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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
Clock_Man 6 points

Nice version of Marc's table. The curly maple on the legs is a nice touch. Gives the Look of texture without the need to dimple it like he did.

ilccao 1 point

What’s the source for the original?

Clock_Man 1 point
Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
WalterMelons 1 point

Anyone want to recommend a ripping blade for my ts? <$100 would be nice. 10” blade or would ya just recommend a combo blade?

Clock_Man 2 points

I've had really good results with Freud blades, never tried their glue line rip personally, but know a few guys that swear by them.

(I use a Premier Fusion and it's a good combo.)

MonkeyWrench 2 points

The 12" hoop requirement

This means all of the components, disassembled, packed together, has to be able to pass through together, correct?


Is the 12" hoop requirement, each component has be able to pass through the hoop individually?

Clock_Man 4 points

"Each individual component must fit through a hoop of 12" in diameter. This doesn't mean everything through the hoop at the same time, but each piece passes through the hoop on its own."

NoDefAlt 6 points

New here. What exactly does "knock down" mean? I found an example of a knockdown workbench that essentially folds up.

Edit: that wasn't super specific. I guess I mean, how does this differ from just saying "folding objects?” Does it still need to be functional or aesthetically appealing in it's folded mode?

Clock_Man 8 points

In general knock down simply means that you can take the piece of furniture and disassemble for moving or storage. (Think Ikea except it will still go back together properly after you take it apart.) The comment above about the roubo is a great example. Assuming your top slabs will fit through the 12" hoop, you can totally knock down a workbench to fit the criteria of the contest. Doesn't have to be pretty or functional, just easier to handle and store.

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/dji
Clock_Man 3 points

Can someone explain how the Enhanced Warning Zones and Authorization zones work? I'm probably going to buy this week but live in an EWZ due to a local airport nearby. Is the only thing required to have an active DJI account? The website talks about 'authorized users', are these any different than anyone who has an account verified? Thanks!

Clock_Man 3 points

Future drone pilot here. I've been eyeing a drone ever since DJI started offering the smaller compact options. I've flown foam flyer RC before, but it's been years.

What do you think would be the best option: Spark or the Mavic Air? The new mavic looks great with the forward and reverse facing cameras for obstacle avoidance, but it's also more money. The camera specs aren't too important to me as the highest res monitor we have is 1080p and while aerial photography is one of the reasons I'd like to drone, 4k isn't a necessity. I've seen some Fly More combo Sparks show up on my local CL in the 400s, which have been enticing. Just wondering what you guys think would be the best way to get started. I've always subscribed to the buy once cry once mentality, but just don't know if the Air is too much drone for someone who'd be flying once or twice a week for funsies.

Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
SMeekWoodworks 16 points

Gotta say, that's pretty damn sexy! Love the shape. How does it feel? How long have you been using it? I generally tell my students when they make their planes to use them for a few months and they will start to notice areas to refine the shape. Would love to hear your experience with this.

I am curious how the plane performs over time and seasonal humidity changes. Admittedly, Walnut would be far from my first choice as a plane wood, especially with the grain orientation in yours, but I can't find fault in the resulting look, as it is hot as hell. I predict that you will have to flatten the sole more often, but that's worth the look I'm guessing.

Do you mind a suggestion? I would route in a mouth piece wear piece to tighten up the mouth opening. You will be even happier with the resulting surface in figured woods.

As a plane maker, the best compliment I feel I can give is that I really want to try yours out and see how it feels in the hand. Again, that shape is really f***ing cool.

Clock_Man 4 points

Good to see you again Scott, it's been a while.

Would you be interested in doing an AMA this year? I'm looking for contenders that we haven't had for a while.

golfstud7 1 point

What kind of bits does it take?

Clock_Man 1 point

Normal drill bits. The chuck only goes so big so if you want to use larger bits her shanked ones work.

exDM69 1 point

What kind of bits you prefer?

I have had some trouble finding good ones for my egg beaters. My issue is that the bit gets pulled in by the "threads" of the bit, not leaving a very good hole. I have to hold the drill back so it won't go too fast and I don't get a lot of control.

The bits I have (Famag brand, and some B&D) are obviously meant for much higher speeds.

Clock_Man 2 points

Here is an excellent article on the topic Many options both international and US.

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
MagillaGorillasHat 2 points

BIFL and affordable measuring/marking (less than half the price of new, but have cosmetic blemishes).

4 inch try square

6 inch double square

12 inch combo square. You can get one with the center finder and protractor too.

12 inch protractor

I have all of them except the protractor, they're all awesome, and I use them all the time.

Clock_Man 2 points

I will throw my recommendation behind HJE squares. Top notch quality there.

Clock_Man 1 point

Where is Gallagher when you need him?

MyAudioDNA 2 points

This is fantastic. I'm adding one of these to my project list. Any chance you have a link to the sawing video you mentioned?

Clock_Man 5 points

Yeah, here it is

Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
bringsallyup 1 point

Seriously tho - how good (despite with the excessive price) is Cosman’s saw?

Clock_Man 2 points

Pretty Meh. Plastic handle and an epoxied spine.

bringsallyup 2 points

This based on your experience owning one?

Clock_Man 2 points

Never owned but handled. I'd rather put the money on a LN.

abnormal_human 2 points

Yah. I know. My failure was getting the domino too early. I did a bit of M+T before that, and a couple of times since, but I've leaned on that thing for almost every major project.

I have had a set of Ray Iles mortising chisels in my possession since XMas 2015 that I have only used for practice. I just picked up a set of drawbore pins. I've got the trestle table coming up, and plan to use both.

