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Does anyone know how CVS Pharmacy generates their IVR messages? It's a male voice, but sounds robotic, so I'm assuming they generate it with an application. I want to say that Bank of America used to use the same voice, but I'm not sure.

Set up your domain(s) and DNS records, and install AD connector to start adding users might be a good start. I never set up 365 from scratch, but I'd probably go from there.

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Why the fuck are you commenting then? "OP, I don't know how to do thing, but you should do thing my way."

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Yes, they are fantastic - very clear, concise prose compared to the fluffy Victorian style that was popular back then. Here is how he described the end of Don Carlos Buell's career:

In regard to restoring officers who had been relieved from important commands to duty again, I left Sherman to look after those who had been removed in the West while I looked out for the rest. I directed, however, that he should make no assignment until I could speak to the Secretary of War about the matter. I shortly after recommended to the Secretary the assignment of General Buell to duty. I received the assurance that duty would be offered to him; and afterwards the Secretary told me that he had offered Buell an assignment and that the latter had declined it, saying that it would be degradation to accept the assignment offered. I understood afterwards that he refused to serve under either Sherman or Canby because he had ranked them both. Both graduated before him and ranked him in the old army. Sherman ranked him as a brigadier-general. All of them ranked me in the old army, and Sherman and Buell did as brigadiers. The worst excuse a soldier can make for declining service is that he once ranked the commander he is ordered to report to.

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Beautifully written. Concise and direct, the way a leader ought to be.

Why is the pic so blurry and shitty? Mom looks like a swamp monster.

That looks like shit, OP.

Moderator of r/Jokes, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 1 month ago · Stickied comment · edited 1 month ago

Anyone who thinks it's a hilarious idea to post this to /r/AskHistorians will be banned from their sub and from ours. Consider this your notice. To be clear: this is considered to be brigading under reddit's terms of service.

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Fuck off, you humorless scold.

There are thousands of adorable, loving, little dogs at the various pounds/shelters in every county. Much cheaper, already spayed/neutered, and just as adorable. The difference is you're saving a life and not supporting some breeder/puppy mill.

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There are thousands of annoying, pearl-clutching scolds like you across the country. Unfortunately, we can't put you in the pound. Lighten up

I was thinking the management droid.

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Beep, boop, synergy.

I would still recommend having a local AD controller and a print server. Printing sucks over VPN. You could have a very low cost server with hyper-v running 2 VMs to accomplish this. Also a local file server is nice, could be shared with the VM running print. This would also give you local DNS and DHCP on the server.

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Yes, but cloud. See how I just totally destroyed your argument?

You should definitely tell him all the things he's doing incorrectly. Make sure you're pedantic and condescending, and if he happens to mention Linux, correct him with, "actually, it's GNU/Linux."

Are you running low on memory? What's your storage system's performance like? If the data being ingested is being transferred over the network, what's network performance like? Look for the 'simple' bottlenecks before you start exploring other, more complex possibilities.

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Nearly everything is just SuperMicro chassis and off-the-shelf components, period, unless they're owned by Dell now, in which case they're Dell chassis and off-the-shelf components.

Commodity server hardware is commodity. Decide what software stack you want to run (e.g., FreeNAS, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) and then buy hardware. Software RAID is the best solution although support for that under Windows is weak, so you mostly see hardware RAID still being used when the stack is Windows-based.

largely due to the premium you pay on drives with the HP/Dell.

Just say no to vendor games if you don't want to pay the higher prices. Also, tell your human HP/Dell reps you're doing this, and maybe your pricing will start to magically improve.

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Using software RAID in any context is a big mistake, OP. That's what storage controllers are for.

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I hear terrible things about piracy and theft on udemy

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Who gives a shit OP

Original Poster6 points · 2 months ago

Good Monday morning!

I apologize, but I missed your moronic important email, as I had already left the office. Also, we tend not to make such changes on a Friday, especially in the afternoon. I'll be glad to get right on it this morning though. Thanks!

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Migration team to project manager: "Your helpdesk was unresponsive to our change request, so the migration had to be delayed. As we explained to [CIO], our migrations are carried out on Friday evenings to minimize adverse impact to staff. Please advise as to next steps."

Emails that just say "Thank you!" extra twitching for multiple exclamation points

People saying "HTML 5" as if they knew anything of 1-4

"This might be a stupid question..." Well, if it wasn't, it sure is now.


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What a bunch of stupid jerks, thanking you for solving their problems. Fuck those assholes, right?!

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It's almost like...capitalism is bad, OP.

+1, "thin clients" these days are basically browsers. If there is already a trend towards web apps. I would think more about things like chromebooks and similar, not "thin clients".

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This is completely wrong.

It's Latvian, OP, so it's shit. Have you ever met a Latvian before? They're like discount-bin Russians who desperately want to be either German or Scandinavian.

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Ninite is dogshit compared to PDQ, hope that helps OP.

I miss when XenApp was called MetaFrame, what a cool name.

Holy shit, OP, it takes a long time and great effort to be successful in a career field?! College degrees matter, and writing well helps?! Where would we be without these breathtaking insights of yours?

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jesus the amount of bad advice in this thread.

I came here to say this.

I'm skeptical of people who say they HATE programming/math and what to get into IT. If you just want to be the traditional Windows admin you're going to find your career will eventually be stunted. At most you'll only ever be a "System Admin" at an SMB and most likely you'll never make it past the helpdesk.

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Well, I can tell you that the last time I took someone to court because of laughing argument I won - and 2 years later I still get mail from the court about all the appointments he has because turned out his little mistake actually had a criminal followup. You may laugh - I call that ignorant.

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You were one of those kids who ratted out other kids to the teacher, weren't you.

Nope. Says a lot about you, that statement.

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lol yeah youre definitely a rat.

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