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No, strangely it had no distinctive smell, just the acid smell of the sour orange juice.

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Don't know if anyone has already commented this. But that's a SCOBY not so WTF still cool though.

The difference between classes while leveling can be as much as 2x the lower persons dps. I don't understand how you can stand by your statement that the loss of a full person in a group of 4 people doing meaningful damage wouldn't significantly reduce the time to complete a dungeon.

Like sure, maybe a person pulling ~10% less dps will only account for a couple minutes, but if someone is doing low enough damage that their contribution is the equivalent of AFK you will notice a difference by significantly more then that.

Like I said before, people should be understanding, but your statement that dps doesn't effect clear times to a significant degree is just.... demonstrably false.... I don't even know why you're trying to argue against it?

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Found the ass hat who kicks people based on DPS.

Because I pointed out the fact that dungeons were buffed and heirlooms were nerfed?

You're trying too hard

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No, because you're arguing over someone who used the word "generally" about a miniscule amount of time lost due to an indeterminate amount of lost damage. If you're min/maxing that much in a subreddit I can only imagine how you act in game.

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hunt for decent PYREX.

Why is this? Did something happen?

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Corporate greed.

Nah, more people lose their dishes to dropping than thermal changes. Soda lime holds up better to drops.

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That may be their corporate stance but every source I can find online points to cost reductions when American Bakeware purchased the Pyrex™ brand name. In fact in testing "Consumer Reports found the resistance to impact breakage to vary widely among samples, but that some samples of soda lime glass were in fact quite strong in that regard." Source

It's your first dungeon. Relax, Warlocks, especially affliction warlocks, are not about the huge burst of damage. Your specialty is sustained damage over time and survivability, with life tap and drain life a healer should never have to even look at you freeing his focus for the tank. Also in lower levels mobs don't have enough health to live through your dots so your damage numbers are going to be low. Also don't worry about level differences, with the scaling system level difference means very little as far as damage output.

After you get a few talents you will be doing consistent damage. If you want burst you can switch to destruction but I wouldn't recommend it until after level 70. I just hit 90 on my first retail warlock and it's been smooth sailing all the way through. You can switch your specialty anytime for free out of combat so experiment with them. Lock one stop shop is a good resource to look at the differences between specs. Just keep in mind that the overviews are mostly endgame oriented but there are some good guides for leveling specs there as well.

Omfg how big is it?! What is it?!?!!

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Sun spider. Probably about as long as your pinky. Maybe a bit smaller. They aren't venomous and rarely bite, but can be aggressive if threatened and will fight others of their own species to the death.

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I'm with you on accuracy being on par with a rifle at that range, and the variety of available cartridges is a bonus I hadn't considered, but "spread" as it's often thought of is largely a myth from Hollywood.

Even a shotgun with an open choke (a choke is a device that affects the projectile dispersion of a shotgun, "open" has the most spread, "full" has the least, and there's more options in between) will have a "spread" the size of dinner plate at 30 yards. Granted, there are many factors, barrel length, number, shape, and size of the individual projectiles, the choke, etc. But the idea that shotguns are no-miss death-cloud machines at close range is an absolute myth.

*Edit: a word

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I'd argue he was firing a slug or 000 buck. Something large with a lot of energy transfer to take the animal off its feet. Similar to the 45 ACP's design history, it transfers a lot of kinetic force.

I liked the article, and I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!

Ive heard it talked about before but what is staff?

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Staph infection

An infection caused by bacteria commonly found on the skin or in the nose. Learn more at

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Insane man. A lot of determination and good work, what a treat to watch!

What tool do you use to loosen the bolts? You hammer on em and it turns a bit, or how does that work?
Thanks for the vid.

Barehanded. wtf xD How do you keep your hands from dissolving? oO

Did you make those carb gaskets yourself? They look mint!

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It's an impact driver , and yes that's pretty much exactly what it does.

Time you enjoy wasting, was not a waste. - John Lennon

Explain Yoko Ono then...

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No one can explain yoko.

Dropped a fly box in the upper section of the conejos river. Found it riverside back near the campsite the next morning. That thing floated near ten miles of river.

I'm a simple man. I see the title of a game in the title if the post and I up vote it.

No. It's fucking not. We had just as many guns in the 70s and stuff like this didn't happen. Guns are not the problem. Our people are the problem. Guns are a tool that sick people use to commit mass murder. Did you read the story about the German man who used poison to kill 21 of his coworkers? That happened. He didn't have a gun, so he got creative. And he still found a way to commit mass murder.

