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Pretty common design for an amphibious plane.

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Yeah, it is. I had just never heard of it before and I thought I knew my planes.

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Stop with this stupid meme. The US spends lots of money on schools, more then many other countries that have good school.

People need to stop saying 'America should spend more' whenever there is a problem in the US unless you have actually researched that money is the primary issue.

You can throw lots more money at the US school system, but that will not make it better.

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Schools are mostly funded locally in the USA. If you live in a rich area, your schools are great. No one complained and wanted charter schools where I lived because our public schools were awesome. There was no issue because it was based on local property tax and we were near Microsoft.

Case and point, the US school system is badly set up so that the US overall pays a lot for schools and does't get a good result.

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Our schools were great because we put even more money into them. Property taxes were very high.

There is no magic solution. You put more money in, and it gets better. Now there are all kinds of issues, like administrative bloat. But people never talk about the ridiculous pay for the head of school board, they micro manage the teachers instead which I find to be compete b.s.

If I ever hear a Republican talking about debt in the future I am likely to puke right on their shoes.

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This is utter bullshit.

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The only con I can think of is that it would get abused by real business people who split their big operations into smaller pieces to be under the size we are talking about deregulating.

According to your link he donates almost twice as much to republicans as democrats. $171,750:$295,700 if you go through and add everything up.

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Ouch, I was hoping that was not the case. What about historically?

Did you know it also has tic tac toe and solitaire?

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Hmm, tic tac toe might need an AI update! I beat it most of the time. Shouldn’t it always end up a draw with two decent players?

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Yep! It really helps at searching hex colors!

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I'm going to hijack this comment to ask everyone: Is there a thorough Google Search Manual which includes things like the color picker somewhere? I see the Google Help, but it does not even include the color picker.

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Hmm, is the net dipping into the water a bit? That can’t be ideal.

I remember the from like 1991.

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Yeah, me too! But this thing has 1000's of flight hours!

Doesn't Moeller?

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I can’t find any videos to support that. But on their site they seem to have issues with the SEC! I remember Myth Busters went over to them and they could figure not out if it was real or not.

The only flight video I see is one that’s on a crane’s harness.

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They both have parafoils, the prevailing idea is one will fall faster than the other, to allow a bit of a gap between the two to allow for a recovery reset.

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I have been thinking that they might just open the parafoils in sequence. Let one fall further than the other prior to opening the parafoil. That should create a decent delay between the two, right? Or do you think that they will just change the parafoil controls to change the glide ratio on the two parafoils?

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Solved! Thank you!

I have no idea which one of you was first :)

tim minchin

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Solved! Thanks!

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I'll never understand this. The owner of Infowars, Alex Jones, has declared in court via his lawyer that he is "playing a character [and] is a performance artist". It's a money-making scheme, mostly to hawk "health supplements", and a transparent one at that.

“I guess just for being false, that doesn’t violate the community standards,” Hegeman said, explaining that InfoWars has “not violated something that would result in them being taken down.”

It's not just false, it's known to be false by the content creators. How can Facebook justify concluding Infowars is "opinion" when it's demonstrably something much different?

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How can Facebook justify concluding Infowars is "opinion" when it's demonstrably something much different?

There are 2 possibilities in my mind.

  1. They just want all that sweet traffic ad revenue

  2. This is the true face of political correctness

Um...where does the pilot go? Does he just sort of lie on the wing and brace his crotch on the fin?

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It’s much bigger than that. Check out the video I linked to in another comment. The canopy moves back and locks in.

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Tons of info on the creator's webpage for this plane:

edit: added the creator's link


Wingspan: 4,5 m

Length with Subaru engine: 3,3 m

Wing area: 10 m2

Empty weight prototype: 210 kg

Max take-off weight: 340 kg

Cruise speed: 220 km/h

Vne: 270 km/h

Stallspeed: 85 km/h

Loadfacto:r +/- 6g

Tank content: 60 ltrs

Engine on prototype Subaru EA 71, 1600 cc, 50 HP in direct drive, liquid cooled uses 13 l/hr mogas at cruisespeed

Propeller on prototype 138x110 cm wood, fixed pitch

Construction all metal, mainstructure aluminum 6061 or 2024

Landinggear steering monowheel type with rubber compression spring tailwheel with shock cord suspension tipwheels with metal torsion spring suspension

Is it worth the switch? I’m still using alien blue and I love it

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It’s like one 3 apps I’ve actually paid for, and I didn’t even have to. It is great.

They also aren't very Tesla friendly over there.

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Well that actually makes sense considering that ICE cars require major maintenance on the CE, and they are mechanics in that sub.

Are there any real numbers out yet on how much lower EV maintenance costs are in the long run?

I wonder why Mr Steven is listing so much to port?

The aft starboard arm is not fully installed in the photograph and some of its weight is being supported by cranes

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Good eye. Thanks!

Go to tildes.

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That’s funny, I was just thinking yesterday how there are no /s’s anywhere on Tildes. I wonder if that’s because sarcasm is a “low effort” form of communication?

Also, sarcasm is one of the hardest thing for natural language “AI” to understand. Therefore, every time we add an /s to a comment, we are just quickening the pace of our demise.

Hey, u/washingtonpost - It would be great if these articles about rollback of health coverage were accompanied by some rough statistics on how many people will die, due to changes like this.

Thank Obama for this shit.

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Do you have any sources you can link that say Obama did this as well?

I would literally chain myself to the door to stop you-this is amazing

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Me too. The world is a more interesting place for having this building in it.

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