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Legendaryleofuchs 1 point

They can switch to their own, but they still have access to the card you've designated as the family payment method. Google also won't let you limit the use of that card by anyone over 18. It seems designed to stop people from sharing accounts with people outside of their actual, close and highly trusted family members, but it's a crummy way to get there.

What's worked for me, entirely by accident, is designating an invalid card as the family method. I lost and replaced my debit card, and changed my own default payment method to the new, working card, but the family method is set separately and it didn't even occur to me to fix it.

Clock_Man 1 point

Ah that totally makes sense. I think I'm going to go the route of putting it as a pre-paid debit to be safe.

InAnimateAlpha 1 point

For the family payment option, each user CAN use the same CC to make purchases. This option would have to be enabled by whomever manages the account. You can turn on purchase approvals so that whenever someone tries to make a purchase they have to get your approval before doing so. This can be set for each family member.

Clock_Man 1 point

I checked and it looks like I can't turn on purchase approvals for anyone over 18 (which is everyone on the plan) is there an option that pertains specifically to the Family Payment Option?

Clock_Man commented on a post in r/googleplaymusic
thecodemonk 2 points

I upgraded my grandfathered 7.99 sub to a family plan just in case.. I was told we would get the YouTube premium at the same family plan rate.

Clock_Man 2 points

I'm in the same boat. I loved my lower rate, but seeing that my wife and I had considered the family plan in the future anyway, I figured this was a no brainer. If they try some tomfoolery with grandfathering, I figured you can complain enough to get the $8 plan back afterwards....hopefully.

Avogadro101 1 point

How are there still 0 entries!?!?

Clock_Man 1 point

It takes people a while to get moving, don't worry.

attainableapex 2 points

Man can we have an extra month?

I’m in the middle of a big set of cutting boards that needs to be finished before the 8th of June. If not I’ll be posting my cutting boards. I did a little different than what I see on how a bunch are made at a time so thought I would share

Clock_Man 1 point

Sorry, but we're locked in to 6 weeks on these contests.

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
Clock_Man 2 points

I was surprised to see you post something for once.

I take it that you're rather smitten with the split top on the workbench top. Is that an artifact of working on the Nicholson for so long? Any reason why you'd do a monolithic top?

Clock_Man 14 points

I vote for the 'something dovetailed' challenge. Project must contain dovetails.

DelicatessenMayo 2 points

Yeah! This would be good. It would mean my late firewood project still has a use!

Clock_Man 3 points

If you've already started something it wouldn't be eligible for the next contest. Entries have to be started and finished within the timeframe of project announcement->voting.

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thejunioristadmin 1 point

You didn't say how you cut the miters. Hand cut or machine cut? Very nice look by the way.

I'm still waiting on the shop pics though.

Clock_Man 2 points

Yeah, they're all machine cut, but I did some hand cleanup with a smoothing plane to get the corners to close up. I've been meaning to make a miter sled so I can do this easier, but another day.

The shop pics should be up soon. I'm building the new plane till now, and I should have the other tools up on the wall shortly thereafter. Work has been quite a bit more demanding than usual lately and with 60 hour weeks I don't have much time if any to work on things. Hopefully I'll have some time this summer to work, but the stray hour here or there has to suffice for now.

Lorf30 2 points

Nice work.

Clock_Man 1 point


Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
bramletabercrombe 1 point

why d the cheap 3/4 pine boards at Home Depot have the grooves cut on one of the flat sides?

Clock_Man 3 points

Probably because it's meant for some kind of siding or flooring.

Kalzenith 2 points

Here you go, perfect profile pic. Now you have a frame for it too.

Clock_Man 2 points


abnormal_human 1 point

Domino is like a cheat code. Not that I'm judging. It's fun.

Clock_Man 1 point

It makes banging out projects easy. I've totally noticed a difference since I got it, but it does still feel too easy.

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/todayilearned
naderslovechild 47 points

So sick of people raving about blue star. "Omg only TOURISTS go to Voodoo. REAL Portlanders go to Blue Star." We get a lot of people at my office traveling in from out of state so I hear this constantly.

Clock_Man 38 points

If I wanted to pay $43 for a dozen donuts I'd expect something better than pretentious names and mediocre flavor.

beebeebeebeebeep 1 point

At Voodoo? We got 8 and paid $14. For specialty donuts they're pretty cheap.

Clock_Man 1 point

No, I agree that Voodoo is a bargain. Blue Star charges you a second mortgage for a dozen.

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/modnews
Clock_Man 8 points

/r/woodworking is heavily focused around OC and this would be a great addition.

HideHideHidden [A] 6 points

I was hoping your sub would be interested! One of our admins is a huge fan of your subreddit and would be excited to hear that you're interested in participating!

Clock_Man 5 points

Nice to hear that someone at reddit thinks we're cool. 🤗

mrwhibbley 1 point

What about glass tops or metal stands? And what about paint? It seems most projects are stained.

Clock_Man 1 point

Any finishing method is allowed.

Glass tops and metal stands are not allowed under the contest rules.

0_o 1 point

I really wish someone would answer this question.

Clock_Man 2 points

I meant to, but got busy with work and forgot. I know it's possible to dry with an oven, but checking and case hardening are a real possibility.

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
Clock_Man 3 points

I can't tell you anything exactly, but I suggest adopting the mantra of, "Pick something and do it until it works."

This comes from the idea that people try something and immediately move on because it didn't work out perfectly/the way they thought. If there is a methodology that works for many many people, it can work for you, you just don't have to give up when things don't go north right away.

Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
Clock_Man 17 points

I always give Marc Spagnuolo (The WoodWhisperer) a recommendation. He's got a huge library of free videos and paid projects for when you're looking for more in depth builds and techniques.

Clock_Man commented on a post in r/Brawlstars
Chacha2002 7 points

Fortnite already has TONS of invited mobile players lol. I fucking hate to say this, but I think it’s bye bye brawlstars

Clock_Man 6 points

Having played both I think Fortnite and Brawlstars aren't in the same camp. Brawlstars games are max 2 min long and are a quick pick up and go whereas Fortnite games are something you need to dedicate some real time to.

I dunno, just the way I see the comparison. I hope the devs get their heads back on.

Clock_Man commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
Clock_Man 1 point

Finally got in after realizing my company wifi was blocking the signin process.

I totally have no idea what I'm doing, but that will come with time. The app itself feels like a desktop port to mobile. The menus and nav are all small and not conducive to smaller screens, which I think would be better adapted with larger buttons and what not.

I'll keep playing and update with gameplay feelings and otherwise.

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