Also finally designed the under-bench storage..shouldn't be a long project, just need to get it done. That one will involve the domino.

And I'm gearing up to do a Maloof low back using Brock plans so I can get my head around sculpting. Tools + lumber are all here..but I think that comes after the other two projects since it will take a while.

Of course, I just started doing weekends again a couple of weeks ago..and I'm in serious trouble if we don't get the kitchen redone this maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

Clock_Man 1 point

I really haven't got the hankering to do mortises by hand, and I don't think I ever will. Ive used the router for I don't know how many mortises at this point and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well they turn out. I've used the domino twice so far, and I can see why people get all bent out of shape over it. Point and shoot.

I've got a potential kitchen update this year too, but probably not like what you're doing. Ours is just paint over that crap for style golden oak that's got 20 years of wear on it. I think we're also going to tear out the counter top and do a long grain butcher block. Probably seal with waterlox or epifanes.

Get that bench storage done so I can do it too. My old tool cabinet is on the floor where my wife's car should be and she's getting annoyed that my renovation is on month three.

Once I get her car back in the garage, first order of business is my new bed frame. That's been a long time coming, then after that who knows? Options include: Morris Chair, Dining Table, chest of drawers, or kitchen island.

Time is my least plentiful resource right now as well.

abnormal_human 1 point

Using a good mortise chisel is satisfying. When you're doing 4-6 mortises in a project it's not that worse than incorporating dovetails. The workbench felt like a death march with the wrong tools, but I'm looking forward to the trestle table.

Car in garage matters when it's snowing. I heroically clean the garage+cram everything up against the walls each year and make it happen. She is surprised every time I pull it off. During the non-snow season, the garage is the shop extension.

The kitchen is being 100% hired out. And it's looking like it will be six figures+ because doing a nice kitchen in an MCM house in NYC suburbs is what it is.

I'm almost done hiring 2 people who will take over about 60% of my day-to-day, so hopefully time becomes less of an issue...but we will see. I also need to turn the company into a machine learning powerhouse in the music domain by end of year..and that is going to consume some of the newly created time. And of course once it is not freezing outside, I'll be wasting time doing 50+mi bike rides on the weekends again.

Under bench storage is straightforward. The main realization I had is: don't worry about recessing the drawers, just maximize storage. It's going to end up a pretty simple bank of 6 drawers that rest on top of the front/rear cross-members connecting the legs. I am really excited about reducing the shop clutter with 6 new drawers...I'm going to try to get sandpaper, router bits, drill bits, and lots of misc small hand tool in there. Should be great and should restore the shop to a manageable state.

For a while, I thought I might convert this bench into something more Roubo-ish. I decided, no. If I want one of those, I'll build one. After the kitchen is done, I should have more free reign to expand the shop anyways...

Clock_Man 1 point

that rest on top of the front/rear cross-members connecting the legs

What's the solution to the stupid bevels we put on the front stretchers? Matching bevel pieces to hold the supporting panel in place?

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
Clock_Man [M] [score hidden]

FYI: This post will be unstickied Saturday Noon. Plan questions accordingly.

Sublime1980 1 point

What would be a good species of wood for an indoor bench with high traffic? I would like it to be dark (either naturally or stainable) with visible grain? Thank you

Clock_Man 1 point

I found soft maple to take stain very well. Despite the name, it's still quite a dense wood and would hold up well IMO with a stain under a film finish like poly.

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
Clock_Man 2 points

I'm going to be building a set of wood squares for my daily use in the shop but can't settle on what species to use.

I'll be using quartersawn stock, and will stay to one species. I'm leaning towards cherry but if anyone has strong feelings for another for shop tools I'd like to hear it.

Aerron 1 point

Are there woods that are less affected by moisture and humidity?

Clock_Man 2 points

I know there are, but I haven't looked much into it. Using quartersawn stock helps with movement quite a bit.

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Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
mcala887 2 points

Really cool project and it shows tons of skill on the lathe, but I have to ask...why do people make these? Do they serve a purpose? I can’t imagine they’d even be good paper weights given that they’d roll off the table.

Clock_Man 2 points

I'm not the maker, but I can likely assume that they make them simply because they think they're cool. Call it 'art' or whatever you want, but balls of wood are kind of aesthetically pleasing and make cool mantle pieces or whatever when paired with a bowl or stand.

GoatTnder 4 points

Love that bed! Any more details on the plan?

Clock_Man 2 points

It's a shrunk down version of Marc's King Sized Bed he did a few years back. I just made it a queen to fit our bed.

MojoLamp 4 points

Great ideas. My goals are to double my investments and make at least two jigs. Make a pedal board, an amp case and some shelving for our house that desperately needs shelves.

Clock_Man 2 points

Shelving is always a good idea. We're unfortunately getting rid of a bookcase this year, so I might be looking into something like a barrister or similar as a replacement.

Clock_Man commented on a post in r/woodworking
colbertican17 8 points

I tried to make a sphere... It did not work. Got smaller and smaller and smaller until it split. Great work

Clock_Man 3 points

The trick when doing spheres is to only hit the high spots when you make the 90 degree rotations. If you watch the sphere with a light you can see a shadow line of where the actual sphere is in the spin.

If you keep trying to chase the shape yourself you end up turning it smaller and smaller like you experienced.

dlwoodworking 4 points

The trick I use is to gouge a circle in the middle of the cylinder, and mark two opposite poles on this circle. Then when you rotate 90 degrees, you simply take away material until you reach that circle and you're left with a sphere.

Clock_Man 3 points

That's slick!

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