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Decided I’m taking a deload next week before I head back to school, both because I’m beat up and because there are accessories I want to incorporate into my program that I can’t do til I get back to school anyway; two birds, one stone.

How do you all generally handle deloads? I was thinking I’d work up to like 75 - 85% for an easy single and then maybe a few super easy sets, skip my secondary work (main lift variants basically), and then do some light isolation stuff. Some extra stretching/mobility and LISS cardio in the works as well.

One more week til I go back to school and I can't wait.

My folks aren't gonna let me take the car back to school though (something to do with the insurance and all that idk) and that wouldn't be too much of a problem except that I'm trying to get PT observation hours while I'm at school since I have to apply to PT school in about a year and I've only got one observation setting (outpatient ortho, ~180ish hours). Any med/PT/OT/nursing/etc. students got any advice about grad programs?

Also wanna plug that Reese LaFlare album that just dropped.

never heard reese laflare before what type of rap is he

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Trap, somewhat melodic but he can rap well. It was a pretty enjoyable listen, a feature from Young Thug and Pusha T on there as well.

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You may want to look into [[Yennett]] instead, as she allows you to crack a Doomsday pile for free (using something like [[Frantic Search]] as the top of the pile to be cast for free from her trigger) and serves as a blocker & potential wincon as wellZ

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This guys isn’t too good at video games... I am casual gamer, and I would rate this boss fights difficulty a 2.5/10... I beat it in one turn when I was only 2 years old so this is just a sad number of attempts.

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Bragging about beating something at age two that didn’t even exist at the time...

[[Praetor’s Grasp]] [[Sadistic Sacrament]] [[Extract]]

These let you grab their combo pieces before they can play them. If their deck relies heavily on the combo, they will have to sit there with a useless deck for twenty minutes.

Also, counterspells. [[Krosan Grip]].

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Praetor’s is okay as you can cast the card yourself but otherwise extract effects generally aren’t worthwhile, both because of deckbuilding redundancy and because there are two other players to contend with.

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My erectors are dying and I don’t think it’s DOMS :(

Myprotein Salted Caramel mixed with powdered peanut butter(PB2) and milk, came out tasting like a butter finger shake. Love making those recipe gains

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Just got a 5.5 lb of salted caramel, gonna have to remember this. I’ve got a little mixer too so I can use regular PB

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Wow, you're not gonna mention KRIT as if he wouldn't rip apart everyone on your list? Respect to everyone on there though

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KRIT is dope but he’d be the first to tell you that all those people deserve just as much, if not more, props than he does

[[Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign]] cracks Doomsday piles for free.

Here is a spicy, budget-friendly Yennet DD pile:

  1. Cast Doomsday
  2. Attack with Yennet to cast [[Frantic Search]] to untap 3 lands and draw [[Gush]] and any card (I suggest [[Pact of Negation]])
  3. Float 2U, cast Gush for free by returning 2 Islands to hand, drawing [[Laboratory Maniac]] and [[Gitaxian Probe]]
  4. Cast LabMan, cast GitProbe for 2 life.

Total net cost is 3 mana if we assume that the lands untapped by Frantic Search were the same 3 lands tapped to pay for Doomsday.

Alternatively you can use Yennet to cast Ad Nauseam to draw all of your Doomsday pile for zero mana.

Kess is another budget "Doomsday" option - however you don't actually need to use Doomsday, just [[Demonic Consultation]]. With Kess in play, cast Demonic Consultation naming LabMan, reveal cards until you find LabMan, cast LabMan and then recast Demonic Consultation from your graveyard naming a card that isn't in your library to exile the entire deck. Then cast a cheap cantrip and win.

Here is a link to my tappedout profile which has decklists for my ultra-budget Kess, Zur, and Yennet storm builds:

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Not OP but just wanted to say I like your Zur and Kess $200 brews. One of my friends was looking into UBx storm/combo on a budget for our semi-competitive-ish meta and your decks are a cool resource.

Just curious - do you have any thoughts on making Kess a little more resilient to creature-heavier (i.e. more high power than true cEDH) metas without significantly diluting the storm/Doomsday lines? I know Torment of Hailfire is a decent (though obviously not truly cEDH) value card that also functions as a wincon off of Dramatic Scepter infinite storm.

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Most of the testing i have done for the Kess deck is in a high power, creature heavy meta - usually you don't have to worry too much about the creatures, just do as little control as possible until you're ready to combo-off, and if you're under pressure you can buy time with Toxic Deluge and Cyclonic Rift. I've tried to make it as resilient as possible while still being all-in on going for a combo/storm win.

