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/u/derekferealtatoos won our last challenge with some fancy dovetails, now it's time for more traditional joinery with the Mortise and Tenon Challenge

Eligibility & Submission Deadline

All projects must be started on or after July 30th 2018 and completed before September 10th 2018 (6 weeks time) to be eligible for entry.

Submission entry is closed on September 10th at 11:59 PM PST

Contest Rules

  • Your entry must use mortise and tenon as the form of joinery. This can be traditional, loose, through, tusk, wedged, you name it. (Yes, dominos are allowed as they are loose tenons). Clarification below.

  • Dominos, dowels, biscuits and other point and shoot style of joinery are not allowed.

  • Other forms of mortise and tenon are accepted as entries (eg. Bridle Joints)

  • Any form of furniture is valid for entry: Boxes, chairs, workbenches, bedframes, tables, etc.

  • Project may be completed with power or hand tools as long as it meets the above criteria.

  • Primary material used must be wood

  • Any finishing method is ok.

  • Hinges or other hardware is fine to incorporate.

  • Practice joints or similar will not be accepted. Your build log can feature any number of practice joints you wish, but final entries must be an actual piece of furniture, not a single corner of furniture. (For clarification: Furniture = Boxes, Blanket Chest, Dresser, etc. Hopefully you get the idea)

Submission Details

Use whatever image hosting service you like and post the link to /r/woodworking. The key here is it needs to be apparent that you've built the entry, and you follow the photo requirements listed in the contest rules. Submissions of finished photos only will not be accepted for entry. <-- I can't emphasize this enough, you absolutely need more than 2-3 photos for a valid submission. I will no longer accept entries that have albums that go from rough stock to 90% complete in one jump.

Send me (/u/Clock_Man) a PM in the following format for project entry:

(Subject: M&T Challenge Entry)

  • Username
  • Project Title
  • Album URL

Entries not using this format will not be accepted.

Winners will be given bragging rights, the choice of our next contest, and will be immortalized for the next year in the sub sidebar (once the redesign hits we will fully revamp the sidebar).

/u/SeanMWalker has once again been gracious enough to sponsor the contest with a SimpleCove Card scraper. If you want to be eligible, simply use to host your album. If you don't care, use whatever you want.


Walnut and Curly Maple End Table


Hey, I am working on some stairs (they will meet the time frame) is that eligible?

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Original Poster1 point · 19 hours ago

As long as they meet the joinery requirements.

Is there a link to what the previous winner made/ other good entries?


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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

If you check my profile posts you can see all the old contests as I'm in charge of posting. We have plans to update the sidebar with all contest winners, but the reddit redesign has put a damper on that for the time being. We'll revisit in the next few months when we (the mods) have more time.

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4 points · 1 day ago

You can find those at many retailers today. Midrange saw at best imo.

Did you intend from the start to leave your joints long? I like it! But it looks kinda like a happy discovery.

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Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

I always planned to leave them proud. I got the idea from the Guild Gaming Table where Marc did a pillowing effect. I was initially thinking of leaving them a harsh 90, but didn't like the overall look, so backed off to the chamfer. In the future I'll try pillowing them, or doing a chamfer again, but making it happen before the glue up. :)

Chamfering the bridle joints was a nice touch. I don’t think I have seen that before.

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Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

I got the idea from the Gaming Dining Table that Marc did in The Wood Whisperer Guild.

Hey I had a question about insulating. How big of a hassle was it to do this step? If you were building a new house/shop how big of a priority would you put on adding insulation during construction vs adding it later like you did if it meant leaving something else undone on the house/yard as far as cost/ease of DIY. I hope that makes sense.

We're building now and I just realized that the garage isn't insulated. Money is going to be tight so if I do add it to the garage it means something else will have to wait. Thanks.

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Original Poster1 point · 17 days ago

If I had the money to take down the sheetrock and put in batting or spray foam I would have done that instead of blow in.

Blow in is messy and really discourages any kind of down the road work that involves opening up walls. For ceiling work I think it's great because you can really pile it up and get a good layer, but otherwise it's a hassle. I lucked out in that I had a friend that owns a company and essentially did the job for me for free.

So in your case, I would absolutely do the insulation over other things. Do it while the walls are open and you'll thank yourself in the future.

the filter stack

Thanks for the info, I already have one of the HF collectors, but as you said it sucks in the wrong way, and adding a trash can second stage to my setup made it worse. Wondering what filter stack you got, as well as the clips to hold on the bucket (have a few of those around as well :)

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

PM me. I'm on vacation and can look it up when I get home next week.

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Sometimes when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants in your room.....It is for fun.

Moderator of r/woodworking, speaking officially1 point · 17 days ago

Direct all tool acquisition questions to the Megathread per rule 9.

Clock_Man commented on
Moderator of r/woodworking, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 18 days ago · Stickied comment

Post removed over rule 9 violation.

Moderator of r/woodworking, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 23 days ago · Stickied comment

The only way I want to remember /u/NoCleverNickname is this way. Long live the king.

Shoutout to /u/Lt_Skits for the photoshop.


While we're between contests right now, I present to you our first annual:

Shop Jig Showcase!

It's really easy, below in the comments post whatever jig you've made that you're most proud of. This can be anything from a sphere making jig for the lathe to your miter shooting board. Remember, this isn't a "Here's a cool jig So-and-so made" post. Those comments will get nuked. Now on the other hand, if you made a jig demonstrated by someone else, that's totally fair game. If 20 people made screw advance box joint jigs, then cool, we'll see who made the coolest looking one. But remember it's not a contest, so even if your jig makes me crap myself in utter amazement, you don't win anything.

