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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/swoleacceptance
Chlorophyllmatic 5 points

My brother,

The machinations of Broki may plague thine stomach, but it is in dedication to the prayers of iron that one truly shows devotion to Brodin. As long as you walk the iron path, He understands. I will drink deeply from the nectar on your behalf; may you find solace in the bounty of other proteins that He hath sown for us.

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The420Sloth -2 points

America soft as fuck.

Chlorophyllmatic [score hidden]

Do you think abuse is hard?

The420Sloth [score hidden]

Nah just the fact America today lets this stupid shit ruin careers. He did nothing illegal, those woman could have left the relationship💁

Chlorophyllmatic [score hidden]

There are multiple allegations that, if true, are illegal.

Also, to say that "those woman [sic] could have left the relationship" when discussing potential abuse victims shows that you know absolutely nothing about the dynamics of abuse.

Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/EDH
GamerDad08 1 point

So the only one on this list, that paints a target on you straight away is Kaalia. She is brutal, and just generates way to much value in the early game to be allowed to live. Animar is next on this list, but some the decks you mentioned if they are cEDH level are going to be too focused on their combo to care about Animar.

Honestly the commanders listed for the most part seem like Blue control/stasis decks. I’d pick Jhiora or Animar over the others listed if you are trying to stay alive. (Although I have a sweet spot for Athreos, but he is a little slow).

Chlorophyllmatic 2 points

None of those commanders - with possible exception to Jhoira if he’s referring to new Jhoira - are cEDH level

GamerDad08 2 points

I’m referring to what he said he will be playing against.

Zur Doomsday and Prosh Food chain aren’t competitive?

Chlorophyllmatic 2 points

My bad, I was referring to the options OP put forth and should have been more specific

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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/brockhampton
DeadlyDY 3 points

Everyone accusing him had Amnesia until now, just when they are touring and about to drop a new album. I call it Envy.

Chlorophyllmatic 2 points

And people wonder why abuse/sexual assault victims don’t “just speak up about it sooner” sheesh.

Chlorophyllmatic 5 points

I can’t imagine being this angry at the decision to remove Ameer and not having the same energy when it comes to the actual abuse in question. Sheesh.

Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
ciphermenial 5 points

This is not an impartial synopsis. It is dripping with opinion.

What happened was Rhymefest engaged with Drake to help fund the non-profit. He also stated that Kanye said, "Fuck Chicago youth." So far that has not been denied.

Kim and Rhymefest then had a back and forth on Twitter. The only reason you would believe Kim was behaving in a good way would be blind fanatisism. You can see it yourself.

Chlorophyllmatic 3 points

It is dripping with opinion.

And yours isn’t?

Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/videos
reenact12321 423 points

I can understand him. Refreshing. Mumble rap is ass cancer

ExtraAnchovies -11 points

Biggie. Jay-Z. Could never get into them because of that.

Chlorophyllmatic 2 points

Uhhhhh what? Biggie and Jay-Z are about as far from “mumble rap” as you can get

Chlorophyllmatic 5 points

God forbid someone make a form of music you don’t enjoy, right?

Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/BlackPeopleTwitter
ODBoBSTER -1 points

Exactly, and I do think it's that kind of rhetoric that turns a lot of people off to the idea. I guess what I'm wondering is that contraception is already so widely available these days that it's hard for me to consider why so many abortions should be necessary, you know? I guess the only exception to that might be teenagers, but why would the reasonable step be to let them undergo an abortion even though the fetus, the recipient of the surgery, had no agency whatsoever in deciding its fate? I understand motherhood and control of one's body is important but an abortion inherently diminishes the potential personhood that the fetus embodies. It's a gut reaction for a lot of pro-lifers to say "Save the child!" and not think the issue extends beyond there, but it is fundamentally a moral conflict between the mother and fetus, and they simply reach the conclusion that the fetus is more important even though the mother deserves respect and control of her body in issues that don't have such terrible outcomes for all of those involved.

Chlorophyllmatic 1 point

Contraception is widely available in the form of condoms, but between user error and actual error they're definitely not totally effective. Things like birth control are less available to those of lower incomes - people who are probably more likely to "need" an abortion in the sense that they cannot financially support a child.

This gets into a very philosophical debate about the value of personhood and bodily autonomy and all that, but I for one would argue that existing personhood generally trumps potential personhood. Obviously there are exceptions - older generations making sacrifices for the benefit of later generations - but I think that's a bit of a different situation.

