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CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/wowservers
cincanada 7 points

A company trying to make money?! The horror!

CheebaHJones -3 points

And yet, when a private server does the same....

munkin 3 points

Do you have A SINGLE IDEA AT ALL WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! You do realize that the core that both LH and Elysium use was once Nostalrius right? You do realize AN EXPLICIT CONDITION of being given the core was that they couldn't use it for profit.

Jesus Christ you guys are braindead

CheebaHJones 1 point

I actually do know. And back then the memes were exactly the same about nost developers. The kids in the wowserver circle jerk just keep the meme moving to whatever server they think is the worst lately.

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CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/askscience
Futtermax 1 point

Serious question- I'm definitely missing something.

How, if these atoms have such little energy, is a nuclear warhead able to produce such a large explosion?

Is it creating a chain reaction? Splitting up a lot of uranium at once? It doesn't make sense to me that something that can barely move a fruit fly can make a city explode.

Thanks in advance for your potential answer!

CheebaHJones 1 point

It's the number of atoms in the reaction. They are releasing that same amount of energy but with exponentially more starting materials. I'm not an expert or even versed in this so someone else can certainly explain it better. But basically, you have one atom in the previous example. In a nuclear warhead you have billions, if not trillions of atoms in the warhead fuel releasing energy at nearly the same time in proximity to each other.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/wowservers
Mshaffy 2 points

Selling gear is literally the definition of p2w

CheebaHJones -1 points

No, that's pay to progress. Exactly how do you "win" at WoW?

Mshaffy 0 points

It's called pay to win. I didn't invent the term, it is what it is

CheebaHJones 1 point

You didn't invent the term and you obviously don't understand its definition. Pay to win gives paying players a significant advantage over non paying players. The only thing that you can claim them selling gear and toons did was remove the grind for gear. Everyone on the server who didn't pay had the same access to all the items.

The only case you might have is PvP where ranker gear does give you an advantage, but wins and losses have nothing to do with your rank as its all about the HKs. Nothing that anybody claimed was sold is unavailable to the players who played for free or only contributed server money.

It's funny, nobody in this thread, or any thread I've seen for that matter has provided any proof of this happening in the first place. Hence me asking for the link to this gold, toon, and gear marketplace everyone claims WK is running. I'm still waiting for the link.

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Nemis05 4 points

ER's steam is called steam and IC2's is ic2_steam. So that won't work.

CheebaHJones 1 point

Thanks a lot. Ah well at least now I have another big as s reactor lol

Anthony_Kane 4 points


  • Is [Insert Blank Mod Name Here] compatible with IC2.

At first I thought this was an April Fools Day joke... and then I realized you were asking a legitimate question. And I just thought IC2... Compatible... And I started laughing.

No IC2 is compatible with just about JACK SHIT. I mean, it will let you get away with Item and Fluid Transport for the most part, sometimes its okay with other mods "plates"

For everything else, pretty much, when it comes to compatibility you should default assume that IC2 won't play nice with it. That's kind of its schtick.

CheebaHJones 2 points

Yeah figured as much. I do like the concept of ic2. But power generation is clunky at best.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/videos
Thefriendlyfaceplant 57 points

Money makes everything so much funnier.

CheebaHJones 42 points

It isn't the money. Go back and watch the Camp Kill Yourself skate videos. They had no money and he was still laughing after getting shrekt.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/movies
Drakefoxaroo 16 points

I got to meet him when I was a kid

Do tell???

CheebaHJones 52 points

I was six, I cried, he still hugged me and calmed me down. I don't remember much it would've been '86 or early ' 87, but I have a picture of me and him with me holding my trolley

axman90210 7 points

Can you please post that pic somehow? I’d love to see that. And a bit more context if you don’t mind?

CheebaHJones 8 points

It's in one of my mom's photo albums so I can try but no guarantee she's preparing to move so who knows where they are. As far as context, this is all coming from 32 years ago. But from what I can remember he did a show at Popejoy Hall and there was a meet and greet after, my mom was a professor on campus at the time so I think she was able to get us in the meet and greet that way. Though not sure. We met and I apparently freaked out, which also happened when I met Spider Man at the local amusement park, and also Mickey at Disneyland about a year later. I was not good meeting people I saw on TV apparently lol.

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CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/feedthebeast
SpikeRox 1 point

Sure, I’m new to this sub tho.

CheebaHJones 2 points

If you are new to modded minecraft in general FTB Revalation is probaby a good starting place. Its a kitchen sink pack that will allow you to explore a lot of farming, tech, and magic without getting wrapped up in questing and expert modes. If you want more of a guided experience, Age of Engineering will help guide you through the pack with its quest lines.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/wowservers
top_kek_top -1 points

How much money does LH staff sell AQ geared characters for?

CheebaHJones 5 points

I haven't browsed here in like six months. You mouth breathers can't think of any new jokes?

wulgpwns -1 points

Pretty confident it's not a joke...

CheebaHJones 2 points

It was a dumb meme when it started and it hasn't gotten any fresher. Private server sells gear, wow.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/IAmA
[deleted] -6 points


CheebaHJones 3 points

Wow, you're a dick lol. Also, yes you clearly deleted your original comment.

