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ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/AskWomen
ToastMyGoat 261 points

This probably won't help at all but...

It took me four years to finally get over an ex. Which is a huge amount of time. And definitely not normal. But I was a teen at the time. What happened was I realized it had been so long, that I wasn't in love with HIM anymore, I was in love with who he had been.

ChickenHuggs 36 points

Took me 10 years to get over mine!

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/Parenting
blbyrne 916 points

You didn't shame him. You helped him understand the impact of his actions.

By the way, you're a really good sister!

ChickenHuggs 12 points

Yes!! I wish my sister did that for me!! I think you've done a great job teaching your son empathy as well. He now understands the pains of being woken at night.

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/Tourettes
ChickenHuggs 1 point

I pick the crap out of my lips to the point they are bleeding. Does that count?

user7612 2 points

Well I used to do that it could be dermotilomania

ChickenHuggs 1 point

Just looked it up. There's another problem I have! Yay lip picking and tourettes and depression!

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/actuallesbians
ChickenHuggs 2 points

I think I just met myself in the future. I am married but really coming to terms that I'm probably gay. I also have two kids so I pretty much feel stuck in this life. It's eating me alive and I constantly feel like something is missing.

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/femalefashionadvice
peppermint-kiss 17 points

Yes, I've had this exact same problem!

I looove button-up flannel, ripped jeans, delicate jewelry, long beachy waves, smokey eyes.......on other girls.

Button up shirts make me look like an elephant, why wear jeans when you can wear leggings?, chunky jewelry balances my frame, long hair makes me feel claustrophobic, and I like bright colors and sparkles. All I want are tunics, leggings, kimonos, comfy dresses, and pajamas with lots of fun/pretty accessories and creative makeup.

Part of what attracts me to the tight, neat, delicate, rugged, and dark look in other women is that I'm loose, messy, intense, princessy, and colorful myself. I like the contrast in romantic partners, or even just friends.

OT but does anyone have links to like, tropical or beachy boho lookbooks? I'm just now realizing that that's probably the best way to describe my taste lol.

ChickenHuggs 13 points

Dark, flannel, canvas pants girl here who loves feminine, flowery, pink wearing ladies. I've bought so many bright happy colored clothing that never gets worn. Most still have tags because I love the outfit but feel like an idiot when I wear it. This post made me realize that it's what I like on other girls!

onlykindagreen 250 points

Literally it was like this line of thought but backwards that made it take soo long for me to even realize I liked other women. My whole life I always looked at the girls more, but I always assumed it was because I just wanted to look like that. I'm overweight and been unhappy with my body/style for a long time, so I also always had this little twinge inside when I saw a beautiful girl that I thought was longing in a jealous turns out it was longing in a different way. Plus I like guys too so that muddied it all up. "Nono, I just want to be like that! That's why I'm so obsessed with her and keep peeking back at her through a crowded food court at the mall, I'm not checking her out, I'm just wishing I could be her, duh!"

Yeah turns out I like ladies.

ChickenHuggs 6 points

You totally described the last 15 years of my life!!

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/orangeisthenewblack
fatbaldgamer -1 points

I think the writers got kinda lazy, everyone's personality has been boiled down and distilled into the most their most rudimentary. Nikki is a smartass, Piper is worried about white people problems, Suzanne is overly crazy, Red is ill tempered, etc. Gone are the other characters I was looking for, no yoga Jones.

ChickenHuggs 29 points

White people problems = terrified your fiance is dead?!?

fatbaldgamer -9 points

It's been 6 seasons and Piper still acts like it's her first day in the joint. Real shit is going down and she's organizing a goddamn kickball game. She never has to work to solve her problems, they all just kind of work themselves out.

ChickenHuggs 19 points

She's just trying to bring joy to a messed up place. Seriously though, the kickball game stopped a bunch of gang deaths, didn't it? It's like when there's a tornado warning outside and your mom is trying to play a game with you in the basement so you're less scared. Nothing wrong with that.

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/raisedbynarcissists
ChickenHuggs 3 points

My first day of college was a train wreck because my mom screamed at me all morning for not packing enough shoes and not arranging my dorm room the right way. Man, was i happy to finally be on my own

ChickenHuggs 3 points

YES!! I hated holidays and vacations because of my psycho mom

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/raisedbynarcissists
ChickenHuggs 13 points

I relate to everything you said. Holy shit. My parents were so kind to everyone else's kids. Even on vacation my dad would literally play with random other kids while my sister and I watched from a bench, very confused. My freaking dad did it again with my children at a water park and I freaked out on him.

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/AskWomen
sunfriedawesome 14 points

I love Drops of Jupiter by Train, but there's one part that goes "(something something) fried chicken, your best friend always sticking up for you.....the best soy latte you've ever had in me" and I am still SO CONFUSED.

Also there's a Demi Lovato lyric that goes "won't wash my hair, then make them bounce like a basketball" and I don't know if it's reference to some slang I don't know??

ChickenHuggs 0 points

Best soy latte you've ever had in weeks

ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/actuallesbians
Sierra_Fox 89 points

Tall girl here. Now if I was only:

1.) pretty

2.) muscular

3.) knew girls with this reaction

ChickenHuggs 3 points

Average looking tall girl here too... kind of want to start lifting and then get a valkyrie tattoo now

ChirpingBirb 7 points

Can I use this on my arm?

ChickenHuggs 4 points

You can, but it won't scar because it barely burns the surface skin cells

Tacogasm 4 points

I'm a solid [8] right now and I have contemplated many things within me in the duration of this gif.

ChickenHuggs 1 point

Haha, me too. That's why I posted it!

Professional_Lettuce 1 point

Do you guys have any stuff uploaded online? I’d love to check it out (:

ChickenHuggs 2 points

Not yet, still mixing things and making it perfect :)

Sothotheroth 1 point

Is it in both hands? A friend of mine uses a bass with a sort of rotated fretboard to accommodate his tendonitis and it works like a dream.

ChickenHuggs 1 point

Only in the right hand

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ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/Bass
schott1984 8 points

New to me Dingwall Afterburner 1 "ABXXX".

She's a sound-producing BEAST! Best I can describe it is that it just produces SO MUCH SOUND and is a tone monster. Very resonant feeling.

Glamour shots here:

ChickenHuggs 1 point

I think I'm in love

schott1984 3 points

Sorry, I'm married. 😋

ChickenHuggs 1 point

Me too lol. What's the benefit of having angled frets? Does that make it easier to play?

DeadLightsOut 4 points

KEEP A STRAIGHT WRIST!!!! seriously if you are new you can develop REALLY bad habits that can really limit your physical ability to play down the road.

ChickenHuggs 1 point

Thank you!! The only way to keep straight is sitting on a stool or standing, yes?

jeffreyhamby 2 points

I've never used them, and instead found comfortable positions on the end of a pickup, or (kind of bad form) on the B string on my 5s.

But that's really whatever works for you. If you can't find a pickup spot that's comfortable to rest your thumb on, looking into a thumb rest is probably a good idea.

ChickenHuggs 1 point

My pickups are tiny and sharp so it's hard to find a comfortable spot

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ChickenHuggs commented on a post in r/raisedbynarcissists
lobbing_things 51 points

Oh my gosh I do this, lol. I call it rage cleaning. I never really put that together.

Maybe it's why I hate cleaning while I'm not angry.

ChickenHuggs 4 points

I call it rage cleaning too! This is so weird how common it is.

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