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Chii commented on a post in r/blackmagicfuckery
0xFFE3 0 points

Hunter gatherers actually worked far less per day. Usually about 12-19 hours per week, and most often that was done in a couple of days.

Chii 3 points

but their quality of life is by far lower than the modern day average person.

They can only eat what they can hunt. People today can eat basically all kinds of foods (see if a hunter can get seafood if they don't live near the sea).

Saying that a hunter worked less per day than a wage earner today is only true if one doesn't consider the output, and the resulting wealth created.

Chii commented on a post in r/worldnews
Jojomadeitgoyo 2 points

The only countries I don't see doing this are some European countries.

Because they lack the ability, they don't have proper militaries so they rely on the US, UK and France to do their work.

Chii 1 point

they've already done their stint during the colonial era. What's left to do now is to reap the rewards from back then and enjoy their retirement in relative comfort and wealth!

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AndAgainAgain 6 points

I'm not saying it's wrong, but I don't agree with the "simplicity" answer.

Anyway, regardless of that, reading your article your search list comprises of all 8 neighbours of a "pixel". Why do you need all 8? You only need 3. Use the signs of the direction vector (+,+) or (+,-) or (-,+) or (-,-) to limit your neighbour search.

I actually missed the point where you said you do it, nvm!! But still, you can also optimise on the x axis and not just the y.

Chii 1 point


a lot of times, when people say simple, they actually mean 'easy'! Simple is sometimes hard! As einstein once said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"...

Chii commented on a post in r/worldnews
Treereme 29 points

And that makes you part of the 20% of people who consume it that don't live in Japan. But Japan still consumes most of the world's production.

Chii -3 points

it sells out quick.

japan only export about 20% of it, which is why it sells out quick. I'd bet that if they exported more, it will still sell out quick. The demand is high for this food.

Saying that japanese consumes 80%, as though they have the major responsibility is wrong.

Nomadastronaut 3 points

If you told me that cattle would be extinct in a few years if I did not cut back my consumption, I would consider cutting back. I love tuna, same applies.

Chii 6 points

cattle would be extinct

what if it wasn't cattle, but some other animal (such as polar bears) that's gonna be extinct because raising cattle is a major contributor of green house gas and climate change that inadvertently destroys the polar bear's habitats?

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Chii commented on a post in r/programming
dedicated2fitness 1 point

it wasn't making them much money. As much as we've come to expect digital freebies especially from google, companies have to draw the line somewhere
i think Reader was just google ceo's warning to the world that they aren't pushovers and make decisions for a reason. it's whatever i just made my own chrome extension rss reader

Chii 1 point

why couldn't google have monetized reader the same way they did gmail?

Knowing what people were reading surely must be as profitable as knwong people's emails!

oblio- 15 points

No, no, no, Google plus Facebook together are the future!

Chii 12 points

Any avid reader will know they are the future...

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Chii commented on a post in r/programming
SnakeJG 57 points

I find this particularly funny, given that IBM is selling their managed kubernetes as a service offering pretty hard.

A great example of the silos that make up IBM.

Chii 16 points

when a company becomes so big that the left finger doesn't know what the thumb is doing. you get finger fucked from both the front and back...

loozerr 90 points

I'm dying inside.

Chii 51 points

obscure naming references are a forte of programmers!

Chii commented on a post in r/mealtimevideos
030809 17 points

20 years of life gone because of $1000 reward

Chii 2 points

i dunno who to blame - a bit on the gov't part offering him a deal that's not very good. However, the guy might've gone through the same thought process when accepting the deal as when he decided to try to scam some money by submitting false evidence!

Reap what you sow is the moral of the story.

Chii commented on a post in r/anime
Scipion 11 points

The other one does a much better job with lighting and colors. There are a lot of times in the new one that are innappropiatly clean and bright

Chii 0 points

i can't remember if the new one has all of the spider saga that part of a series of OVAs

Chii commented on a post in r/programming
Gotebe 1 point

Unit tests are very important but nowhere near enough:

  • The more there are units, the more there is a chance of them interacting wrongly.

