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Original Poster1 point · 4 hours ago

Remember the stadium bathroom?

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Yeah but I found that funny because it’s really relatable. Public restrooms are nasty as hell and I’ve only been to one baseball game at a Detroit stadium and that bathroom was nasty as that hooker in season 2.

Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

Ahhhh. Right when I thought their life couldn’t get worse.

I hope we see more of them in S3.

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So long as they cut back on the toilet humor. I don’t wanna sound like a pussy but that’s the one thing I hated in season 2. Way too much disgusting piss blood and visibile shit

One of us!! One of us!! Congrats and welcome;)

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I still need to see that movie

Hopefully you will have better candidates then we did

I get what you're saying, but I would say our media is a part of our society. Potato potato (that saying really doesn't work online)

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True. Maybe I was thinking exclusively just the people in society.

I know everyone is different, but I think it is more than focusing on family. For the record, I have 4 kids and commute to work two hours a day as a software developer. I have an idea of the work that goes into a family somewhat.

The answer may be the one I don't want: He has never had much motivation to do AVGN, the thing I love the most.

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Well yeah, that’s his most popular thing but his best video in my opinion was “the dragon In my dreams”. I still like Avgn don’t get me wrong

Gonna cross-stitch this on a pillow.

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So long as I get 69% royalties

oooohhhhh, mind if I use this? It's utterly BRILLIANT! :)

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Oh if you think that’s good you should hear my version of dodging a bullet.

“They didn’t dodge a bullet, they played Russian roulette with a bullet in each chamber and the gun jammed

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Jesus Christ it’s like we’re going overboard with the Noir memes now. Since when do people love the noir suit and the whole night time thing? 40 people a day mention they’re gonna do this exact thing that’s in the title, we get it. Stop karma farming

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Don’t worry sir, all of reddit will now refuse to post what you don’t want. Your just that important random reddit guy

“Got this great idea for a comic” fucking YIKES

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I really love morons like you that act like you know if my comic is bad. You don’t even know the concept but you got the balls to gamble. But you hit on 18 and went past 21

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I paid 40$ for your game and the first criticism I agreed with was that it should’ve been 20$. Now your selling me the same game, but updated but still with some of the same issues plus others (ragdolls after kills, no dedicated servers, game locks up for 5 minutes when it disconnects instead of just disconnecting) since launch, along with dlc? Gun media and illfonic...go fuck your twat selfs.

You obviously aren’t the target audience for this so they aren’t selling it to you, twat.

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Does that make what I said any less relevant? You can’t just sell a poorly made game for more than its worth

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I wrote a poem. But I was a sophomore so I don’t know if this counts when your out of high school.

I feel like fallout 3 theme is the uprising of a new world, fallout New Vegas was old world blues and fallout 4 is the hope of humanity's return

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I don’t really remember the other themes too well. The songs from mister new Vegas on the other hand...

Duh duh, duh duh, duh duh , duh duh, DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH

Holy shit that doesn’t translate well. But my answer is yes. It is my favorite fallout theme.

I think the beauty of the comic is that it appeals to both age groups.

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Like any good cartoon

Hmm the store you were shopping at was definitely k mart

What was the deleted comment?

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I too would like to know

122 points · 8 days ago

I have this problem all the time. I'm 35 but frequently pass for early twenties. People thought I was a kid up into my early 30's. (My husband was even accused of being a pedo once.)

No one ever takes me seriously. Ever.

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Wow I hope that random accuser felt like an asshole if he found out he was wrong

So when was this made? Back in spring right?

Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

Before that I think. There’s no date on the original post that I saw unless I completely missed it.

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It’s funny...I don’t even know what dedicated servers would really do.

4.1k points · 2 days ago

How often do you masturbate to friends/co-workers/classmates? And then when you are with them do you act as if nothing happened or is it awkward? If it is awkward/uncomfortable for you, how do you hide the awkwardness/pretend nothing ever happened?

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I did it once. Never again.

1.4k points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Do guys care if a girls shaves her privates or would they still go down on the girl regardless?

Edit: for those saying the only option is to stay waxed/ shaven all the time remember that shaving/ waxing opens the area up to infections which is much more nasty than some hair

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I think it’s really an opinion thing. Some people don’t mind hair in their teeth

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Because changing the gender makes it more inclusive. That’s the only good thing it does and in some cases it can ruin the material :)

I think both of you. Something like an intervention would help

-25 points · 2 days ago

That's the whole point. They don't. Unvaccinated children don't actually have a higher mortality rate than their vaccinated counterparts.

Think about it. This group is so hated and reviled that any actual increase is mortality rate would be pounced on and reported nonstop. Heck, people go bananas when an unvaccinated child does from anything (like the one that died in a car accident last year).

The whole reason that the movement is able to thrive is because there isn't actually any significant negative effect.

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Hmm wonder why there is no negative effect from not vaccinating your kids. Must be all the vaccinations over the years that made people immune to the diseases the shots were made for. Makes sense huh?

To all parents that think are hard to raise regardless so if you think you will love your kids less if they were autistic (and no they can’t be if they weren’t born with autism) then your a shitty parent. Go cunt yourself

10 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

My wife is the only one of her siblings (older SG sister, older SG brother, her (forgotten child, neither SG nor GC - learned to be invisible), younger GC brother) who wasn't severely messed up into adulthood by them.

Older sister married a narcissist. Didn't really think anything of his shit since it was just a continuation of her parents' abuse. She got out (with loads of scary drama) a few years ago and she and her kids seem to be recovering with therapy (they're the main reason I read subreddits such as this, her kids stay with us a bunch when she works).

Older brother seems to have taken to heart all the horrible things his parents said about him. He never really persists when something gets difficult (something that'd been a feature of their verbal abuse at least since he was three years old). He's started college and various careers a few times, always to just basically give up after a couple of months. He did find some low-level position in the Air Force that he's held on to (I think he cleans the hangars, not 100% on that), but he's way smarter and could do so much more if he'd allow himself to try.

My wife had a few relatively minor issues. She used to always interpret disagreement as anger, and shy away from that. Her parents didn't know how to disagree with someone without getting mad, and didn't know how to get mad without being abusive. But my parents treat her like parents should treat kids. They went above and beyond making her feel welcome and helping her (and her sister during her divorce). So she's gotten over most of the automatic distrust and sort of shrinking away from confrontation that her parents left her with.

Younger brother is thoroughly fucked. He lived with them until his mid-thirties. They did every damn thing for him. He never really learned to be an adult. Eventually, their hoarder house devolved to the point that it was intolerable to him and he moved out. He started to see the light about them when they were assholes to SIL during her divorce (they sided with her nex, doing otherwise would be an admission of their own abuse) coupled with some blowups over the hoarding situation. He's somewhat learning to be an adult now, but he's about at the state you'd expect of an 18 year old and he's 35. He is making okay progress though, he's an okay person, and I don't think he's got PTSD issues to work through so much as just learning how to be independent and do things for himself, which is a much more tractable problem. I expect that by age 40 he'll be a fully functional, reasonable adult person. But he essentially missed out on the first two decades of adulthood.

So thankfully, a major thing I like about my wife (the emotional intelligence, she can often put words to how I'm feeling before I even fully realize how I feel) saved her from the more horrific effects of her parents abusiveness.

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Well at least the Golden child won’t forever be a manchild because of his asshole parents. What a bunch of scumbags. Why does society not do anything about narcissistic assholes like this?

1 point · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

What are you talking about? That must be... Tom Holland.... .... ...... ......

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Pack your shit and get out


Not much to know really. Like comics, books, video games, got this great idea for a comic
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