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My God this picture is so much better.

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It really shows how amazing a moon colony expansion would be. It could be absolutely massive if it spanned the surface of the moon and could easily fit all 7 billion humans on it. Building stuff would be more interesting than here on Earth since gravity makes things require less energy to move and solar would be a lot more efficient and much easier to collect.

Jeff Bezos needs to hurry up with Blue Origin and fund a growing space colony with his $100B+


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Followed by "Why does mamma look like mrs potato head now?"

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oh she now baby. So I... am now mamma.

More like a helping mouth than a hand

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Turn that frown upside down

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Listen here you lil shit

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Listen here you ugly shit


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What some people think smoking weed is like

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first thing that popped into my mind was a CEV I had that resembled this

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Hell yeah, Toronto! Beautiful city.


You were not snapped by Thanos! Return to /r/thanosdidnothingwrong immediately!

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ur not my mom

It’s almost like meme investors don’t know much about actual investing.

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no u


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is this a reference to something?

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This it’s actually Venezuela these days

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I can't imagine how bad this is for Venezuelans who's entire retirement savings were in Venezuelan currency. Probably thousands of families in and outside of Venezuela affected by it.

When does the portal open?

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It's usually little kids. If you see somebody 12 or younger dancing in a viral video Ellen will probably have them on.

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prolly why some parents force their kids to do stupid shit on camera

I'm Robert. Ama

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No, this is Robert!

Seriously. I get just baffled at the posts I see around here. I talk with my Uber drivers, I chat with my barber, I love running into people I used to know. I realize not everyone is as outgoing as me, but how the hell are so many around here completely averse to even having brief conversations with other human beings?

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Maybe hes just into older chicks?

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he probably banged loads of milfs back in the day

I read an interview once that said he kept the Thinking Chair after he left the show. A few girls he dated wanted to have sex in that chair but he thought that was weird and couldn't do it.

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With advancements in technology and a public cry for change, there is a chance that in a few years we will be seeing videos of this kiddo seeing and/or hearing for the first time.

In the meantime, i am happy that he appears to have a loving father and will continue to donate to medical research.

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Silicon Valley is infiltrating the healthcare industry as we speak. I'm prepared to see some major disruption over the next few decades for sure.

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evil babies are the worst

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Babies in general are no picnic

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unless you're atheist

Don't EVER let your dog hear that.

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it's treason then.

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I wouldn't even cut the grass in the living room.

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I'd let the bed bugs bite

but... no...

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Original Poster2 points · 2 days ago

I've been applying to Quality Control, lab, and research positions.

I think my lack of relevant experience is scaring away companies. I graduated 4 years ago, and I have no relevant experience in my field. All my jobs have been part time retail/warehouse positions.

Should I leave those jobs off my resume and just say I'm a fresh graduate?

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I got a biology degree 4 years ago and just got a relevant job after working unrelated retail/warehouse/temp work. It's pharma warehouse logistics but it's something. Lots of jobs I can branch into like QA, Cannabis related work, or pharma courier which pay well.


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