To keep things tidy, post your top level comments (entries) in this format:

Name of your Jig

Description of what your jig is/how it functions/why you love it so much.

Any comments or conversations you have about any jig feel free to post them as replies underneath each top level jig post. Any top level post that isn't in the above format will be deleted. Have at it, show off how creative you are, and maybe, just maybe, we can all get a bright idea for a new jig in each of our shops.

Have fun!

(I know I'm going to get questions, but for all intents and purposes, a jig in this case is: an object or setup that allows you to complete a specific task. Eg: Box joint jig, miter jig, saw guide, miter box, kumiko jig, etc.)


We're currently driving a Mazda 5 as our family car (2 Adults 3 kids). It works for almost everything but lacks when it comes to cargo space. We had to buy a big Yakima roof pod for when we make our annual 800 mile trip to family, but even with that space the cargo room is tight.

With another child coming our way in December we'd like a bigger van. As I see it the best options on the market are the Odyssey, Sienna, Pacifica, and Sedona. Is there anything that sets one apart from the other? I do a lot of woodworking and would be hauling stick and sheetgoods every month or two so that's something to keep in mind. Your thoughts on the matter would be appreciate!


If you want flexibility in seating, the Odyssey is your best bet.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Is the middle row removable or are they fixed in the vehicle?

Stow and go on dodge/Chrysler is a godsend. You can get a flat floor in seconds without removing any chairs from vehicle. Also stowing area is extra storage under floor that you don’t get with other vans.

I had the town and country and loved it. More room than an suv and even power reclining third row.

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Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago

I've heard good things about the Pacifica for this reason, but can't get over the fact that it's a Chrysler. I grew up in a Honda/Toyota family and can praise the import quality. Has the Pacifica grown out of the quality issues of the past enough to consider it an equal contender?


I think Schwarz has done some harm by pooh-pooh-ing workbench drawers.

These drawers replace (at best) a clutter-shelf with usable organized storage and don't compromise the functionality of the bench at all.

Maybe not the best choice for a french bench with a sliding deadman, but with the big twin-screw able to support long pieces on its own, it's hard to imagine getting much more utility into such a small space.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I understand where he's coming from when he laid the smack down on the drawers, but I believe Schwarz often comes from the idealist camp. Not everyone has space for appropriate wall and cabinet storage in the shop. The drawers under the bench done this way are a great way to regain some space and keep the ability to use holdfasts and whatnot.

I shouldn't even have done the deadman in the first place. This is a 6' bench and it made absolutely no sense why I thought I'd need a deadman. The extra 2' that are there on an 8' bench make it worth it, but right now I just flip the holdfast vertical from the storage position and use that to hold long boards.

Over-engineered. Masterfully crafted. Sawdust everywhere. Looks fabulous. Great job man!

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Thank you kind stranger!

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Very well executed!

I've always wanted to do a demilune table but don't really have a place to put one in the house right now. For me the veneer work is the most daunting since it's unexplored territory for me. What other experience have you had with veneering?

I like the two piece aprons. I can see the features of the Pekovich piece showing through but you still keep your own style.

Do you see any issues with the supports being so close to the center of the table top?

Moderator of r/woodworking, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 1 month ago · Stickied comment

These questions should be directed to the weekly questions thread.


After a week of voting, the people have spoken. Congratulations to /u/derekferealtattoos and his Watch Box for decisively taking the win! /u/derekferealtatoos will enjoy his spoils of war which include:

A SimpleCove T-shirt & card scraper AND a J Katz Moses magnetic dovetail guide,Dozuki saw, & Narex marking knife. All this plus a mention in the sidebar when the redesign is complete.

Feel free to congratulate him below! We also had some requests to release the runners up, so here they are:

1: Watch Box - /u/derekferealtattoos

2: Dovetail Pen - /u/das225

3: "Just a box" - /u/RexTolero

4: Liquor Cabinet - /u/houstonjc

We had a sizable gap between 1st and 2nd place (2x number of votes) but the next three were all a tight race the whole week.

Thanks to all those who took time to enter. These contests are great ways to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, I'm happy to see different people entering all the time. /u/derekferealtattoos gets to choose the next contest topic, so sound off below for some suggestions!


This is really cool that the sub is doing this but I feel like people creating this level of work don't need those tools. We should do another contest with the same entries and the worst one gets the prizes so they can improve their skills

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Original Poster7 points · 1 month ago

I understand where you're coming from, but that quickly becomes a race to the bottom in hopes of getting a prize. In this case, Derek is graciously passing the prizes down the line.

Thanks! It was a fun build. Id like to donate the prizes to the runners up (minus the tshirt.. ) Pm me your addresses when ya get a chance and ill devide the loot once i get it! Thanks to the mods for holding contests like this.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

If that's the case, get in contact with /u/seanmwalker and he'll get things worked out for the prize distribution.

Well done.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Please accept my apologies, I am new to the forum and am generally in awe of what fellow redditors have accomplished

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No problem, just take note for the future.

Moderator of r/woodworking, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 1 month ago · Stickied comment

Please use the weekly questions thread for one off questions like this.

I want to build a mailbox post. I read that Tigerwood (Goncalo Alves) has great rot and termite resistance. Is this a bad idea? If so, do I need to seal it with anything, especially the 24" I put below ground?

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Best bet for outside is something that is pre-treated/pressure treated. Also put something like concrete around the post or a barrier. Any unprotected/untreated wood stuck below ground is essentially putting it in the ideal condition for decomposure.


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