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“I sound like a broken record every time I break a record”

Honestly this is pretty entertaining in a schlocky kinda way. I’d rather be there than in a cubicle.

Gamba and Sunny are the only two songs on Sat 2 that I don’t like

Truman > Wildfire > Diana

Wildfire is a little dull but the ending is awesome.

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End of Heat

End of Cash

The part between Kevin’s verse and Ameer’s verse in Junky

End of Fight

There’s vomit on his sweater already Mussolini’s spaghetti


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"Sign up for free*

*after one week we will charge you $5,99 per month. Enter card number here to get your free trial!"

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Life Pro-Tip: when you use up a gift card, save it and use it to sign up for free trials. After the trial is over, when they try to charge you it will just bounce and you don’t have to pay anything.

Edit: Just so we’re clear, your subscription will probably be canceled automatically after the trial is over. The point is that you don’t have to remember to cancel before they start charging you.

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That actually doesn't work for a lot of sites anymore.

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Worked for me for Apple Music.


They premiered their first post-Ameer song, Tonya, on Jimmy Fallon, and announced their new album, The Best Years Of Our Lives. Then they announced an Apple Radio show, Things We Lost in the Fire, which is a show to premiere singles from the upcoming album, and some demos too. From that, we got 1999 Wildfire, 1998 Truman, 1997 Diana, and some various demos, medleys, and unreleased verses. One of those was a Joba Let's Get Married verse. It's speculated that Best Years of Our Lives is mostly redone Puppy tracks, because the video for Truman was filmed in May.

Then they went on a European tour, the singles stopped coming and the radio show stopped coming. At the end of the tour, they said they were so inspired by their European tour that they're starting a new album in Abbey Road completely from scratch, called iridescence. Their plan is to make it in 10 days, and I think today might be the tenth or eleventh. The album will take influence from the film Akira and the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album. It will have no singles, and will release sometime in the next few weeks.

I think I pretty much covered it. If there's anything missing someone can fill in some details.

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Wait NO SINGLES? I didn’t know about that. That’s some Kid A shit and I’m all for it baby.

i think he meant no features

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Oh. 😒

I doubt it, Kevin tweeted something about the beatles being his biggest influence for this album.

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That could just mean that they were inspired by the Sgt. Peppers concept or that they used a lot of layers. Radiohead said they were mostly inspired by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones when they made Hail to the Thief and that album is still bizarre as hell in parts.

What the fuck is “anti-pop?” That’s such a pretentious sounding word.

They be hooking up all this and the beat be like a song a 14 year old could of made in FL Studio (no shade to Romil I still love the beats)

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You don’t know that. I don’t think they’ve ever recorded with this kind of equipment before.

I'm in the fetal position on the floor laughing. I love this.

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Don’t you have any furniture?

Ain’t nobody prayin for me

Yeah I agree. The titles of the last three singles had years in them because they were from the album “The Best YEARS Of Our Lives.” Wouldn’t make much sense now to put those on the new album.

For sure! Radiohead released true love waits after a 25 year wait so hopefully it just doesn’t take them that long to bring em out.

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True love did indeed wait.

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Im not aloud too listen to logic cuz he swers

You have great taste. Stay noided.

Is this an Andy Warhol piece?

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“My nigga hold it horizontal man, be professional.”

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What is that from?

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