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What is afaik Edit: okay I get it now ffs

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As Far As I Know

shredded mozza...I normally dislike poutine but even I know that is heresy....that is just one sad poutine..

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I've seen shredded cheddar used, it was a depressing sight. Not even poutine at that point

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Im more an 80s guy myself.

From 8 valve air cooled 1000cc superbikes to 750 liquid cooled pocket rockets in 10 years. What a decade.

Bikes like the gs750es in 83 and 84 seem like dinosaurs compared to a gsxr750. But were light years better than the gs1000 from 80 amd 81.

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100% Agree. The Yamaha FZR1000 at the end of the decade was when sportbikes got really serious imo. Insane performance for a road vehicle in the 80s.

What about lukewarm pie?

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Still better than lukewarm pizza

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Now that is an achievement worth trying... Own every province on the equator by the end of the game. I just need to come up with a good pun or portmanteau for it.

Edit: After looking at a map with the equator on it, the equator is a lot further south than my gut told me. It wouldn't be an impossible challenge but it would be fun seeing a country with just indonesia, central africa and northern south america.

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It might look weird because on the EU4 map the Americas have been shifted north relative to Afro-Eurasia, so the 'equator' in South America would be higher than the 'equator' in Africa. I still might try to do this though...

Not a table but this map detailing the age of international borders might be helpful

Isn't 100% humidity actually rain?

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100% relative humidity just means that the air cannot hold any more evaporated moisture (it's saturated). Exactly how much moisture the air can hold depends on the temperature, hence the 'relative' part. If you look at a humidity chart you can see that the air can hold a lot more water as the temperature increases.


I came back to this a few weeks ago:

When I noticed it after the ride I got one of the biggest "oh shit" adrenaline rushes of my life. My hands were shaking as if I'd just jumped out of a plane but I was just standing in my driveway looking at my bike. I can't imagine losing your rear wheel at speed would be very fun.

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Yikes! I think your pic is scarier than OP's! Good thing you spotted that.

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This is extremely satisfying for some reason, thank you

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R5: my Sun God run was going too well. Reformed religion. Beat down colonies. Secured the borders and even expanded into central america. But I'm missing a province...

The Falklands... I'm not in coring range of them or any of their allies. This means a noCB bringing in Spain (and their colonies), Portugal, Austria, the Popeman, and the Commonwealth as defender of the faith. Of course, they all blobbed.

New plan: wait until age of revolutions and unlimited coring, make claim on it, threaten war. Should be a boring century.

Alternatively, find out where the Knights live and noCB them :P

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Are there any other Spanish provinces in the Americas you can fabricate claims on? You can't win a ground war against that alliance, but you can win the naval war.

You're rich from all of those Incan gold provinces, right? Build a huge fleet of heavies, destroy the Spanish and Portuguese navies and blockade the Straits of Gibraltar to keep the others contained while you siege down provinces in the Americas to build warscore. That's how I captured the European colonies when I got this achievement.

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Spain exists in California and Louisiana. I can conquer my way to them, but it'll take a while. I have to go through a mega-sized French Mexico to get there. But by then maybe my navy will be worthwhile talking about...

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It's worth a shot. Remember that you have inferior armies even at the same tech level because you're not in the Western tech group, but that doesn't matter for navies, every tech group gets the same ships. Good luck!


Recently started learning about how many huge cave systems there are in the UK! Has anyone here visited the big ones like Swildon's Hole, Gaping Gill, etc?

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I bet he inhaled. :)

That's a double edged sword, though. Many politicians are judged for their average youth. GW Bush partied and that was a big negative that was brought up. Obama smoking a doob? End of the world (not as bad as the tan suit, but it was up there).

Damn, I'd love to see more politicians like this instead of the turtle looking fuckers we have (in the US, anyway). Gotta be stiff lipped professionals that only enjoy yachts, polo, and horseback riding.

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During the election they would attempt to attack Trudeau by saying he was a snowboarding instructor at Whistler when he was younger . Like what's wrong with that?

Isn't this Alberta English? (What dat der thing der?)

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Yer lookin fer a different accent buddy

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There is no word for Commonwealth in Spanish?

Umm, people usually refer to Brits as Anglo-Saxon. Both the Anglos and Saxons were Germanic tribes... Is this what you're referring to? Because I've never heard of people calling them German, ever.

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The British Royal family has a lot of German ancestry. They changed their German last name 'Saxe-Coburg and Gotha' to 'Windsor' in 1917 in order to distance themselves from Germany.

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We also put Japanese-Canadians in internment camps during the war, I bet they didn't request to stay.

Do you actually play with the terrain mapmode?

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Original Poster52 points · 19 days ago

Occasionally yes just to change things up, I don't use it during really serious gameplay though.

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R5: My heir got an ironic trait considering his name

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Pretty shocking that this can happen, and the news article mentioned that people were trapped at the top in September 2017 as well. I hope they do something so it doesn't happen again!

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My favourite bit is "Environment Canada's guess"

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91 points · 23 days ago

I liked 'Periodically the rock must be removed for servicing"


I am playing as Spain and got a CB to force a personal union on Poland. I could do it immediately but they are at war with Denmark and Russia. I don't want to unnecessarily fight Denmark and Russia but also if I wait for the war to end then Russia might take Lithuanian provinces that could have been mine.

What should I do? I know that if you force-vassalize a country you will join their war, not sure about PUs though.


At the game start get at least one powerful ally who has also has France as a rival (Burgundy, Aragon, Castile or Austria). In my experience the best ally hands down is Burgundy. They have a big vassal swarm and many forts directly bordering France. Castile, Aragon and Austria are good allies too.

Forget about beating France to Mil Tech 4, they start with a 4/2/4 ruler. Get advisers and hire mercs if you need to. France doesn't get their morale bonus until their second national idea while Burgandy, Castile and Austria have a morale bonus from game start. France gets a manpower bonus though.

Move all of your armies to Caux or Normandy and wait for the Surrender of Maine event (if you want the PU, if not, attack with the reconquest CB) Immediately move into Paris and stackwipe if troops are present, then siege Paris, keeping most of your armies nearby. Let France focus on fighting Burgundy/Other Allies while you focus on sieging forts. With Paris occupied they will accumulate war exhaustion very quickly.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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Every time I see pics of this island I'm blown away by the beauty

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