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JubeiK 2 points

Beautiful Job OP, especially on such a beautiful picture.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point


ColorizedHollywood 3 points

Restored and Colorized by me

A Royal Canadian Army Medic bandages the burnt leg of a French boy as his brother looks on. Taken in Boissons, France during the Battle of Normandy.

RN2emt 2 points

Many passions, one biggie is aviation and early flight. Have B+w of this for one of my home screens, replacing it with yours. Good job. Any more?

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Thanks, but no i dont think i will do more of these, all the other photos from wrights early flights are in pretty bad shape, sadly.

wheezergeezer 3 points


ColorizedHollywood 1 point


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theLateArthurJermyn 3 points

This isn’t colorized.

I mean, it’s a little colorized.

Oh wait.


Have an upvote.

ColorizedHollywood 3 points

Thank you :)

erikboese 3 points

Thought I was having a stroke with the color fade in there! :)

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

hehe sorry :)

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ticklefists 2 points

Looked once and saw color looked again and thought I was having a fucking stroke...

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

hehe my bad :)

TehRealZeddicus 3 points

You fucking lyin- oh wait nvm.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

People like to see the original, so thats why i have the fade :) And ye it's pretty funny when people first think im lyin :D

DataGuru314 13 points

This looks like an Impressionist painting.

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

I will take that as a complement :)

Seth_Gecko 13 points

Wait... is that actually a photo?!

ColorizedHollywood 3 points

Yep it sure is

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BalloonBollicks 1 point

I love these pics, I'll uv everything you do and say, keep them coming!

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

Thank you, im happy that you like my work :) I wont stop any time soon, so don't worry.

BalloonBollicks 1 point

The colour makes it that much easier to put yourself there, it's funny how people think that in the 40's everything was brown, black and grey like in the old pics. My son plays Call of Duty and it is a perfect example.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Ye true!

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-chlorofluorocarbon 2 points

Awesome photo. What's the logo on the bottle in the bottom right hand corner? Thanks. Good work

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

The logo is my signature for all my colorization work and my sponsors are added there as well. And my instagram link :) As i do this as a hobby and i dont earn anything on this, i have sponsors so i can continue to post work for social media.

ZombyPuppy 2 points

It's a really pleasing photo to stare at. Tons of personality in the guys. Sometimes older photos feel old, if you get my meaning, but this one looks like it could have been taken yesterday, the clothes aside

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

Thanks, ye true

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Two sailors exhausted from celebrating the end of World War II, 1945
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Stormflux 23 points

Looks posed.

ColorizedHollywood 5 points

The original photo can be found in SJSU University Archives Photographic Collection. Might be posed, but i havent found any info about that. So might just be a lucky photo.

ColorizedHollywood commented on a post in r/Colorization
Alan31580 2 points

Thanks I will try that. If i do add colour is there a way I can replace the image without deleting and re-adding?

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

I don't know if you can, but you can always just add a link to the new one here in the comments. Or just leave it for now and do changes like that on your next piece =)

Alan31580 2 points

Thanks for your advice. I have added more colour as you suggested and it does look better, so I will keep it for myself for now and hopefully I will have learned that and apply colour more readily.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Sounds great, happy to help =)

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