ODBoBSTER 1 point

That's true I suppose. Let me ask you this as just a hypothetical. In an ideal society, would we need to still have abortion clinics? That's to say that you reduce user error/failure of contraception to 0%, there are no financial barriers to acquiring contraception, and you can safely say that anyone who would want an abortion would want one out of convenience rather than any immediate need (this includes any medical situations that would kill the mother if the pregnancy was not terminated).

As a civic solution, I think abortion clinics and especially Planned Parenthood have a place in our society right now. But what I'm trying to see with your thoughts on my question is whether it will need to be like that forever. Reforming sex-ed, improving family aid, increasing access to contraception, making thoughtful decisions about sex, and more should all be ways to eliminate the basic need for an abortion by some point in my view, and we should take the most feasible steps possible to do that instead of just cutting off ties to PP or blaming a lack of abstinence.

Just to let you know, part of my personal difficulty with this issue is that I come into it with a Catholic perspective and as you may already know, that means we [should be] neither 100% Conservative or Liberal. Discerning the best policy solutions is tough because so much of our Western system is partisan and I'm still figuring out what my views are on a lot of things, including this.

Chlorophyllmatic 1 point

In an ideal society? I guess that depends on what you consider ideal. Do people make rash decisions/mistakes in an ideal society, e.g. having sex without a contraceptive without the intent or desire to have a child? If the answer is no (everybody remembers their contraception and/or plan B), then I’d say there’d be no need for abortion clinics.

I think abortions are done on either a need basis (inability to support a child), an accidental basis (contraceptive error or poor decision making), or a medical/health basis (threat to mother/child, child conceived through trauma to mother like in instances of rape). If those axises were eliminated in an ideal society, I think abortion would be unnecessary outside of medicine.

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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
Alewdguy 0 points

It wasn't really an attack on her.

Chlorophyllmatic 3 points

Ehhhhh the tweet read:

Mac Miller totalling his G wagon and getting a DUI after Ariana Grande dumped him for another dude after he poured his heart out on a ten song album to her called the divine feminine is just the most heartbreaking thing happening in Hollywood

That definitely sounds like the blame is being pinned on her

Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/EDH
redpandamage 2 points

I agree with that, but compare to Teferi. His is even more narrow.

Chlorophyllmatic 1 point

Teferi has much more utility outside of his ult though

redpandamage 2 points

They both provide card draw and mana. Teferi doesn’t even protect himself.

Chlorophyllmatic 1 point

Teferi doesn’t need to protect himself when he’s comboing out on turn three

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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
SirDouglasFRESH 33 points

This kinda shits on the narrative that Push was really about that life. Sounds more like a high school kid just hustling. Solidifies Drake’s Escobar jab.

Chlorophyllmatic 18 points

Not really. No Malice said they sold coke, just not out of necessity.

Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/justneckbeardthings
TheGorbsters 8 points

Woah wait what school shootings have they been responsible for? Im not doubting you i just don’t know what you mean.

Chlorophyllmatic 25 points

Elliot Rodger (shooter at University of California in 2014) and Alek Minassian (drove a van into 10 people in Toronto about a month ago) were both incels. The Santa Fe shooter had been repeatedly turned down by a girl, and was recently publicly rejected by her not long before the shooting; she was one of the victims.

Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
pc4tb -1 points

saying "im your drug pusher" is not the same as just calling him "pusha" but whatever it doesn't actually matter.

Chlorophyllmatic 1 point

Why are you so into this

NaryxDandy 2 points

Drake took bout the same time. Im more concerned cause people are counting him out and this is an opportunity to boost his career and prove he really wants smoke. I don't want him to wait too long and have it mean nothing. I want him to get his bag.

Chlorophyllmatic 4 points

Pusha T has been leveling shots at Drake looooong before this album

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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/PrequelMemes
Dudewheresmygold 8 points

There's a slight difference between casual conversation with friends and a professional role in a national government which is supposed to be reflected by the person leading their department. I'd expect military roles to be filled with military leaders, economics roles filled with analysts and accountants, so why not expect a healthy medical professional in the role of health minister?

I'd sooner get my health advice from Lance Armstrong than this lady.

Chlorophyllmatic 2 points

I imagine a health minister is concerned with broad health policy, about which one can be very knowledgeable & competent without necessarily being a healthy individual.

Dudewheresmygold 1 point

I'm not knocking her motivation or qualifications, however human instinct will undoubtedly play a factor. The expected reaction and perception is that those successful at their profession is in part due to walking the walk as well as talking.