I have a "sideboard" with more creature-hate - [[Earthquake]], [[Crux of Fate]], [[Magma Quake]], [[Dissipation Field]] - but i haven't found those cards necessary yet. The deck still works fine without the LabMan combo package and the cost-reducers and Voltaic Key, so plenty of flex-slots to sub-in whatever interaction you need.

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That sounds good to me! I think something like [[Fire Covenant]] or [[Yaheeni’s Expertise]] would also be a somewhat decent cheap option

nsuns is a dead ass program, 8 sets of anything is daft. Just do something like 5x5-12 on compounds and 4x12 on the rest n throw a few burn out sets in at the end n u will be golden

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Sounds like you’re completely missing the point of nsuns; it’s a strength program first and foremost.

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You’re a fucking idiot who just googled all this shit lmao. Fucking 14 year old keyboard warrior. Suck a dick man I’m blocking you but enjoy trying to come up with another fugazi ass response

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Anyone who disagrees with me is a 14 year old keyboard warrior

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Yeah, but tgm, psb and player.additem are

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I’d say player.additem is fair with something like Alternate Start for the sake of roleplaying.

Who gives a fuck?

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This is such a stupid question. Clearly people around here care about sales numbers and charting.

It’s stupid comparing the Weeknd to Nicki.

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Both are popular artists relevant to the hip-hop scene and this sub.

I always assume I'm paying for myself on any date so I just order what I want, I had no idea men panic when a girl orders food. Shit.

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Just establish whether you’re splitting or not before ordering in that case. You can be lighthearted about it, like “hey are we splitting the bill? I don’t wanna go too crazy if you planned on paying”

That sounds like I'm low key wanting him to pay! Like, won't you feel pressured or take it as an (un)subtle hint if a girl asks who's gonna pay the bill?!

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I wouldn’t but I’ve also been with my girl for a while so I haven’t really had those potentially-awkward first dates in a while haha.

IMO it would just sound like you’re being thoughtful

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Political violence against them makes their cause have merit. How about you talk to them and dissuade them from having these views?

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Not everyone can be dissuaded.

For those of you who really enjoy this song, check out the rest of the album as well as the album Curtis.

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Just beat my previous deadlift 2RM by 12.5 while being ~20 lb lighter. 322.5x2 @176 to 325x2 followed by 335x2 @ 157. Nothing crazy but I’m hype regardless.

Hoping to nab that 4 pl8 soon and stop having such poverty lower body lifts. Kill it today boyos and grils.

No because it can't be defined - we can define or at least attempt to define thin / fat / black / white / etc. But 'bad' to me is different than 'bad' to you. Even within rap, like say J Cole might define "bad" as like "she can twerk but she also has a college degree" whereas Juicy J might be envisioning a stripper, whereas someone like The Weeknd has the "bad bitch" character as like more of a emaciated european coke model look in his videos. Each of those is a type, sure, but each of those types of girls are "bad" in their own way, so they can all fall under the umbrella of "bad bitches".

So like "hoodrat chicks" or "ratchet thots" might be a type, and "bad bitches" might generally encompass " attractive hoodrat chicks" and "attractive ratchet thots" -- but the term is not bound or defined or limited by that. Someone like 2 Chainz could call the a skinny white girl a "bad bitch" and he wouldn't necessarily be wrong, even if in the previous song, the chick he was calling a bad bitch was a thicc atl stripclub chick.

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I suppose I can get behind this. “Bad” is subjective and thus not a type overall (since it varies from person to person).

However, wouldn’t Swae have his own particular idea of what a bad bitch is or isn’t (just as in the examples you mentioned)? Wouldn’t that be, on an individual level, a type?

I guess if you take objectification to the extreme and you figure each woman has an aggregate score, like a she's a 7, 7.5, 8, etc, and you figure "bad bitches" refers to any type of girl who's above, say, an 8... then in theory you should have pretty much all types of girls in that 8 and up category.

But whether or not that 8 and up category could then be defined as a type "8 and up" -- well, that depends on whether we can A) objectively define 8 and up, and B) determine whether there is an infinite or finite number of 'types'. Let's assume A is true - we can objectively define attractiveness as having a waist-to-hip ratio of .66 - .73. So let's explore B.

If "bad bitches" is defined as a finite series of each type minus the girls of that type that are below an objective measurement of attraction, like waist-to-hit ratio, facial symmetry, bodyfat percentage, etc... then we can define this new aggregate as a "type" as well. We can take the sum of a finite series and conclusively say "this is the parameters of a type".

It is essentially the sum of an infinite series -- S(n) -> infinity as n-> infinity.

Let n = the number of types (stripper, ratchet thot, nerdy girl, fitness chick).

