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ClassicPeat commented on a post in r/AskReddit
ClassicPeat 1 point

Over the years of attending raves I started getting/making more and more bracelets (candies) they become almost like badges. The clothes on the other hand no idea, they look cool and everyone else is doing it, so why not?

screenwriterjohn 1 point

Lindsay Lohan was really popular for a couple years. We're going to be mocking her for decades.

ClassicPeat 1 point

Herbie made it further than her career..

stiltzkin_the_moogle 2 points


ClassicPeat 1 point

I still like them.. #bringnickleback

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[deleted] 1 point


ClassicPeat 1 point

Most likely I'll rent from Prague, but Brno might be cheaper and wouldn't be a crazy train ride to get there

krystof37 1 point

I think it would be much cheaper to get car at Zabreh. You can get there directly by train. Car rent at airport will be ridiculously expensive...

ClassicPeat 1 point

If I can rent a car in zabreh that would be amazing, I know the train system quite well now so getting there wouldn't be a problem

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Alwin_ 2 points

When I was a kid on of my favorite things to do was to prentend to be a plane. My friends and brothers all thought I was just a little weird, but I had discovered that if I pretended to be a plane during the day, I would dream about being able to fly. I did it for about 1.5 years, most days I did it I would indeed dream about flying.

Then it just kinda stopped and now I never pretend to be a plane anymore. Maybe I should.

ClassicPeat 2 points

Never lose your dinosaur..

I_got_ideastoo 6 points

This is pretty funny.

ClassicPeat 3 points

Sensible chuckle

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username0121 2 points

The Weather Network is an absolutely useless source of weather for Vancouver. The ONLY source I use is Environment Canada and there is an app called WeatherOffice that pulls EC data.

ClassicPeat 2 points

It's useless there too? Lol. Thanks for the app tip!

TrackAltitude 5 points

It slightly upsets that it doesn't rhyme along to the original but this is lovely nonetheless.

ClassicPeat 7 points

They did their best, the rest of it near the bottom just becomes a regular statment. A for effort though!

BranofRaisin 2 points

Incorrect, I am in Generation Z and have met world war ll vets. But, I do get your point

ClassicPeat 1 point

I would if I could edit my title, should of been millenials are one of the last generations to hear their stores. But too late, now I'm worse than Hitler...

MeinShaftSheGot 5 points

There are still plenty of ww2 vets around. Gen Z is old enough to start having kids. This really isn't true.

ClassicPeat -2 points

They're all in their 80s+ now, still a possible chance though

ClassicPeat commented on a post in r/AskReddit
speakersneakers 4 points

haha im 21 and my boyfriend is 23. rent is like 2100/mo for a 1 bedroom. guess who lives with their parents? both of us

ClassicPeat 3 points

2100 dam.. rent is about 1300 for 1 bedroom where I'm at and still think that's rediculous.

speakersneakers 2 points
ClassicPeat 2 points

Varies here aswell, you could pay for a 1 bedroom downtown for $800. If you don't mind roachies and bed bugs...

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yaamen 2 points

And to think, I thought I misheard you when you said you had a small deck.

ClassicPeat 2 points

You didn't mishear me r/tinybois

pm_me_gnus 7 points

I have a deck like that. I keep it at my desk at work, so I can ask people if the want to play a little poker.

ClassicPeat 5 points

Some Texas can barely holdem?

spockspeare 2 points

So...the UPS store at the strip-mall. Cool.

ClassicPeat 1 point

"Hey Jim, see your getting the mail aswell"

Pervy_Sensei 5 points

You think I’d go somewhere without my tin foil hat? What are you? Crazy?

ClassicPeat 3 points

Who you calling crazy?

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[deleted] 2 points

A collapsible duster. If you want to look like a pretentious a-hole at a stoplight, there are few better ways. I love it because it keeps my interior dust-free, and I can use it anytime, including at stoplights.

ClassicPeat 1 point

That's hilarious and ingenius, you could carbon date the layers of dust in my car

AntisocialDiggle 4 points

Seat heaters. I hate when it's freezing outside and then I sit on freezing leather seats and just freeze an entire car ride. My seat heaters get really warm really quick.

ClassicPeat 1 point

Living in Canada, those should be standard in every vehicle...

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