Example, I hold my typing skills to a high standard because I work with computers a lot. The general perception is that slow typing must mean a low understanding or experience with computers.

Chlorophyllmatic 2 points

The thing is that public health is much more about statistics, policy-making, economics, sociology, etc. than it is about actual health (i.e. they're more concerned with broad changes in outcome for the population, rather than the actual physiology behind health) so it's kind of unreasonable to assess the merit of a public health figure based on their individual health.

I understand image and perception and all that, but it's not like she's acting as a physician or a physical therapist or something (in which case I'd be more concerned about her "walking the walk", so to speak)

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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/BlackPeopleTwitter
kanig1 15 points

When is comes to black affluence Virginia is the 8th state out of fifty. While we definitely have our issues, several of us are doing very well in Virginia. Especially in Richmond and Fairfax. Hampton Roads is a whole other issue in itself unfortunately.

Chlorophyllmatic 9 points

Oh I’m from Richmond; I know we’re not that bad when it comes to black affluence (the city school system is utter garbage though). That being said I don’t doubt for a second that Pusha T sold dope and did so at least partially on a need-basis.

69username69 4 points

His family outed him for not really being about that life.

If you're problem with Drake is that he isn't about that life then you can't have family members saying well you aren't about that life yourself.

Chlorophyllmatic 13 points

My problem with Drake isn't that he's not about that life; it's that he can't attack others for rapping a lie when he does the same thing.

Source on Pusha T being outed by his family for not selling?

Edit/Update: I did some searching and I’m assuming you’re talking about the No Malice interview on Vlad during which No Malice said they didn’t struggle and didn’t have the typical reason to sell drugs (so I was wrong on that front, according to No Malice) - but they still did sell coke and live that life, just not out of necessity.

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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
XavierSmart 0 points

Nor do they owe John Lennon, so what is your point? The fact of the matter is that your excusing a guy who beat multiple women without going into the justice while demanding that someone who beat one woman and actually faced the justice system is somehow worse is hypocrisy and undermines whatever agenda you have. That is why Chris Brown is still charting well as the OP inquires.

Chlorophyllmatic 1 point

... my point is that John Lennon is dead. He, a dead abuser, doesn’t financially benefit from promotion. The money from streams isn’t supporting an abuser. Because he’s dead. Chris Brown is not dead. xxx is not dead. R Kelly is not dead. Promoting them - living artists suspected or convicted of abuse - does benefit them.

I’m not excusing or defending anybody - I’m saying it doesn’t matter because he’s dead and can’t face justice. There’s no hypocrisy or agenda here. “What about ______” isn’t a valid argument, sorry. I think no abusers should receive promotion from Spotify, but to argue that the denouncement of abuse has to be all-or-nothing is counterproductive and quite frankly incredibly naive.

Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
BombMarley -1 points

yeah, why do u think he's dissing drake?

Edit: so just so everyone knows, pusha-t isnt above stirring up some rap beef in order to sell records, he's said time and time again he's only in this for the money

Chlorophyllmatic 2 points

Because Clipse has had beef with Cash Money for over a decade and this has been an ongoing feud ever since Pusha T dropped Exodus 23:1 and Drake responded on Two Birds One Stone... pretty sure Pusha T didn’t diss Wayne a decade ago just for Daytona to sell more


Yea I do he is the head of a music label. Main goal of a music label? Selling record.

Chlorophyllmatic 3 points

That’s business; I said personal.

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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
[deleted] 1 point


Chlorophyllmatic 2 points

You've never seen people posting huge reaches on RapGenius?

ASAP_Dom 11 points
  • murder someone in the rap game

  • cooking up tracks in his hometown like a dope dealer serving up product

  • put someone down lyrically

  • in the studio, the kitchen, cooking up hits like a magician

  • reference to Wayne on the intro, "come with clips, ammo"

  • ruin your career and make you irrelevant

It's not literal lol.

Chlorophyllmatic 0 points

And you think everything Pusha T has rapped is literal?

Point is that Drake can't come at someone for rapping about a life they haven't lived when he does the same thing. That's without taking into account the whole ghostwriting controversy as well.

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Chlorophyllmatic commented on a post in r/news
Karstone 126 points

Leave it to Reddit to blame the parents of a 17 year old. At 17 you know better than to shoot up a school, you're responsible for actions like that at that point.

Chlorophyllmatic 8 points

If parents were negligent with their firearm, they’re legally-liable.

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