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Hi. Socially adjusted here. Where I was, homeschooling could be done "well". We had grants, a twice yearly facilitator come in who did the same tests the school kids had to take and made sure we were on track, and my mom put all of us in at least one extracurricular activity with school kids. We had an approved list of courses we could take, and now my younger siblings are doing an online based course.

We lived in a small town and the school there was shitty. I was told that even though I could read at kindergarten age, I had to learn my letters. So Mom kept me at my level, which was smarter than the school kids. I feel like I am what homeschooling works for: the too smart kid who'd have been bullied for being too keen. I would disappear with one of my subjects and do the entire thing in two months without prompting for everything but maths. I finished several grade 12 subjects early, leaving me to work on what I struggled with, with plenty of time to study what I wanted to do in the future online. I wrote novels, made quilts, learned to cook and manage a household. It was the total opposite of slacking. I consumed my schooling with gusto, far faster than I could have in actual school, and by the time my school friends were graduated I had a job and comprehensive life skills.

We were asked every year if we wanted to go to public school. We had choice.

My life wasn't perfect. Far from. But I'm glad I got to do my education at my pace. The key to why it worked? I didn't need encouragement to do my school. I had piano, swimming with school kids, youth group, friends from homeschooled families, friends who were old, young, real school friends, etc. I got out as much as I could. Teaching was my mom's full time job and I left home armed with everything I needed to know to be a mom.

Never had kids, turned out gay, and now I'm living in an owned house in the city with a part time job as a graphic designer and I am self employed with a specialized niche portfolio. I'm not super successful, but everyone in real life who I mention the home education to is surprised.

Not every case goes badly. That said, I do think it is not for everyone, and if the kids aren't well adjusted they definitely need to get out more. I think I got shoved into more socialization than public school kids, since I grew up able to comfortably interact with people not in my age bracket. That was something I realized when I left home, that I had no age connection issues. Helped out when I was doing door to door sales. Which also helped really polish my socialization. Get them shy kids to work!

You could never tell now.

I don't think it's right to try shelter your kids via homeschooling. Use that space to get them education that's not in schools or don't do it.

ClavinColdidge 2 points

This makes sense, never thought about how intelligence could be a reason for homeschooling. It seems like you overcame the socially awkward part the same way the “one exception” kid that I mentioned in my post did. His parents made sure to put him in a LOT of extra curricular activities. Thank you for providing more insight.

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Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Pigs really convinced me wolves were a constant threat that I needed to learn how to defend myself from... I live in the suburbs of Detroit. I went over to my grandparents house one day and they had gotten a letter from their neighborhood committee alerting the presence of coyotes in the area (basically warning dog owners not to let their dogs outside) and I was scared out of my mind until I went home.

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GLaDOSunit 936 points


ClavinColdidge 30 points

And the very last ear-splitting screech at the end of the jingle that sounds like someone cattle-prodded a cat.

ReginaFilange21 14 points

I remember this and it was fucking awful. I remember searching it on YouTube just to read the comments and see if everyone else thought it was terrible, and they did.

ClavinColdidge 4 points

“Xbox for Jack and sweaters for Nancy, Let’s buy away, I’m freaking out, DEALS DEALS DEALS!”

galacticmagpie 2 points

Does that change when the windows are open, or doesn’t it matter?

ClavinColdidge 3 points

Depends, if I’m stuck at a light with them, it’s a little irritating, but not much

zoidberg-drzoidberg 6 points

i only find it obnoxious when they pull up to the gas station and walk inside with it still on

ClavinColdidge 4 points

That’s reasonable

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andyswanson 1 point

Back at ya, friend. What are some of your other most listened to vinyl?

ClavinColdidge 2 points

I have a few Allman Brothers band albums that I’ve probably spun for miles. Pink Floyd has some great albums too. I was practically raised as a deadhead, but unfortunately don’t have any of their live stuff (yet) which is their best music IMO, but I have a few of their studio albums

andyswanson 2 points

Oh wicked man. I'm a massive Deadhead too! Just picked up the Fillmore West '69 RSD release. I've got all the Warner studio albums, Dick's Picks 8 and Europe '72. Have you been to see any Dead & Co. shows?

ClavinColdidge 2 points

Fillmore West has a great set! I have never seen the Dead live however unfortunately. Have you?

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SSRssjBardock 77 points
ClavinColdidge 16 points

You can even tell it’s fake because there’s not even any dust/crumbs/salt on it like there is in every goldfish in the pile. There would at least be colored specs on it if it was really in there

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As many others have said, yes, it is bullshit. This is the link to a video I personally think is the best at explaining this because of the statistics that they provide that I have never seen in any other argument about this topic. To summarize the video, it basically explains that a study found that in the top 5 highest paying college majors, there are more males choosing to study four of the five. Meanwhile, in the 5 lowest paying college majors, female students dominate those groups.

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I know people have already mentioned this, but I have my own reason I don’t want to see anymore Star Wars movies. As someone who grew up inhaling everything about Star Wars, I don’t want to see the franchise go to hell like other movie franchises. I was already sort of disappointed with the most recent movie (the other two new ones were decent) and the new Solo movie that is coming out looks terrible. I think Disney should just quit while they’re getting good reviews and not drive a franchise I (and many others) loved as a kid straight into the ground.

LockmanCapulet 1 point

What about Solo makes you think it looks terrible? Genuinely curious.

ClavinColdidge 2 points

I think the whole thing that makes Han Solo such a good character is the mystery behind his past. He mentions that he was a smuggler and a rogue, and he has the best intro in the entire series, where he just shoots somebody. This gives him a very interesting yet mysterious portrayal that this new movie will take away. Also, from observing the trailer, it doesn’t look like they are giving Han his iconic cynicism that he has through the first few movies, which is one of the big parts of his character. We all know that deep down he believes in the good, but we don’t need another movie to show us that.

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Two double doors led out to the playground for recess. We were only allowed to use the door on the left, and if anyone used the door on the right, the administrators would make us all stop playing and stand in a large group at the center of the playground until the person(s) that violates the rule went back through the door on the right and walked through the door on the left. They never told us why this was a rule it just was.

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