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There have been a couple iterations of the design but a local artist sells them at a few shops:

So Fresh on Cedar (near Penny Ice Cream) has/had a version, and Made in Santa Cruz on the wharf has or had them at one time.

I'm jaded afk when it comes to seeing 'another SF photo' but wow, this is awesome.

I have a couple of game worn Kings jerseys even though I'm a Sharks fan, because they are Martin Jones jerseys from his trade.

Woodworm's in Cap.

Rio Adobe in Cupertino for very good New Mexican style Southwest food. Awesome chile verde stew and sopapillas. It's the only truly authentic Southwest food in the area.

I just got mine, be patient.

Post what you're looking for, I've got Cuda gamers and Shark Authentics as well!

Any orange cuda?

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Only teals sorry /:

Nope, he's done in SJ.

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He was incredible in 2016 but this year he was awful when he came back. He definitely was a hole in our game during the final stretch of the season, and even though he wasn't the sole reason for our exit, he was a key part of the problem for sure. And, I love me some Wardo so it's tough to say these criticisms. Lots of better players to fill his spot.

Your collection is looking more and more amazing!

I've always liked the Manchester Monarchs crest, and that's coming from a Sharks fan. Looks insane on the royal purple jersey.

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