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Chii commented on a post in r/programming
codepc 1 point

Zeroing out memory is necessarily slower than not. In C, it sometimes has "random" behavior because the compiler will not generate instructions to clear the memory before you variables are assigned it. Otherwise, you have to do somewhat expensice memory operations. Of course, every variable eventually needs a value, but initially some variables in Java (class variables, for example), are initialized to zero regardless of what you set them to.

The only difference here is whether or not the language needs to go so far as to initialize all variables to a preset for you

Chii 2 points

Zeroing out memory is necessarily slower than not.

And this can actually e seen in java by using the list.toArray() methods. The method that passes in a zero element array is faster than a preinitialized array, simply because pre-initialized array costs time to zero, where as thr empty array is actuallt not initialised, as it uses a native implementation.

vqrs 1 point

Do you have a source for this? AFAIK the array is only ever used to get the type of the array. The length is irrelevant as Java always creates a new array with the correct type (inspected from the one you passed in) and length (based on the list)

Speed differences might come down to creating two "full length" arrays instead of just one (and an empty array).

What is the "native implementation"?

Chii 2 points
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CrawdadMcCray 6 points

Because it’s Kojima. He’s proved himself time and time and time again that he’s a master of his craft and that’s more than enough to warrant faith in this game. We don’t have to know about the game in order to know it will be made with the upmost craftsmanship and that’s enough to be excited about for now.

Chii 11 points

Is it any different with movie directors?

Chii commented on a post in r/programming
ForgetTheRuralJuror 27 points

It always irks me when people put things down to 'talent' like that. Yeah completely disregard all the hard work someone does, they're just naturally good at it!

Chii 9 points

I always thought that those who claim talent was the reason also implicitly claim that even with hard work, they themselves would not be able to catch up. It's a defeatist attitude, but I think is cultivated by (uncaring) schools and lack of self confidence.

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BloodyLlama 5 points

That's a shame, the show is one of my favorites and on the short list of animes that I recommend to friends who are new to anime.

Chii 1 point

I love the cyber genre, it kinda sucks that it didn't do well. There aren't very many anime of this type.

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YOLO_SWAG_4_JEBUS 21 points

None of the big 4 accounting firms are willing to touch an audit of the Pentagon/The Military as a whole because of how fucked their record keeping is and just how big of an audit it would be. And besides the Big 4, there's no one with anything close to the resources required to audit the pentagon.

Chii 13 points

so you're telling me the pentagon is safe to do the Enron thing, because they're too big to even audit?!

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DispenserOfWisdom 57 points

People don't like to discuss things of that nature. They want equality but not really.

Chii 21 points

No, they just want to be more equal than men!

Chii commented on a post in r/worldnews
kdeff 155 points

Unfortunately the big banks have the DOJ by the balls.

Russia does not.

Chii 14 points

big banks have the DOJ by the balls.

and russia may have the president by the balls!

Chii commented on a post in r/mealtimevideos
dunnowy123 24 points

This was an excellent video. It really she's a light on how exploitative and dehumanizing this industry's almost comical how something perceived as innocent, joyous and energetic is built on essentially treating artists as slaves.

Chii 1 point

perceived as innocent, joyous and energetic

and this is the power of marketing and branding. The consumers watching the videos/songs don't see how the sausage is made, but is fed a false culture, geared for massive consumerism and materialism (which in turn, drives demand up for products that are marketed for such a culture).

Don't get me wrong, i do like them songs, but i don't buy into the culture of the glamour, and i try not to have the advertising/branding affect me.

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MellonWedge 59 points

I believe it is because PayPal has a zero tolerance policy in providing services to websites which sell adult content, or something like that, since that content has the highest rates of transaction fraud. If they want to appease PayPal, they can't offer digital pornographic content. Whether PayPal's policy makes sense, or whether the removed games ought to be considered under that policy is another thing.

Chii 0 points

and if that's really the case, couldn't they make games of adult nature not have the paypal payment option? Steam already accept credit cards, so it's not like paypal is the only way to pay.

Chii commented on a post in r/worldnews
JustinWaylonM 134 points

Except that most of that industry is unhealthy rapid growth due to shadow lending that has hyper inflated their economy and is now tanking. Also potential civil unrest for the new dictator after he loses everybody their jobs due to foresaid circumstances.

Chii 4 points

shadow lending

what's shadow lending?

Chii commented on a post in r/worldnews
meneldal2 17 points

I don't think I'd call that a trade war, they literally invaded and had guys on the ground.

Chii 3 points

it started off as a trade war, since the british were hemorrhaging silver and gold for chinese agricultural products (like tea and stuff). They managed to substitute currency with opium instead, and the chinese emperor was furious (as it causes the populous to become addicted, and stopped being productive etc).

But the british weaponary was better, so the chinese lost when the push came to a shove.

Chii commented on a post in r/programming
josefx 3 points

was almost tempted to tell them how Java's backwards compatibility guarantees work but I figured it wasn't worth the effort.

The change log from 1.4.2 to 1.5 has a several pages long list of source, platform, api and binary incompatibilities. You might get hit by some of these even if you made sure to be fully compliant with the documentation.

Chii 0 points

If you recompile 1.4 source with 1.5, and ignore all warnings, it mostly just works.

But it's a good idea to take the opportunity to refactor as well, and that could be much harder...

Chii commented on a post in r/askscience
[deleted] 10 points


Chii 5 points

but would it be possible to have a controller for the artificial heart to increase the pressure manually (e.g., you need to spring, so press the sprint-mode for the heart, and have it pump harder, etc)?

Chii commented on a post in r/europe
Pismakron 6 points

While it is technically not to late to leave, remaining would mean disregarding the vote, which in my opinion would have dire consequences.

Chii 3 points

disregarding the vote, which in my opinion would have dire consequences.

and what is that dire consequence? The populous voting on a non-binding referendum is little more official sounding than a survey, but that's all it was meant to be!

People are dumb - if there was a referendum to give free money, everybody would vote yes to it, doesn't mean it's a good idea, nor feasible!

Pismakron 3 points

there was a referendum to give free money, everybody would vote yes to it, doesn't mean it's a good idea, nor feasible

That's why you don't hold a referendum on such issues. Because holding referendums and then ignoring the results delegitimises the entire political system.

I mean, if your argument was, that holding the referendum was dumb idea in the first place, then I would agree. But ignoring a vote because you disagree with the result and because "people are dumb", that is pretty despicable.

Chii 2 points

But ignoring a vote because you disagree with the result

doing an action that 49% of people didn't want done is also a bad sign. Brexit is a lose-lose situation. The yes vote was there because of people's disenfranchisement about their future, and somehow, there was somebody making blames on the EU as the scapegoat. Given the yes-vote feel they "have nothing to lose" and "everything to gain" (as is marketed to them), i'd say the referendum was poorly done, as well as majority of voters misinformed about the nature of the EU as well as benefits and drawbacks (of which yes, there are some legitimate ones).

When a baby shoots itself with a gun you can't blame the baby. you blame the parents (politicians in this case).

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