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So where are Meldy and the rest of the Oracion Seis? Because, they don't seem to be with Jellal. I hope it touches on where they end up, and they aren't just forgotten about.

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We're only 5 issues in.

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This is why I've absolutely detest did the recent move over the past several years to a decade in television towards shows where there are no good guys or bad guys, everything is a shade of grey, everyone is miserable or plotting to backstab or cheat on each each other all the time, Etc. There's no joy, hope, or anything to admire in so much television now. It's all just misery and pessimism pretending to be deep and meaningful because it's "more real". Well fuck that. Real life is murky and miserable enough as it is. I consume fiction to get away from that, not to get another dose.

He better enjoy it now. Sabine will make him shave it 5 minutes after they reunite

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I counted 94 ads on that video. Thats an ad every 54 seconds.

Assuming they're skippable after 5 seconds with 1 in every 10 being a minute long unskippable ad then thats a whopping 22 minutes of advertisements you have to endure to watch a one and a half hour long roblox video.

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And after all that, you're still watching a fucking Roblox video. The hits just don't stop coming.

“One way or another, progressivism is always a death sentence. So we may as well turn it around and use it on its perpetrators whenever we get the chance,” Conservative Review’s Steve Deace said of the incident. “That doesn’t mean becoming like them, but understanding their con and endlessly harassing them with its real-world applications.”

That is a lesson many on the right need to learn. Fight them with the weapons they forged.

They will totally retry this with a different judge if the jury hangs.

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Can't the judge dismiss it with prejudice if he wants to?

I want to get him, but then I have to get lucy and erza and gray and happy

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Don't forget Wendy!

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As someone a little left of center why would I want a president like Reagan?

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Have you read and familiarized yourself with this sub's Mission Statement and sidebar rules?

No, it'd just be wrong.

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In fact, no, it wouldn't. Several former KGB officers came forward after the collapse of the USSR and wrote memoirs, with documentation to back them up, that described the massive infiltration efforts the KGB undertook against American academia, media, and government, with large degrees of success. McCarthy actually ended up doing the Soviets a big favor as after his Red Scare died out, it was actually harder to convince people that an organization might be penetrated by the KGB, which the Soviets took advantage of to great effect.

If you'd like to educate yourself further, I'd recommend "The First Directorate" by Oleg Kalugin and "The Sword and the Shield" co-written by Vasili Mitrokhin and Christopher Andrew. Mitrokhin was a KGB records officer and archivist and he was able to smuggle multiple trunk loads of documents out of Russia that backed up his testimony, and Kalugin was actually one of the top KGB officers in charge of running the infiltration efforts in the US.

That's the most spot on Southern Oregon commercial I've ever seen.

Fuck California transplants.

Respectfully of course.

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As long as you get consent. Remember, no means no, and yes also sometimes means no.

Is this just your thing now? Every time a new issue comes out you post some massive screed detailing everything you hate about Fairy Tail? If so, I gotta ask,why are you even here and why do you keep reading the manga if you hate it so much?

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This is the first time I've ever seen someone trying to make this a distinction. I don't think it's a thing. "nuclear bomb" and "atomic bomb" are very close to synonyms, and both describe fission AND fusion bombs.

Maybe you're thinking of "hydrogen bomb"? If someone described Hiroshima as a "hydrogen bomb", then yes, that would be inaccurate.

I suppose once upon a time there may have been a colloquial distinction been "H-bomb" and "A-Bomb", where some people might have meant them to be mutually exclusive instead of one being more specific, but in either case I've never heard of "nuclear bomb" being part of that distinction.

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You're correct. "Nuke" is a colloquial term used to describe both fission and fusion devices. The people you're responding to are splitting hairs that aren't even there.

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Why does the left love forced labor so much? Free healthcare, free college, bake my fucking cake, and the good old new slavery of illegal immigration. HOW DO THEY HAVE THE SOCIAL MORAL HIGH GROUND?!?!?!?

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When people are left to make their own choices, they create a world that is different from the utopia the left envisions. Obviously this can't be allowed to stand and people need to be forced to create that utopia whether they like it or not. The harassment, jail, beatings, and executions are all for the greater good in a leftist utopia.

I don't understand why they keep going after this guy, he is as sincere and consistent with how he applies his faith to what he does in his business. He won't make gay marriage cakes but FFS he won't make Halloween cakes either??

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he is as sincere and consistent with how he applies his faith

That's why.

They hate him because of his values. It's not about the cake. It was never about the cake. It's about destroying him personally as completely as they can because they hate that people like him exist.

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China cannot admit defeat, if they do the CCP will fall. Credit to /China for this comment below

The idea that China will kowtow to Trump and concede that they aren't ready to play in the economic big leagues is a pipe dream. They have already made it clear internationally that they believe they are and a retreat from this position would be a truly epic loss of face for China and, even more importantly at the moment, Xi Jinping at a time when he needs the Party firmly behind him with unwavering support. A retreat from his hard line policies would damage his brand and put him in a very precarious position domestically.

