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Anyone have any experience with the BOA laces? I'll be in the market for new boots soon and I'm curious about the reliability.

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Have had mine for a few years now. Never had any issues with the BOA laces. They've performed solidly. I'm out west so they've seen their fair share of trail hiking as well as the rivers

Here's some advice. DO NOT SMUGGLE ILLEGAL DRUGS ACROSS AN INTERNATIONAL BORDER! like seriously. This isn't a joke, this is your future you are gambling with. You are fifteen years old, do you have any idea of the legal implications if you are caught? I have been a daily smoker for longer than you have been alive. You can find weed and even wax pens in Europe if you really want them It's a dumb idea and anyone who is encouraging you or giving advice on how to do so aren't being responsible.

What if I’m low key fat and weak AF? I always feel like these type of gyms you need to be fit already to attend.

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I don't attend there, but don't worry about your fitness level. It's an awesome workout and every gym I've ever visited is super welcoming. Just bring plenty of water and don't be afraid to ask the instructor for a break if you need it.

It's only ITs job to speak out on harming the company if it's being done through the abuse\misuse of technology, and only then because it directly relates to our department. Otherwise, we're under no more obligation to report it than any other individual who happens to see something shady.

That having been said, I'm definitely saving every email with this moron, because i want my ass covered when he tries to blame me for his failures.

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Realistically it's not your call as the desk engineer to make that decision. That's why you CYA and get your boss involved and let him know this is an issue before it comes to him from other channels.

The eggs tend to stick to, for example, the birds feet while swimming. As the bird flies to another pond or body of water the eggs detach from the bird and are released into the new body of water.

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Having handled a fair amount of fish eggs I have to disagree with that explanation. In my experience, fish eggs in water or fresh out of a females roe sack are pretty slippery. They only get a tacky surface after being exposed to air. They do tend to clump to each other but I don't see them sticking to a random passing aquatic bird or even one actively feeding on a "redd" or salmonid egg laying site.

Rocket League. Fortnite. World of Tanks. Used to have Warframe I’m not 100% sure if that’s still. But the first 3 are the biggest ones.

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I think you meant warthunder. World of tanks was never cross platform.

This is probably true thank you.

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No problem, your overall point is correct though.

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Check out Naked (1993) if you haven’t already, probably his best role.

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Good movie, but very weird.

Worst submission of my life, Partner attempted to mount. He's little so I tied to scoot out underneath while pushing him over my head. He sits down on my face and I kid you not my nose broke the seal on his bunghole. I tapped immediately to what we now call "The Brown Star"

Team Buckhorn!

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For sure. Team Buckhorn all the way

Cody's lab did something like you are thinking. Maybe this video will help you.

If it's warranty work why would you consider anywhere else but a dealership?

Right? Even at that age how can you have such little coordination? Dudes were falling over when no one was even close to them.

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I casually use "struggle cuddle" in conversation. My wife has to remind me that it sounds very creepy to normies, exemplified by the uncomfortable looks.

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Struggle snuggle is what I use

The truth is that, at least among the smart ones, the tires are gone and have been replaced by the luggage of the Air BnB crowd paying $100 a night for a "rustic experience".

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Drive from Albuquerque to Farmington and tell me how many smart people you see with that luggage up there.

No, but it may affect the APs joining the controller of the certificates are expired before the new time/date.

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Yep. Which can be used as a workaround if your certs expired.

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This is probobly my problem. Even before vaping i had to drink a lot. I have hyper hydrosis and run really hot so maybe i'm just super dehydrated all the time.

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Typically if your pee has color you're not drinking enough water. Don't force down 2 gallons a day but you want your urine to be as close to clear as possible.

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The amount of salt should taste like sea water and vinegar is about 500ml. Everything should go by taste Taste taste.

So after soaking them for about 30 minutes you drain the liquid and steam them in the oven for about 25 minutes. Take note depends on the size of your fries and the cutting of your fries the time varies.

After steaming fry them in 250 degrees celcius till the fries starts to get a layer of crust but not too brown it's like a layer of skin. Take them out and cool them to room temperature and freeze

During service, take them straight out of the freezer and drop them in the 300 degrees celcius fryer till it's brown and crispy. Season and serve.

That's how I used to do it

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300c?!? that's over 575 Fahrenheit. What were you frying them in, motor oil?

