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Opinions on the "Business Edition" line of UC products?

What do you guys think of Cisco's "Business Edition" SKUs, which bundle preloaded copies of CUCM, Unity, IM/Presence on a preconfigured UCS hypervisor? Seems like a convenient option for SMBs, but if it's a fad or one-off type product that never took off, I want to steer clear of it.

For your reference, here's the datasheet for the 6000 series.


In-person (classroom-based) Collaboration training experiences?

My company wants me to attend CCNA Collaboration training (classroom-based), but I'm not sure where to turn. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with particular training vendors, specifically for Collaboration?

They want to use instructor-led training (vs. canned/prerecorded) so that I'm able to ask questions as we work through the material. I'm going to use CBT Nuggets to supplement this, but I'm having a hard time finding credible reviews for in-person training.


CCNA Collaboration holders: which study guides did you use?

I've begun studying for my CCNA Collaboration, but I've discovered that customer feedback on Amazon for Cisco's official CCNA Collab study materials is really negative:

Here's the two-book set

And here's the CICD book by itself

The common refrain seems to be that the official Cisco prep materials don't reflect what's actually on the exam.

Did you successfully obtain your CCNA Collaboration cert? Which study materials did you use, if not the official ones?

Should I 'revert' to the old CCNA Voice materials? Mark Snow at INE indicated the CCIE Collaboration is basically still CCIE Voice with some enhancements:

Start reading under "Overview"

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