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Funny you should point to the 70s as a decade where this did not happen. Mass shootings more than doubled from the 60s to the 70s and tensions were extremely high nationwide with riots in multiple major cities and the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

You are absolutely correct that sick people will still find alternative ways to murder others. But the frequency and the magnitude of these incidents can be associated with only one commonality, and that's ease of access to firearms. Every statistic on mass shootings and gun violence point to sensible gun control measures visibly and dramatically reducing the number of incidents we Americans have to deal with. I for one am not advocating for the removal of our right to own a firearm. But surely sensible measures to reduce the ability for these people to have access to the weapons is not a bad thing.

Every statistic on mass shootings and gun violence point to sensible gun control measures visibly and dramatically reducing the number of incidents we Americans have to deal with.

So the cities with the most strict gun control have the least gun crime?

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Actually no, but when nationwide gun control measures were strengthened after the attempt on Reagan, and after the Assault Weapons ban, gun violence showed a sharp and steady decline also, as further shown in the statistics, repeal of these laws shows an immediate and marked increase in gun violence.

"In 2007, Missouri repealed its permit-to-purchase handgun licensing law...  This change eliminated mandatory background checks for handguns sold by private sellers in the state.  Johns Hopkins researchers determined that repeal of Missouri’s background check requirement was linked to a 14% increase in Missouri’s murder rate through 2012 and a 25% percent increase in firearm homicide rates."Source

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If you take a look at the server statistics of lights hope before the launch of northdale you can clearly see that the majority of the pop was from china. I'd estimate about 60%. Not surprising that northdale is the same.

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Man, You u/top_kek_top alt accounts don't even try anymore. Must suck to be scared of a bit of melanin.

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just a nitpick, 1-60 content is from Cata, which only came out just over 7.5 years ago.. big difference from 15 year old content. the game hasn't even been out for 14 yrs yet! Morrowind is that old.

Still, your point stands

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Most of the actual quests haven't changed since vanilla though. Especially in areas virtually untouched by Deathwing like Hillsbrad and Arathi.

Hillsbrad hasn't changed??? What?? Have you never played that zone?

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The vanilla quests are still there and no they haven't changed and actually just finished that zone As far as the changes to the zone Southshore is now horde and wrecked , Tarren mill is bigger and there's a tunnel that's pretty much all the changes I can think of really. So the keyword in my OP is virtually


CICD 210-060 Passed! 893/860

Obligatory I'm so excited . Don't really know what's appropriate to post/answer on here but I'm open for any questions that don't violate the NDA.

Edit: Forgot to mention this was my second try.

2 points · 27 days ago

Took this back in April, didn't study for it other than having read through the OCG a year before and like 30 minutes of CCP stuff before the test. My view was that there was a lot of dumb questions you'd be able to google in 5 seconds and you would gloss over without retaining. OCG didn't do much for me.

I did pass it but I contribute it to 2 years of working with UC Applications. Rarely did anything relevant to actually working with UC apps even get asked in that test however, to be frank.

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

Can't disagree with any of your points.

how was the test? I'm considering going for it in a few months. what sort of material did you use to study?

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

I used the Official Study Guide and the practice tests from the book. The first try was my first Cisco exam as I was hired by the company I work for currently straight out of class in my third semester of the Cisco Academy. So it was a big shock for me.

Realistically as long as you have read the book and can reliably answer all the practice questions within it you should do fine. I don't know how much I can say but I will say that you should really learn administration menus and unified reporting capabilities very thoroughly. If you work with these products other than CME with any regularity I think you'll do fine.

Original Poster6 points · 1 month ago

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Glad I didn’t give up after seeing that page online because it has quests after it! Thanks again

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-16 points · 1 month ago

Of which 10k are chinese. Hence no hype to see here.

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You kids are so scared of a bit of digital melanin. Does the sunlight burn when you go outside?

I read the title three or four times trying to rhyme it with the itsy bitsy spider and getting confused.

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Says the racist basement troll.

Jesus christ this is pathetic.

Hey I know you guys are sad and looking for a new home, here's a great place that's not the same expansion, not the same rates, totally unblizzlike and basically the opposite of what you were playing on...

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Maybe we should all switch to Paymane right?

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Yeah as I said in another comment, I was wrong and I don’t have a problem admitting that. It would actually be 2.25 seconds vs. 3 seconds buffed vs. unbuffed, so not nearly as bad as I thought originally.

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Admits he's wrong, updated post with corrected values, gets called an idiot and down voted. This sub reddit is sure full of two year olds.

-2 points · 1 month ago


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Lol no one even mentioned elysium or Nost here this is a K3 post numpty. This is literally the only thread that you should be making positive comments about and you're too stupid to do that. Go back to polishing your SS badges.

????????????????????????????????????????????????? I really don't get this post, just walk to the dungeon entrance??? It's not that hard to walk a character to a dungeon....

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OPsaid he was a total noob. Remember when you started and didn't know shit? Well it wasn't from advice like this that you found out. And before you say Google it OP is also on a 3g connection likely with limited data so try and be helpful, alternatively try and stay quiet.

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