Let a = the percentage of girls within that type category that have a waist-hip ratio (most objective measurement of attractiveness) of .66 -> .72)

Let S(n) = (a1n1) + (a2n2) + (a3*n3)....

So if n is infinite or at least very large, we find it very difficult to get a value for S(n) that isn't also infinite / too wide and broad to be useful.

Basically a type has to be somewhat restrictive - you can't say "women" is a type or "hot girls" are a type, right. So as N approaches infinity, the "type" we are trying to define also becomes infinite - which means in laymans terms, you get closer and closer to saying "well I am attracted to attractive women".

If n is reasonably small, then we can calculate the sum of the series, or if we can at least cut it somewhere and calculate a partial sum of a infinite series. This allows us to clearly map our new defined type to the various types that compose it.

For example if bad bitches = the top % of models, ratchets, and fitness chicks, and that is it, we can very easily define the type.

So basically, the answer to your question is if we objectify the mathematical shit out of women, categorize them into a subset of a manageable number of types (like say, 30 types), and we have a clear objective metric to define whether any given girl from a subtype is "bad" or not... then yes, bad bitches is a type.

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We’re on reddit, so it can be safely assumed that that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

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The length of the comments has never been an issue in these threads though. The mods are making up problems that don't exist. I'm glad they banned generic comments that always end up in these threads, but I dont remember anyone complaining about the length of comments.

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Low-effort comments tend to be on the shorter side. It’s an imperfect system but I’d rather not read the same tired jokes/memes as parent comments.

What? If you dont want to see the same comments over and over again then we have a rule quite literally for that. I just dont see how the length of comments is the issue. I don't think anybody comes into these threads looking for paragraphs of discussion. Its just a Fantano video.

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Again it’s not a perfect solution but generally comment length positively correlates to quality/effort of the comment (discounting really long copypastas obviously).

It’s a Fantano video discussing an album; comments should have some substance to discuss either the album in general or Fantano’s points. It’d be tough to do that to any significant degree in under 140 characters.

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Green sun's zenith is better than eldritch evolution. You'll also want a bane of progress and probably a wood elves. You really do need a bane of progress, so I would switch the signets and talisman to farseek/nature's lore/skyshroud claim/explosive vegetation package. The ramp spells help with delve too.

You might need a couple more win cons. I suggest [[Emrakul, the promised end]] and a [[Tooth and nail]]. You aren't going infinite with tooth, and the cards in your deck don't win on the spot unless you have a nutty gray merchant. If you do play tooth and nail, consider [[ulvenwald hydra]] so you can make your own prophet of kruphix getting him (fetching alchemist's refuge) and seedborn muse.

Your list doesn't play alchemist's refuge. You really need that one.

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GSZ isn’t better than Eldritch Evolution in Tasigur; you can EE Tasigur into anything with a CMC of 7 or 8 with a much lower mana investment than GSZ (especially since you’ll usually cast Tasigur at a steep discount).

1 point · 3 days ago

I love playing my [[Slippery Bogle]], in Pauper. I like taking small and cheap creatures and turning them into big unstoppable mosters! I like the evasion of the hexproof, and giving my big bad monsters flying and other evasions.

I don't really like playing blue in EDH, I don't like playing counter spells and stuff like that.

What's a good "Enchant/Aura/Pump".

I already have a Ezuri, Claw of Progress deck that sort of focuses on smaller creature going wide?

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I know you said you don’t like playing blue in EDH but just for the sake of giving you more options I’m gonna throw [[Rafiq]] out there. Otherwise [[Uril]] is very much in the vein of what you’re asking for.

Were you able to find everything? Discogs has a bunch of copies in great quality for the low. I had some copies passed down to me that needed replacing some years back.

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I ended up scouring weird Russian filehosting sites to find it all but that was three or four years and two hard drives ago :/

Cop those CDs you'll be ok lol.

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I’ve been meaning to but the last time I bought a CD was 4:44, ya boy is broke.

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Got pretty close to beating the Concierge, had him at around 25-30% health, when the ice bow straight up stopped working. Is this a bug, or should I start planning my build accordingly?

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If you haven’t killed him yet, Wolf Trap + the blade turret thing (Sinew Slicer?) is EZ mode.

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What musical moment consistently gives you frisson? (That shiver down the spine feeling)

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Let Down by Radiohead, the build and release 2/3rds of the way through. The intro keys and drums on Crack Rock.

57 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

What is the craziest thing you have heard in a song? Not as much violent or illegal more just shocking or irresponsible like on The Pharcydes Pack The Pipe with the verse about sharing a pipe with a four year old

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Pregnant Pussy by UGK

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