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You can tell by how thrown together the facilities look that Border Patrol was entirely unprepared to deal with the sudden influx of children. Makeshift chain link fence holding areas, using foil emergency blankets instead of real ones, cots that looked like they got pulled from a nearby National Guard armory. CBP had been languishing away with close to zero support from Washington for years, ostensibly tasked to do this monumental job, then handcuffed and had the rug pulled out from under them by the Dems who seemed like they were actively tying to make securing the border harder. Then all these children start showing up out of nowhere and the skeleton crew manning our border is suddenly scrambling to throw together anything they can to deal with it.

Trump needs to cut through the bullshit and start getting CPB the support they need to actually do their jobs. And its downright detestable the first big roadblock in his way is the Republicans in Congress, not even the left.

Private Internet Access is good. But I think the EU vote will affect websites, not end users.

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Tyrannical governments have their ways of affecting everyone in the end.

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Here's a list of some of the more popular VPN services:

Personally I use Private Internet Access, but read up on the pros and cons of each and decide for yourself which fits your needs. Pay special attention to where they are based out of and their policies regarding logging and disclosure of data regarding users to authorities who request it. I choose PIA because they've chosen to stop all operations in a country instead of adhering to demands that they start logging users and data. That is both helpful, though if you're in Europe, keep that in mind for the future. If the whole EU decides to gang up on them and start swamping them with legal demands that they start logging, they could either give in and start, or choose to pull up stakes and stop doing business in Europe. Either way, you'd be looking for a new VPN. But so far, they're the one I choose. But read up on the different ones, and look for other articles too (don't ever trust review lists from just 1 site, you never know who is paying for ratings).

Since I use PIA, I'll tell you that it's super easy. You just go to the site, make your payment, and they assign you a random username and password. You then download their program and log in using those creds. It lets you choose which country's servers you want to route through and you can change it up whenever you want. There's also an Android app that lets you route your phone data through their servers too. I think you can log in on up to 5 devices under one account, but don't quote me on that part.

And they accept Bitcoin as payment if you want to be extra anonymous.

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It's also important to not that "not being a sellout" isn't just about integrity, but it's because selling out is now in every type of media we watch. I feel like it directly leads to their popularity because how prevalent selling out and SJW-ism has become in films and the film industry. So much of their the TLJ review , Plinkett reviews, and most recent Science Man discuss Star Wars as more of a "franchise" than necessarily the films themselves. They are directly critiquing the corporatism and consumerism that permeates films, and how the audience is treated more and more like a source of income and films are cash-grabs rather than pieces of art.

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The total absence of politics in RLM is one of my fondest aspects. I really respect them for staying away from all of that. Even in the Ghostbusters review, they only lampshaded all the political crap by making fun of it very briefly then just moved on to talk about the actual film.

There was the conservative podcast guy someone posted here the other day who said Mike has a knack of getting right to the core of the problem. I feel it's true too, I was watching YMS yesterday and he mostly complains about inconsistencies in the plot but not so much the underlaying problems.

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What was the podcast?

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not only martial arts but any in some other sports too, specially tennis (maybe NSFW).

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Is there a reason why female tennis players seem to do that a lot more than male ones?

Didn't he catch some crap a while back from the left for saying that Hollywood doesn't really make movies regular everyday Americans can identify with?

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Now lets say you find thousands of them breaking into your house....

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Shoot them.

I’ve heard a lot of bitching, but I’m still waiting for just one of our liberal friends to tell us what the hell they expect us to do different.

Send the kids to jail with the parents? Not arrest criminals just because they have kids with them? (Because that definitely won’t get exploited.) What?

Some of them at least give lip service to the idea of not having a completely open border, but I can’t see how anything short of that would fix this situation.

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Here's the real answer to what they want: Sign them up for WIC, food stamps, give them public housing, US citizenship, and a voter registration card, no questions asked.

31 points · 2 days ago

Just as an anecdote, but rushing water will destroy anything. I've lived around major rivers my whole life, and flooding seasons are no joke. You think you can swim in it, but when you see a 75 foot oak tree float by doing 20-30 miles an hour, you rethink things.

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Just take a look at the Grand Canyon. Moving water always wins eventually.

124 points · 2 days ago

Nah. Is there really "many extremely hostile homophobic comments regarding Ellie?" Is there? You want to spin a narrative, you're adding fuel to dying ember, attempting to torch the entire house down, and you manufactured negativity for the game. Get fucked.

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There are if you define "hostile homophobic comments" as "any comments which are even slightly less than enthusiastic about either the direction we've chosen to take the story or the emphasis we chose to place on politics"

2 points · 1 day ago

That’s fine. I’ll mind my own business and you can mind yours. Unless you feel that we should try prohibition again?

