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JesW87 1 point

This is about 10 years outdated

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Maybe if someone else then i post it, as the original post is mine.

Kris10ansn 1 point

Why cant you just insert the picture to reddit? Noone wants to click om this shitty imgur link

ColorizedHollywood -1 points

Ohh you dont like that instance, im sorry. Unlucky with the drops?

Metleon 2 points

Game lags so much. I hit w and the characters don't move. I end up flipping shit at the game, and then the characters finally move.

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

You should have a word with the support, something is clearly wrong!

[deleted] 1 point

The poor plant died

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

No i eat em

chicomonk 2 points

May the karma you gain from this post hasten you in your leveling, friend.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Thanks friend!

synnical 2 points

Looks like you got a 2nd monitor now too

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

I had a 2nd monitor in 2007 as well, but the Girlfriend DLC was blocking most of it.

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vinniepasta 1 point

Holy crap, I really thought I was losing my mind.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

My bad ;)

Why_you_no_like 9 points

Awesome! I was second guessing myself for a second.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Ye i bet, that slow fade is awesome :)

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Engi22 0 points

Thought I was having a stroke

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Sorry about that

Nanteen666 5 points

Nice work

ColorizedHollywood 0 points

Thanks :) I made it bit more vibrant then i normally do, but it fits for this photo.

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reCAPTCHAmePLZ 22 points

Stunning. If I were a woman this would absolutely be my dream wedding dress.

ColorizedHollywood 21 points

Ye its a good looking dress for sure! Extremly tricky to colorize thou, the original photo is black & white.

ThatAtheistPlace 3 points

Holy crap, I bet it is!! Did you use some form of RGB masking or go by hand?

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

I dont use any masks, i do use filter layer settings thou.

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BigSwedenMan 2 points

I just figured I was on /r/ColorizedHistory

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

I take that as a complement, only the pro's is at /r/ColorizedHistory

whrino 1 point

Yea But The Color Fades After A While. Just keep watching.

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

Well it's the thing with looping gifs thou :)

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WesWar 2 points

Me: colorized? It's black and white, did I read it wrong? No, whoa wait, it's like got some color, this can't be right, maybe I didn't read it carefully. MAN WTF IS HAPPENING ITS SO VIVID!!!

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

That slow fade got you :D

Twelvety 1 point

It feels weird in my brain watching this gif. It's like it does something because of how its increasing in colour only very slightly and slowly, leaving my brain trying to process all of those tiny changes whilst more tiny changes occur all at the same time. Weird.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Weird or original? Seems to work for the social media thou, so im okey with wierd :D

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ColorizedHollywood commented on a post in r/Colorization
ColorizedHollywood 1 point

It's nice work but the color of the tower is wrong? Should have been in a yellow-brown and chestnut brown color in 1944-45 i think (changed color to the current “Eiffel Tower Brown” in 1968) And you have added a new sky to the image. Nothing wrong with that but this is how it looks originaly

Herbert_expert 3 points

Suffers from the same problem most colorizations have, blue looks like grey.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

I would say that it can depend on your monitor settings. For me grey is grey and not blue. I use a PD3200U thou, just search it on google and you will see what monitor it is.

Numberonenutthing 2 points

She was stunning.

ColorizedHollywood 3 points


kraugxer1 2 points

That's cool as fuck, how long does this kinda stuff take?

ColorizedHollywood 3 points

Depence on the photo, but this one i made in 10 hours (including research).

Psy_DO 5 points

This is cool! How do you determine which colors are right?

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

Research, a lot of research

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river_seal 3 points

So I just clicked not really thinking about what the title meant and being kind of sick and out of it. I sat and stared at it trying to figure out what I was looking at, it was a delightfully exciting experience.

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

Awesome right :)

Jaycameron 4 points

Moron!! You posted a jpeg not a.... oh fuc.. .

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

hehe :)

Dr_McKay 1 point

I thought Sweden didn't drive on the right until 1967? Wouldn't that make this steering wheel be on the wrong side for 1951?

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Problebly a imported car from the US

Rhueh 2 points

I was surprised to see a Ford. Would that have been common in Sweden in 1951?

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

I would say that Ford was pretty common back then.

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green_meeples 1 point

His eyes kind of make him look dead.

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

He had light brown eyes, and due to the strong light/flash directly to that side of the face i can understand that you think so.

green_meeples 1 point

Sorry I didn't mean that as a criticism of your work. Just the way the image was taken I think plus his light eye color.

ColorizedHollywood 2 points

It's alright, feedback is always good :)

imperfectgoddess 2 points

What a wonderful colorized image. I love seeing all the colonial era buildings on the dock. So few of these exist anymore. Thanks!

ColorizedHollywood 1 point

Ye it was a fun one to do, even if it was a bit hard due to the panarama, so many houses ^

JubeiK 3 points

Beautiful Job OP, especially on such a beautiful picture.

ColorizedHollywood 2 points


ColorizedHollywood 3 points

Restored and Colorized by me

A Royal Canadian Army Medic bandages the burnt leg of a French boy as his brother looks on. Taken in Boissons, France during the Battle of Normandy.

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