Not to mention it might be the straw that creates a panic among the people who are already wary of their precarious economic position with the domestic economic slowdown, the building domestic credit crisis, and the massive, unsustainable housing bubble. Anything that would shake the people's faith in the government and Party's fiscal leadership ability would conceivably snowball into a crisis that could build so quickly it would make Black Tuesday look like a blip on the world stage.

In short, anyone thinking that China will concede defeat are kidding themselves and don't understand the depth of all the issues that are at stake here. Not just in the trade war but in the future of Xi Jinping and that of the Party itself.

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Well, as the saying goes, they can choose to ignore reality but they can't choose to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. China needs us more than we need them. If it comes down to neither side admitting defeat, that still doesn't mean that neither side will be defeated. They'll end up getting the same crisis they're attempting to avoid in the first place, and at their own hands by ignoring the reality that they need us, and they need to play ball on our terms if they want us to keep buying their shit.

Imagine the client saying he wants nothing but 69 all over his body

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Better than Mr. Cool Ice

it's beginning to look like this Russia probe was started as a political hit job

That much was clear a long time ago. Now it's just become more obvious.

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They're not censoring him, they censored a pirate radio station that was never licensed and refused to pay fines. It's all in the article.

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never licensed and refused to pay fines

That should really get actual libertarians to defend him. They hate the whole idea of needing licenses and fines. Unless of course, as /u/EnvironmentalMarket9 said, they're just leftist shills pretending to be libertarian.

Alright, so there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about what a security clearance is and isn't.

First, it's not like some special ID card they hand you that lets you log into some database of national security secrets. It doesn't do anything on its own. It's not a free pass or a permission slip or a secret password to information.

A security clearance is essentially a judgement that you are not likely to have been compromised by interests hostile to the United States or your ability and willingness to do your job as directed. If you're granted a clearance on January 1st 2018, it's basically just a statement that says "Bob has been deemed unlikely to have been compromised before January 1st 2018". They have expiration dates as anything can happen after you get your clearance. Those dates are based of probabilities that you will have been compromised after that. You get a clearance that lasts 5 years, and they can say that it's likely that you won't be compromised in those 5 years, so we're gonna say you're good to go in that time frame. When those 5 years are up, you get checked again to make sure nothing changed. If not, your clearance is renewed. If so, it's revoked. If you got your clearance on January 1st 2018, racked up $100,000 in debt sometime in 2021, when you're being reviewed in 2023, you'll likely lose the clearance as high debt indicates a greater risk of being willing to accept bribes.

Different clearance levels have different requirements, expiration periods, and different levels of how deep into your background they will go to look for compromising factors. If you're just getting a Secret clearance as part of your enlistment in the military, it won't be super in-depth. If you're getting a Top Secret/Special Access clearance so you can look at Chinese ICBM satellite photos, it will be a lot more in depth. For a Secret, they're really just looking at whether you're a liar, prone to stealing, habitually in debt, your willingness to break laws and rules you know you're not supposed to (like drug use), whether or not you've said or done things that show a hostility to the US. For a TS/SA, they might very well be interviewing your neighbors and teachers from your elementary school, maybe checking to see if your family is a long term deep cover plant. Don't laugh, it's been done before. The Soviets were notorious for long term deep cover assignments like that. The higher the clearance level, the more often they can and will do random checkups outside the specified expiration date as well. If you get a TS/SA that's good for 5 years, that doesn't mean you have 5 years free and clear of oversight. They might decide to do a random credit check 8 months after you get it, or a new round of interviews with your neighbors after the first year or two. Again, the level of trust they're placing in you, denoted by the level of clearance, dictates how stringent the requirements are, how in depth the investigation goes, and how frequently they'll recheck you.

The reason why they don't vanish instantly when you leave your job should be clear now. It's not some keycard you turn in on your last day or a password they change for you when you're leaving the job. It's just a statement in some database that says "We the investigating agency, have determined that it is not likely that you were compromised at any time before X date, and that is is unlikely you will be compromised before Y date". That's it. All the other stuff, like actually getting access to the secrets themselves, is an entirely different process. I for instance have an active Secret clearance right now from my time in the military, despite no longer being enlisted. When I was in the military, they generated a username and password for me to log into some computers that have some secret information. I was given an ID card that had a chip that let me log into other computers with other information. That username and password were terminated on the date I left the military, and ID card was turned in and the chip deactivated. I have a Secret clearance right now, but if I were sitting in front of an Army computer this moment, I still wouldn't be able to get any information.

All that being said, I do think that former Obama officials, or former politicians in general, should have their clearances revoked when they leave office. Clearances are a pathway to a lot of lucrative and desirable jobs, as it's basically a very in depth and costly background check that was run on you, paid for by the US taxpayer, that the company hiring you can rely on but doesn't have to run or pay for themselves. It has value, and I don't think former officials should be able to profit from that value after leaving office as that value was conferred upon them by the taxpayer and for the taxpayer's purposes.