  • The interaction with the outside world must be tested, too.

And all this is best when automated.

At work, we have nightly tests who effectively deploy the product, deploy the "client code emulation" (the product is such that we provide the "infra" part, they provide the "business rules" part), and we run a battery of tests against that. Integration tests is probably the best word for this.

We also have unit tests. That runs on a build server, with the build.

My experience is: unit tests virtually never break on a server (except upon refactoring, for obvious reasons). So they add relatively little confidence.

Virtually all the... "interesting" stuff is happening in integration (and in the application itself, later).

Chii 1 point

what happens when the integration tests fail? who owns that failure, when presumably there's a large number of commits for every nightly build.

Chii commented on a post in r/australia
felixsapiens 3 points

someone is getting paid to build that ferrari...

Yeah, a lot of people overseas.

Yes, poor people sometimes send money overseas aswell (buying something on Amazon for eg.) but I still think I make a reasonable assumption - the chances are that almost all of $1000 given to a poor person will stay in the Australian economy, whilst a good chunk or all of $10,000 given to a wealthy person has a higher chance of going overseas and not helping our economy much.

Chii 2 points

but why isn't the same argument used for the oversea country's wealthy spending money in Australia? won't it even out in the end? i don't think it's about where is spent at all.

I'd argue that money for the rich simply gives the rich more power (which ever country they might belong to doesn't matter). The ultimate tenant of democracy is to have equal power, and right now, the "peasantry" has so little that they feel they no longer want to vote.

Chii commented on a post in r/programming
1961cwss -9 points

For the longest time, I have been thinking and trying to form a group of people to work together as one, as a team, as a Collective, on projects and earn from these projects.

Each person having his or her strengths and weaknesses but together forming a strong and solid group, who all can work together as a collective developers group.

We will be one Collective Developer Group working for the same goal and moving in the same direction. By being part of the Collective Developer Group we will share all our knowledge and ideas and so together create ideas and form these into projects which we will then develop. The idea is to work mostly on projects that will generate money for Collective Developers Group Members.

We consider any and all types of projects but will work on it only after a majority of the Collective agrees to do so. However, most will be Technology and internet-based projects.

The most important part is that we can depend on each other and can trust each other. Please remember. Trust must be earned. Saying you are interested, alone, does not mean you will be accepted into the Collective Development Group. You must demonstrate that you can and will be of value to the Collective Development Group and that you can work as a team. The whole Collective Development Group will decide if you are accepted or not.

Your thoughts and ideas will be protected by the NDNCNC agreement you will sign upon accaptence into the group. (NON-DISCLOSURE, NON-CIRCUMVENTION AND NON-COMPETITION). This we do to protect each person.

We all have a life to deal with so we do what we can when we can but we will always be there for each other.

We are working on a web presence where we will store all these ideas and work on them.

Knowledge gives Power. Knowledge combined with Team Work gives Absolute Power. Knowledge, Teamwork, and Money gives you the ability to change the world into a better place even if it is by one good deed at a time.

Using these three ingredients we can turn ideas into concepts, concepts into solutions and solutions into reality. To do so however we must resolve problems. Every problem has a solution, it will have a price but a solution is there to be found.

And we the Collective Developers Group will find the solution.

I have to admit that I have tried several times putting people together and have failed several times. The reasons why are many and also few but with every failure we get closer to our goal. Our goal is to not quit. To never give up. Not Ever!

One of the reasons might be that I always tried this on a local level. This time I am broadening my scope and aiming for the world.

It does not matter where you live just that you are interested and that you have knowledge and are willing to share and work as a group. It's also important that you speak good English.

And if by any chance you have no knowledge, but do have a large amount of money willing to invest, you are also welcome :). We are looking for people who are good in Joomla, Android Development, IOS Development, Graphic designer, SEO expert, Web page developer, programmer, Marketing, connections or if you have a skill which you think that can be valuable also please apply or contact us.

