Is it possible to waste 'extra' explore areas? by Tasonir in level13

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Since the game is in Alpha stage, I'm guessing that any upcoming update is likely to reset all progress you have so far. So, I wouldn't get too attached to your character.

Steel hose being braided by denden0 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Plumbing. Example:


I'm pretty sure the one in the gif is a lot larger and more elaborate than this one, but it's the same idea. There's a lining that actually holds the liquid, but it has no structure. The steel braid gives it structure.

How steel hose is braided (x-posted from /r/gifs) by Chezzik in educationalgifs

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Someone in the /r/gifs discussion linked this video of a similar loom used for carbon fiber hose by Lexus.

I've seen hose like this (example), and always have wondered how it was made!

The rare golden tiger by iam4real in pics

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It frustrates me how many of these posts cite the "less than 30" number in a way that makes people think it is a threatened species. It's a condition that happens in zoos due to inbreeding.

In fact, all golden tigers, and even all white tigers in North America zoos can trace back their history to one tiger named Bhim, and his father Tony. source.

Last day of winter in Ohio? High reaching 65. First day of spring in Ohio? High of 35 and ended with 3 inches of snow in two hours. by TopMinotaur in WeatherGifs

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While the vernal equinox (March 20) is the first day of "meteorological spring", spring actually started 19 days earlier, on March 1.

Anyone played "level 13"? I'm hooked so far ._. by harugawaden in incremental_games

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That happens to me on about 1/3 of the battles I've had. If it is a gang, then I get a gray screen. If it is just a rat attacking me for exploring, then I get a button that says "Continue" or something like that and I can't click on it.

When it happens, I just reload the page. It seems to save every time you change rooms. I may have to fight the creature or creatures again, but it usually works the second time.

Anyone played "level 13"? I'm hooked so far ._. by harugawaden in incremental_games

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It looks like I've discovered hard mode: Have an injury right away.

You start with one injury, which brings your health down to 50% and your stamina down to 500.

Getting a second injury brings your health down to 25% and your stamina to 250.

I can't get more than about 8 spaces away from base camp without being able to make it back. I haven't found any way yet to fix injuries. At least, it seems that the number of injuries you can have is limited to 2, so I'm free to wander beyond my normal bounds, and then just "despair" without worry of getting injured more.

65 years after it crash landed on a beach in Wales, an American P-38 fighter plane has emerged from the sand where it was once buried by quince6 in pics

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Maybe, maybe not.

Here's an article about it. It's from 2010.

P-38s are very special planes. Glacier Girl was buried under 268 feet of snow and ice, but was valuable enough to be located, retrieved, and restored. I'm not really into aviation, but even I know about Glacier Girl.

A quick search for "P-38 Wales" brings up lots of articles about how this one has been located and they are planning to recover it, as soon as a "home" for it is found. I assume by home, they mean a collector who has a whole lot of money to spend on restoring it, and has proven their ability to restore old warbirds properly.

So, /r/aviation may love it, but chances are they already know a lot about this particular plane, and wouldn't really care for a random image of it.

10-4 rubber ducky looks like we got ourselves a convoy by neckbeard_avalanche in funny

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For those too young to get this, there was a time that music like this used to be on the radio.

Interstellar docking scene. by Stef1_1Robbe in funny

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Last time this was posted, there was intense debate about which frame was the frame where the girl realized she had made a big mistake.

You can see some of the best candidate frames here.

Bow fishing by SlimJones123 in gifs

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It's interesting that many of the people in the comments have a better knowledge of the lionfish situation than the author, and they say the author is wrong.

The way that article reads, it's clear the author is in one a "let me disprove something that you think is obviously true" mode that fosters exaggeration and conveniently leaving out facts that don't support the position. It's still interesting, and I'm glad you linked it, but I don't really buy it!

Bow fishing by SlimJones123 in gifs

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The shot is a lot easier when you go at night.

For those of you who wonder why we say these fish have "ruined our waterways", that video should give an idea how bad it is.

Feedback Loop by Sketraw25 in funny

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Rule 3 is against reposts now.

The mods have done a pretty good job of removing reposts that are reported now. Somehow this one got missed.

Neil... what are you doing with that? by MenitoBussolini in funny

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or Bill Nye?

We're looking for people who promote science over idiocy, not the other way around.

Let's make a promise to never speak of him again.

Diamonds are shit, and you people should stop buying them. by Ralph-Hinkley in videos

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Great question, but I don't have an answer. I know a tiny bit about crystal lattices (ie. I know the difference between FCC and HCP lattices) but I know nearly nothing about gem cuts. Diamond is clearly a lattice of Carbon atoms I believe it is FCC packed, and Moissanite's chemical composition is SiC. I don't know what lattice structure it has. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about gem cutting can come by and explain more.

There are multiple types of cuts available for both gems, and the types of cuts available are somehow based on the lattice structure.

EDIT: Found this for diamond's structure and this and this for moissanite lattice structures.

EDIT 2: This link talks about moissanite cuts using the same terms as diamond cuts, and the round brilliant even has 58 facets, just like it does for diamonds. But, I think the angles for these cuts are different.

We took a telescope around Los Angeles and captured the reactions of people seeing the moon through it. This is the result. by verydangerousasp in space

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And since it is a Dobsonian, you have to adjust both controls (altitude and azimuth) about once a minute.

If you get a telescope with an equatorial mount, you basically get 4 controls, but you only have to fiddle with one to keep any object in focus.

The first control isn't really a control. You have to point the mount northward. You can use the north star to get it perfect, if you are planning to do photography, but with mine, I just guesstimate. There's a big "N", and I just set it up with that facing north. The second is altitude of the north star. Once again, you get this right as you set up the telescope, and then don't have to touch it again. There's a big hole on the scope, and I just look through it to find the north star, if I'm in an area with relatively little light pollution.

The other two (R.A. and declination) are what you use to find a given object. Once you have it in focus, you just turn the R.A. to keep an object in view.

Mine comes with a cheap motor drive that only turns at one speed. That speed is one rotation every 23 hr 56 minutes, which is perfect for following any object in the sky.

Why isn't it every 24 hours, you wonder? If it was, then it would be pointing in the exact same spot tomorrow night. Of course, every night is different, due to the earth's rotation around the sun. 23 hr 56 minutes is perfect, though!