I like to slice up a small potato, half an onion, some garlic, some oil, salt+pepper and wrap in foil or parchment paper and bake for 45 mins. So flavorful and moist and basically 3 min prep.

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Switch oil for butter, add some cayenne and cheese and that's my go to campfire side.

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yes. but there is no legal licence in the first place. I could type something up on the computer, and certify it with my name. there's just no way to legally enforce it unless you go to court.and then will it be up to the judge.

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There is a legal definition to meet standards of service animal.

"(d) As used in this section, “guide dog” means any guide dog or Seeing Eye dog that was trained by a person licensed under Chapter 9.5 (commencing with Section 7200) of Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code or that meets the definitional criteria under federal regulations adopted to implement Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-336)."

There may not be a "license" but the person would need to prove their animal was trained by someone who met the criteria of the state. Lawmakers have a legal standard that must be met. The code is certainly enforceable.

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The law for treason is written so that an enemy must be a country we’re at war against. To me, Brennan is being irresponsible by promoting this claim when he presumably knows that.

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution

Enemies are explained in this Washington Post column:

[E]nemies are defined very precisely under American treason law. An enemy is a nation or an organization with which the United States is in a declared or open war.

Edit: not being guilty of the very specifically defined treason laws in no way precludes Trump of being guilty of other federal crimes.

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I agree with your point and with your interpretation of the specific definition of treason. I just wanted to point out that Brennan was very careful to include the quote "risen to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors" as well as allusion to treason. Many legal scholars have defined Nixon's actions with the Vietnamese ambassadors prior to the 68 elections as treasonous, even though we were never officially at war then either. Hell, when Johnsons team heard the tapes they even said so out loud. So while it might not rise to the legal definition of it, I think it's notable that while we are not in a shooting war with Russia, our security and intelligence services are certainly not on friendly terms with them.

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I am in complete agreement that Russia is an adversary. And working with an adversary against the interests of the US may feel treasonous, but it’s not under our laws, so I’m not sure what point it serves to say it is other than to generate outrage over the charge of treason never being levied. It would seem to erode trust in our justice system, which is already under assault from Trump.

BTW, Nixon was probably guilty of a different crime:

His actions appear to violate federal law, which prohibits private citizens from trying to “defeat the measures of the United States.”


The referenced law

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Which is why Brennan added the high crimes and misdemeanors. He's not the one levying charges. He can say just about anything he wants. And if the President wants to try and refute it he's welcome to in a civil court. He's possibly legally stretching the definition. But not by much. It's up to the special council and after that Congress so ultimately splitting hairs on the legal definition of what a former US intelligence official is saying is kind of pointless. The greater point is he is part of an ever growing number of former US military and intelligence officials speaking out about their feelings about current US politics. I personally can't remember a time when so many people who usually stay silent on these matters are in unison saying something is wrong with the Presidents relationship with the Russian government.

I'm not taking either side, but rather asking for clarification, I thought EVOO had a lower smoke point than say canola/vegetable/peanut or other (cheaper) oils and that's why those oils are preferred for frying? Feel free to correct me.

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Preferred, but the smoke point of extra virgin olive oil of good quality is still over 400 F source. If you used the oil they used to fry with, to finish your food, there may be some noticeable quality loss. But it's perfectly fine to use in all but the highest heat applications.

Any time you attack someone, that can be considered a threat on that person's life..

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That's just patently false and you know it. With your justification a verbal Assault should garner the same responses. A physical altercation does not necessarily equate to the fear of as the law states "great bodily harm or imminent death" that man made a snap judgment and did not make any attempt to determine the threat level. He murdered someone in cold blood and is using the poorly worded statute as his shield.

Is he guilty of a crime? Not in Florida, but that doesn't make it any more right than if this happened in a state where he wasn't protected by the law and was convicted. If you are going to carry a firearm and have the right to take someone's life you need to be fully clear of the threat and circumstance that you place yourself in. He initiated the altercation, knowingly or not, by verbally assaulting the occupants of the vehicle. He didn't take the time to assess the threat level and address the situation in a calm manner. The physical Assault after the initial verbal altercation was in no way life threatening. He escalated the situation and then de escalated it with lethal force. The man takes steps back as soon as he sees the gun. That right there ended the threat of any further injury. If after the fact he charged again by all means that could be justified but the fact of the matter is that the threat had been temporarily mitigated by sight if that gun. It was murder plain and simple

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