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shaunsmith83 1 point

Thanks for the help but due to pressure to get them email access I ended up creating new accounts and importing their old emails in, I still want to figure what is wrong these users accounts in case it happens again in the future

CollabTrainee 3 points

It's good that you're transitioning to new servers, but be advised that a direct migration/upgrade from 2003 to the two most recent versions of Exchange (2013 and 2016) isn't supported. You'll need to migrate/upgrade to 2010 first, and then upgrade to 2013 or 2016. MS has developed a cool checklist-type migration assistant you might check out:

CollabTrainee 1 point

Have you looked in the (application) event log?

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aaaEKS 1 point

Its Ublock and PrivacyBadger , and the numbers show how many attems at tracking they detected and blocked.

Im pretty sure they already know, since they spent time coding a error message when tracking is blocked :)

CollabTrainee 2 points

Dude, if you're going to eliminate an enterprise software vendor from consideration because they try to track what you're looking at, you're going to need to eliminate all of them. It's a ridiculous objection, and if I were your manager and found out you were doing this, we'd be having a chat about priorities.

aaaEKS 1 point

Nice strawmann, and vailed threat.

One of the Primary goals with GDPR is making it illegal to track people without reason or conctent. Why would i buy a new tool that helps me do this, when the first thing this tool does is multiple attems at tracking withour concent.

I spend a few ekstra minuntes of my time to tell bagaudin this, im pretty sure my manager is not going to object to that ;) But feel free to tell him, lets see what happens

CollabTrainee 1 point

First of all, a website and a backup application are different pieces of software, so treating them as the same thing is retarded.

Second of all, GDPR isn't in effect yet, numbnuts.

You (dumb German guy who can't spell): "Why isn't this company following a law that isn't in effect yet?" Me (smart, cool guy who rocks): "Go eat some schnitzels and leave IT to the pros."

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Slush-e 2 points

That's my dream but unfortunately the entire reason I was brought in in the first place was so the company could get rid of that expensive MSP.

Saying I might need them and we should get an SLA with them would practically kill my job

CollabTrainee 1 point

You're right, what you're doing is clearly working, don't do anything to change that.

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thedudeintx82 1 point

I've worked with my boss for 6 or 7 years now & have followed him because I really like working for him.

When I first met him, he sat the entire IT department in a meeting and told us all, "My job is not to make your lives easier. Your job is to make mine easier." I've taken this to heart and it's been beneficial to me over the course of all these years.

CollabTrainee 1 point

Your boss sounds like a huge asshole.

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automute_ 1 point

I was eyeing Veeam because I had seen them mentioned here before and they’ve got an office around the corner from ours. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call tomorrow.

CollabTrainee 1 point

CloudBerry Managed Backup might be the solution here. Veeam isn't a good fit, because it's meant for highly-virtualized environments (e.g., if you were running the 600+ instances on your own server(s)). You would have to buy 600+ licenses of Veeam if you took that approach. What you need is an agent-based backup system that's cheap when you deploy it to many customers, and phones home back to a central monitoring portal. I believe Cloudberry Managed Backup does this.

CollabTrainee 2 points

Can you be more specific about your use case? 600+ clients running 600+ instances of SQL Server 2008 R2 (i.e., each has their own), or 600+ clients accessing a SQL Server instance that you host?

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CollabTrainee 12 points

What is the state of your indexes? Namely: a) do you have them, b) are you indexing the right columns on the right tables? Have you tried rebuilding them?

EDIT: check out sp_whoisactive and Brent Ozar's "Blitz" scripts. They can help you pinpoint the cause of performance problems.

the-packet-thrower 6 points

The tip for all exams is to study the exam topics that is listed on online for each exam. Then evaluate your understanding of them as you study. Cisco and other vendors don't care in the slightest if the Official Study Guide doesn't cover a topic fully (or at all) hell some tracks don't even have OCGs.

CollabTrainee 1 point

That's helpful, thank you, but where do I turn to actually study those topics? In other words, I grant you that it's important to have an authoritative list, and the OSGs may very well not, but where do I go to learn about the topics on the list, in depth?

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