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For some reason I find this really creepy!

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Some old Scooby Doo episode from when I was young has forever given me an uneasy feeling looking at these.

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I've noticed some general trends, although this is changing as more and more people are swimming and technique/training is becoming better for everyone so body type isn't as huge of a factor.

Breaststrokers: Shorter ("short-axis" stroke, after all), though becoming notoriously tall. Generally stockier/square if shorter. Usually the weirdest swimmer in the pool. Can't stand with their feet pointing straight, always pointing outward. [See: Brendan Hansen, Kosuke Kitajima, Adam Peaty]

Butterfliers: Similar to breaststrokers in stature (again, "short-axis" strokes don't necessarily need height), most defined V-shape back. Pretty driven, tough dudes, especially 200 fliers. Basically always have ice on their shoulders. [See: Phelps, Cavic, Joseph Schooling]

Backstrokers: Taller ("long-axis" stroke), don't always look defined. They don't usually have elbows, and they're the most laid-back swimmers. [See: Matt Grevers, Ryan Murphy]

Freestylers: All over the place, really. Taller for sprinters, shorter for distance, muscle tone incredibly variable. Personality slants toward whatever their best non-free stroke is. [See: Dressel vs Ervin for sprints]

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If also like to add that I’ve noticed that long-time breastrokers often have their feet turned at a wider angle than normal, when standing up or walking. Probably due to how much you turn your ankles when you breastroke kick.


I’m NOT referring to their theme song (Dance of the Cuckoos for those wondering), I’m talking about the song that begins right when the title “Tit for Tat” shows on screen. Grateful for any reply, thanks!

4 comments "On to the Show" by Leroy Shield

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Solved! Thank you so much!

Is this like a roulette style kinda thing, where you have a chance at getting banned, so you play the game for the risk? Or is it just everyone who posts is banned? The first option would definitely be kinda fun…like you try to survive in the sub for as long as possible.

Can someone explain to me how a bot actually watched commercials and created a script from them? Or is it just fake?

Looks like this Mydas Fly. Comparison pic here. They don't bite or sting.

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If you found it would you care to link it?

My brother would order root beer at a restaurant when we were little, then my grandpa would order "root beer, hold the root".

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“Root beer squared please.”

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Wonder what happened to that guy

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Probably in prison now or something

Reddit badge hmmm...

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Well in that case I might need to contribute at least something.

Could also be r/nonononoyes depending on who you want to win.

This sub is like what people say about how you can’t look away from a car accident. I spent ten minutes on this sub in complete disgust but I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I definitely will not sleep tonight now.

Stone Henge.

While visiting London I took a day long bus tour of landmarks in England. One of the stops where we could get off was Stone Henge. I went into it with the mindset of “Yeah yeah, a bunch of organized rocks, let’s just get through this so we can move onto more interesting things.” I was absolutely blown away when we actually go there though. They were enormous compared to every picture of them you see. Really leaves you in awe when you think of people actually balancing the massive rocks on top of others.

In the original Winnie the Pooh cartoon, the scene where Rabbit got lost in the woods creeped me out. Where he was going around in circles with all those weird frog noises and wind howling did it for me.


If so, what’s stopping people from just saying every movie they see in theaters is terrible so they can watch movies for free?


Bring me food!

12 characters..bout all they need to know..

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It would actually have to be Bringmefood! considering spaces are one character

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