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I used the Official Study Guide and the practice tests from the book. The first try was my first Cisco exam as I was hired by the company I work for currently straight out of class in my third semester of the Cisco Academy. So it was a big shock for me.

Realistically as long as you have read the book and can reliably answer all the practice questions within it you should do fine. I don't know how much I can say but I will say that you should really learn administration menus and unified reporting capabilities very thoroughly. If you work with these products other than CME with any regularity I think you'll do fine.


Lol no one even mentioned elysium or Nost here this is a K3 post numpty. This is literally the only thread that you should be making positive comments about and you're too stupid to do that. Go back to polishing your SS badges.


OPsaid he was a total noob. Remember when you started and didn't know shit? Well it wasn't from advice like this that you found out. And before you say Google it OP is also on a 3g connection likely with limited data so try and be helpful, alternatively try and stay quiet.


Yes it's unfortunate that we can't use facts and must resort to name calling. For what it's worth I up voted replies to me that were constructive and added to the debate. It's funny how a name can really sway public opinion on a public plan. Identical plans done elsewhere in the city and you almost never hear about it.


Cmon, this is straight political grandstanding by mayor Keller to make Berry look as bad as possible so when he secures the funding he can look like he is the hero. The FTA funding is guaranteed to no municipality. But if we follow the guidelines, and meet the restrictions of the funding request we will most likely receive the funding pending congressional or presidential intervention. This is how federal funding has always worked and people are being overgeneralized from both sides. His statements are an oversimplification of the process but in the opposite e d if the spectrum were not "financially fucked" either.


The current Mayor seems to agree with OPs claims "Keller said the city continues to follow FTA guidelines needed to receive the $75 million Small Starts grant “so we’re ready to apply for funding as soon as it’s authorized as part of the (federal) budget process"

The federal government would always have to authorize the funding and none of it is guaranteed, but the same could be said of any government funded project. OP is correct, but it doesn't fit the anti trump anti ART narrative here so people down vote it massively. They'll up vote you massively without any factual basis for it.


Gotta love all the people downvoting . Hey r/Albuquerque this person never said they agreed with the ART project they were just brave enough to provide you with correct information. I know it doesn't go along with your hate everything related to ART narrative and so you are compelled to mass downvote but please stop and actually read it.


So you can't provide proof of a cash shop, or generated characters, except for a collage of screenshots posted by someone else who also could provide no proof. Got it. Well I'll keep my $100 and you can go ba k to bashing the Chinese and consider this settled.


Yes a horrible edit that took me less than a minute to make. Link to LH cash shop? Still waiting bud. You're right a out one thing I do choose not to believe faked photos on the internet and would like some concrete proof. Hell give me the link, I'll spend my cash to prove you right $50 to LH cash shop and $50 to your venmo or PayPal. I'll be waiting.


I could make that in ten minutes kiddo. None of that is proof. Show me the toon name of a generated rank 14, show me the link to LH cash shop. You've never been able to provide that. Only rumor mill and conjecture. I don't even play LH or Kronos I play on Felmyst. It's just hilarious thinking of you knocking the mountain dew cans out of your on your race to the keyboard to tell everyone the same lies that you can't back up, and your racist rants against the scary yellow man are just icing on the cake

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