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Reminds me of the amazing Spider-Man movie

Facebook isn’t research Mom.

-130 points · 3 days ago

Did he really need to stab him that many times though? I'm suprised he lived. If it was a cop doing that you damn well know reddit would be up in fucking flames, especially if the criminal was a black.

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In my opinion, you do what you can to ensure they don’t use one of the most deadly weapons a person can obtain. The robber is lucky he didn’t get killed. The guy that stabbed him? Good job. You stopped a piece of shit. To the robber? Fuck you in your stab wounds, you decided to break the law, and if you win the lawsuit, suck a donkey dick

Original Poster-24 points · 20 hours ago

When did I say that? If you were allergic to water you'd be instantly dead since our bodies are made of it.

Use critical thinking for once, ffs.

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We have small amounts of iron in our blood but I doubt if I start snacking on tony starks wardrobe I’ll still be healthy enough to do a sit up.

Original Poster7 points · 14 hours ago

You don’t know how PTSD works. That’s okay. But regardless people that think rape claims have some sort of expiration date are pieces of shit

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No. Not really. I mean, there’s no expiration date but I can see why people don’t take claims based off of what could have happened 30 years ago seriously. If they didn’t say it then, it doesn’t look like the truth when you say it years later.

Original Poster14 points · 13 hours ago

Yeah because I think she doesn’t want the person that allegedly raped her to be appointed to the Supreme Court. And I think she thought we all deserved to know it.

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Then she should’ve spoke up all those years ago. Doing now, she has every reason to expect to be under suspicion for lying. Why wait this long then coincidentally speak up when the alleged perpetrator is in a position where you can gain something from them?

So you are telling me people are wasting their time praying for their sick nana ?

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Not what I said at all. Cancer doesn’t just wait for whenever your ready. It can kill you or your loved ones at any time. Got an event you want to go to? Nope, your dying of lung cancer after it’s gone terminal. Christmas day? Dead before Christmas Eve by brain cancer.

You have lung cancer ?

Sending you my thoughts and prayers.

You will beat it through the power of christ

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And at this point, I realize your a troll.

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Comment deleted1 day ago

Female privilege is attacking someone of the same gender and not suffering consequences?

This isn’t exclusive to one gender.

Somehow he looks 20 and 40 at the same time. Like if Bob Hoskins scalp from who framed roger rabbit fused with Michael ceras face from Superbad

Typical republican.

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By that logic then every democrat president fucked their secretary.

That stupid logic is a double edged sword my friend. Best remember that

This feels like half “just shut up and deal with it”

And the other half being “rape babies aren’t a thing”

You don't get hit points

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I wasn’t serious. The guy in the pics username is “if you hit me your mom is gay”

Grabbing isn’t hitting. Stabbing isn’t either if you want to be technical

I'm saying if you don't get hit points, you didn't hit him. ;) Taps forehead

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Oh.:.i get it

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ok fuck you guys


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I got downvotes just for not getting a joke. That shit pisses me off. Don’t be an asshole, just say “oh ok this is it” or just ignore it. No need to be like honeydew and be garbage

It looks like you’re in the positives to me.

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I should probably edit that comment then.

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2.7k points · 1 day ago

I was really hoping Infinity War would have an after credit scene of Loki standing up and stretching after playing dead for so long just to fade into dust.

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I’m disappointed Samuel Jackson didn’t get to say motherfucker in the post credit scene. The movie is pg-13 they can say one F bomb

I think it's Banner said "screw you", "you guys are screwed now", and "asshole". I'm not sure what the rules for PG-13 are, but myabe that played a factor.

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Asshole for sure is one of the more strong vulgar words

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“Last time I checked, ima piece of shit so I can use bullshit excuses like you don’t have a kid to justify my shittiness”

Moderator of r/progresspics, speaking officially30 points · 1 day ago

Dude, really? Removed.

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I know it’s not my business, but curiosity killed the cat, so what happened?

Moderator of r/progresspics, speaking officially23 points · 1 day ago

Just a really shitty comment.

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Does he sing along? What’s his favorite? Does he ever go nuts about one?

I must be if they only got one word wrong

Does anyone even use tumblr outside of porn?

Kinda looks like Harley Quinn if she was a meth head with less makeup

I've been telling people that I've decided that I'm not participating and I've been getting a ton of "what are you going to do with all your money".

Every time I read about parents who feel entitled to non-childed people's money because they don't have kids, it makes me think of that episode of Judge Judy where the lady with 5 kids won't give back the money she owes to the lady with 2 kids because "I have 5 kids and she has 2 cars and a maid and I need the money"

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You know that would make for a good political cartoon.

Some entitled Mom gets a loan from a loan shark and instead of the violence you expect he explains to her in detail how loans work regardless of who you are

“What will you do with them if you have kids?”

We won’t get rid of them that’s for sure.

Edit: or if you really want to piss them off, you could say:

“The dogs could use a new chew toy”


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