6'3" Trump beside 6'1" Obama. by AdjunctivePrick in pics

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Correcting the grandparent....

BMI is terrible if you are really tall or really short. It is based on the square of your height, instead of the cube of your height like it should be.

The girl in your article is 5'2", which is too short for the BMI to work well. If we compare her to a basketball player who is 6'11", we know that she is obviously shorter than the basketball player, and obviously she has a smaller width between her shoulders than the basketball player, but even in the third dimension (front to back) she is smaller also.

The volume of a sphere: 4/3*π r3
The volume of a cone where the height equals the radius: 1/3*π r3
The volume of a cylinder where the height equals the diameter: 2*π r3
The volume of a cube with side length r: r3

Do you notice how all of these have r3 in them?

The BMI "gets by" using the square instead of the cube only because adults are generally all the same size. If you get 100 random adults together, it's pretty rare that the tallest person is even 25% taller than the shortest. Once the height difference between two people exceeds 25%, then it becomes glaringly obvious how terrible it is.

Drug dealer - 1 Cops - 0 by gideon2086 in funny

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It's also possible that the SLPT post is what inspired people to make this video.

There was speculation about it last time.

Are you feeling lucky? by HerbziKal in funny

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Haha! We have aggressive geese where I live too, and I know of at least two businesses in this town that have had them nest in the parking lot and then drive away business.

They are nasty creatures, yet I still see people feed them.

This is why women live longer than men by nfjjdha in funny

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Uncropped version.

This photo has been around for a very long time.

Firefighter catches little girl thrown from third story during apartment fire. by rusy in gifs

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I'm a little confused why I got gold, but I'm not complaining.

I can understand why you would ask, because it is a bit confusing, but no, it certainly was not me!

Firefighter catches little girl thrown from third story during apartment fire. by rusy in gifs

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Hey, we all (or nearly all) know that different countries count stories different ways, and even spell it different ways (story vs. storey). There's no reason to be rude about it.

Are you feeling lucky? by HerbziKal in funny

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Higher resolution version from 2012.

This post from a month earlier from /u/Leg0z was posted by someone who actually worked in the building.

Firefighter catches little girl thrown from third story during apartment fire. by rusy in gifs

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Looks like you are right from this article:

One by one, Ragland started sending his family down a ladder where firefighters caught the children.

It's a family of 12, and all made it out, all from that ladder to the balcony.

I can't imagine throwing my child from that height, but if there are that many that had to get out, all through the same exit, it suddenly makes sense.

Firefighter catches little girl thrown from third story during apartment fire. by rusy in gifs

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The firefighter is a woman.

In the longer version, you can see that she falls to herhis knees, but not all the way, and doesn't drop the child. ShHe stands back up at the end.

EDIT: Ok, the woman in that article caught some of the earlier kids, but not this particular kid. I still provided an article when others couldn't, but fine, if you think I'm unhelpful, downvote me more, and I'll delete this.

EDIT AGAIN: Thanks for the gold, stranger!!

Firefighter catches little girl thrown from third story during apartment fire. by rusy in gifs

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It's the mother that threw the child, according to this tweet.

EDIT: This article says it was the father, and it gives his name. Another article also says it was the father, so I think the tweet I found initially is just wrong.

This is Finland by AndrewRuiz76 in gifs

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It was posted to /r/gifs last week without the text above and below.

Now the text has been added and the video has been degraded. It definitely seems like Facebook is to blame.

This machine would be handy to have around by Linconis in funny

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Wow, you're right! Her shirt definitely changes when the camera angle changes.

My parents: piano partners in 1959, expecting their first in 1977 by thisisattest in pics

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Expecting their first piano in 1977? What type did they receive?

Was it a baby grand?

Guys don't be insecure around ladies with make-up on - they are cheating by GteatClips in funny

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This subreddit should have rule against it.

In fact, it is so important, that it should be above all other rules. They should make it Rule #0.

Oh wait...

Dress with a lot of colour and flowers. Handmade by my girlfriend by hotstealer in pics

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You say it is handmade, but that fabric is clearly machine-knit.

I'm not trying to call you out, but could you explain a little more about what exactly she did? I'm assuming she sewed the fabric together and did embroidery(??) on it?