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ChrisNomad 1 point

I'd spend the entire day in Santa Monica and Venice (should hit Malibu Beach and Pier while you're at it). The SM 3rd Street Promenade and SM Pier are a nice hangout, take your time.

Also in Laguna, there's a great art scene if you like galleries and such, beautiful downtown and killer beaches (I recommend Thalia St near Cheney's Point in town, and the beach park at Crystal Cove just up the coast for a more getaway - costs money to park but awesome beach).

These areas are some of the most beautiful and iconic in So Cal, don't rush it. Also, traffic can be heinous along the coast, if you try to rush to each you'll be wasting a ton of time in traffic guaranteed.

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GravityWavesGoodbye 1,251 points

What foods do we need to eat to cultivate the right bacteria then?

ChrisNomad 1 point

I've been drinking about 4-5 oz of kombucha every day for the last few months and my joint pain has gone way way down, nothing has worked as well and I've tried many solutions. This article is the first time I've ever seen a correlation mentioned, amazing!

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manys 0 points

As a smoker until-recently, I feel your pain. I'm a little more casual, possibly due to age, but I think cigarettes should just be another aspect of being outside. We don't have laws against loud people, but to me that's just as polluting of the public space as cigarette smoke. Tobacco and smoking in general are just easier to ban.

ChrisNomad 4 points

Talking loud doesn't cause cancer in others, are you serious?

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rbark11 4 points
  • 2015 Sharks Stadium Series John Scott Premier
  • 2015 Sharks heritage Patrick Marleau Indo-Edge
  • 2000 Sharks White Mike Ricci
  • 1997 Western Conference Owen Nolan

Just got these back from Keener, amazing job by them on the customization. They were able to do everything perfect.

ChrisNomad 1 point

Great group of jerseys!

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