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SamQuentin 130 points

One of the verbal tricks the left has pulled that everybody falls for is saying that “believing in global warming” is a binary proposition. It’s really four separate questions.

  • is the earth warming?
  • is the increase in atmospheric carbon the primary cause?
  • is mankind the reason for the increase in atmospheric carbon?
  • at what point, if any, will the warming become catastrophic?
CodingCookie 2 points

1) Yes. It's gone up about 0.8 degrees since 1980. That might not seem like a lot, but it's imperative that the earth stays at 61 degrees Fahrenheit. If it even goes up by 2 or 3 degrees, plants will die and entire lakes will dry up.

2) Yup. It's 100% proven that carbon creates a greenhouse effect around our atmosphere. There is literally zero debate about that. It's the AMOUNT of carbon that's being put in the atmosphere that's the central point of debate.

3) We can't say definitively yes, but the IPCC says there is a 95% chance that humans have contributed to climate change. For millions of years, the climate and the earth have exchanged carbon amounts (approx. 280 ppm) to keep the earth at a steady temperature. In the past few hundred years, this number has skyrocketed to about 400ppm. Many factories and plants around the world emit CO2, causing an imbalance in the environment.

4) Probably not in your lifetime, but your kids will definitely see the effects. Storms will become increasingly bigger, sea levels will rise causing entire cities to flood. Kids in China and Bangladesh already have to start wearing masks so they don't get harmed from the air pollution.

Has the science community been wrong in the past? Abso-fricken-lutely. But they aren't afraid to admit it. 16 of the last 17 years have been the warmest years ever recorded. I'll be damned if this is just some "weather."

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RikerT_USS_Lolipop 3 points

I don't know anything about the gay cam market, but I imagine it's absolutely miniscule. Even relative to the proportion of the population that is gay.

My old roommate was gay and he told me he could get laid literally any time he wanted within the hour.

CodingCookie 1 point

Yes, that is true.

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CodingCookie 1 point

1) Stop getting mad at petty things. Realize that some things are better left ignored

2) Work out more. I currently work out only on weekends. I want to start working out three or four times a week.

3) Realize that some things are out of my control, and that is ok.

4) Come out to my parents.

5) Stop smoking. It’s a terrible habit.

6) Clean up my face and actually shave once in a while.

7) Be more friendly. No more “brutally honest” crap. I need to tell more white lies, but also be critical at the right times.

8) Delete snapchat (or end my streaks)

9) Drink a bottle of water a day.

10) Stop using my phone as much. Live life in the moment.

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one_year_on 1 point


At the beginning of 2017 you told me your New Year's Resolutions and I said I'd message you in a year to see how you got on. Here goes!

Your resolutions were:

This year for me: Get a boyfriend, get better grades (in most of my classes), get above a 1200 on the SAT (God I hope so), get into a college, and be satisfied and happy.

CodingCookie 1 point

Done, done, done (ish), done (NYU!!), and done. Life is good.

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