10 points · 1 day ago

This is a good explanation of how clearances and access to classified information works. Though I completely disagree with your last paragraph. There are two main reasons I disagree with this:

  1. When you leave a job such as the CIA, there is a very distinct possibility that at some point you will be asked to consult with the current CIA. It would be unfeasible to write down everything about ongoing operations, projects, reasoning for decisions, etc and pass it on to the next guy. If you remove a person's clearance as soon as they leave they cannot be read back in. They would have to go through another clearance process and then be read in. Depending on the timing, let's say an ongoing operation, this could be harmful to national security interests. Also, yes, the President could grant someone clearance if the CIA needed to talk to them. In theory though, the President has appointed someone as CIA Director that they trust. I think it would be agonizing for both the President and CIA Director if they need to consult anytime anyone needs to be read back in.
  2. The money argument does not make much sense either. The money was spent when you receive the initial clearance. It's not an ongoing cost. They might re-check (an incur a cost) if they decide to read you back in to something but if they don't it will just expire when it expires at no additional cost to the taxpayer. Also, I would hope that they get lucrative jobs. That means they will be contributing more back to the nation in the form of taxes. So we, as the taxpayers, are recouping more of our expenditure if they get a 6 figure job than if they take some 5 figure job.
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That might be fine for hired civil service employees, but I disagree for appointed officials like Brennan.

Indeed! I do feel like Miraxus is Hiro's preferred pairing for those two...but it was never really a priority. Still not expecting anything in the sequel, but heh...maybe he'll throw us a bone now and again.

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I hope so. Mira could make a respectable man out of him and someone worthy of inheriting the guild someday. Sort of complete that whole arc for him, which would be nice.

Shouldn’t the sign say “speed limit enforced by radar” then?

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That's not as scary/threatening though. And getting you to actually slow down is the whole point.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Based on how prevalent cyber bullying (and just being a run-of-the-mill jerk) is online, this would mean that society as a whole is bathed in narcissism.

I find this hard to believe. Not saying that you’re wrong, but the implications would be staggeringly counterintuitive. After all, it would seem to indicate that, though we strive for, and thrive in, social constructs, we are actually anti-social creatures at our core.

I may be misunderstanding you ... but the mere fact that the prevalence of this phenomenon prompted me to post the question in the first place actually seems to lends credulity to your answer! ...scary to think about!

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We are social creatures, just a specific kind. We are tribal social creatures. If someone is part of your in-group, you will likely have one set of behaviors and reactions to them, if they are not, you will likely have a different and more hostile set. That's how humans evolved and thrived for tens of thousands of years.

Two primary reasons. Lack of felt consequences and indirect communication being new enough that we haven't developed the ability empathize instinctively with people we can't see.

When you're shitty to someone online, you can close the screen and it's done. They can't hurt you. In person, they might. Even if not physical violence, they can draw social shame onto you by making a scene. There's also the fact that online is generally more anonymous than in person, so you can isolate yourself easier from consequences if someone doesn't know anything about you at all. Calling your grandmother a shithead will have some drastic social consequences directly in your life. Calling some stranger in line at a gas station a shithead will have less social consequences, though still some (and it might have physical consequences). Doing it to a total stranger online when you're also a stranger to them will likely have none at all. Shame, despite the bad rap it's gotten in recent years, is actually a great thing and very useful towards building a coherent and respectable society. It's a way to mold and shape behavior without having to resort to using force. Without it, people are more prone to act on their more basic instincts and desires on a whim, and as we can see, that often tends to be pretty terrible.

As for the second one, humans are really good at identifying emotions on someone else's face on a subconscious level, and can empathize with them. When you are hurtful to someone in person, you can see it in their face, and unless you have sociopathic tendencies, that should illicit a reaction in you. Again, assuming you're not a sociopath, your own reaction at hurting someone should be something that encourages you not to do it in the future. Talking to someone online has none of that. I can't see your face or your eyes. I can't hear your voice. Right now you're just words on a screen, barely even a real person to my subconscious. I can know that you're real, but the human brain hasn't had enough time around this stuff to rewire itself to associating the same sorts of emotions and reactions to words on a screen. Basically, it's a hell of a lot easier to not care about someone when you can pretend they're not really a "someone", just words.

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Pelosi/Waters 2020

They are sending their best, folks.

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AOC for SecTres.

Then it's the 2nd amendment and survival of the fittest.

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Strong men make good times

Good times make weak men

Weak men make bad times

Bad times make strong men.

We're teetering somewhere around the end of step 2, moving into step 3. Buckle up, it's coming.

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I think it started right around when he started criticizing the MSM. This turned the proverbial eye of Sauron on him and they started looking for ostensible reasons to cast him out of the club.

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