If you are interested join us at and sign up. If you would like more info please send a mail to

Chii 6 points

what do you, the founder of this group, provide for people who might be looking to join? why would anyone with skills join, rather than freelance? how does the group make profit, and what's the compensation scheme?

adriennemonster 3 points

This issue is really at the heart of the controversy, but no one wants to talk about it that way. Science and education aside, it's the classic conflict between the benefit of the group, and the freedom of the individual. It's where these 2 different value systems clash, and one has to be chosen at the expense of the other. Can a state forcefully inject something into your or your child's body against your will? What are the ethics of that, vs you taking a known risk of contracting and spreading a preventable disease to others?

Chii 1 point

Can a state forcefully inject something into your or your child's body against your will?

if the majority of society agrees that preventing diseases from spreading is a good outcome. The individual choice only applies when that choice's consequence is localized. For vacinations, it's not localized at all, but affects the entire population at large (unless you're willing to quarantine your children indefinitely).

adriennemonster 1 point

And that's a great argument I personally agree with. But it's also an argument that can be made for sterilizing or forcing abortions on the mentally disabled, homeless, or drug addicts. Children who cannot be adequately cared for are a burden on our entire society, yet most people feel pretty uncomfortable with the state taking actions like this.

Chii 1 point

mentally disabled, homeless, or drug addicts....Children who cannot be adequately cared for

these people have at most, a localized effect. Sterilizing them makes no sense, as it won't reduce future cases of homelessness nor lower the number drug addicts.

Vacinating people however, does lower the number of people that will contract the disease!

Chii commented on a post in r/Games
SXOSXO 99 points

I wouldn't be surprised if they've blown through all the money by this point and need a second kickstarter to continue it.

I would bet this is the main reason. It seems most indie developers underestimate the time and cost it takes to make a full game, hence why so many kickstarter projects either seek extra revenue streams or just fail entirely.

Chii 19 points

but they (indies) are between a rock and a hard place - ask for the full required amount during initial kickstarter, and they risk not getting any funding at all. Ask for too little, and they risk running out like this, and requiring injection of funds down the line.

The reason is that most people, not just indies, wildly underestimate the cost and time of making art. People who know no better backing a kickstarter will scoff at the million dollar goal (which, to them is high), and expect the world. Therefore, kickstarters end up only giving a lower estimate, and that becomes the kickstarter goal.

Chii commented on a post in r/gaming
Nickapotamoist 7 points

Yeah it's awesome, it's just the post states that traveling for long portions is boring. Hence this person would not like shadows of the colossus.

Chii 2 points

but the player is usually riding a horse, which is quite fun on its own. then you'd always have to raise your sword to check if you're going to the right place. The environment looks beautiful, and the player is never lost or bored.

Chii commented on a post in r/mealtimevideos
sign_on_the_window 11 points

This guy is awesome. All around great and funny teacher. I hope to see more videos in the future.

Chii 2 points

he's skipping over quite a lot of details though. it's hard to learn anything concrete this way. it's as though you're watching a popular science show.

Chii commented on a post in r/programming
hacksoncode 1 point

Yeah, it's a reasonable point.

It's still fantastically common for an unreleased lock to the the cause of a deadlock in the more traditional sense down the road. A locks without unlocking, B waits on A's lock, A later waits on B's completion.

Chii 1 point

The reason A hasn't unlocked when B runs is because A is calling B, not knowing it might want a lock the A is holding!

Chii commented on a post in r/programming
coleifer 8 points

Classic. Bikeshedding.

Who the fuck cares.

Chii 2 points

it's easier to fork a repo than to try "fork" the issues. i want to be able to keep a copy even if the author removes the repo.

DjRapitops 10 points

I'd like to know too. Have you tried forking the repository, editing wiki on the fork and making a PR? (I haven't)

Chii 7 points

that is exactly the way to do it

Chii commented on a post in r/worldnews
Djones0823 14 points

The problem always stems from when someone makes it their entire identify, whatever IT is.

When one thing is your whole life, the other 99% of the world can no longer connect to you. I 100% agree with you. I'm not a "gamer", despite the metric fuckton of games I play.

Chii 1 point

and yet, we have super Sports stars. we have hardcore Olympians. and they are celebrated.

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