in general, though Apple pie would be an exception for a new baker. Getting the liquid consistency is tough for first time apple pie bakers. They would probably benefit from the added structure of a blind baked crust. But your answer is correct so I up voted it. Just wanted to add this for newer bakers.

I like the Alton Brown technique of sugaring the apple slices in a colander and letting them drain their liquids then thickening those juices on the stove. But even with that I've had soggy crusts on my first few tries.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/starcitizen
Willmeister_ 1 point

Ok, the i’ll try again to see if i can get onto a less full server. Thanks for the reply!

CheebaHJones 2 points

Also, as weird as it sounds, crank your graphics to max. I was getting 5-12 FPS on medium, I went to max and now am pretty solid between 18-20 FPS.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/Cooking
barlister 9 points

What about washed rind or soft blue cheeses? What about all the other aged cheeses that intentionally have mold in them?

CheebaHJones 12 points

When other molds and bacteria take hold in soft cheeses it pretty easy to tell. You'll have a sour milk smell that's not at all associated with those cheeses and the taste will definitely be off.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/Albuquerque
mogwai1138 19 points

Also, most of these say "unknown NM plate". Can probably describe the trim and what radio station they were last listening to but not their own plate number. lol

CheebaHJones 10 points

This so much. If there is one thing people need to memorize about their car, memorize your plate number.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/Albuquerque
ksmathers 3 points

As soon as BGP notices that the route is back up it should fix itself over the next couple of days even if Comcast doesn't do anything special. Hand configuring routes is not really an option at ISP backbone.

CheebaHJones 2 points

This should really be higher.

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