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You just can't do it. You can't break free of the government force mindset. Everything else I said just went in one ear and out the other and you didn't pay attention or process any of it at all. You heard "I think drugs are bad" and your brain immediately jumped to "he must want to try Prohibition and use government to prohibit drugs" despite every other word I wrote demonstrating the opposite. How Progressive of you. And that's not a compliment. You see someone failing to properly bend the knee and not only say that your life choices should be legal, but that they are right and good and moral, and you immediately put them in the "enemy" camp in your mind.

Frankly it's equal parts disgusting and sad that you can't break yourself of that mindset.

I get it I guess, but I’m not sure what the point is of arguing that you feel that X is immoral in a thread ABOUT A LAW I don’t care if you think drinking is immoral. I don’t care what anyone thinks is immoral unless they start talking about it in terms of law. And this whole topic was in reference to a law, which is why I brought it up.

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-1 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

It's called having a discussion. Maybe you should actually give it a try sometime instead of just pretending like you're having one.

Oh and you weren't just talking about the law since your first post in this reply thread was:

Been saying this forever, but so many conservatives equate drugs with immoral behavior.

Which has nothing to do with the lot. You're just pissed someone disagrees with you.

Original Poster44 points · 2 days ago

I am planning on getting critical habitat plates soon, so it'll be a different number.

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What is a critical habitat plate?

Original Poster103 points · 2 days ago

Someone must really hate the cyclists

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For good reason. Cyclists are a menace.

You're not supposed to use road flares as birthday candles

RotJ gets a pass for being a mild stinker in the first trilogy mostly because of the tremendous space battle. It's like the fire department was called and they have a snub fighter firehose, with ships over ships just pouring out, and capital ships thrown in for good measure.

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mostly because of the tremendous space battle. I

The scenes of Palpy in the throne room make the entire movie worthwhile. Every bit of his dialogue, the palpable arrogance and condescending scorn he has for Luke, all of it.

She really does need to check herself into one of those expensive secluded mental health facilities for about 6 months and disappear off the radar. The rage at Trump mixed with the likely depression she has from being a washed up has been comedian is actually sad at this point. She needs actual help away from screens and cameras.

Like u/ConsistentlyRight said, get a protector. Even if it gets so bad that it actually does shatter, the little glass slivers come off with the screen protector.
Credentials: Bit a phone. Don't ask questions, move along.

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And specifically a tempered glass protector, not a plastic one. Those flexible scratch resistant screen protectors are crap. They do protect against scratches (mostly), but any impact will still shatter the screen underneath. Tempered glass absorbs all of the impact and leave the real phone screen totally unharmed.

That's odd. Mine doesn't do that. It just brings up Mail like it's supposed to.

Maybe at some point you typed mail but then clicked on control panel enough times that it associates that suggestion with that search?

20 points · 3 days ago

The family court system is extremely biased against men. If your wife decides to leave and you don't have enough money for lawyers it's extremely likely that you will lose custody of the children.

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And keep in mind, 70-80% of divorces are initiated by women.

18 points · 3 days ago

I dislike pot. I dislike pot users. But I will fight tooth and nail for their right to smoke whatever they want without big government saying no.

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I'm the exact same on all counts.

Yet there are reports that over a third of Americans are Nazis.

That's more Nazis than in Germany before/during ww2.

Rather than interrogate their beliefs, they're clutching further to their conditioned perspectives, and believe the world is poised to burn down all around them, and that the forces of ungodly (non progressive) evil is ready to triumph if they don't cast off any and all preclusions to violence, in order to stomp out this not-so-well-hidden menace that they've been trained to fight from the earliest age, having been fed a diet of make-believe, where young wizards and unlikely heroes destroy their oppressors and reign victorious.

They're in a constant state of delusion, unaware of how divorced from reality they are, because they've been taught their feelings are on par with any fact you bring, if only they get angry and indigent enough.

In short, they've been made into leftious zealots, ready to bleed, and extract blood, for their cause.

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I hope you're all ready for what's coming. The left is gonna take this to the most extreme ends, probably within the decade, and the rest of us had better be prepared to defend ourselves.

We're gonna start needing to have internal borders with states trying to keep out people from other states.

Who even cares anymore? Just fire Mueller, end all of this Russia shit and move on.

16 points · 3 days ago

She is Jessi. She was part of the crew. People on the internet are creepy. She no longer appears on camera.

Rule #8

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The funny this is, the rule is pretty counterproductive as is, because anyone who stumbled into RLM after all that went on is just going to be even more curious when they can't find any solid information.The over the top hush-hush nature of the whole thing is just begging for more people to ask. It's basically Streisand-Effecting the whole incident.

A simple 1 paragraph "Here's who she is, here's a brief run down of what happened, here's why we don't like to talk about it. She's fine, she's still part of RLM but just chooses not to be on camera. It's in the past, don't make a big deal about it and it won't be a big deal" explanation would be far more productive.

Every. Scene. Is. Way. Too. Long So. Dense

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