[deleted] -6 points


CheebaHJones 2 points


CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/Warthunder
ArgieGrit01 2 points

Holy fuck man... Thanks for being an unbiased judge lol

Now that we know he wasn't cheating or anything I'm all the more salty... God I wish he was cheating

CheebaHJones 3 points

I don't think that it's possible to cheat in the way you are describing. There's no way to change the ballistics of the round as that's all calculated and stored server side. The only hacks or cheats that I am aware of are the arcade reticle and penetration indicators in RB and SB and aimbots. Neither one of those are able to Identify individual tanks weak spots based on what they are aiming at. And in any event it would be an ring shot either way.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/WTF
TheEschaton 44 points

American here. Once I was hiking in the southern rockies as a young boy scout, and listening to a blacksmith at a stop along our trail (this was Philmont Scout Ranch). While I'm watching this guy bang out some kind of forged bar, a grizzly bear shuffles into view behind his open-air shop, perhaps thirty feet away. I muster up the courage to tell the blacksmith about the bear, and he seems super frustrated, which was not the emotional reaction I had expected to get by telling someone that North America's third largest land carnivore has appeared behind them. He (the blacksmith) calmly told us why he had done what he had done to the red-hot bar, then turned and harangued the bear, who was basically just chilling and rooting around in some foliage nearby, until it shuffled off whence it had came.

CheebaHJones 3 points

There are definitely no grizzlies within 1000 miles of Philmont. What you saw was a cinnamon or brown colored black bear. Source, live in Albuquerque and know there are no grizzlies in New Mexico.

TheEschaton 1 point

darn, well, thanks for the correction.

CheebaHJones 1 point

Though to be fair, as a boy scout I don't think the distinction in species was the important thing for you. Ive come across black bears in the wild while fishing and they're still big enough to ruin your whole day.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/todayilearned
themeatbridge 2 points

Plenty of animals have hide or skin that can stop a small caliber rounds. We just made bigger guns and bullets.

CheebaHJones 5 points

Not really. It's speed that delivers the penetration. The larger calibers just transfer a lot more energy due to their mass. I don't think there is an animal alive that could stop a 5.56 with their hide or even shell.

Yoursisterissexy 3 points

Not elephants. Elephant guns. They were invented in the 19th century.

CheebaHJones 1 point

Most elephant guns were only used as a backup to knock a charging wounded elephant off its feet. The most common caliber for hunting elephants after the invention of smokeless powder was a 6.5mm Swedish, slightly larger in diameter than a 22 caliber bullet. The only reason they used such large calibers is that black powder isn't very efficient at getting things moving extremely fast, it burns too slow, relatively. A large caliber like that is less effective at penetration than a much smaller projectile but carries a ton of energy.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/networking
EZ-Bake 16 points

30 DAYS... If Meraki devices can't talk to the Meraki cloud instance for 30 days they turn into a brick. That is fucking ridiculous.

CheebaHJones 8 points

But, the whole point of Meraki is to be a cloud managed networking device. If you are buying Meraki with the intent of keeping it off the internet, you should have bought literally any other brand of equipment and are doing it wrong.

EZ-Bake 1 point

It's not about intending to keep it off the internet, but when you use Meraki at remote location with rural ISPs (and associated outages) and limited bandwidth thats nearly 100% utilized, you end up getting closer to that 30 days than you'd think.

CheebaHJones 1 point

Which is why they have 4g cards so they can connect without using local bandwidth. Realistically if your use case is that out of the way and a 4g card isn't going to work either it sounds like whoever designed that network chose the wrong solution for that location.

CheebaHJones commented on a post in r/WorldofTanks
spenny506 47 points

I believe not enough people were taking advantage of adopt a tomato

My personal experience has been in game when I offer to platoon with new players, they except, want to be carried, and then when you offer advice or information, they act indignant and say they know how to play. You only have to hear that so many times before you don’t even bother anymore.

CheebaHJones 3 points

I try and message the higher rated players after the game if I insta die to try and get tips to improve. Usually it's along the lines of git gud scrub. Between the community and the super punishing learning curve it's really hard to get my friends to try the game.

DirtyACE7 1 point

Git gud is the gist of it. There's a lot to do to become better so look for guides and watch videos/streams. That's what I did. And you will find a good number of unicums who are salty because for every one of you who is legitimately asking and wanting to learn there are ten other ones who are simply gutter trash that will launch a torrent of insults at you when you try to give them a tip to improve. Personally I've stopped caring much about helping too and usually respond with something like "git gud" because of the toxic shitbags of which there are plenty in every match.

CheebaHJones 1 point

I realize git gud is the gist and the same thing is said watch videos and streamers. That's literally all I do. Look at my Profile I've been steadily improving since I started in December.

I don't message and say "I'm some rando strawberry you didn't even know was in your last game, what should I do to get better?"

I'll ask them specific questions as to why they went where they did, and what they would have done in my tank in that particular match. I've never received a constructive answer to that other than play 15k more games. There's plenty of people with 20k plus games and a worse wn8 than mine so obviously spamming games isn't going to improve me.

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